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Actress and Absolute Radio Presenter 🎭📻 Lover of dogs, music, film and cheese. Insta: sarahjaynechampion Spotlight pin 👇🏼

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Just arrived at our Airbnb by the sea and our welcome basket includes dog treats! 🐾
🤣🐾🤷‍♀️🥰📻😊 @CliffWhisker 🤣 @dave69754236 Great photo! @TG3475 🥰 @WottyC 🥰🐾 went to the New Forest to grab a takeaway. Driving back we were viciously assaulted...
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@simonthomas27 My vote goes with the goatee! @trigg123 I’ve just booked a trip for my birthday! Couldn’t resist! 🥰 @bushontheradio @absoluteradio @Meeps407 Oh god sorry NEVER click on the profile! 😱 @lisa_tibbs @Absolute80s YES Lisa! 💃 I don’t tend to wear swimwear just around the house Lee 🤷‍♀️ But if you’re tweeting me in your Speedos rig… @PeterWoodburn10 @Absolute80s Kind of you to say thank you! 😊 @Ratty_1957 @Absolute80s Instagram! @stewartbold What a shot! @nurdtwitt @Absolute80s Opposites attract! @PTEng_2013 @leonagraham @bushontheradio @pulp2011 I was torn!Oh just me & Elton making the most of working from home @Absolute80s @polyphonicism I might have to do that!Love this photo of the dogs in North Cornwall, stunning place 💕 ❤️ Cornwall Have a lovely time Tony! @2012_Kev I like it. I was literally led up the garden path your honour @PTEng_2013 Aw! 🥰 Beautiful boy! @lisi_louB Aw! 🥰 @lisi_louB Uh oh! Has someone had to have a bath!? X @PJnewell71 😍 @rbateman8 🥰 @MichelleSLT 🤣 Ah! Borders wear a hat so well don’t they!? @SammyDriscoll 🤣 I did thanks Sammy! 👍🏼 @Gjt76 🥰 @kev71 😍😍 @Markbentley873 🥰 @NormanSufrin 🥰Good morning! x @Slatsman @bushontheradio I didn’t! That’s brilliant!
@Masterfezza @bushontheradio 🤣 @lisi_louB @bushontheradio They’ll lock me up soon enough Lisa...About to make a phone call to the home time show with @bushontheradio listen in to find out why my next phone call… @jock_tate The BEST @bushontheradio No hugs but I got to dance with my niece 💕 @RavWilding @pauldunphy @BrianMcFadden 🥰 @musicisfab71 @absoluteradio Top shop! x
@tonybach454 🤣To all professionals in the film, television, theatre, entertainment and performing arts world, join the challenge… little lap dog 💕 time seeing my family in five long months🥰 We laughed, we trampolined and we danced! 👯‍♀️ @Steve400T @absoluteradio Hang on, what!? @DapperDan @WestHam @NOWTVSport @nowtvhelp It’s no help sorry mate but my Dad’s had the same issue @paulcrowcroft68 @absoluteradio 🤣 @JoJoDonovan @bushontheradio @jackleavers @absoluteradio Brilliant! 🤣Happy ‘Lazy Sunday’ 😊 I’m very happy about today’s featured artists... Can you guess who they might be? 😉 On…
@sarahmckeown67 I approve this glass size 🍷Just to add this was a take away pint that as you can tell I scurried off with looking like someone caught out at t… everyone!🍻 Stay safe x @warnes_zoe Ah! Glad you heard it! Happy celebrating! 🎉 @lisa_tibbs Very kind of you to say thanks Lisa! 🤗 @DizzyR32 remembered the moment in last nights ‘Guess the song’ charades that I piped up with HAMMER! YES? MC HAMMER?…! 👋 Hope you’re doing okay? I’m back on @absoluteradio to soundtrack your Saturday with... David Bowie ✔️…
🐾 @___Kazza___ This one was a little bargain from Miss Selfridge! @BowesPhipps It’s a cheap dress and the muddy boots are out of shot! I genuinely can’t be doing with jeans at the minute, too restrictive! @GarethBarham2 Yes, yes it isWe went for a nice big walk so we needed a nice little sit down as well 🐾 @feebee79 @Absolute80s @NataliaGray95 @Absolute80s Mission accomplished! 😉 You too lovely lady xx @Steve_Butler @petedonaldson @bplmurphy I don’t miss him Steve, how can I with that hair? 😘 @jojess_73 Yep! Hoping to settle a bit longer next time! Thanks Joanne xxJust warming up for the chart show this weekend... We’re in ‘81 and ‘88 with Bad Manners ‘Can Can’ in the countdown… @bplmurphy Oh love it! You’ve started one of those accounts from your dogs point of view! 🥰 @graham18179 Someone’s had a pretty turbulent couple of years and someone’s car died so someone needed a replacement! @JellisSimon You too! Stay safe
I’d love to go out this weekend but I have plans with my dog 🐾 Have a lovely one everyone, stay safe xx is Macaroni. She has a question. Wondering if because she had an early breakfast she could maybe also have an…
Retweeted by Sarah Champion @warnes_zoe Happy anniversary! Let me know your other half’s name and I’ll play you a song! X @AllanMetson Aw! Congratulations!Quick poll Genuinely interested to know... As pubs reopen this weekend will you be first at the bar or will you be staying home? @EricaBand10 Aw! Hi Bruno! 👋 @BattisonMatt @happy_dales Thanks Catherine! 🤗 @MichelleSLT Two doves landed on the roof he was NOT happy about that! 🤣Buckley checking out his new digs... We move next month 🏡 He’s not much help packing boxes but he seems happy enou… @emma_caldwell_ arrival of the day.
Retweeted by Sarah ChampionI mentioned to dad yesterday that the old dog was struggling with the gravel path when he went out to the back gard…
Retweeted by Sarah Champion @SammyDriscoll That’s very kind of you to do and very much appreciated thank you! 😊 @SammyDriscoll Amazing result! Could do with a few more of those! @PTEng_2013 Ah my old car died unfortunately. It was a very very old Audi TT, served me well...
@JonRamsay27 A beauty alright Jon! Just a warning to edit the reg out you never know who’s looking! 👀 @F1girlClara @davejackson1966 🤣 @F1girlClara It’s my first one but I’ve always loved them! @realnealveglio 🤣 I’ll get the roof rack ready! @MaffCreed A second hand Audi TT served me well but was very old and started to cost more money than it was worth! @JohnHuyton Lovely! Maybe edit the photo so you can’t see the reg though John you never know who’s looking! 👀 x @musicisfab71 Thanks Lisa! 🤗The next 31 days are dedicated to RPD Rocco our retired explosive search dog who helped keep people safe at London…
Retweeted by Sarah Champion @JohnPearce44 What gave it away!? Was it where it says ‘MINI’?