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Sarah Federman @sarah_federman Sydney, New South Wales

Design Ops Lead @ Lendi. Designer/Dev. Design systems + a11y. Prev @Atlassian @Adobe @LinkedIn. Very millennial, with a side of ADHD. Views my own ✨ she/her

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"An audiobook is like having an intimate evening turned unexpectedly into a threesome" - @Noviny @amanmohla I meaaaaan that sounds totally like my thing lol I may try that! @amanmohla The ielts @chalkers Fucking hell @arcanis @Noviny Ah, just dawned on me that this is yarn 2 only. Will add a noteSo the Australian English speaking test is absolute bullshit. I'm an experienced public speaker, but apparently not…
@arcanis @Noviny Is there an explanation of what this does somewhere? I left it out bc the docs just said yarn auto… I a real engineer yet @blvdmitry @Noviny Amazing 😆 We wrote this cuz I needed help with all of these issues haha. Would love to read any… @JedWatson @KeystoneJS Exhibit A :D my shit hit the fan and we wrote down everything @Noviny said to make me stop yelling "NOTHING MAKES SENS… to share this new post that @Noviny and I collaborated on, where we dive into npm dependencies, bundle size… using females when you mean women.
Retweeted by Sarah Federman @JedWatson @KeystoneJS Self promotion isn't a dirty word fam :P ask your friends to boost you and try it out an reviewMulan was so powerful because she did everything she did in spite of the odds being stacked against her, with deter… of the Mulan reviews miss the things that I was upset about with the film. They entirely changed the theme from… therapy to help unpack the six years I spent in design school being told that the visual equivalent of a da…
Retweeted by Sarah Federman @ImNikiHolt @holtbt @TheCovatar Wahh you're the cutest @dezbinatx Deep juice grooves sounds like a house band @bengrue I've never heard of those hahahaUpdate! She has apologized and said she understands where I'm coming from. Never in my 27 years has this occurred.… then don't belittle your children and compare paying them for their work to a gift 🙃 @kg_creative The kicker. I'm almost 27 years old and this shit still irks me so much to see my mother sending my sister a bunch of gifts for various Jewish holidays and then sending me nada bc "t… that one time I won a haiku contest with the wrong number of syllables. Believe in yourself!!!Also their issue seems to be an issue with their build and not the thing I'm supporting 🙃You're 🙃Providing support when your communicating async as a person with ADHD is terrible. Got a new response to the same q…
Love getting to watch a conference with my kitty ❤️❤️ @jina They're going DEEP @jina The irony is really something @millea9 They call it the "american chicken cheese roll". Upsetting. @arle13 Wouldn't know, you never see them made fresh 🙃 @arle13 Some of the nice ones are up there haha, but the majority of sushi everywhere here is fast food quality @gjhead I'd rather have good sushi over good coffee tho @gjhead I'm still here, just mad about itEvery damn sushi place outside of the 3 nice ones that are booked six months out has exactly 4 things: salmon, tuna… I've now been living in Sydney for over a year, and I absolutely love it but it is unforgivable how terrible the… @adamwathan You could also play with adding a stylised reflection on the mark to make it more obvious without the separation#ID24 2020 is happening now! Tune in for sons excellent presentations.
Retweeted by Sarah Federman @adamwathan You could also play with inverted the UI box background and making the text black to make it stand out… @adamwathan Solid looks more clean and goes with the rest of the marks weights more. don't need to hit them over th…
@SilvestriCodes I'm so sorry for your loss. here for you if you ever want to talk or need anything @lazdnet Extremely excellent idea, we stan @Noviny @lol_russo 😂😭😂 @Noviny This is true. Ppl focus on negative, esp when ppl is me
This is amazing! I love it!!!
Retweeted by Sarah FedermanLove when I show someone exactly why one way of doing something is more accessible and they look me straight in the… @danieldelcore Ahhhh!!! 😻😻😻 @buildsghost Always "I'm sorry"
@MiriSuzanne @_alanbsmith Oh, I like how you put that! Makes more sense ☺️ @ScribblingOn Hype!! Congrats ✨✨ @aarongarciah This is the article that prompted the tweet 😄 why ems for media queries? @_alanbsmith @MiriSuzanne I guess I'm unclear why a user changing their font size would mean they want everything s… @heydonworks @MiriSuzanne Does this only apply to spacings between text contents (like margins on headings)? Or to… @heydonworks @StuRobson @MiriSuzanne Haha I kind of thought unitless line height was implied 😅Rems for just fonts or rems everywhere? If rems everywhere, why rems over px? Isn't the behavior the same as zoomin… @dazabani I feel this. I had errors because I tried to use exclusions in my glob patterns for my tsconfig, and the… today's glob adventures, when uploading artifacts in CI I need to use **/dist/**/* but when downloading, I appar…
@katie_fenn ❤️❤️ @coreyhainesco @jongold Lovely work 😍 please tell her it would be helpful if she outlined materials (gold plated or… I learned: Capitalizing the first letter of each word in a hashtag makes it accessible for those with scr…
Retweeted by Sarah Federman @DeanVipond I keep a list of feminine laptop backpack brands here!
@steveathon I had the opposite problem 😅 was missing an extra star and was losing a few subfolders on my test buildI have had two glob-related issues in the last 2 weeks, one from a glob feature not being supported (w/ no error ms… like to bitch about regex being terrible but I honestly think globs are just as bad and implemented more inconsistently @girlgerms Sending you hugs ♥️Love the ideas behind this program that Lendi is working on 😍 We've already had one person go part-time while she… @dchymko @seaotta My jabras were nice until the left one just died. I've ordered the clear ally plus which are chea…
@MikeRiethmuller Mike @hales_devon Bit sad no one appreciated my reference 😢 @lazdnet It really writes itself
PS if you wanna pop over to Sydney I could definitely be a waitress for a day who charmingly dumps a bowl of spaghetti on you 😘Hello I would like a @netflix movie about @ZacEfron going on vacation to research a role about falling for a waitre… @boop @notationcapital Ahh congratulations!!! So hype for you @hales_devon You make a great point 😘 @ScribblingOn The combined database/collections with freeform text and widgets and spreadsheets and reminders is ab… @ScribblingOn I use notion *heavily* for life admin and to dos and work. I have a task portion that includes daily,… @Mandy_Kerr It's pretty funnyI can't tell if teenage bounty hunters is absolutely amazing or absolutely terrible but I can't stop watching @jkohlmann It quite literally took less than 5 minutes 😱 @httpsterio Its pretty much only useful for existing codebases but there's resources in the toggle here for bootstr… you install a new bit of tooling and it works as expected and the docs actually detail how to configure it properly 🤯 ty Storybook! @mrmrs_ @components_ai @4lpine YESssssss hype
It's taken me a long time to find the magic words in response to criticism: "Thank you for sharing this. I'm sorry…
Retweeted by Sarah Federman @_alanbsmith Processing sketches are fun!
@hitherejoe Yes please 🙏🙏 @girlgerms Pun intended @girlgerms Pilling in the thighs ruined me. I only but expensive ass denim now 😂 @_alanbsmith @studiogestalt A lot is honestly the understatement of the century @_alanbsmith @studiogestalt I would add that for design systems it often means components live in the same repo but…
@_alanbsmith Me yelling about monorepos @threepointone Ikr?? @Noviny @ChangesetsJS So glad my bitching about the missing things was effective ✨✨✨ok, I have seen the light. @ChangesetsJS is *amazing*. I mean, it's boring. But that's why it's amazing. Very nice.
Retweeted by Sarah Federman @millea9 @chriseppstein Adam why are you so ahead of everyone gawd @kaelig Oh where at? @louroboros I mean fair @lazdnet Oo I'm not sure I have my head totally wrapped around what you described, can you give an example?
The longer i do this the more I think @kaelig was on to something when he said their tokens were immutable 🤔