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@toggleModal 🙋🏻‍♀️ I never had one!Yesterday's outing inspired me to make a more fashion-forward mask, with distance warnings and an equalizer effect…
Retweeted by Sarah DrasnerUtterly, utterly relatable.
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner
@hifce No we’re in a pandemicI lost my job. It really sucks right now. I’ll be updating my resume tomorrow to try to find another one ASAP. If a…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @francesc @Apple Congrats! @cwagdev Dang, sorry to hear that :/ @Elena_in_code @shiffman looks great! @hamiljs Right! @Infogon Virtual hugs to you and yours too ♥️ @Infogon Yep, strangely the keeping the same rhythm helps for me too. Otherwise I spend a lot of the combatting worry @emilywithcurls Have you worked with procreate at all? Curious how you find their emulated painting effects @emilywithcurls These are great! ♥️♥️♥️ Watercolor is so much harder than people think! It’s a very unforgiving med… the weirdest dreams and nightmares. It’s like my brain says “buckle up! There’s a lot to garbage collect her… @shaypepper @FrontendMasters Thanks Shay! Glad you're enjoying it!
@dizzyd @ScribblingOn @ScribblingOn I'm SO GLAD THEY'RE HERE ❤️❤️❤️It's amazing how often the difference between "I'll never understand how to do this" and "I'm pretty comfortable do…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @AtilaFassina @DavidKPiano @cassiecodes I still have it! But I try to ignore it because the posts or tutorials or r… @cassiecodes @DavidKPiano It’s so weird! Thanks brain. @DavidKPiano @cassiecodes All of this. And then the inevitable, I can’t teach other people about this, it’s too obviousBill Gates is setting up factories to manufacture 7 leading vaccine candidates before we know which is best & safes…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @vatsalpande @fullStackRyan @FrancescoCiull4 @Tyler_Potts_ @florinpop1705 @WellPaidGeek @sudo_overflow starting a new hobby i'm supposed to enjoy
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @jjcollinsworth @jlengstorf this is indeed very underrated @cliffbrown @aredridel Yeah, it's so tough to explain what is happening. I had to pregame with my therapist and pra… @promptlycandid @aredridel Exactly hahaBoring code: - is consistent - is not clever - is easily understandable - makes locating features easy - adheres to…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @futuregerald @shortdiv agreed but please get a real rope 😅 that string makes me feel like he's putting himself in… @swyx @andrewray @cassidoo @jlengstorf omg hahahah I LOVE THIS @gregwhitworth We try to do no meetings on Thursdays all day and I love it. Sometimes people schedule things anyway… @jasperketone @jhooks I could see that being really nice, Jake! Great art, btw @aredridel ❤️ @aredridel Implicit IMO in all of this, and just to mention I'm very tired right now dealing with all of this 😅 @aredridel The reality of this is that it puts the folks with kids at somewhat of a disadvantage- not just in terms… @aredridel I'll just speak for myself, with three kids of various ages in the house while I'm trying to work- it's… @aredridel I love the sentiment behind this, but it's not exactly what it feels like working at home with kids. The… @EJonelunas @dizzyd haha @thorwolpert you can, but it's friday night and I'm not in look up specs mode now :) you can hit me up later though! @FrontEndHH @chattilee @dizzyd the end of the podcast is where it really gets a little hairy 😅 @thorwolpert I *love* it. Happiest I've ever been with a monitor @detwiler_amy where did you find this documentary footage of me @chattilee @dizzyd I think @FrontEndHH is sorta close 😂 @sjhutton I would watch the made-for-tv-movie version of this @sjhutton @dizzyd Lol this wasn't recorded but give us another few weeks in quarantine and who knows! 😅This is why it's nice to marry fellow nerds, they don't just tolerate this kind of stuff they ask when we can do it again 😂The other night I got tipsy and explained some technical article I was thinking of writing to @dizzyd and accidenta… as Favicons
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @kevinpeters_ @florinpop1705 Would definitely take a PR with a link in the readme :)
@TarynMusgrave We're not exactly but thank you <3This thing is such a shitshow on every single vector on such a massive scale: health, income, politics, socializati… @oliverturner WOW! What a photo. Awesome.And this is why I’m passionate about tech that helps me build features, not infra.
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @MadeWithVueJS @FrontEndHH @JemYoung @augburto @stacylondoner Thanks for sharing! We also have an episode with…
Retweeted by Sarah DrasnerHi everyone! I am working on a workshop that teaches how to build with GraphQL, React and Serverless using the 3 F…
Retweeted by Sarah DrasnerIf you'd like to cut costs of your AWS infrastructure during those difficult times consider downgrading your EC2 in…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @donnavitan haha
@RockyLhotka You can probably guess the answer to this, services have not rallied around a MSFT Authenticator solution 😂Service, after sign in: please authenticate Me: checks Google Authenticator Me: checks MSFT Authenticator Me: chec… @sarah_edo for the quarantine gift 😂
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @youyuxi You got it! Awesome, enjoy! @pocketfullofme I literally *just* wiped melted chocolate off my keyboard @sholankeolamid1 beautifulDammnnnnnn @iam_JayKay this new site is 🔥!💥 A few days ago I mentioned it's a vital and undervalued skill to scope down PRs, and got a ton of questions. I…
Retweeted by Sarah DrasnerReally hoping @sarah_edo thinks my pet project is cool 🤞🏿
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @Adu Wow that’s awesome! @girlsnamewillis @AlPalVipond Ok shower makes sense @bitandbang Lol @TheLarkInn @dizzyd @tkadlec I can’t give him too much shit. If I didn’t live with Dizzy I’d be living in squalor @jkup HahahaIf you answer shower first, you’re a cop @HandNF Hahahaha Dude let’s be serious. No one can afford that many napkins right nowI’ve been in my house so long, let’s do a poll! If you spill food on your PJ pants do you: @dkenney21 Petsmart I think @ReidBraswell I made a bunch! I have a @FrontendMasters intro workshop and the materials are all open source on my… @brophdawg11 Thanks! :)
@GregRobson_UK @rschwenkler I don't remember... maybe at PetSmart? lolWhen I bought this mug, I never really expected it to be so poignant @AnjanaVakil @b0rk @jensimmons @hj_chen @LeaVerou @Mandy_Kerr Thank youuuuuu ♥️ you too! @AnjanaVakil @b0rk @jensimmons @hj_chen @LeaVerou @Mandy_Kerr I’m not really, I do mainly JS stuff but thanks!APIs and Authentication on the JAMstack, great article by @shortdiv! @LittleKope Congrats! You both look lovely ♥️ @jeremyroe @swyx Yeah haha @swyx Used to be called Jade. Maybe the neckbeards like me know it by that name :)Hot take: if public schools are shifting to online classes, then internet is a basic service and everyone should have access.
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @toggleModal Same! @NaveenS16 @MrAhmadAwais @cassidoo @Netlify Nah, everyone here is dooooppppe :) @Brii_toe_knee Oh no, I’m so sorry ♥️ my condolences @dalmaer @senthil_hi That's not what I'm talking about here, though @senthil_hi @dalmaer Yep you remove the flags once it’s at 100% @mgreiler Nice! BookmarkingI've recently released A site for colorblind devs to help pick their perfect editor themes…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @lavie_encode Classic @messtopher yep, I almost put that in too, maybe I should. It's tough to explain how much the code quality goes dow… @EclecticCoding @nic_fritz @FrontendMasters Yep! A revamp of that course for Vue 3 and another course on Building W…
@mgreiler You have a code review workshop? Anything online? @NaveenS16 @petermezes Thank you :)