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Sarah Federman @sarah_federman Sydney, New South Wales

Sr Frontend Developer, design systems @Atlassian. Prev @Adobe @LinkedIn. Design + dev + a11y. Very millennial

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I mean...
Retweeted by Sarah FedermanRemarkable what number and breadth of online learning services that SF Public Library has partnered with to provid…
Retweeted by Sarah Federman @SlexAxton If there's one thing I know for sure about this industry, it's that no one knows what they're doing 😅Would love to see more of how you're adapting a procedural API too! Seems like a lot of us are starting to lean in… really liked the way @SlexAxton introduced component tokens in this talk, very interesting way of conceptualizing…
✅ Published it: all of the old and new ideas in @reactui and where I see frontend applica…
Retweeted by Sarah FedermanJust read a tweet about "covidiots" this is the new lingo @treshugart Hot sauce and buffalo sauce 😁😁😁 I'm rationing @treshugart I've got Frank's and my Nashville hot chicken sauce (now stored in the freezer) but a few bottles of my…'s quarantine activity was ordering plain fried chicken and making my own Nashville hot chicken sauce for it in protest
@agwallace After 9 glasses I would certainly think so! @CoreyGinnivan 🙃 @CoreyGinnivan I bought a poster from them at a concert when I was like 15 and asked them jokingly to write ballz o… @CoreyGinnivan Oh god, I forgot about them. They were creeps @chalimoe_xo @SamRoberts3D @Tetrisburger raises you corona-chan @chalimoe_xo @SamRoberts3D NoooooIf I live streamed a dramatic unboxing and tasting of all 9 whiskies in the Game of Thrones scotch whiskey collection would you watch it? @SamRoberts3D Indeed :DDDD @kyleshevlin Tape it and call it performance art. profitHeartbreaking. Everyone at GROW was made redundant (#COVID19). I'm so proud of the work we did & the team we built…
Retweeted by Sarah FedermanI'm so tired of watching men who say how they feel and state their opinions without apology succeeding in their car… read someone's post about being a Tired Chicken and it awakened something within me and now I have lunch @Swizec I think I like it 😅I just read a motivational quote that was like "your shelter-in-place is over, your artist-in-residency has begun"…
@dan_abramov @Tetrisburger he gets u
@jina Everything being in super low def is doing great things for my skin @resource11 I'm so sorry to hear that :( will definitely keep my eyes open. Location?Hey Twitter friends! I've just been laid off and am seeking my next role. If you looking for someone skilled in ope…
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@JessTelford @ScottMorrisonMP 😬😬 @JessTelford @ScottMorrisonMP Looks like we are getting lockdown starting Tuesday
@seldo Well I bought a stripper pole, but I consider that to be very healthy. Its the price that's questionable @treshugart @AdamRackis YEP
@treshugart @AdamRackis Right? It's wild
React dev looking to pitch in on a project that could do a lot of good? Check this out:
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@SamRoberts3D TBDThrew out my back this week. At least I don't have anywhere I have to go, but getting more painkillers is unlikely :/In these anxious times, I've noticed some patterns of disordered eating returning. I'm not going to beat myself up…
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✍️Observability for Frontend Developers What do we want with observability, and why shoul…
Retweeted by Sarah FedermanI didn't know this existed.🙈 `image-set` in CSS. #devsheets 🔗MDN: 🔗Specification:…
Retweeted by Sarah Federman @dbanksDesign Saaame
@dbanksDesign I complain plenty on my own but you're welcome to use mine 😂I've seen several folks saying they wish they had a pet to help with getting through this. Remember that fostering…
Retweeted by Sarah Federman @SilvestriCodes She's not wrong 🙈I think my cat is tired of meOk, new rule. Every time I do a dumb complain about quarantine, I donate more $. Who wants to join?Donated to Food banks are a great place to donate to right now!My quarantine pet peeve rn is that all the beer I have are large cans of stout that's 10-13% alcohol content and I… ftw 🙈🙈 I'm maybe the worstI had a $50 displayport cable express delivered to my apt because apparently using HDMI with a 4k display makes Blu… @GarthDB 😬 @thethinkmill @JessTelford @kymmidd @Sanjiya @MikeRiethmuller @wilkowskidom @timl @cgathergood @tomwalkergelato a little reminder, since a lot of Prime-ing is happening, install SmileAlways to make sure you're always using…
Rain in Sydney is a bit of a double edged sword. Can't go out for a walk but also don't have to run air con while WFH 🤷‍♀️ @sehurlburt I have just watched it and have never watched reality tv before and it's definitely the latter
A lot of my work is based on travel and on-site appearances, and as you can imagine, pretty much all that income is…
Retweeted by Sarah Federman @freialobo @joyding I even put in hue strips so I get mood lighting 😅 @joyding @freialobo Bit of a mess rn but yaaa @joyding @freialobo Ok actually tho my one piece expensive furniture is my all metal queen sized loft bed from… @freialobo @joyding Oh no I checked i suddenly need this mid century vanity
@kylietimpani ❤️❤️ I'm sorry that sounds horrible @Mandy_Kerr I mean were u wrong @Tetrisburger I'm assuming u mean kind to yourself cuz ur basically the best except when you're mean @Tetrisburger So youre subtweeting yourself is what u sayin @Tetrisburger Subtweeting isn't kind Charles @Tetrisburger Charles is this a subtweetBaran Shrek once ran away from the farm & wandered for 6yrs over the mountains. After the capture, 27 kg of wool wa…
Retweeted by Sarah FedermanPlugged my charger into my laptop during a video meeting and it changed my speaker output to my microphone. Technology is amazingI'm really sad I'm probably going to have to cancel my trip to see my grandma. She's 92 and it probably was the las… @tomdale Oof, too far
@mattmay This is incredible news!! @ariel_n @auareyou @tonal Of course it is lolAdobe is close to releasing its inclusive design workshop to the public. We are now soliciting public feedback on t…
Retweeted by Sarah Federman @ariel_n @auareyou @tonal WAT WHERE DO I GET ONEHell yeah, Rochester! "ROC biotech company says lab tests of former cancer drug confirm it stops COVID-19"
Retweeted by Sarah FedermanIt’s a Pure CSS Landscape! The finale to my pointless trilogy! It also has a trick up its…
Retweeted by Sarah Federman @webdave_de @confusedophan I don't think anyone has ever described me as Nice 😅😅 @amyhoy @eerrriiicaa Actually maybe bad choice of words right now 😬symptoms of adhd the stereotype doesn’t mention: - executive dysfunction (you want to do a thing but feel physical…
Retweeted by Sarah Federman @amyhoy @eerrriiicaa This is the best thing I've heard all week I hope u go viral lmao @amyhoy @eerrriiicaa Oh my godRegretting not having updated my wifi earlier this year @holtbt Work from the floor, some battles aren't worth fighting @sarahlshowers They look like the boxes! The mortlach is the prettiest 😍 @threepointone ♥️♥️♥️
@nathanacurtis @jonycheung Oh yeah for a teaching context sure. I was thinking more about people management @JoshWComeau @freezydorito Mm not sure I quite get it. Would love to see a codepen if u ever have a minute! @astralwave It was mostly the bundling UI that I liked over any specific feature. I've managed to sort of emulate i… @JoshWComeau @freezydorito Cool! Couldn't you just have fixed the gradient and put the hero on a z-index above the gradient tho?I still miss google inbox @jonycheung @nathanacurtis I find the leading questions where they clearly have an answer in mind more condescendin…✍️React Single File Components Are Here The launch of @RedwoodJS today marks a first: it is the first time…
Retweeted by Sarah Federman @_dte Budget for an extra 14 days of vacation for quarantine all g @_dte Just pop on over to try some!! @allisongrayce @KR1573N Ah, that's how I read "context at hand" my b 🤷‍♀️ @allisongrayce @KR1573N I do think creative problem solving is really important for evolving the system and in crit… @allisongrayce @KR1573N This is why justification for divergence makes sense. Design systems are a business tool as… @allisongrayce @KR1573N I feel like we need to look at it from a business perspective too. There probably *is* a be… @sabrina Fuck @SamRoberts3D Entry fee is u have to clean the spiderwebs off my balcony