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Director, Digital Mktg @Bumped & speaker. Formerly @Simple. Chronically ill and strong af. Genderfluid. 🌱 parent. 🐱 enthusiast. Sometimes I tweet my outfits.

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@basitmate Nausea. And lots of it @tatianatmac I knew better, but I figured it was better to take it than not. Oh wellllllYesterday I learned a very important lesson: do not take your Vitamin B complex on an empty stomach.Help me bolster my 2018 end of year donations to @BlackGirlsCode, @ACLU, and @TrevorProject by shopping my store:…
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@ABetterJones I know this life and I empathize so hard ❤️Yes, this. And the lie that love is supposed to always feel passionate or tumultuous or extra is very damaging. from GBBO is so precious. I’m in love
@TrennaLynne This is very relatable.There’s something about a super unsettling tone in a book that keeps me reading way more than anything happy or str… unlocked: no unread emails. Ok but this will last about a day. @Not_JCVD What why when untoasted bagelDoes anybody in PDX use an apartment cleaning service they love (or even just like)? We’ve had a really difficult t… is way more evenly split that I expected
Please help me solve my spousal spat: is butter an acceptable alternative to cream cheese or schmear on a bagel?
A haiku, by my cat, Jazzy: what’s that you have there? it is mine now I want it. I stand on your chest.A haiku, by my dog, Parker: bark bark bark bark bark snuggle snuggle mom snuggle bark bark snuggle poutA haiku, by me, working from home because sick: jesus christ these pets won’t leave me alone at all. what is privacy?After weeks (months?) of consuming an abundance of sugar and feeling the chronic illness consequences, yesterday I… got 100% on my second French quiz. I would say that in French but we haven’t learned how yet.
I am tired of self improvement. I’ve done so many terrible difficult things this year. I just want to be trash for…
Retweeted by Sarah EstermanGross ew no IS VERY DIFFICULT AND STRESSFUL, Y’ALL
Hi hello. Next time you go to say something rude to a support person or a brand, maybe don’t. There are real humans… I’ve gotten this a couple of times—credit unions are not trauma-informed. Credit unions are not magically emp…
Retweeted by Sarah EstermanUmmm. Should I be scared?
@linzlovesyou It’s a skill I did enjoy it. And also I have a cold and felt overwhelmed.Continued call this series “is she enjoying the Museum of Ice Cream, or...?” story is fascinating 11 days ago: maybe I’ll do nanowrimo Me now: *literally has no time* maybe I can catch up and write 20k words this week?
Shhh don’t tell Jazzy I’m p sure I woke up with a cold. Either that or it’s the smoke after a wonderful but very long week, I deserve to sleep in. Also me: can’t sleep past 7am @Not_JCVD So glad to have read this just after getting weed delivered (god bless SF for this reason) @ahockley WutI can’t stop watching this I’m a big fan of newsletters that are just lists of links #litmuslive @TravelingAnnaI CANT STOP TAKING PICS OF THESE SLIDES @TravelingAnna #litmuslive signing up for the WSJ books newsletter because 😍 #litmuslive @TravelingAnna love the idea of an fb group that’s only for the newsletter readers to extend the convo out of the inbox #litmusliveI love @TravelingAnna’s focus on humanity and doing things for people/creating a relationship with readers. Empathy forever. #litmuslive @RianLemmer IM SO GLAD SOMEONE SAID IT
Yes I did tweet and the delete and tweet this. I forgot the conference hashtag LIKE A ROOKIESo many hats off to all the first-time speakers. Welcome to the speaker club. It is very official. There’s cake*.… @shannon_crabill @RianLemmer @KevinMandeville I spend most of my time in transactional emails and they are so, so,… @KevinMandeville @nickgoldsberry @meladorri Damn I knew I should’ve worn a 3-piece suit @logansandrock @meladorri I’m so grateful for Litmus Live for a lot of reasons but one of those is introducing me t…“Talk to your people like people and you’ll get the results you need” - @sethweisfeld #litmuslive @KevinMandeville I appreciate these real-time debate updates while you’re on stage #litmusliveWhat’s more important than interactive email? “Narrative... content should be the forefront” - @SwissWebMiss #LitmusLiveI’m in the other track right now but I can attest to the helpfulness of an ICE score for prioritization #litmuslive @meladorri Ok but I might print out this tweet and frame it because so good, so kind, so cry“Don’t touch our code.” - @SwissWebMiss mic drop moment in the interactivity debate #litmusliveOoooh I’m so glad we’re talking about accessibility issues when it comes to interactivity right now #litmusliveAlternate title: when your speaking face is 1000x worse than you thought #litmuslive PARTNER HAD ONE JOB AND THESE ARE THE PICS HE GOT OF ME ON STAGE #litmuslive (jk I love him a lot and he did a g… sat in the WORST spot to try and get a pic of @SwissWebMiss in the interactivity panel #litmuslive @TravelingAnna I can’t wait @TravelingAnna But did we just become best friends?DONT MAKE ME CRY OH WAIT TOO LATE #litmuslive @alenaee @meladorri I gotchu @alenaee @justine_jordan @meladorri*FONTS DO HAVE FEELINGS @meladorri #litmuslive🤞 I won’t be shivering while talking laterMe walking into the main ballroom just now at #litmuslive Alt: Jon Snow looking miserable in the cold, snow blowin… you like @SwissWebMiss’s talk about APIs this AM? She’ll be back on the design and dev stage at #litmuslive for… @SwissWebMiss Omg you’re the sweetestCc @Autohypnosis much good QA info so quickly from Nathan at #litmuslive. It’d be rad to see this all as a massive checklistWhy QA matters: “We want to do great work” - Nathan Stack at #litmuslive (anyone have Nathan’s twitter handle?)My notes for @SwissWebMiss’s #litmuslive talk on demystifying APIs @RodriguezCommaJ @SwissWebMiss Sorry not sorry @SwissWebMiss I love that you just told someone who sneezed “bless you” from the stage at #litmusliveMY BODY IS READY #litmuslive @SwissWebMiss @SwissWebMiss on the #litmuslive stage! @journeyonwards @meladorri @sethweisfeld Thank you!My #litmuslive sf day 1 #ootd please @shannon_crabill ❤️ that means the most. You killed it up there!WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS PICTURE OF ME @shannon_crabill??? #litmuslive🙌🙌🙌 to using user stories to get buy-in @shannon_crabill #litmuslive @Subotai @seth_weisfeld * @sethweisfeldDon’t worry @meladorri I took some (mildly unreadable) notes #litmuslive cc @sethweisfeld I learned how to draw a mind blown emoji in my notes because 🤯 I can’t believe @pinterest has built their own… but is anyone else curious if that Pin Twin email resulted in some new relationships #litmuslive
Hats off to speakers today making the clicker situation work. It is super nerve wracking to be up in front of 300 p… so much about how to do really quick experiments to get directional results and learn really fast, and I’m… @Sean_Kennedy @SwissWebMiss @reallygoodemail (But like w/o the murder and stuff) Alt: Liam Neeson saying, “I will… experimentation is all about “failing fast and savoring surprises” - @RianLemmer and @kTinklenberg at… @reallygoodemail @Sean_Kennedy Yes I want this. @Sean_Kennedy tell me your whereabouts. (Omg you’re talking into a… @iamelliot Playing and coloring outside the lines/breaking the rules can lead to a lot of cool and fun stuff, so I’m here for it @reallygoodemail @litmusapp @Sean_Kennedy I like mail @brutalistowl @TaxiforEmail Hi I want thisCurrent stats suggest I have an unpopular opinion. I liked it because creative, but I don’t know how it would perfo… @iamelliot AMENluring my drunk friends home {\__/} ( • . •) / >🌮u want this? {\__/} ( • - •) 🌮< \ get in the fucking uber
Retweeted by Sarah EstermanDon't limit your thinking about what email "can" or "can't" do. Think like a founder—what *business* problem can yo…
Retweeted by Sarah EstermanDon’t mind me fan-personing (is there a better non-gendered way to say that?) over @MrDrewPrice’s #LitmusLive talk… @rolandish Same with Iterable. I love Grammarly for writing copy for emails, though. So I have it on in Drive and j… @Not_JCVD Stay tuned in between all the conference tweets