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Director, Digital Mktg @Bumped & speaker. Formerly @Simple. Chronically ill and strong af. Genderfluid. 🌱 parent. 🐱 enthusiast. Sometimes I tweet my outfits.

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I am sad.Today Robbie and I will be passing planes in the sky as he heads to internship orientation and I head home. One mor… when men started calling themselves metrosexual when they were just practicing normal hygiene and dressing nicely
Retweeted by Sarah Esterman 👋I look like I just stepped out of a @madewell ad
@qkate The graphic novel is also 💯Omg these tacos though
I made a friend. day #ootd @knitpurl @Forbes Yass girl!Without a doubt
The dream of the 90s is alive on Sarah #ootd
I’ve slept 2 hours in the last 31 but hi we’re in Cancun it to Dallas and our connection. Mexico here we come!Hello yes it is 2:41am and I am leaving to go to the airport. No I did not sleep.’m picking up my friend at 3am to go to the airport so we can go to Mexico. That means my alarm is set for 2:30. Cool.
#midriffmonday US desire for hegemony is so extra, we think the universe is ours for the taking @KristinFowler And describe them. “Well, this one is of a little girl making a weirded out/disgusted grimace becaus… in a heavily-regulated industry means regularly considering what it would be like to say your Slack convos int…
Parker is very good at walks friend took a perfect selfie of us. Like seriously 💯
While I’m still a little up in the air about pronouns this is really wonderfulToday I received excellent mail: a letter and a package from a friend reminding me that my enby and queer-ness is v…
We didn't choose to be sick or disabled. Why are we being punished for our genetics??
Retweeted by Sarah Esterman 👋 @tatianatmac That crop top 😍“Even if it makes others uncomfortable, I will love who I am.”Today’s afternoon dance jam DID IT! #PDX City Council just unanimously passed renaming SW Stark to Harvey Milk Street. A big win for the LGB…
Retweeted by Sarah Esterman 👋 @mimozsa SAMEToday’s look is a bit basic. Trenta iced passion tea not pictured (because I didn’t bring it into the bathroom, ew)… @tatianatmac Happy to consult. @tatianatmac Umm YESTHIS THIS THIS A THOUSAND TIMES THIS @krubasaur Thank you 🤗Dammit I meant cat hairI tried to tweet this pic earlier but had no reception so here it is now: my look for the Janelle Monáe concert, co…
Honestly the idea of it “raining men” sounds more like a nightmare than something to be celebrated. @emilyst The limit does not exist.Anyway here’s the skirt outfit @logansandrock PERFECTIt’s me, your girl who has forgotten how to get in and out of cars while wearing a mini skirt. But hey, I’m wearing cute underwear so 🤷‍♀️
Coffee makes my heart beat very, very fast and it’s unpleasant and scary. So to answer your question: pretty easily. look. This dude thinks I’m beautiful with a capital B, so that means something. lol hi I’m 27 and I take more mirror selfies now than I did when I was a teen 🙃Thanks to @logansandrock for helping me name the occasionWhen you’re a boss and it’s midriff Monday don’t know how I feel about this. @melaniebeth_ @RoverDotCom I love.
@kf @Uber Ew.Feeling v comfortable with the idea I’ll probs never be good at walking in heels.But on the other hand, I was just reminded that my butt looks good in these jeans, so 🤷‍♀️ for swimwear is hard.
The worst part of prepping for a tropical trip is the wax.I think I’m getting the cold that everyone around me has gotten and I’m not happy about it
Whelp. This is stuck in my head.
Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, and basically anything by Brene Brown. Radical Candor by Kim Scott. @Not_JCVD Misread as Louis CK and was like nonononononononono but then realized what you meant.When dudes take pics of biz books they’re reading and all of ‘em are written by men. Let’s help out and give a list of biz books by women.This week’s @Spotify #throwbackthursday ballads playlist has me moody af @EmailSnarketing
@StillUpMySleeve I need to figure out the taping thing, I thinkHello indoor climbers: what am I supposed to do to protect my calluses so they don’t rip?Yes. this infographic from @Simple (it’s cute AF), but I don’t buy the stat that 80% of millennials have a side h… accessibility matters. Here are some actionable tips to make your emails more inclusive 🙌
I’m curious: do you use the proper finger placement for typing?I just found a tiny red spider on me and now I’m fairly certain that this is it. So R.I.P. me. It’s been a good run.Hello yes thanks to my @Spotify Discover Weekly I have a new fave song:
@linzlovesyou It was SO hard. Robbie and Parker came and we had to carry Parker part of the way
@emilyst live here now
Huh 🤔 @davidesotojr I work in a heavily-regulated industry. I know there are few absolutes in life.Can confirm from a very scientific personal study than 3.5 hours of sleep is not enough sleep. Related: real gif of… @linzlovesyou I haven’t done it before so I don’t know if it’s as hard as it looks yet @linzlovesyou I want to do Saddle Mountain on Saturday if you wanna join!“A new study published in The Dartmouth Behavioral Journal appears to confirm what many experts have long believed… probably won’t die out in the wilderness if I go hiking alone, right?