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Sarah Cooper @sarahcpr Brooklyn, NY

writer / comedian / #blockedbytrump / wrote 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings & How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men's Feelings

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@makesgoodsoup It took me way too long to realize this was not actually Zoe Kravitz
How to bible
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*googles muzzles for presidents*
THIS IS NOT FAIR you @FallonTonight for the shout out in @jimmyfallon's monologue last night! need to listen to medical experts, coordinate a national strategy, and stop politicizing masks. Now.
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper"We're last. Meaning, we're first."Trump brings comfort to dying Americans by saying hey, don’t worry, people in other countries are dying tooWhoever did the makeup on @sarahcpr is a genius.
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @kt8983 @paulhutcheon I think @jonathanvswan made him look dumber than I could ever do
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @erikaamato @phoebesaid @JenniferJJacobs @jendeben @SalehaMohsin The first video that went viral got 22 million vie… Trump reminds me of this Fred Armisen character who can't finish a single sentence
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Holy shit. 🤣
Retweeted by Sarah CooperSiri show me my worst nightmare is undefeated, this is the funniest shit in a long time. And that’s saying something for you, Rex.
Retweeted by Sarah CooperBreaking: PENNYWISE heading to Florida
How to tick tack (with captions by @KaitMartin_1)'s failures are real, and they are spectacular @sarahcpr I just spoke to the president about this.
Retweeted by Sarah CooperDoes Trump know that by banning TikTok he’s also pissing off suburban moms you well, Louie! And thank you for standing with millions of women who don’t want you coming between them a…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperIt was my first run in with a clown, but it would not be my lastWhat was I thinking? reporter actually followed up with trump about something he said would happen "in two weeks" two weeks ago! this…
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @bvfsqre @11thHour Which video was it??Chernobyl is happening here.
Retweeted by Sarah CooperThis wasn’t made with TikTok 😂“We will miss him, it’s a shame he chose to have cancer” —republican giving a eulogyI don't want to do this. I'm on vacation, but frankly, I don't see an alternative. In 2016, misinformation helped e…
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @ResitsTrump I read “It's just videos of him making stupid faces while LITERALLY REPEATING what trump” and I litera…
How to tick tack honor of our @CTAOP drive-in screening of #MadMaxFuryRoad tonight, throwing it back to the point of no return wi…
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @phoebesaid @JenniferJJacobs @jendeben @SalehaMohsin i made my last video without tiktok. i don't need tiktok. @KevinMKruse Me wondering why anyone tries to interview this barely sentient hair plug @RobAnderson2018 no republican who risked american lives to push trump's psychotic agenda should ever hold office again everWhy does Tucker Carlson still have a job
President Clinton: "I just love him. I always will. And I'm so grateful that he stayed true to form. He's gone up y…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperThe hilarious @sarahcpr joins us on @DontAskTig. 🎉 @TigNotaro was so excited, she even showered. Listen to them t…
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Just in: Trump claims to have created Opportunity Zones, calls himself The Wizard of OZgood day! like most of my fellow freelancers, my business has been hit really hard by the pandemic. if you’re looki…
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @MarkRobbo565 it pisses me off that she's protecting them and none of them can be bothered to protect herHas Clearasil made a cure for maskne yetI am not excited to have lived long enough to see the moment Madonna became a Karen 2016: Things are bad, vote for me so I can fix them Trump 2020: Things are even worse, vote for me or else t…
Starting to think the only deal Trump ever closed was the one he made with the devilHomeownership is a LIE. Rent until you’re dead. Unless you want to buy my house in which case please buy my houseMy parents convinced me to buy a house right before the market crashed and now they think I should have a kid right… Black Lady Sketch Show was nominated for an Emmy! Congrats to our entire super dope team! 🥳🥳
Retweeted by Sarah CooperTrump wants to make it harder for you to #VoteByMail & I want to do the opposite of that. Our friends at…
No one can leave the fucking country, you asshole, thanks to your idiot president.
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We have 100 days left until Election Day in November. @WhenWeAllVote and @MichelleObama are on a mission to make s…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperI’m a MAGA teen 🎶 🇺🇸 💪
Retweeted by Sarah CooperNext up in our Screamers: Speaking Up + Doing Good series is Sarah Cooper. @sarahcpr has been a member of the 3EB C…
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @sarahcpr How to person woman man camera tv from the room next door. Hope you like it @sarahcpr and…
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @DonCheadle If they replaced Trump with the Easter bunny it would make more sense @DonCheadle Truly hysterical😂😂😂
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @troovus @MrMichaelSpicer @sarahcpr I tried a mashup from the disinfectant injection days.
Retweeted by Sarah CooperWill Kamala Harris be Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick?
A Virginia high school named after Confederate war general Robert E. Lee is to be renamed to honor the late civil r…
Retweeted by Sarah Cooper @KimberDin It really is super mean if you think about it from the other persons perspective, I was just thinking that lol @JoJoFromJerz Oh my god 😭 @ElPresidenTroll @RobAnderson2018 Wait you mean the one from that scene in Dumbo??? Oh my god this @MikeFalzone Oh my god. That’s one hell of a deep cut and I think I agreeThe @sarahcpr videos are the only way I can listen to 45 speak. In case u missed it she came on my "Working It Out"…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperNext time someone asks me who my favorite comedians are I’m just going to say Republicans...just finished tonight’s drawing After another AMAZING performance from @sarahcpr I had to grab some screen shot…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperWhat song makes you burst into tears immediately? Mine is Wind Beneath My Wings
Shout out to @KaitMartin_1 who did the captions, she’s new to Twitter, give her an ol tip of the follow buttonHow to person woman man camera tv (with captions) us Sat. for #TheToweringDisaster w/ Michael Cera @DonCheadle John Ennis @OrvilleIV @MoreReginaHall
Retweeted by Sarah CooperCaptioned video coming shortly! I'm so sorry about the lack of captions, I have someone helping me with this nowHow to person woman man camera tv got my elephant! Thank you @WWF ❤️ @RobAnderson2018 LA 03 @AC4Congress2020 FL 03 @tomforwi WI 05 @DrGaryWegman PA 09 And remember to follow @NDLB2020 again to @NDLB2020 for the town hall last night! Here's a thread of the candidates trying to flip red distri… announces that he spoke to Putin today and no reporter asks what he said to Putin. No reporter asks what he…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperHere’s what I learned making this video: Fox News HATES Donald Trump. They could’ve edited this (heavily) and made… to person woman man camera tv
This virtual town hall tonight was full in a couple of hours but if you missed the chance to register, it will be s… @ProjectLincoln I just want to know how many more times he explains this baby test to this poor helpless interviewer @ProjectLincoln Does anyone know where the rest of this goldmine is? Is the full interview available yet? @HamillHimself “If you’re in the office if the preschdency you have to be sharp” @JesseDamiani @realDonaldTrump Okay so to recap... Trump is proud of a memory test that he can't remember @JesseDamiani my god when did he do THIS interview?? i seriously cannot keep up.
Thank you so much @KamalaHarris this was the highlight of my life @evanmcmurry “I am sorry for how you misunderstood what I said” is a whole new level of manpologyProposal to rename "Unemployment" to "Universal Basic Income" @thehill @tedcruz Why not? We pay @realdonaldtrump and @tedcruz to not do anything all day everyday @Azkaban my god even their campaign emails are abusive @TheJacenty I am genuinely so sorry! I blame my agents.Excited to chat with @KamalaHarris on Instagram Live today at 6pm EST and ask her if she remembers taking this pict… valid questions am haunted by that phrase “preventable deaths.” To say the words is still not to fully grasp the meaning. Especia…
Retweeted by Sarah CooperJust wanted to make sure you saw this. #Hamilton #Fauci
Retweeted by Sarah Cooperthey've had enough
Retweeted by Sarah CooperTrump should be remembered as the man who demanded Hillary Clinton be ‘locked up’ while wishing Ghislaine Maxwell ‘well.’
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