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Seattle | Community Manager for Xbox and Xbox Game Pass and Full Stack Web Developer 🚀 | JavaScript lover, currently learning Python 🐍 | Therapy: 🎧☕🎮

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@saif_codes It's a little bottle of Rosé wine, but frozen. Tasty! @NintendoBen I went back because it bothered me so much haha @stevedotvegas Yes! Perfect for summer 😊 @AtteraEternus health++ @ash_anderson24 I wouldn't mind a couple more 😊This frose is adorable, cheers everyone!
@sampatankar It's SO GOOD!Not entirely sure how I pulled that one off #TheMessenger @CoryRunn It's a good thing I don't have any other hobbies that are hard on my hands ... wait @ryan_c_harris 😂🤣Banjo is goals @ryan_c_harris I strive for that level of comfort @theJeremyGrice Right?! @rovenclasher @PtiteAngele no prob @notdavisnaff It's pretty slick @krishnadevz Thank you! @hewhodevs Thanks! I loooove that movie. @panshedder Haha could have been worse! Thanks! @rovenclasher @PtiteAngele Thanks! This is the tutorial that helped me get started work today so I'll be taking a much needed rest day @kennyblack_sd Thank you!! @woojaeizzle Thanks :) They are steampunk goggles! If you search Ramona Flowers, you can probably see some better examples
@oldarobot I saw that, so cool! @oldarobot I wouldn't mind one of each @ampconversation @katepapineni Thank you 😊 @__shahidshaikh Thanks! I think it was a few hours total of focused work, not as bad as you would think once you figure out the pattern @Nightcoder2 Thank you Nightcoder! 🙌🏻😊I NEED IT @CJDesiderio Thanks! After a little bit, it got oddly zen. Just listened to music and zoned out lol @zetabyte00 Thank you! @marcelcruz Yep exactly, I'd copy the row above and as I went it got easier to spot the differences and just change… @marcelcruz I thought it was pretty tedious at first, but I found patterns and got faster as I went. It was actuall… @sam_does_code Box shadows on box shadows on box shadows :) @marcelcruz Hey that's rad! I just posted my first css pixel piece too :)I finished my first little pure CSS pixel creation using 2 divs and box-shadows! I'd like to revisit with one div,… @pete_rein This is a Python ternary statement! You can do the same in JavaScript: status @globodomains Truly amazing. @BlakieCodes Yw! :) @ravavyr @flangerhanger Oh nice! That's really cool, thanks for sharing @kefimochi Makes me want to pick up skating tbh @kefimochi 😍😍😍
@ravavyr @flangerhanger I was just joking to my husband about making a generator 😂 @flangerhanger But I learned a few new things, so it's a win! Def will have to try with one div 😁 @laasrinadiaa Hahaha I can assure you the CSS version will be quite a bit simpler. But I'll surely share my little creation once done!Shout out to @flangerhanger because your resource is what helped me: news: I learned how to create pixel art WITH CSS Bad news: It is very tedious 😅 @WellPaidGeek I'm American and I thought jam and jelly were two different things lol (jam having actual fruit, not just juice) @CascadianGinger .... yeah I definitely don't do this @LiamTopham Honestly probably is haha @globodomains I agree!This happens too often, I know myself too well @ania_kubow @YouTube Congrats on the milestone, Ania! I love your tutorials 🙌🏻I haven't been tweeting as much lately, but I'm still around just working, learning Python, trying to get through… @audiodidact
@kefimochi @NehemiahKiv It's real believe it or not lol, it's called the Duncan Trussell Family Hour @NehemiahKiv @kefimochi They are animations set over actual podcast interviews. It helps if you understand that par… @steinekin It's literally the least people can do 🤦🏻‍♀️ @JonnyNero Good luck with future prospects! I'll keep you posted if anything comes up. @elyktrix Oh I like that, might have to steal this idea @GarrettLeeNoble Nope not alone 😁
@frfernandezdev @areyouwithcaz Well now everything makes a lot more sense. I thought you were just doing a VERY spontaneous trip. h… @areyouwithcaz Wait I'm suuuper confused, I thought you meant here in 24 hours lolol @paul__132 Good for you! Just starting is honestly always the hardest part, I think it's easier to get hooked once you get a routine going @areyouwithcaz You're here only briefly, you should get whatever your heart desires! I can have pho literally whenever lol. @areyouwithcaz Pho weather??? :) @paul__132 Nice! I miss running actually, been going for daily walks though @Michael93510228 Trust me, this was the initial thought lolPhew new week, okay let's do this 💪🏻 @RickHunter7 😂I love The Simpsons because there is a reference for everything @niomk Ohhh that is also good, thanks for sharing! @TertulianoM I would love to hear your suggestions! I really enjoyed the positive message of The Alchemist and woul… @ah_ad1321 I highly recommend @GaganGulyani I agree! I think this is one I'll need to revisit from time to time, for the reminder @krishnadevz Thanks for the recommendation @CascadianGinger It's a pretty short read, and I have a copy you can borrow @paul__132 I really liked that, thanks for sharing @areyouwithcaz That sounds lovely 😊 @areyouwithcaz Oh I'm not that worried, more don't want to go out to restaurants and bars and things. Would def love to see you! @areyouwithcaz It's really good, highly recommend. And yes BFF! Corona cases spiked big time last week, so not su… @ash_anderson24 Ohh let me know what you thinkWhen I read this in The Alchemist, I just knew searching the quote would lead to finding it plastered all over peac…
@wold__ Thank you, you the same! And the book is wonderful. @Laradenisepls I've heard only good things. I also enjoyed this podcast a friend recommended, which made me even mo… @CJDesiderio I'm with you there, except can't get into Battle Royale style for some reason @NintendoBen I already hate pits hahah. I actually picked it up on Xbox since it was just added to Xbox Game Pass,… @CJDesiderio Nah not yet. I'm not a big multiplayer person, but I'd give it a shot.I was just walking my dogs, when an old tree in the wooded area by me came crashing down with alarming sound out of… @CJDesiderio Yay! I honestly was bummed when it was over because it was so funBTW, I played a couple levels of The Messenger yesterday and I love it Clever writing, challenging but fun gamepla… @CJDesiderio .... this has definitely never happened to me @joeczar Thanks! A few friends are reading it too, so we're doing a little book club thing. Looking forward to it :) @VanessaDeVries3 Interesting, I'll have to discuss with you once I get to that pointOnly plans today include Python study, finishing 'The Alchemist,' and then starting this book: Have a relaxing Sun…
@TheMikeRobles That looks bomb
Alright we can wrap this one up now 😈 @traversymedia I totally get where you're coming from. It's an amazing game, but I won't be replaying anytime soon… @markozivan0vic But the one you have now is expressive, and that's a good thing! @terrifricker Thanks, hope you are as well :)