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Director, Digital Mktg @Bumped & speaker. Formerly @Simple. Chronically ill and strong af. Genderfluid. 🌱 parent. 🐱 enthusiast. Sometimes I tweet my outfits.

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I think I’m getting regular people sick and that’s annoying.My sciatica is acting up today. Also I am actually a 67-year-old woman. @alexkellysays @litmusapp A reframe could be that they’re just giving you the chance to showcase what will be part… being at #LitmusLive Boston and missing all my Twitter #emailgeek frens that could be real-life frens has me li…
It me Alt: dog in space clothes floating in space shuttle with the text, “I have no idea what I’m doing” you don’t want to Monday so you style your outfit around sweat pants @kf V fair point. I don’t even have any protective spray on it 😬My athleisure meets almost fall meets “pugs not drugs” socks look
I think I must be a bit hormonal because I’m honestly crying about the first episode of season 2 of ultimate beastmaster @emilyst @emilyst Ok here
@emilyst Unfortunately I already fixed it but next time @splunge2000 Ew.I forgot that having bangs means sometimes I wake up with them sticking straight out and I have to figure out how to fix them.Any chronically ill/disabled folks who can help with this? @tatianatmac Alt: little girl staring skeptically, as if to say, “I don’t know what this is but I don’t like it”'m giving away 1⃣0⃣ free passes to take my accessibility (#a11y) @skillshare course, which offers a solid primer t…
Retweeted by Sarah Esterman 👋Soooooo I did a thing
“Creepy old man phase” Funny, I thought that was called an abuse of power. My mistake. don’t even live in SF and this is too fucking real @emilyst I will work on this @emilyst preordered a phone today. Who am I. Why am I. When am I. I have been working in tech too long.Tech/design leaders with 10K+ followers: You *must* speak out about tech AND social justice. Without this dismant…
Retweeted by Sarah Esterman 👋Today I climbed and boxed. Arms are now toast.
Chronically ill friends who work full-time: what do you wish your employer knew about you or your condition, if anything? @hannahjvPDX Yes!Just used the @EmbryolisseUSA Lait Creme Concentrate I brought home form Paris for the first time and holy shit my skin feels so soft @jilljubs I know peeps be joking about cold brew and donuts in your replies, but all of the snacks in the world cou… is emotional, discouraging, and can feel like hell. Hiring teams ought to remember that and empathize w… of that gif: David Tennant as the Doctor saying, “Let me help you”
Me every time I get an email that’s just a giant image story. I typed into Slack: “looks like they have a new website” @linzlovesyou The Steve Maddens are def not waterproof @linzlovesyou Steve Madden. I’ve had them for years and today I noticed a tear in the sole so I will be getting the… I will stop checking my email March of 2019 obvi a joke but just in case: that was a joke)Sluts @emilyst HibernationHello it’s sweater, beanie, and boot season hi I’m a #glossierrep:*sees that @glossier solution is back in stock* *immediately purchases 3 bottles just in case* @hannahjvPDX That wall/feature/thing is soooo haaaaardAnd also obviously how I reached with the wrong arm a few times, hah.Watching myself climb is super helpful because I’m noticing where I use a lot of energy, like how I readjust on a l… it is. That v3 is harder than it looks
Welp. His vlog will have video of me falling from the top of the wall @donutfemme PERFECT @donutfemme THATS A GOOD COSTUME @HubSpot @HubSpotSupport I don’t need a support rep—I just wanted to let you know something looked a little funkyRobbie will apparently be video-ing me climbing today for a vlog challenge he’s doing. NO PRESSURE.Hmmm @HubSpot: looks like you’ve got some issues with your unsub success screen. Specifically under the “how about… sweat pants 🤷‍♀️ content that people want to read is the ultimate interactive email
Retweeted by Sarah Esterman 👋 @krubasaur Yea! It’s so fun!!When your hand wraps match your tattoo 💚🥊
Holy relatable in the office rn: 🎵 Do you remember how it feels to be young? 🎵 Uhhhh I was diagnosed with an autoimmune d… @tatianatmac SMARTMostly because I hate getting a bunch of notifications about comments on a blog draft when our compliance folks are… wish there was a way to choose not to notify someone about comments in a Google doc until you’re done making all commentsI slept basically all weekend. Sup chronic illness life
New Relic is looking for: Product Marketing Manager - Portland #job
Retweeted by Sarah Esterman 👋Do. Not. Do. This. Ever. relate. I learned that guacamole toast is not even close to the same as avocado toast. Too spice. Weird mouth feel.So this morning I woke up at 4. Guessing tomorrow it’ll be 5? #thejetlagdiaries
I’m officially registered for a French 101 class for fall term so goodbye what existed of my social life, and bonjour knowledge.If you’re job search solely consists of checking job boards and applying online, you’re missing out on great jobs i…
Retweeted by Sarah Esterman 👋Well on the bright side I woke up at 3 instead of 2 this morning.
Reunited emails can be such a buzzkill for your brand. Here's some great tips by master #EmailGeek @pompeii79 to ensu…
Retweeted by Sarah Esterman 👋 @hannahjvPDX OMG @hannahjvPDX I wish I was there...Update: despite the caffeine and exhaustion situation, I look p ok I decided it would be a good idea to have a coffee. Update to the update: it was not a good idea. @hannahjvPDX Also I’m sooo glad!!! That’s so rad! @hannahjvPDX It might haveLoling at how I thought it would be a good idea to go straight back to work after my trip. Fortunately it’s Thursda… I’m fully awake at 3am. Jet lag is fun. I must stay awake until 8pm at least to combat jet lag. Also me: *sleeps from 4:30-11:30pm* Oops.
I am officially back in Portland and it feels like time doesn’t exist.
Traveling while chronically ill means I spend the last day or so of a vacation mostly exhausted. But that’s OK beca…
Je ne veux pas partir. is our last full day in Paris. So today we’re going around and having all the pastries we haven’t tried yet.
Will carpet tiles totally ruin my apartment wood floor? We are required by our lease to have 75% of the floor cover… Robbie gets his poker news from, well, @PokerNews, and he just shared with me this major fuck up. They do…
Tfw you see a small boy wearing an outfit you could totally rock dog watch: a lot of King Charles cavaliers, French bulldogs (duh), and chihuahuasMy Côte d’Azur skin survival: @BiodermaFr @LaRochePosayFR @glossier’ve been reading a romantic beach read just to find out one of the people dies at the end and honestly I’ve never felt so betrayed.I just ate this and now I’m covered in sugar
Dressed to go eat dinner view from our Airbnb is unreal salt sea is doing wonderful things to my hair’s mistake: shaving my legs before coming to the sea. That salt water HURTSLounging in the sun, sipping rosé, reading a light romance novel, and having a huge moment of gratitude that I’m ab…