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Award-winning speaker. JS @Microsoft. @vuejs Core Team, Writer @css, co-organizer @ConcatenateConf she/her

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@sebmck @sebmck @sebmck @sebmck Here you go! @herbhagely Old school hip hop and chillwave- not sure! Maybe the video game one haha @acemarke @ryanflorence @dizzyd @dizzyd do you think that’s true? @ryanflorence Don’t tell @dizzyd and just send him to me, maybe he won’t notice @ryanflorence I want him! @_jayphelps @codebeast Yeah these kids are like 5, so it's a no haha @_jayphelps @codebeast Ok, tomorrow! Exciting @mrbrianhinton Yeah! Still running a high fever but I can walk around and talk and stuff now :) thanks for asking @codebeast @_jayphelps can I watch this in front of children? if not, I have to wait for tomorrow :) @_jayphelps We've been meaning to watch this! @codebeast recommended itDear leaders in tech, You cannot simultaneously invite people to be their authentic selves, challenge them to crea…
Retweeted by Sarah DrasnerThis thread 😂 @alicegoldfuss Kind of mad I didn’t think of this tbqh @steeevg Cc @vlh @steeevg That’s so awesome! @cotufa82 @sophiebits Lovefest @cotufa82 @sophiebits Sophie is the best ❤️ @listonb Sorry to hear that. I couldn’t use my right hand for a couple of years due to tendon injuries and it was a… @micahgodbolt RIP productivity here come the cuddles! @diegovinie Thanks Diego! @allinison @jeffhollan It’s you two who are the heroes 🏆 @jevakallio Who’s mad? I mostly saw celebration
@lauragift21 @EddYerburgh He’s really funny in real life too @anildash High fives @anildash How remote work opens doors for different communities, cultures, and can help with inclusion for those wi… real heroes are those that nod their head constantly while you’re giving a talk just to encourage you. Even whe…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @estellevw @AysSomething It’s true! Cc @dizzyd He’s easy to love @lrpina Thanks Laura! @outragedracoon no but I will now! @punchesbears hahhaha @sarah_edo me: "look at you...with your stupid dumb face. life is pain" other person: "...uhhh...are you talking to…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @robot_bones daww @benbrignell hahaha so true 😂tfw you're waiting for someone to join a video call so you're forced to just sit there staring at yourself wonderin… @ryanflorence @enitoni_ Maybe I'm misunderstanding the problem but this works in all browsers I tested: Chrome, Fir… I released a brand new course on automated visual testing! It's free on Test Automation University! Enjoy 🎉
Retweeted by Sarah DrasnerYou know how sometimes the news is depressing? A good counteract is donating, even $5 can help other people who are… @beliolfa @chrisvfritz Awww thanks ❤️there’s a lot of money to be made taking women seriously. 🖤
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @_jwerner_ @vlh Maybe! Please email sarah dot drasner at gmail @_jwerner_ @vlh and I were considering venues for a web animation workshops if you know of any @AysSomething ❤️❤️❤️ @_jwerner_ I’m going to Freiburg for @smashingconf! I was in Berlin a few months ago for Ignite the Tour @siddharthkp I’m so happy this worked out! Great job! @siddharthkp Yay I’m so glad! Looks great! Congrats! @maxx0r @gijswijs I love it, it's a great one @vogueandcode Wow those are amazing. I didn’t even know they existed. @davatron5000 Bahahaha this is so relatable it hurtsFor the love of sketchbooks ❤️
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @gijswijs Ohhh wow I think I like that better! @nickhudkins It's so smart! And yeah relates to things outside of business, too @nickhudkins @scottgu Oh neat! Wow a personal connection @nickhudkins I'm just getting familiar- anything you'd recommend? @nickhudkins I went to a lecture with @scottgu and he quoted it and I thought it was wise"You gain trust in drops, you lose it in buckets" -Kevin Plank @siddharthkp awesome! high fives. Looks really exciting I can't wait to see what you're making @siddharthkp Not a perfect video, but hopefully gets the point across? @siddharthkp That way it stays in place when you change it per cell, and if you use to step function to animate, it's smooth as butter! @siddharthkp 1) make a long long drawing board in Illustrator, draw a box around it, 2) Object > Path > Split into… @siddharthkp can I make a suggestion? @kwuchu @tomdale SubscribeMost people are capable of building systems that are twice a complex as the systems they are capable of maintaining.
Retweeted by Sarah DrasnerJust found out Vue has 461M hits/month on jsDelivr: that’s… a lot
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner
@ASpittel ❤️❤️❤️ I’m sorry to hear that, I hope whatever it is ends soon @travispamaral @ZackArgyle @dizzyd Dizzy isn’t interested in JS frameworks but I definitely do thisThere are some data structures that get written on whiteboards during interviews more often than they get written as code in editors.
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @NikkitaFTW @mirkokienle the feeling is quite mutual @NikkitaFTW @mirkokienle my cheeks were already red from the fever and now they're bright red, thank you!!! @sarah_edo @mirkokienle Oh baby I recorded something for you
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @NikkitaFTW @EmmaWedekind @mirkokienle bahahah @NikkitaFTW @mirkokienle whattttttttt. aw you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @mirkokienle @NikkitaFTW I would have loved that too @EricaJoy woahhhh @kwuchu are red Violets are blue You knew I'd use this excuse To talk about Vue 💚Tip: Is JavaScript critical for your site to be interactive? <link rel=preload> can load these scripts at a higher…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @DamianDulisz @rubnvp @vuejsamsterdam Thanks Damian! @rubnvp @vuejsamsterdam @DamianDulisz @imtraptir @FrontendMasters @amithgeorge This is awesome! great job! @aleksejdix aw yay! missing everyone there @JamesColestock awesome! happy to hear it. @hwdegroot @Akryum Thank you! I missed you all :( stupid flu @Zurribulle I'm sad too :( @EmmaWedekind @vuejsamsterdam Thanks Emma! I'm missing you all too 😢 stupid flu. Have fun! @marcysutton @rob_dodson @jkup @geddski I love this idea @rob_dodson @marcysutton @jkup @geddski D'awww I'll take one too in the morning @rob_dodson @jkup @geddski yes please! + @marcysutton @CodeNewbies A3: Not an actual answer to the question but everyone should know about They…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @skamille Do you like dumb thriller books? Because I liked The Woman in Cabin 10. Really fun for waiting in airport… @redrapids truly, this is the funniest thing. I love itThere are so many good/terrible puns in the replies and I'm so proud of all of you won’t want to miss any updates, opportunities or announcements from me or @Backstage_Cap this year, so sign up…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @Una @bustle Una I love both your dresses! @ken_wheeler thanks for inviting us into your process ken @estellevw Is Mayhem the blanket one? Seems well named either way @codedollcom That's so sweet <3Just as I was feeling bad about VueConf Amsterdam because of the flu, my doggies came attacked me with love. What would we do without pets?