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New Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) ad tells voters to remember the Republicans who enabled Trump’s ‘circus of in…’s fun how Republicans get to pretend they’re against abortion while making sure there are as many as possible
Retweeted by Sarah BurrisUm....... this seems serious One-third of Americans couldn't pay their rent or mortgages this month‘All lives matter’: Church hangs ‘no trespassing’ sign above Black woman for sitting in the grass Kayleigh McEnany: When Trump said he wanted to ‘cut off’ school funding he meant he wants to increase it @MorrisAnimal @AshaRangappa_ cc @banditelliBill Barr is begging Trump not to commute Roger Stone's sentence -- or there will be a 'mutiny' at the Justice Depa… did Karen Pence become a doctor? Mike Pence: ‘The best expert I know’ on coronavirus school policy ‘is my wi… so so sad. Why would someone give their life and serve their country if this happens to them? @IngridOKC I wondered if this show was any good. You like it? Maybe I should binge it this weekendI don't know how Mike Pence thinks they're going to be able to find enough teachers to get students back. I'm const… you should trust Mary Trump's new book -- my latest @dcreportmedia piece now @rawstory:
Retweeted by Sarah BurrisYou know, if I lived in Houston and I saw this I would assume a plague was coming. @IrreverentDuo @NPRJoeShapiro LOL no - not ben's dad either... actually seemed like a nice guyHere's why a new rule could result in Trump losing his diploma from Wharton Ron DeSantis still won't reveal true COID-19 data -- so things are probably much worse mean, I was a Mystics fan just cause of DC loyalty and girl power but now I think I might be in love with @T_Cloud4 nowTrump’s allies privately admit he is in serious trouble for refusing to take COVID-19 seriously: op-ed'm going to go ahead and predict that in about a month or so, we'll be retweeting this saying "this didn't age wel… @realDonaldTrump Hate to break it to you but wait for the people hitting ICUs now to battle the disease. What gener… Shapiro -- the man who took Trump's SATs for him is not @NPRJoeShapiro Here's who he really was: made this bed.... Worried Republicans told by White House they’ll have to live with Trump’s focus on race: rep… journalist who’s been covering Trump for 35 years explains why you need to take Mary’s Trump’s book s… have a word for that. It's sociopathy. Pence aide Katie Miller says she was emotionally unaffected by seeing…'s both videos together:
Retweeted by Sarah BurrisWall Street is abandoning Trump as his re-election bid looks doomed: report put on a white hood and save us the energy.
Retweeted by Sarah BurrisThis is terrifying. They beat him up while their daughter was screaming and begging them to stop. ‘Get a noose!’… @Russian_Starr HANDSOME!'The lifetime of lies and hideous behavior is finally catching up': Trump ghostwriter Tony Schwartz's sister thought he was too stupid to get elected: Mary Trump tell-all
Pathetic. @realdonaldTrump never took his SATs — and paid someone else to do it for him: Mary Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany hilariously mocked after lashing out at reporter for quoting her this truly horrific. Florida teen dies after conspiracy theorist mom takes her to church event and trie… @IvankaTrump What happens to those children if their single mothers get COVID-19 and are in the hospital for a mont… @PressSec @jonkarl Bless your heart ... you've really got to learn how speaking out can sometimes makes things even worse.If we want Black lives to matter we've got to reform prosecutors: former US Attorney @JoyceWhiteVance Woman out of a job after telling Black protester ‘white lives are better’ during racist tirade caught on video is not going to grow a conscience.
Retweeted by Sarah Burris @BandyXLee1 Curious what you think about Mary Trump's comments given she's a psychologist and has observed him closely for years @ElaheIzadi The heat and humidity is brutal. I'm just hiding in the house with the curtains closed and standing in…*TEXAS NEW VIRUS CASES JUMP BY MORE THAN 10,000 FOR FIRST TIME
Retweeted by Sarah Burris'He'd be fired': MSNBC's @NicolleDWallace predicts Trump will never have a career in television again ‘has been institutionalized for most of his adult life’ — and 5 other shocking revelations from Mary Trump’s… doesn't trust people because he knows that he is untrustworthy: former senator @clairecmc seems to think Democrats want to keep schools closed to win an election @theautismdad I know I know - I didn't mean murdering your parents so much as giving them covid that kills them. Ju… @theautismdad yeah it's clunky - but killing your parents by giving them COVID would be a BFD to your mental health. @fwdcrocblu @KellyannePolls YupI get it - going back to school is important. But it isn't more important than killing your parents. Somehow, I thi… supporters lose it as their grievance-spouting Mad King spirals down the drain all kids are, @Kellyannepolls. Their teachers aren't. Their principals aren't. Their parents aren't. Their gran… @colinwilhelm WOOD WARDI mean... duh richest, like Kanye, Jared Kushner's family and Elaine Chao, got massive PPP loans. Lots of your neighborhood a…
Retweeted by Sarah Burris @jlerollblues @RickSmithShow Awww I can’t thank you enough. The only way I make it is with amazing friends. @jlerollblues @RickSmithShow It hasn't been too bad. Strangely enough, my parents went to St. John... so my Denver… @jlerollblues @RickSmithShow oh... hummmm... we'll figure it out. I'm covering for Bob this week while he's on vayk… calls @SenDuckworth "a deeply silly and unimpressive person." -Army officer -Pilot -Director, Illinois Depa…
Retweeted by Sarah BurrisAbsolutely heartbreaking. Florida teen dies after conspiracy theorist mom takes her to church ‘COVID party’ and t… @grayscalecrash Sigh... sadly @grayscalecrash Exactly! Even then, Bush came out and gave a big speech saying Muslims were our friends. There's no… "You want ice cream?" Me: "Yes, please! There's cash on the dresser over there." Friend: "That sounded wrong." @jeninthe405 I swear it's like 10 a day at this point. I can't keep up @grayscalecrash There have been over 800 incidents of anti-Asian hate in California since the pandemic.Carmel Valley Trump supporter's racist rant at Asian family: 'Trump is gonna (expletive) you... you (expletive) nee… to 20th Century America. ‘Get a noose!’ Black man says he survived attempted lynching while camping in In…‘Do your damn job — or get the hell out!’ @ChrisCuomo’s epic rant on Trump and Pence’s failed COVID-19 response‘Lie, deny, and defy’: CNN’s @ChrisCuomo says Trump’s deceit is as ‘toxic’ to America as COVID-19 and he should 'gi…"We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certa… Propaganda effort fooled conservative sites into printing op-eds from nonexistent ‘experts’: report @SoulistaPhD @Russian_Starr well.... I mean, sometimes he's asleep ? @Reddy @mkady bet he doesn't even remember saying thatOUCH! Woman out of a job after telling Black protester ‘white lives are better’ during racist tirade caught on vid… GOP operative who dated Maria Butina sentenced to 7 years in federal prison for wire fraud and money lau… Ya hate to see it.
Retweeted by Sarah BurrisBreonna Taylor was alive after being shot -- but police let her die: family says want to take bets on if this really happens? Ron DeSantis appointee forces Florida schools to reopen in Au… @jlerollblues she can dig her escape while he digs his own political grave
What should really frighten down-ballot Rs: Trump is trailing Biden by 7-9% more than he lost the popular vote in 2…
Retweeted by Sarah Burris @JeffYoung worth noting you can totally buy a truck load of sand and a kiddy pool for less than the price of a plane ticket! @tamarakeithNPR @whca YAY!!! So so deserving! Go get em'He's lost it': Terrorism expert @MalcolmNance explains why it appears Michael Flynn 'is crazy' wonder if he's friends with the Arizona lady who said she was Trump's spokesperson WATCH: Man falsely claims to…!!!! ‘Explosive’ tell-all book will focus on Melania Trump ahead of election: report! LISTEN: Lindsey Graham breaks with Trump after president demands an apology from NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace West Virginia woman rushes to Mexico border with secret government documents -- then seeks asylum in Russia @DogsDadBod @MacFarlaneNews thanks you're the best! @MacFarlaneNews are these court documents? Or....? @KeishaBottoms sending you healing thoughtsConservative Max Boot has a horrific scenario for how Trump could claim victory — even if he loses know California's parks can be made safer for non-white people. Go get em' @GavinNewsom WATCH: ‘Park ranger Kare…‘Get out of here’: Colorado woman tries to run Black man out of the neighborhood — until she realizes she’s on came… group that rails against federal aid -- took federal COVID-19 bailout aid America? Trump sees defeat in 2020 and has rushed back to his old bankruptcy playbook: conservative c… @Radioblogger @ComfortablyBel1 @wattscentral @TheRevAl @hughhewitt Times (and studies) actually said that the prote… @realDonaldTrump Because this latest spike hasn't been going on very long.'We are doing so well': Trump celebrates his work on coronavirus even as hospitalizations increase @realDonaldTrump Um... @realDonaldTrump how can he be corrupt if you think he's senile?