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Director, Digital Mktg @Bumped & speaker. Formerly @Simple. Chronically ill and strong af. Genderfluid. 🌱 parent. 🐱 enthusiast. Sometimes I tweet my outfits.

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Am ded
@BrukeGetachew Oh totally. My favorite is when they connect to the closed laptop in my bag and not the phone in my hand. @BrukeGetachew I like mine solely for being on planes and being able to charge my phone at the same time I listen t… @tatianatmac I mean, sweat palace sounds betterMedical care is expensive and my new insurance doesn’t cover my appointments like my old one did, so you can find m…! If you’re unable to afford a copy of The Collected Schizophrenias, but would like one, & you live within the Un…
Retweeted by Sarah EstermanDo you want to come work with me at @bumped? We’re currently hiring for two roles: Product Support Manager and Seni… FUCKING THREE
Retweeted by Sarah EstermanThere are only so many days you can be out for sickness after you’ve been out on PTO for vacation without worrying… are red Violets are blue I went to the office today even though I still have the fluPaying someone to do your laundry isn’t ridiculous if you’re too busy to do laundry and you have the means.The husband in the first episode of Tidying Up is infuriating me
Ummm we just saw lightning and heard thunder. What is this weather?Not being able to walk from the couch to the bathroom is a fun symptom. So fun. This is the most fun. Alt: cartoon… Having to take a billion pills every day is so much harder when you have a sore throat so bad it feels like sw… Jordan’s first concern after being sucked down a golf hole into Looney Toon world where Bugs Bunny just tol… just wish the opening scene didn’t have an R. Kelly songHi I think I have the flu and Space Jam is on @hulu
PSA: stop shaming women for liking & having sex. There’s nothing shameful about women having sex. We’re allowed to…
Retweeted by Sarah EstermanFinally watching the Netflix Fyre documentary and it is a very anxiety-inducing experience
The Australian person whose emails I occasionally get recently got a rabbit. I am getting their vet’s marketing emails now.I cannot recommend taking a B-vitamin complex with water. Alt: David Rose from Schitt's Creek saying, "That's disg… to Robbie's new career as a tax accountant: - I don't have to worry about taxes - He likes it Con: - From Jan…
No Hard Feelings (a book) too real
Retweeted by Sarah EstermanSoooo Robbie is gonna be working 60s during tax season, which means I need to learn to cook.
@tatianatmac Would read. Also most procrastinators I know are also high achievers 🤷‍♀️Things that changed in my 6 days away from home: the weather is a little colder, my fridge is empty, my dog is fatter
I’m still on vacation, but @bumped is hiring for 2 roles: a Senior Backend Software Engineer and a Product Support…
Went to Yelapa today. Met this dog (and these 2 cats)
Flying internationally, friends? Always pee *before* you get off the plane. Otherwise you will be bursting while wa… landed in Puerto Vallarta. Took my phone off airplane mode and had over 50 text messages. My friends decided t… may be the only person on this flight wearing a beanie. I mean, it’s probably because we’re going to Puerto Valla… @tvjames I’m not too embarrassed. I think my over-communication comes from being mostly remote at my last job, when… time I go to type something in Slack, I think about how I am our org’s most active person on Slack by far. (I…
Tomorrow this time I’ll be nearly halfway to Puerto Vallarta 😁 @sarahesterman Here’s a cute little boy enjoying his breakfast to brighten your week. ❤️
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Retweeted by Sarah Esterman @tatianatmac I want you to have that floof!! @sarahesterman here’s my fat puppy sitting up like a people in August
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Retweeted by Sarah Esterman @skgates Sound advice @sarahesterman Oscar suggests a trip to the beach to unwind.
Retweeted by Sarah EstermanI wrote this thing and I am proud of it. @alenaee Wowowowow so cute @sarahesterman
Retweeted by Sarah Esterman @alialliallie They are perfect @sarahesterman These all count right?
Retweeted by Sarah Esterman @sarahesterman Hi I am brooks I love you and playing and pets
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Retweeted by Sarah Esterman @sarahesterman my caddy Wallace
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Retweeted by Sarah Esterman @sarahesterman This is Cypher. He’s, like, 13 weeks old I think? He’s a purebred Border Collie. He’s super fluffy.
Retweeted by Sarah Esterman @sarahesterman This is Archer. He likes long walks on the beach, sunsets, and drinking out of the toilet.
Retweeted by Sarah EstermanYesterday was my abuser’s birthday and also I learned some disappointing things about my illness/health. So I guess… word “queue” is weirdI asked Robbie what Spanish I should know for my trip to Mexico. His input: “No gracias. Mi esposo es perfecto.”
*goes to a website once* *sees ads for the website everywhere forever*hi look at me i'm a rich healthy antivaxxer and i made the beloved children's science museum dangerous and inaccess…
Retweeted by Sarah EstermanToday I learned how to turn off those annoying and judgmental Apple Watch Activity notifications. (I know I'm not a… @rowbradley ouch @knitpurl brb freaking out about how bodies are made up of so many tiny living pieces doing their things, and how b…
In research I’ve been doing for a blog series at work, coverture keeps coming up. It just reminds me that women hav…, like most other things involving human beings, exists on a spectrum. So there’s no one right way to h…
Retweeted by Sarah Esterman @willcritchlow 100%. The risk of death is always 100%.This morning, ICE agents got on my Greyhound bus that was headed from Spokane to Portland. They walked around befor…
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Student D received in-school suspension for not agreeing to remove her shirt and pants. Now think about what that…
Retweeted by Sarah Esterman @alexisjulian Ahh yeah. I don’t know that it crosses every industry, but I think it also shows up outside of tech,… @alexisjulian I do. I also know the obscene pressure to do this, tooDeath to hustle culture I always forget how much waxing hurts. I really wish women’s body hair wasn’t one of those things societ… @BrukeGetachew Just that chronic illness life 🤷‍♀️ @BrukeGetachew It’s probably a flare. These are just questions that run through my head, not really looking for an answerI’ve spent the last 2 days basically bedridden from fatigue. Is it a normal flare? Is it a side effect of a suppl…
But many of us -- me included, obvs -- are left feeling Sanders doesn't fully understand power, including his own p…
Retweeted by Sarah EstermanReading @Lent_Hirsch’s “Invisible” and wow if it isn’t one of the most relatable things I’ve read in a while @BrukeGetachew Same thoughUgh no why! Can anyone recommend women who give awesome training in infosec? Can't wait to hear the replies! RTs appreciated 💕
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This story is very worth reading @daycalligraphy The whole thing is just so sad.Wouldn't it be nice if getting out of jail was as easy for young Black men as it is for Roger Stone?
Retweeted by Sarah Esterman @wearewildfang Hello please advise: where can I find some clorox for my brain to wipe the memory of seeing this away?I really love this idea
I climbed another 5 today so I guess I can say I climb 5s now @andirobz Ummm I just did the same thing.... @jdetle I feel that. Relatable af. @jdetle Oof. I'm sorry you're dealing with that. That's rough. and yesterday are my reminders that even when I do everything “right”—I avoid my trigger foods and take all m… @estoner That’s true @estoner “Hi, yes, I’m Connie now” @estoner Best adviceAm obsessed with Catwalk 😻
My phone number is apparently listed on public record as someone else's found number, and that person is selling a… Oracle shorted women and minority workers $400 million in wages by paying them less than other employees,…
Retweeted by Sarah EstermanUpdate: maintenance dude couldn’t replicate the leak. They think it’s our upstairs neighbor’s bathtub overflow drai… @emilyst I appreciate the thought. We’re making it work. We have pets so we’re just going to make the most of the s… @emilyst I ate a thing. But after I almost threw up in the sink. Thanks though. I’m gonna curl up under a blanket and read I guessWelp water is leaking into our bathroom from the walls and so it’s gonna be a long, gross night. Maintenance is her…