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So excited!!!!!! talked to #PartyOfFive's @BLarracuente, @Niko_Guardado, @emilytosta, and @EllePLegaspi about bonding as a family…
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This made me so unbelievably happy!
Dublin girl @SarahBolger is extraordinary in A Good Woman Is Hard To Find. We can't wait for our audiences to get t…
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Everyone’s journey is different, briefly here’s how mine is and how being involved in hardcore prepared me mentally.
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Book nerd.
Had so much fun at @terrorMolins !! @DanceandMarvel @ABookOf @EmilySandifer @apn504 @MatildesWoRLd @nattiventi Amazing bodysuit! director de #AGoodWomanIsHardtoFind Abner Pastoll y la actriz protagonista Sarah Bolger estuvieron en el teatro…
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerI can’t believe I’m not live tweeting with @MayansFX tonight. My Tuesday doesn’t feel complete. #MayansFX
Not the normal fable. @SarahBolger on creating a woman who's not lost in the word of the cartel #MayansFX
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Thank you for watching with us every week, for making us work harder, for making us be better. We adore creating th… they promised each other #MayansFX
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerOur costume designer Roland makes all the choices, although some time’s he lets me collaborate :) he’s a genius.… pleasure!! #MayansFX live in the craziest world, impossible to avoid the madness. #MayansFX ties, run deep #MayansFX keep watching to find out... #MayansFX won’t be disappointed! #MayansFX know!!!!! #MayansFX🙏thank you! #MayansFX times. Difficult situations. #MayansFX Coast, you're up next. You ready?
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerEmily can do anything, and do it in stilettos! #MayansFX worlds already upside down... #MayansFX’s possible, but who knows. #MayansFX’s a lot!! Even my mother would say that’s a lot :) #MayansFX episodes are so good — easy to keep watching! #MayansFX makes it special for me too! #MayansFX’ve no idea. They’re all incredible. The coolest guys. #MayansFX!! #MayansFX birthday! #MayansFX’s hard!! Live tweeting and live watching. But, worth it. #MayansFX you so much!!! #MayansFX is the best thing I’ve ever read!! #MayansFX @GinoVento we can watch!! really appreciate that! #MayansFX love playing her! #MayansFX cartel changes people! #MayansFX you can try! #MayansFX late than never ! Thanks for tuning in. #MayansFX watched, and learned. #MayansFX is blonde, so I like it for her. But in life, I love my darker hair. #MayansFX finale is always emotional, because it’s the last few days working with your work family. #MayansFX’t be nervous! All excitement!! #MayansFX weapons! #MayansFX truly love making this show. #MayansFX has developed into a woman who’s trying to navigate the “family business” and her family obligations whilst t… gotta tune in! #MayansFX is a BIG episode. #MayansFX role poses new challenges, but that’s the exciting part! #MayansFX are all my favorite episode. #MayansFX!! Thanks to you all!! We have the most wonderful fans. #MayansFX had so much fun filming The Tudors #MayansFX’ve my phone and tablet. All hands on deck. #MayansFX’m watching too...!! So much is going to happen in this episode. I’m excited! #MayansFX too!! #MayansFX you to watching!! #MayansFX the way. #MayansFX we go East Coast. #MayansFX @dantivirus @MayansFX I promise. I know! Thank you!!Get out your phones! I’m here live-tweeting-it-up. East and West Coast!!Episode 10 here-we-come. @MayansFX ride continues. @MayansFX is renewed for season 3.
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerElgin James is gonna keep this quick. Here's what's going down in tonight's finale #MayansFX
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerThe finale of @MayansFX is tonight!! Live tweeting up a storm on every coast. Join us. #MayansFX
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We ride on. Mayans M.C. is officially renewed for Season 3. #MayansFX
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerThe finale of @MayansFX is tonight!! Live tweeting up a storm on every coast. Join us. #MayansFX’s ⁦@SarahBolger⁩ arriving at tonight’s ⁦@FordvFerrari⁩ premiere
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My sincere condolences to the family. I only have the most wonderful and happy memories of the talented Mr Gay Byrn…
Thank you so much to everyone for live tweeting AND WATCHING the penultimate episode with us tonight. Much love and appreciation!! #MayansFXKilling him so he can be avenged #MayansFX
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerFinding her way through the lies and secrets. #MayansFX
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerHer family. Their mom. #MayansFX
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerEmily’s stuck between wanting to defend her family, and loved ones, whilst knowing the worst is potentially true. #MayansFXVery. F#*&ing. Complicated!!!! got teary eyed watching Edward do that beautiful scene. #ReyesHouse #MayansFXThey’re all gentleman. On set, and off. #MayansFX there’s a will... there’s a Galindo! #MayansFX time without as many steaks #MayansFX
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerI think Emily was just as confused. #MayansFX“Spa day”. Yeah right! #MayansFXEmily is Dealing with the most complicated mother-in-law! #MayansFX’m loving the loyalty that EZ and Emily have for one another. There’s still ❤️ there #mayansfx @SarahBolger @JDPardo
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerWe love making this show!! Thank you for watching! #MayansFX gonna buy him a new eye? #MayansFX
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerDamn, @MichaelIrby is crushing this episode. #MayansFX
Retweeted by Sarah Bolger @EmilioRivera48 🙌 you!!!x @SarahBolger I absolutely love what they have done with Emily this season. She is a total badass!! A force to be reckoned with.
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerYes indeed!! #MayansFX Emily. I guess for good reason. :) #MayansFX Dance for the penultimate episode! @MayansFX #JazzHands @MayansFX Each episode of #MayansFX  gets better than the previous one. Love the story development & evolution of the plot.
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerFinding her way through the lies and secrets. #MayansFX are wrapped around their family tree #MayansFX
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerThe penultimate episode of #MayansFX lands on @FXNetworks tonight - starring the fabulous @SarahBolger! 👏
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Great review by @guardianfilm of forthcoming NI co-production 'A Good Women is Hard to Find' starring @SarahBolger
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Continuing to create Emily within season two has been such a joy. #MayansFX was a BaadAss ending man. #Mayansfx gotta rewatch this episode again. @MayansFX
Retweeted by Sarah BolgerA huge thank you to everyone for watching, for tweeting with us tonight. NOW, back to bed for me.☘️ #MayansFX