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Ben Shapiro said if her pussy doesn’t feel like rug burn, I don’t want ANY OF IT. Shapiro: America’s biggest manufacture-grade pussy dehydrating system Your WAP *too* wet ladies? Ben is here… black lives matter! save usps! ben shapiro: my wife has never been wet
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLMBen Shapiro finding out that pussies are supposed to get wet...
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLMNot Ben Shapiro.
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLM @DoctorJohn_MD @scourageriot This but instead of fire it just dogs and aquariums @scourageriot Omg the comments are sending me lmfao. Aw cons ❤️ @scourageriot I wanna be at cons again so I can react like this and then immediately smoke some weed and go to the… @scourageriot Yes, yes I do. 😭😂 @JonSCutler Happy belated bday! @LiciaRei CONGRATS!Thanks so much to @SporeRose & @smzeldarules for the raids tonight! 💖💖 Will be back to streaming Weds this week.…💖✨BIRTHDAY STREAM ✨💖 Opening presents & streaming N64 games tonight :3 come hang out at an old lady’s birthday par… @byndogehk ILU so much; I’m gonna open your package you sent me on stream soon 😭😭😭😭🌟HAPPY BERFDAE, @sarah_fong_tho!🔥 You're such a wonderful and delightful friend, and one of the most incredible peo…
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLMHappy birthday to my wifey @sarah_fong_tho! Your favorite flowers for my favorite gal 😍
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@IshidaZero Idk I think some of THAT may have to do with mental illness or theyre kids. I have to believe grown adu… @IshidaZero Omg yes these are 100 percent the same men and women who just piss or dump in public and then think “so… @ED_Rider I’m trying to remember when this was just based on my hair LmaoDo you think people who refuse to wear masks also refuse to wipe their ass? Seems like the venn diagram of those… @HolyOrderSeifer I don’t have a cash app 😂😂😂😂 I’m so lame.Lockdowen? 31 and I still don’t proofread.I’m 31 today :’) I’ll be streaming later tonight. No idea what the plans are today but I guess I’ll go do someth… @Fee501st I just showed this to John and he actually lolledBet you thought I was kidding about how close he insists on being, lmao is that bitch.🌾🌺🌻🌸🌿
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLMI want to belt The Real Folk Blues with my weeb friends at cons again. Please behave so we can all go back to being semi-social weebs. 😷
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@heavymetalhist3 @ThatFemaleGamer Yeah pretty much just avoided anything with long fins @Fee501st Yeah!!! @ThatFemaleGamer Oh yeah I did my homework before looking for potential tank mates and it’s why he’s in such a larg… is in his tank now 😍 Been watching him & the tetras for over an hour and everything seems great. For the mo… @Fee501st Lisa was also on my list!!!!THIS TOOK SO LONG! Hours re-cutting/placing tubing & planting these dying ferns, Im done upgrades to the goldfish…
Got sanic moved to his new tank. But I have him in his own little time-out box so he & the tetras can acclimate for…커미션 신청 감사합니다!!!
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLM @Kramburglar Yeah there was an entire saga in there somewhere @MagumaUsagi Lisa Simpson was also down on my list and I was like “mmmyeah” lmao'성장' 이라는 주제 아래에 쎄뚜쎄뚜인 거 가튼 느낌의 두 글임
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLM @rotarydials @DrawingHore This is @DoctorJohn_MD energy @fIowerfemme @bibicosplays omg this makes my eye feel good lmaodry coochie twitter is a lil angry today
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLM @nadroj1017 @StallionOnChart Yeah and like 30 million on YouTube nowLink to the test: was fun :p I don’t remember much about jurrasic park though; I should rewatch it."#Wap" officially debuts at #1 on US Spotify with 2,340,504 streams. It's the first female rap song to reach the t…
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLM#WAP Wet Ass Pussy Women Aren't Playing We Are Powerful And ya'll hate to see it 😌
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLM....what? I think it’s clear who never had a WAP before lmao @iamcardib IVE BEEN BOPPING TO WAP ALL DAY💕💕💕💕💕💕
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLM @zerosuitsami @LaydiexSkull 👆👆👆 this, I didn’t even see it til now because of the follow up tweet!Forever
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLMHello, it is my birthday! 🎂
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLM @kellyeden @pwgSDfan I STAN THIS FELLOW LEO ENERGY (my bday is Monday) @Ben_odinson @Ben_odinson Likewise, I also love to cook! At Katsuconwe always try and get the kitchen suites across the street s… @Ben_odinson Holy fuck that sounds amazing (I’m hungry and just realized I didn’t eat today)
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLM @michele866 I kept going “ewww” and then realized how much guys talk about getting their dicks sucked and I was like yknow what werk lmao(Despite my initial guffaw at the lyrics I loved it)Me listening to WAP 20s in versus me listening to WAP 20s from the end @Kooriaisu @PiggyNukka I wasnt sure so I also answered sarcastically to cover my bases lmfao @Kooriaisu @PiggyNukka My husband, an EM physician who just got over COVID, would disagree. But, you know, what w… to JHU the US broke 2k deaths in 1 day on Weds. For suspiciously nationalistic ppl that need to hear thi…
@Defective14 This image is pretty much my life 90% of the dayAlso sorry for the mess I’ve been packing up outgoing donations from my closet this week and we keep a trashcan on… is being so aggregiously clingy today, so I opened up my camera & put it directly in front of my face so you… shows with judges with real knowledge about drag
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLMPaulding County school district claims it can't enforce a mask mandate. Here are SOME of the items the school dist…
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLM @theCatalie Leaving the rummys for now; I may move them to the 30gal the goldfish are going in until I upgrade them…
@theCatalie **takara tomy @JTHomeslice Omfg is there an English rom of thiiiiiiis now I’m curious @Fee501st For me the concern would actually be the heat output, I feel like it may make the water hot and oxygen le… @Fee501st Lmao I would be scared for the fish tbqhThese are over the last several months of work. Man it’s grown a lot in a few months!!! (That long centerpiece pl… @James_Younghans Lmao if only @theCatalie Nope they’re just plastic Tamara-Tony brand toys! But generally speaking if they’re non-toxic/food safe… @sselinco Darkflash micro atx pink chassis — got it on amazon for under 100 bux!This is for my betta, Sanic! He’s downstairs in a huge tank meant for (eventually starting next week) fancy goldf… @kwehzy I’m gonna make another one later this year that’s Miyazaki themed :B and we have a 29 gallon downstairs I’m… proud of how this tank is coming along 💦🐠💙 again I find myself in the position of rebutting insanely dangerous lies from @realDonaldTrump Spend an hour i…
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@MartinWongPhoto Yeah I was expecting it to take a while but as soon as I started, I was done lmao.I guess :B think I did a pretty good job! Thanks @inkuusan for creating this masterpiece ❤️
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLM @LiciaRei I want to draw this 🥺The only thing that got me through watching that Axios interview yesterday was screenshotting every time…
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLMlong
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLMhow you can help lebanon; a thread
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Trump’s answer to "how do you think history will remember John Lewis?" is that "no one has done more for black Amer…
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLMspringtime isabelle! ☀️🌸💕 #acnh #animalcrossing
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Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLMmy neck, my back, will my serotonin ever come back
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLMRyoko (September 2019)
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLMPastel vaporwave is my new aesthetic
Retweeted by ✨💖Sarah Fong 💖✨| BLM(I’m rose :P anime mom goals always) @Chazman1189 I actually had that one in drafts and deleted it because I had too many lmfaooooo Also free hugs sig… @SoraYuy Yeah that was giving almsThis was our god, we presented money to him and in exchange he gave us nourishment. elder weebs used play this game where we screamed Marco Polo at each other even tho there was no pool.*presents yaoi paddle* This is an ancient totem used for smacking those we loved.