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@DrEricStrong Great, thanks for the tip! I’m getting a lot of heat on my most recent video. @LeilaniRGraham @caffeinatedkrys So much to unpack in his rant. I can’t believe my video set someone off to that ex… @caffeinatedkrys I’m so sorry! 😔 @Sarah_Mojarad If I can't see my cardiologist or physical therapist or any specialist for my chronic illness, I don…
Retweeted by Sarah MojaradIf you haven’t seen my take on chiropractors staying open during the pandemic, it’s worth least Jim L… is wild! @SkittlesSpace Defending against Toyota Corolla, I guess?Should you film your hospital? Here’s my take and commentary on this conspiracy theory ⤵️ @virenkaul I know, right? 😬New video in the works 🙃
@drbrignall @AlanLevinovitz Interesting find. Adding it to my reading list! @drbrignall Thank you! I have a feeling that we are in for a wild ride this month. 🙃 @Sarah_Mojarad I would also throw in: Get comfortable with the block button. Use it liberally.
Retweeted by Sarah Mojarad @jgitchell @FDATobacco @TEDTalks Let’s set up a zoom for this week. Will DM you. @Sarah_Mojarad Good catch, Sarah--the 2009 Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act imposed a LOT of impor…
Retweeted by Sarah Mojarad @jgitchell @FDATobacco @TEDTalks Thank you! I’m fascinated by the laws and regulations around tobacco product adver… can’t post customer testimonials that are wildly in accurate like this one ⤵️ "A Relieved Customer...‘My… warning letter for tobacco product advertising. TJD Holdings, Inc’s claims are much worse in my opinion.… reminds me of the old “anything goes” cigarette ads from the 50s and 60s. @MoAlkhalafPhD Thanks so much for the support and kind words. 🙂Here’s a non-coronavirus warning letter. This one is interesting. The company received a notice because they were… principles need to be taught to the public for going out in social media just like you teach kids to look bot…
Retweeted by Sarah MojaradThe FDA warning letter will remain online forever. I imagine it’s tough for small businesses to recover from this… a warning letter from the FDA concerning your bad advertising practices during a pandemic? 🆘 Have an artic… is the company that was discussed in the Press-Enterprise article (will reshare next tweet).’s do a few more... @SusannaLHarris Appreciate you. 🧡To some extent, I do agree with him on “don’t take Twitter too seriously.” If you find yourself getting upset or t… are a few important takeaways here: 🔸People aren’t always going to behave like professionals. 🔸You have to h… is an answer all people who have an expertise should be ready to say. It causes more harm than good to use you…
Retweeted by Sarah Mojarad“There have been many conspiracy theories about 5G ever since plans to upgrade networks started to circulate. Think… @gorskon I found that in David Wolfe’s Telegram group. He’s been working overtime!Enjoyed our discussion last week! Thanks for having me on the show @JackWestMD’t decide if today is going to focus on conspiracy theories or pseudoscience. Decisions, decisions... familiar? These coronavirus cure-all essential oil recipes are all over the Internet. Mastery Systems DBA Pure Plant Essentials offered essential oils for “soothing support for coronavirus sympt… Indibuy is pushing Arsenicum album 30 as a prophylactic medicine. They claim it can treat respiratory ill… FDA is not fooling around. They’ve created a special task force to police covid19 products and they are giving… Whole Healing Essentials, LLC was selling a colloidal silver product to “boost your immune system.” 🙄’s been awhile since I’ve looked through FDA warning letters. Let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to... @jonathanstea @PsychToday Learned something new! Thanks for tagging me. 🙂“Turley’s website claimed that CBD could boost users’ immune systems, and enable them to fight off COVID-19.” Can’… @BrueBste111 So interesting that we draw different conclusions from the same piece of content.More than anything, when I watch that clip I see someone who is struggling.Main issues IMO: -Disclosing the committee on social media is inappropriate. How would a family member of a deceas… think there are serious issues with what she posted, but there are ways to have a discussion around the content t… man commenting on a woman’s looks and mental health will always be unprofessional. Remember that if your account…“They're really gonna let someone who clumps their mascara like that help decide who lives, and who dies?” ✅commen… @tsedal Yup. Agreed. Working on a long feature on grief for HBR too. The combination is a killer. Virtual work is f…
Retweeted by Sarah MojaradI spoke to an old therapist friend today, and finally understood why everyone’s so exhausted after the video calls.…
Retweeted by Sarah MojaradBest piece of content I’ve seen thus far on face masks. It’s a must watch video. Thanks @KittyKatzMD. Well done! of the family and friends of the deceased before posting about the covid19 death of a colleague. Be kind to…“Social media posts, when handled correctly, are a much more intimate, personalized obituary for a loved one than a…“When people with vastly different lived experiences come together around a public death, there is no real shared u…“The minute that obituary showed up on my feed, people who saw it started posting comments and messages to me. I di…“There is a hierarchy of grief. Although people should still express their love, support, and concern for the recen… are a few articles that discuss grieving on social media. They might be helpful resources. ⤵️If you are grieving, feeling stressed or overwhelmed, please reach out for help. Check in on each other as well.Those are my top suggestions. Providing guidance on this topic is tough. I want to be mindful of what people are t… Think before you post. Your message will have an impact on your audience.3. Talk to someone instead of tweeting.Lack of details meant that people assumed the identity of the chief resident. in 2017, Eugene Gu tweeted that he had been physically assault by a chief resident at Vanderbilt… if the person’s name is omitted (and other details are kept private), refrain from posting on social media bef… Again. Wait until an official statement has been released to the public.There are two reasons why waiting is important: It avoids misreporting Think about the family members of the dece… Wait until an official statement has been released to the public.Telling their stories is important, but please consider a few things before sharing information on social media.Heavy topic. I’m sorry. We are going to see an increase in the number of medical professionals who fall ill and pa… thoughts... 🧵 is one of my favorite people on Twitter. You should follow her account 🧡
@jghoggatt @dfallik There’s a @who recipe? Amazing. I think guidance from a trusted source is just what we need. @OhItsRyansWorld @DrBartacus @PedsID4Life So good. So, so good. @DrShaneRRR I wonder if these types of products influence people to create DIY versions.So fun. Thanks for having me on the show @DrShaneRRR @DrLeslie_MD @dfallik I’m sure it’s fine. I did a double take because all of the DIY essential oil hand sanitizer recipes on soc… oil hand sanitizers you say? 🤨 have Sarah Mojarad joining us on 102.7FM @Sarah_Mojarad #science #3RRRFM
Retweeted by Sarah MojaradI’ll be on @einstein_agogo @3RRRFM in an hour. Looking forward to it!
To my #MedTwitter friends: Given the extraordinary nature of what everyone is dealing with, I might suggest now is…
Retweeted by Sarah Mojarad @jgitchell Ah, interesting. I meant to tag you in the post. Wanted to hear your take on vaping. @DrLeslie_MD Nice! That’s a great approach @DrLeslie_MD Your most recent video. @DrLeslie_MD It’s ok to delete old content that is no longer accurate. Comment in the videos saying something like…, if you’re struggling with communicating recent updates and the latest research about covid19, don’t do it.… uncertainty is tough. As you share updates and inform the public, please be careful. Messages that a… is also another good video to review.’ll try and post some communication strategies this weekend. In the meantime, watch this video then watch it again… question is important & it’s something that every science communicator deals with on a regular basis. The pub… careful with false equivalencies. They are logical fallacies that will weaken your messaging. If the two ideas… love this video. See how she empowers the audience to be a hero by staying home? Great communication tactic. This… @Autobot_Prof Omg “These feral fugitives can weigh up to 600 pounds or more” @vhnguyenmd @LonieBeauchamp @JuliaHlna @JIsenbergMD @pierrefiset @zoom_us I believe so. USC has a HIPAA compliant v… @KierkegaardDTF @tomfolanmd This was the strongest one ⤵️ of best parts of the semester is when #USCWrit340E students finish their #WikipediaWritingAssignment via…
Retweeted by Sarah Mojarad @tomfolanmd Sure did 😅
@vhnguyenmd Interesting. This is news to me. No thoughts to add at this point. Thanks for tagging though. I’m going to follow the updates. @RealEddieG Tons of new perspectives to consider. I may do a thread later... Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂 @RealEddieG I’ve been really interested in the vlogs.