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I had fun making this... What's Nuxt.js Content Module and how do you use it? All details you'll find in this vid…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @noopkat wow that's incredible. these are beautiful, Suz. @noopkat Is that... did you make that? @alenanik11 It definitely does @kiiseti @vuejs @FrontendMasters Welcome :)I was following the @sarah_edo advice to paint all of the scenes on paper, then draw an SVG and then code a timelin…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @alenanik11 Lovely Alena :) @bendhalpern aw, congratulations to both of you @kiiseti @vuejs @FrontendMasters Yep, the API didn't change all that much. I'm teaching a revamp next month but mos… @_DiegoMoura @YouTube Thank you :) @iansu I’m so sorry for your loss 💙I get so irritated and disappointed when I clear out my Gmail inbox and all I get is the "No new mail!" message. Re…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @ohhoe Honestly I am super impressed. I tried early on in the pandemic and glued my bottom lash to my top lash.
@HeGitsIt daawwwwJohn Lewis asked The NYT to publish this on the day of his funeral. It is necessary reading. He writes, “When you s…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @Pr4ck3r @FrontendMasters I would love that, cheers! @polotek Jimmy Corrigan, Smartest Kid on Earth, Persepolis, Likewise (though I haven’t read the last since coming o… @jpd911c Exactly, it’s terrifying, especially right now @jpd911c ❤️ I'm sorry you're in this shit too @shanselman Because capitalism sucks @tesseralis @tesseralis How come u tweet the best @nickcres I'm sorry for your loss
why isn't "package manager" shortened to "pacman"
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @sxywu Wow that’s a really cute one. Thanks Shirley @grantbowering @film_girl This made my dayI CANNOT WAIT to launch the new Black Tech Pipeline site, y’all! This is going to be like no other, because our com…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @RoseMcCluskey lol relatableToday has been incredibly hard and shitty. If you have gifs of cute animals, they would be appreciated. And fuck cancer.
Duck cancer.
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @DivineOps So sorry to hear this, sorry for your loss. I lost someone I was close to quickly once, it's so brutal. So sorry. @dev_careers @wennovation @techgirl1908 @jack @frontendgirl Yay awesome! Great job @hackSultan!👋🏾 Hey underrepresented folks in tech! Tell me about ur blog, podcast, Youtube/Twitch channel or newsletter. I'm l…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @kenny_io @AdoraNwodo Aww, ❤️ to you two! Has it been a year already, time flies! Best wishes going in to next year too! @le_nux End of September, it’s up on the Frontend Masters site :) two workshops @jcsalterego @nicolefv @editingemily This is the best replyDone working on the 3 screens of my #Flutter trivia app...
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @lynncyrin @Worthless_Bums I did this and it wasn’t that bad if you plan for that part 🤷🏻‍♀️ worth it IMOlearning the difference between “I can’t do this” and “I haven’t done this before”.
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @AishaBlake @cassidoo holy cow @cobra_winfrey @shshaw I feel this @shshaw Mine is “what’s the magic word”
@rafahari @LWJShow @jlengstorf @cassidoo We're always up for stealing one! @jeanqasaur Cc @film_girl @cassidoo @ClevelandJosh I’m so happy you used this gifI hope these insights help to elevate your talks! I have more to come so definitely follow and if you want to have…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @sarah_edo I feel this, so much every day as if we don't have enough on our plates
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @brianarn 👏 @CHERdotdev This week sucks so much and I’m tempted to just use paper plates @missingtrail Laundry tooI can’t believe we have to keep living through this year and still do dishes @RonitSolo @techgirl1908 Service jobs do not feel like rom comsNuxt just hit 1M downloads on NPM last month 🤯 Thank you 💚
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @philhawksworth @jlengstorf @Netlify @cassidoo @Tzmanics Quick before Phil wakes up 🤫 @nomadtechie @techgirl1908 I think you're a badass on twitter too! @nomadtechie @techgirl1908 Absolutely not perfect, twitter makes things look much different than they are. ❤️ @techgirl1908 One time I tried to help my friend by being a waitress for a catering event. We wore white button up… @ReinH @jlengstorf @Netlify @cassidoo @Tzmanics This is our support group, Netlify just hasn't figured it out yet.… @techgirl1908 A few different failed careers. I was a really clumsy waitress at a cafe. I spilled a lot of things on a lot of people. @sxywu @byalicelee @sailorhg aw I love itafter-hours chat at @Netlify gets deep
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @seldo I say "we" casually but I wasn't really in those, women weren't really allowed in engineering conversations… @fivetanley @seldo heehee yeah @seldo Which one was faster. After about 1000000000 benchmarks, we all concluded it was Math.floor() by a hair. Tha… @seldo ah, back in the days of the Math.floor() vs Math.ceil() battles. we had not a care in the world.
@marcysutton @GatsbyJS I'm always in awe of you: strength, technical knowledge, humor. Enjoy the trail ❤️Weird, I was replying to this tweet and it didn't thread them. Must've hit a quickkey @sagalbot So strange, I replied to your tweet and it just straight up came up from my account instead of replying t… @frubiliciousdz9 @LWJShow yep! And I set the application up with Vue and Vuex. Wrote a making of post here⚡️ if you’re fond of: - being in charge - @cassidoo - total chaos we have a treat for you today! we’re doing Dev…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @jackiehluo wow that looks so good @SaraSoueidan I hope you and yours are safe, Sara 💔I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, they're really fun to work with! Just did a @LWJShow where we walked throug… @jessperate @Netlify @zachleat @huguestennier Thank you! ❤️This experience from @netlify stopped me in my tracks: bold, beautiful illustrations + svg animations, engaging con…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @ammar__mani @Netlify thanks! @seb_ly I wonder if it’s falsely attributing the wrong gender in some cases. I know I’ve watched yours before. 100% is suspiciously high. @p2in1 @css @greensock Thanks! @yesthatelise Mmm yes. Snacks. @conniptions My husband just showed me this @jennschiffer Thank you Jenn! Means a lot coming from you @cassidoo I knew there was like a 80% chance of replyCassidy on this one @pestoquiche80s Haha I do too! But I was afraid people wouldn’t get the joke. Solidarity.Why is it “vim and vigor” but it’s not “emacs and vigor.” Rude. @toddmorey @Netlify Damn that’s impressive @AbdulAleem107 @DavidDarnes @Netlify Thank you! @nitya Thank you Nitya!
🎉 We've been working for a while on a site that celebrates Netlify reaching a million devs! I'm super excited to s…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @FlippedCoding Thank you! All the animations are JS- it’s a little easier that way- the post explores it a bit if you are interested ♥️ @NikkitaFTW Hahaha thanks Sara ♥️ @elrickvm @techgirl1908 ♥️♥️♥️ @techgirl1908 @iambolajiayo Thank you! @shaunrashid Yeah! Best of both worlds that way- the control is in the hands of user. @debs_obrien Thanks Debbie! @AshlynnPolini @techgirl1908 Right back at you Ashlynn! @techgirl1908 ❤️ Angieee @jakecodes @lesliecdubs Alejandro Alvarez! He's credited in the blog post but doesn't have a twitter account @IamNuxt @Netlify Thank you! ❤️ @andyshora Thank you!