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@UltraNurd @chu_bacca Your kiddo is officially cool. @malloryomeara @Jeremy_Lambert For real, my mother still has trouble finding women's shirts that fit her biceps. Sh… @dduane "They are little treasures and he would like to see them playing the part." just... broke me into insane la… Steel Crow Saga by @NotLikeFreddy for the #SteelCrowReadathon! • I read “hoy!” and “tanga!” and…
Retweeted by Sara A. Mueller @UltraNurd @chu_bacca The thing about letting them rest until he is, is that when you see them again, it will make… needs a good read, and I know there are plenty of you that have books you want to find another home for. @siandart Yes, but clearly this kitteh is fierce at the napping.If you're a cismale, your mileage may not include this. Believe me, for everyone else, doctors who believe you are rare and precious.We're offering a scholarship to the USI UNESCO Chair Summer School in #Indonesia to develop and promote sustainable…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerHI EVERYBODY!!! BREAK THE UNIVERSE PAPERBACK COVER! FIX THE UNIVERSE IS OUT 5/5!!! Happiness complete 😀😃😄😁
Retweeted by Sara A. Mueller @kbwagers Buds are coming out on my cherry tree.A single-payer, universal health care system in the U.S. would save >68,000 lives and more than $450 billion annual…
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with a hat tip to @mamohanraj .I know more than one person who needs to read this.
@aliettedb I adore your butcher!
This is, in fact, perfect.
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerRemember those love letters between medieval women? Well, I finally looked at the manuscript (MS München, Clm 19411…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerDress & textile collections are full of objects too fragile to be displayed but thanks to image databases they are…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerI will never be done thanking Mr. G of The Chinese Pagoda in Reno for teaching my grandmother in law his recipe for…
@LAGilman That is a good life goal. @matociquala Right? I may not get over my shock.
@teylor_smirl You realize we need these, yes? @MarissaLingen omg, I WANT THESE."Return carriage lever" (h/t @NotLikeFreddy ) media people: literally all the women writers I know are writing fascinating female characters who are not rob…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerYou want to explain WHY in Silicon Valley of ALL places, there is anything LIKE school lunch debt? Why isn't lunch…
Retweeted by Sara A. Mueller @MattFnWallace @gaileyfrey @sawdustbear @MystGalaxyBooks @dongwon I'm not sure it's possible for mere mortals to keep up to that much cool!
@UltraNurd For kids, Kiki's is more active than Totoro and thus was more popular with my lad when he was small. Both are beautiful. @UltraNurd Try Kiki's Delivery Service. Honest.This is lovely! If you don’t know much about Shirley Chisholm, now you get to read a comic to find out.
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Finland's government has announced a new policy — designed to be gender-neutral — that will grant almost 7 months o…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerI loved this book so much! Get on this!
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerCan’t wait!
Retweeted by Sara A. Mueller!!!!!!
Retweeted by Sara A. Mueller".@RyanVanLoan delivers a swashbuckling romp, demons, pirates, dead gods, (30-50?) feral hogs, a war-weary Watson a…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerThis month is going to bring you two new Sarah Gailey books and three book events to celebrate them at! Here's a ro…
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@tithenai Pretty much as nice as evenings get. Definite win. @MarkDoesStuff You were always cool. I'm glad they see it, too!
ICYMI! Grab your copy before they are gone forever!!
Retweeted by Sara A. Mueller @teffeau I hope you bared your teeth in a way that threatened to tear out his throat with them.
FINNA by @ninocipri is one of @MsMagazine's recommended books for February! i am so f'ing stoked to see one of my…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerIf you want your fantasy hero/ine stuck some place? They can literally wake up in the morning and their horse is ju…"I'm comin', I'm comin'. Keep yer knickers on..." the evening folks - this is going to be SO. FUN. have many stairs in my house, and I cannot think of a better upgrade for them.
Hey NYC SFF Twitter, I know you've got some books to spare. Reminder paperbacks only. Details here:…
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@teffeau @Colossal Holy WOW those are gorgeous! Thanks, Lauren!
@klagor I feel this pain. So. Much.
@MystGalaxyBooks IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: My UPRIGHT WOMEN WANTED launch event at Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in Sa…
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@sawdustbear I just scared my house by hollering 'YES!'. @FondaJLee @ElizabethCobbe
New episode out tomorrow! The incredible @katsudonburi joins us in a discussion of badassery ⚔️💪 We hope you're…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerI thoroughly enjoyed my ARC of @serialboxpub's "Machina" by @fran_wilde, @m_older, @CurtisCChen and @marthawells1!…
Retweeted by Sara A. Mueller4 intrepid authors (me, @m_older, @CurtisCChen & guest @marthawells1), 1 robot rescue dog, a wide-ranging cast of c…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerYaaaaay!!!! @UltraNurd Being on this show is Next Level Author Goals. @GayathriKWrites You just rock it. Obviously. Like ALWAYS.I can't tell you how many times Mark has made me cry with just the proposal for the book alone. I can't wait for yo…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerI am so excited, you all. SO. EXCITED. @MarkDoesStuff @stephlystein @HarperCollins @dongwon I exclaimed so loud I scared the guest cats, and I AM SO HAPPY…
"Absolutely gripping....Filled with great characters, fascinating AI and some startling twists...This is a great st…
Retweeted by Sara A. Mueller‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wi…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerThere's a lot of scared discourse around the new coronavirus, and specifically around a concept called R0. I wrote…
Retweeted by Sara A. Mueller @xtinehlee @AmandaLeduc Mmmmmmmmmm... @xtinehlee @AmandaLeduc Oof! Tines being off kilter is really a writing-wrecker. I bet lots of people don't realize… @katsudonburi @LegalValkyrie @AlasdairStuart I am sending that description to my dad, a geologist, who will love it!THIIIIIIISSSS. Take it from Madam Nerve Pain. If you write in coffee shops on a laptop, make sure you can have a go… book publishing
Retweeted by Sara A. Mueller @xtinehlee @AmandaLeduc I know some people find the Safari has too little feedback, but that's exactly what I love about it. @xtinehlee @AmandaLeduc My Lamys are the Safaris, so far. One was the first fountain pen I ever bought and I was in… note - getting out a fountain pen when you're in a middle seat on an airplane (KEEP THEM NIB UP) makes dudes i… Today you will learn the ancient language of the llamas, dance their sacred llama dances, become one with th…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerFor non-fountain pens, Uniball Vision Elite 0.5. They're made not to do bad things on airplanes. For fountain pens… @RonaAltrows @AmandaLeduc I hope you find it again! I love my Lamy.Yup.
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerEEEEEEEEEEE!!!’m so excited! Are you ready to race to Mars! MACHINA begins 1/29/20 - read more here!
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerI HAVE THE FINAL BOOK IN THIS MORTAL COIL SERIES BY @emilysuvada ! Can you tell I’m excited!!!!!!! Waiting so long…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerA shimmering rock found in the ruins of an ancient city has been identified as part of a human brain that exploded…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerI am so excited for this book, people, I can't even find words for it - decided a horse is the ideal getaway vehicle, because non-horse people will describe anything from a 14.2 sorr…
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@UrsulaV Yaaaay! Congraaaaats!!!Still crying tbh
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerNobody really NEEDS a horse. It just kind of, you know, happens. You go to a party, you fall in love, you head home…
Retweeted by Sara A. Mueller @peripateticmeg MEEEEEEE. currently pay the @sfwa rate for short stories. Hitting our goal (we're $19 away!) will help ALL FOUR PODCASTS b…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerTruer words were never spoke.🎉🙏🎉 so so delighted to see Sal and Gabi get this kind of recognition! I'm so proud of the work Carlos did on this i…
Retweeted by Sara A. MuellerWinner in Science Fiction: A MEMORY CALLED EMPIRE by @ArkadyMartine @TorBooks #ALAreadinglist #alamw20 #ALAbma
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@rachelcaine Waiting for test results is sucky and exhausting. **hugs!** @aliettedb Mine has the cast iron lid, which I love. I have a random glass one that fits it (bought someplace like… @scribblesassin @oldscout I bet you could get professionals in to come blow up a cake for you. With something they'…😳
Retweeted by Sara A. Mueller @GeekMelange NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! @aliettedb Fist bumpSeriously though:
Retweeted by Sara A. Mueller @MattFnWallace @KTegenBooks @dongwon @bennysota7 AAAaaaAAAaaaAAH!!!! CONGRAAAATS!!!A dick move. Literally.
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