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Sarah Cooper @sarahcpr Brooklyn, NY

writer / comedian / #blockedbytrump / wrote 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings & How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men's Feelings

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I hope we are able to get Trump out of office in 10 days. But I will never get over how bad it had to get for us to… is like if your mental growth was stunted in high school when a homecoming float on the back of a truck got yo… @UnsatiatedBlood Ok that’s a compliment thank you @DanRather Dan Rather is the Neil deGrasse Tyson of news @atrupar @GOP $5 says trump talks about this at his next rally and says “manned... or womanned.... mission to the moon”
TONIGHT! Join the Seinfeld crew to #TurnTexasBlue! Because Trump can't win without Texas. Help raise the critical… right to vote—and to have all of our votes counted—is being challenged like never before. We need lawyers to he… dropping. That lowest IQ crack about asylum seekers returning to the authorities is a) racist b) factually wron…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperThe President struck a new gentler tone tonight when he described his orphan warehouses as clean
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @KellyannePolls He didn’t even win this picturefun fact: as a concept black people also exist outside of prisons
Retweeted by Sarah CooperI trust nobody on earth that says with a serious face “I know more about wind then you do”. Not even if you actually study wind
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @bobhardt Literally no one thinks Trump is actually Abraham Lincoln, except maybe TrumpTRUMP 2020: YOUR WINDOWS WILL BE HUGETrump: I am the least racist person here! Out of everyone! I can’t even see the audience because they’re so dark too many Black peopleMUTE BUTTON HELLO
Props to Pete Buttigieg for going on Fox News and routinely speaking truth to people who aren’t used to hearing it
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper"we have large sections of it already done" man if you're still buyin what this guy's sellin then how do you have… it How it’s started going your faves 🙃
Retweeted by Sarah CooperSo @sarahcpr: Everything's Fine actually *invented* guest stars
Retweeted by Sarah CooperGet ready, kids and all hail the great #SarahCooper!! #EverythingsFine coming to you October 27 @netflix. We here a…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperA special for our times. Everything’s Fine, created by @sarahcpr w/ executive producers @MayaRudolph and @nlyonne a…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperI don’t know why Leslie Stahl even gives Trump the time of day just wish I could write like *this* will soon be giving a first in television history full, unedited preview of the vicious attempted “takeout” inter… @meenaharris I really needed a ball your eyes out crying warning on this one Meena @JHunter65284456 @4everNeverTrump @johncardillo Wow... I think this is true for the female Trump supporters I know, too @kurtbardella @kasie @Morning_Joe I think you’re right and I won’t retweet it for this exact reason but also because retweeting is hard nowTwitter now knows if you’re trying to retweet something you haven’t actually read and I feel attacked’ve been waiting for this clap back for four years.
Retweeted by Sarah CooperThis is very bad.
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @stevegarfield That was like, mind blowing @JessicaValenti I am screwed @btrwkart @birbigs 18 and Life is the worst song ever written but I knew it at the time Ricky was a young boy He h… @birbigs Remember yesterday Walking hand in hand Love letters in the sand I remember you *barf*
When you can't tell if Obama is truly absolutely transcendent right now or you've just been listening to a basket c… @atrupar Obama is fucking transcendent right now. Omg.Obama: "Korea identified its first case at the same time the US did. Their per capita death toll is just 1.3% of wh…
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @atrupar I totally thought that was a @ProjectLincoln sign behind Obama...Maybe this new retweet user experience was just to make it harder for Donald Trump to stop retweeting things, but why must we all sufferRetweet if you have my back at the debate tonight vs. my opponent Republican Kevin McCarthy.
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @thedailybeast @Flipboard This was not on my bingo card @Ya_a_seen_Him An awful changeMust every rt go through the quote route?
Retweeted by Sarah CooperI challenge you to find me ONE person who doesn’t have a “previously unknown bank account in China”SERENITY NOW! Have you felt like screaming that again and again this Election Season? Well, come restore your san…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperAll of these are facts. Dan Crenshaw may play cute and try not to use Trump’s name but he is lock step with him on…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperGet organized! Be part of the record-breaking number of early voters. With @votesaveamerica's make a plan tool, qui… dog has been punished for peeing on the carpet 65 times, my wife zero
Retweeted by Sarah CooperI’m calling on @mbuhari and the @hqnigerianarmy to stop killing young #EndSARS protesters. #StopNigeriaGovernment
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper
Join us tonight as we celebrate #EarlyVoting & help turn #Wisconsin blue! Donate any amount at…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperThis reboot of World War Z looks awful's 2020 ascent has been sharp, but it’s the result of years of building a stand-up career. From her Donal…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperHaving @NicolleDWallace read your piece on air is pretty cool.
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Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.  If you join me for a live comedy event with @wisdems on Tuesday, you get extra po… @atrupar i just realized how mad trump is that his son is taller than him @atrupar Trump: Hi Exxon, how are you doing? CEO of Exxon: You can just call me Darren? Trump: How's energy coming?… thing I will say about trump supporters, their support for the mentally deranged is truly infections @jgee Ugh why isn't Casey Affleck hosing SNL this week might be in trouble if trump starts putting out stories like this. Too goddamn relatable rare, Shakespearean tragedy Karen, coughing and yelling “everybody dies!” to Don jr
Lookin’ forward to a president who doesn’t speak in caps lock.
Retweeted by Sarah CooperHUGE COMEDY LINEUP ALERT: ⁦@chelseaperetti⁩ ⁦@WhitneyCummings⁩ ⁦@sarahcpr⁩ ⁦@SarahKSilverman⁩ ⁦@hasanminhaj⁩ ⁦…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperSo talented, give @jonlionfineart2 a follow ❤️ @laurenlapkus is one of the funniest people in the entire world and this was a dreammmm come trueeeeeeee😍…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperSacha Baron Cohen is known for using his comedy to get people to reveal their inner prejudices. He tells Maureen Do…
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@niccolethurman jesus christ couldn't they come up with their own fucking metaphor? waves are blue. they are not re… just got McDonald’s now I hate myself, the Sarah Cooper storyFirst, Trump World complained that Biden was like Mr. Rogers. Then they leaked the loving texts he sent to his son.…
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @GOPChairwoman You must think 82% of Americans make over $400,000 a year which would explain a lot actuallyShould I go get McDonald’s, the Sarah Cooper story @bowenyang These replies tho
Me 1 yr into comedy trying to impress straight men at open mic
Retweeted by Sarah CooperCNN broadcast part of the audio of Ben Sasse dragging Trump during a town hall with constituents on Thursday
Retweeted by Sarah Cooperme: i cannot believe i have to deal with this shit friend: what? me: the consequences of my own actions
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @johnpau82251421 I did write the ultimate guide to nodding parody of Taken about a black woman who follows Trump around nodding at everything he says. It’s called... Token @heartypj He’s been doing this since day 1. He had Jared sitting behind him in cabinet meetings nodding @lizgarbus Same. This woman is nodding at things before he’s even finished his thought. It’s a psychological trick… is very good with money. He’s extremely under-levered. You’ve heard of levered right? He knows about leveringWow how much can I get paid to sit behind Trump and nod at everything he says
New piece on @mcsweeneys today! A bit of a sad one reflecting on the year through the eyes of a leaf-peeping compan…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperThank you Ben Sasse for @JoeBiden’s next campaign ad @atrupar The salt of the earth hugging the shit of the earthI built my dog a selfie booth so she can take photos of herself by pushing a pedal with her paw
Retweeted by Sarah Cooperoh and thank you @gtconway3d !! @KatieMoNYC GURL 🥰I also want to thank everyone who contributed to this - @nlyonne @MayaRudolph @KamalaHarris @cher @KatieMoNYC you so much to @geoffedgers for this beautiful article - WHICH INCLUDES A FEW PICS FROM MY SPECIAL AHHHHHHH"I found her race indeterminate" @robertgstrand WE ALL WOULD. but hey at least this way we can use the advertiser money to fund universal basic incomeNew plan: we set up a fake university and tell Trump we're giving him an honorary medical degree, when he shows up… talk good.
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Me: Ice Cube is a trump supporter! Jeff: Ice Cube? No way, are you sure you don't mean Ice Tea? Also it's Ice-T not… Kennedy seems like he tells stories like “my granpappy owned 3 slaves, that doesn’t mean he was a racist, i… don’t know it for a fact but I have a feeling Senator Kennedy’s first word was the N wordA vote for any republican is a vote to take away your right to vote.