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Stubbornly optimist. Writer. Technologist. Environmentalist. Neuroscience enthusiast. I have an analogy for everything. #scifi #blm #climateemergency

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@ivysteaco I like that the person was on the phone while photographing the menu... presumably they were calling 911… @mikechenwriter I’ll play. Victoria Young. Perfect fit. @ClimateHuman I hope so!! @wrefinnej Sending you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @addyeB Yes. But without the clothes and with a bottle of vodka. @girlsreallyrule Fuck her.
@RCReed40 @Renevelation Spitting on someone is assault and the police could arrest her for this. His response is warranted. @ClimateHuman I’m in the process of trying to make some more. 😁 @AOC Yes!! And all this can be done in the USA. No need to go abroad to find energy anymore.
@meenaharris Thank you for staying online in spite of being harassed. I love hearing what you have to say. @ClaudineMontes2 @acnewsitics @PeteButtigieg I am interested in your sources for this (genuinely). Thanks.😍😍 @addyeB 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 I definitely don’t want this. Tiny pretzels like this tho ... for it.The winner of the debate was Kristen Welker. #Debates2020 @JessicaValenti Tiny windows and low-flow shower heads ... are we talking about the basement I hope he’s going to live in?? Maybe jail? 🤔 @leslieherod We have reached peak weirdness in the debate.We have reached peak weirdness with the “little tiny windows.” #Debate2020YYYEEESSS!!! Climate change question and a reasonably good answer from #Biden #Debate2020Orange Man says “filthy” like he’s a villain in a musical. #Debates2020 @Yamiche @karaswisher She is doing a fantastic job. @JillFilipovic Obamacare forever.Joe Biden clarifying who is running: He is running against Joe Biden. This wins the night. #Debates2020🤚🏼 @DrIbram Trump’s response to this statement was breath-taking. He mocked it. Wow.Biden wants to talk about Americans. Orange Man thinks that’s a stupid idea. I think that’s all we need to know about #Debates2020Mr Orange Man can hang in there for only one question. Question 2: Moves to insane babbling. #Debates2020This is true. Education is disrupted for young people. Jobs are disrupted for young people. Debt is mounting. @acnewsitics @PeteButtigieg I like him. I also think he needs to apologize and come clean about his racist policies… @leslieherod I’ve already voted but I want to participate in the process, fully.... even though it’s painful. @schmutzie Self-loathing. Right there with you. LOL. JK. But I am still trying to be informed. Ug.
@billmckibben You could have ended item #3 “so maybe we can live.” and it still would be entirely accurate. @jaketapper @gofundme Taxes are a GoFundMe for the wealthy and corporations. @JusttheZooofUs Spider-bird. Pretty cute! @cappy4219 @karaswisher ☮️👍🏼 @cappy4219 @karaswisher You first thought after this interview is to make fun of her name? @marcformarc You crushed it! LOL.Every action movie must contain a bridge where the villain and the hero perform hand-to-hand combat as the grand conclusion. Why is this??!! @schmutzie This ended me. 🤣😂🤣😂 @thebutterknife Exactly!! And he was loving like this with Obama. HERE FOR IT! More men need this. @addyeB I didn’t make it up. ❤️ @SethGodinBlog did.
@aliciatcrosby Agree. I also like it when very traditional people change their minds. It shows that we always have permission to do better.
Yes. This. And also it doesn’t matter if he’s “a nice guy.” People who do this kind of stuff are ARE USUALLY NICE o…
This beautiful person is writing her story. Subscribe: @spinnellii Love it. The rug is perfection. And the dresser. @vinn_ayy He needs to go back to Punch Bowl Social and chill. @schmutzie Let’s live to see 2021, shall we?What a weird day. House almost caught on fire. Tennis racket broke. All very 2020.
@blackgirlinmain This guy should never talk, ever. Unless he is reading off a movie script. Then, only when supervised.Me too. Protect indigenous people and indigenous land.!! THIS!! THIS!! two kind of drive me bonkers but I LOVE that they addressed voters in Spanish! ❤️ @tressiemcphd @addyeB Does not bode well for a WOC abstract artists wikithon. 😭
@meenaharris I will ❤️the shit out of this every time it shows up on my timeline. @DoctorVive @NewYorker @widdikombe If there isn’t such a thing, I would start this org with you. @DoctorVive @NewYorker @widdikombe GLAAD - a nonprofit organization - was started to ensure that LGBTQ people recei… emails. always think it’s weird when people are pro-life and pro-gun. At least try to be consistent. @rgay @tressiemcphd They walk in their toilet then on the kitchen counter. 🤢 @GraceLP Gahhhhh!!!! So yummy!!!If a Democratic President treated red states the way Dumb Dumb is treating blue states, those states would literall… MAGA rallies definitely have this end-of-the-world party vibe. I sincerely hope it’s just the end of the party. @addyeB So happy for you! So happy for them! This is joy.
Yay #BidenTownHall
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@Winter When you are not going to say anything, you don’t need any notes.Facebook is to Democracy what the fossil fuel industry is to climate change. This company needs to be seriously reg… Women’s health care doesn’t have to be palatable for you to accept that health care is a human right. Having t… @byjonai I mean. 💀💀💀 Totally. @svenllama Still?This. detect no lies. @atrupar He’s acting like a guy trying to sell swag.No matter what happens I look forward to fighting for justice with you.This is breaking my brain. @theferocity Same with “kiddo” @GDRPempress I’ve spent quite a bit of time in this state in the last 4 years. I love people here. I hope we take care of them.
@byjonai Little baby teefs. OMG. 😍 @thackfish @kntsrgn World’s cutest!! @AsianAmNo2Trump ❤️❤️❤️ @feministabulous @JamilSmith The irony of these situations just causes my mind to shatter into pieces.Yes. THESE VIDEOS OF PEOPLE WAITING IN LINE FOR HOURS TO VOTE MAKES ME SO ANGRY. 😡😡😡😡😡 Pass the Voting Rights… @johntalsr Bless these humans and their patience and tolerance. To still be willing to try to participate in our de…
@NickArvin Did you tell them that we don’t need anything else to resist?? We have been resisting for 4 years. ✊🏼 @acnewsitics He enjoys the attention. It’s seems like that’s it.Can we get this guy a TV show or something? He seems like a crappy president but he can throw down some knowledge.… @wazzup_sis @gwenckatz LOL. No. We should have federal health care and housing solutions that are paid for with hig… questions.’s do this.
@brucewilson Brilliant. We should limit those Supreme Court judges to opinions using words only in the dictionary a… If you don’t believe in choice, gay rights, women voting, please cease and desist from using all of the… learn from this mistake. 💜🌈🎉 @sunrisemvmt Every day! ❤️ @gwenckatz This kind of stuff drives me nuts!!! Let’s get people housing and health care. It’s not that hard. We wo… Let’s be friends! yesterday’s conference #JoinTheCountdown @deapoirierbooks Guessing they are cheaper, too. @Sarah661Sarah @DanaWilliams72 @SpockResists Listen to this person! Wise! @DanaWilliams72 Dana you are gorgeous. I hope you are doing things you love and that someone sees you doing it and…