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⚓️Vandy Keeper & Kicker ⚽️🏈 SEC Champion 💍💍💍 #32 TX | Insta: sarah_f27

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@Coach_Lea @ericaduane1 @VandyFootball Yesss Erica!!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽The 2021 slate, right on your 📱. #WallpaperWednesday | #AnchorDown
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The @SEC champs are back. 🗓️ Gearing up for the NCAA Tournament with two exhibitions and four regular-season match…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerThe morning after a hard workout to be back!
Natalie Sago and Jenna Schroeder will become the first female duo to officiate the same NBA game 👏 They will be wo…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerTexas ➡️ Music City Welcome to Nashville, Vida Raietparvar. She's joining our program this month as an early enrol…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerHey y’all! The @VandySoccer team and I are raising money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Dance Marathon! P…
Just bought mine! ALERT: @WashingtonNFL has promoted @JenniferKing5 to a full-time offensive assistant - making her the FIRST B…
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Last weekday before practice restarts on Monday‼️🤗 #AnchorDown
Retweeted by Sarah FullerAnother fast start in Florida 🔥 ⚽️ @catarinamacario 🅰️ @alikrieger
Retweeted by Sarah FullerThe new @MorganWallen album slaps but y’all already knew that
Now on display at @theTSHF. #PlayLikeAGirl | #AnchorDown
Retweeted by Sarah FullerNEW at the TN Sports Hall of Fame: @SarahFuller_27's @VandyFootball jersey from the 2020 Season. Fuller is the firs…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerYou can add another accomplishment to @SarahFuller_27's resume: introducing the @VP during the Presidential Inaugur…
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We're proud of @SarahFuller_27 for representing @VanderbiltU as the world watched. #VandyUnited | #AnchorDown
Retweeted by Sarah Fuller that did happen. The take that aired on national television, I was barefoot 😂 of history, once again. We’re proud of you, @SarahFuller_27! #ItJustMeansMore
Retweeted by Sarah FullerIt was cold but so worth wearing the power suit @LauraLamberth What an interesting bucket list 😂 so thankful for the opportunity! @VandyAD @VanderbiltU Thank you so much @VandyAD #VandyUnited #anchordown 🖤💛Sarah has represented @VanderbiltU with the same maturity and grace she has shown as a student-athlete. She has hum…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerAgain, such an honor! Thank you @VP for an unforgettable opportunity!! #LeadLikeAWoman #breakingglassceilings so proud of the many brilliant women doing brilliant things—so that girls everywhere will believe that they can…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerThat was so cool! Let’s go @VP!!!Thank you @BidenInaugural for giving us all a mini @foofighters concert. I needed that!!
First woman, but not the last woman 💪
Retweeted by Sarah FullerMichelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, Kamala Harris Wearing shades of purple. The color of women's suffrage.
Retweeted by Sarah FullerMichelle Obama, Kamala Harris & Jill Biden really said, “what, like it’s hard?”
Retweeted by Sarah FullerThe next chapter in #HERstory. ⚽️ @SarahFuller_27 🏈
Retweeted by Sarah Fullertoday’s the last day a woman has never been vice president
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What a time to be a Sarah in the football world 🏈 Right, @SarahFuller_27?! 😏 Congrats to Sarah Thomas for making…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerSarah Thomas will make history as the first woman to officiate in a Super Bowl 👏 She will be the Down Judge at Su…
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The journey continues...
Retweeted by Sarah Fuller🙌 @VandyFootball's @SarahFuller_27 announces she has been invited to participate in this week’s Presidential Inaugu…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerKounting on Konte 🤝🤝
Retweeted by Sarah FullerWe remember and honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #MLKDAY
Retweeted by Sarah FullerSarah Fuller is reportedly slated to speak at the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Har…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerPat Summitt left her legacy on the game. #WeBackPat 💜
Retweeted by Sarah FullerWhat a great honor for @SarahFuller_27. #VandyUnited
Retweeted by Sarah FullerVanderbilt goalkeeper and kicker Sarah Fuller has been invited to participate in Joe Biden's presidential inaugurat…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerExcited to see a member of our Commodore family be a part of a presidential inauguration. Be sure to watch…
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It’s an honor to be invited to participate in one of America’s greatest traditions. This historic inauguration is e…
Today is the beginning of #WeBackPat week. Pat Summitt's legacy on and off the court will never be forgotten 🧡💜
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@Azar_93 @SECNetwork @VandySoccer @VandyFootball @VanderbiltU The accuracy in this tweet is insurmountable @WorldWideWebb80 I do not feel prepared at all 😂This Texan just landed in Chicago and holy crap... there’s snow everywhere ❄️☃️Dear @TheNCCourage fans, A quick rundown for you: -2020 @SEC Tournament MVP -2x SEC All-Tournament honoree -Four-…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerMusic City ➡️ @TheNCCourage Congratulations to Myra Konte, selected in the third round of tonight's @NWSL Draft t…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerThat’s my teammate!!! Congratulations @konte98!! Very much deserved
January 12 🗓 It’s officially Sarah Fuller Day in @WylieTexas. #AnchorDown
Retweeted by Sarah FullerSo cool!
Thank you so much @AHMOgirlsSoccer @WylieISD and @WylieTexas !!! I’m so blessed to have been raised in such an amaz…, Jan. 12th, has been named Sarah Fuller Day by the City of Wylie! We are so proud of you @SarahFuller_27 for…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerThe time to #AnchorDown is now.
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Snow in Dallas!!😳😳
Retweeted by Sarah FullerGo get that W, @Titans‼️ #AnchorDown ⚔️ #NeverSatisfied
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More women making history! Let’s keep breaking barriers and turn this into the standard!!! kicking in today’s Regional Playoff victory! @sarahfuller_27 @iplaylikeagirl @magsrichthammer
Retweeted by Sarah FullerLoved those high school soccer days @AHMOgirlsSoccer #ahmo that hard work pays off. @KateDevine5 | #AnchorDown
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Here are the women — Senate aides — who had the presence of mind and courage to protect, keep safe, and transport t…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerThis is awesome! Great kick @kayleighdeann2 🙌🏽
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I’m not going to lie, I had some this morning.
Culture. Family. Champions. #AnchorDown
Retweeted by Sarah FullerAlex Smith's wife, Elizabeth, had his leg brace made into a trophy to help remind them of how far they've come. In…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerAFC South Champs for the first time since 2008
Retweeted by Sarah FullerWhat a kick @ssloman118!!! Congrats @Titans #Titans #TitanUp
Casey Stangel has been hired as Vanderbilt’s director of football operations, making her the only female to hold su…
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It’s been a year unlike any other. A look back at sports in 2020 🗓
Retweeted by Sarah FullerOur 2020 in 4️⃣ simple pictures. So much to be thankful for in one of the toughest years to date. Excited for wha…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerThe Hustler puts a bow on 2020 with its end-of-year sports awards. Did your favorite players make the cut?
Retweeted by Sarah Fuller"This whole time has been if I can do it, if I'm good enough to do it. It wasn't if I was a girl or not.'' A few o…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerWhat a year it has been #GoodBye2020 #BringOn2021 we bid farewell to 2020, here are some of the year's most memorable moments ⏰
Retweeted by Sarah Fuller @CoachTiers Thank you!YESSSS WHAT A YEAR FOR WOMEN!!!!
.@SarahFuller_27, @naomiosaka and @breannastewart. What do the three have in common? They're the top 3⃣ for this…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerWe dream that one day these moments are no longer firsts, but are the reason women continue to made strides on and…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerGreat moments, greater women ❤️ It was an honor highlighting the moments that made this year in sports one to reme…
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"This whole time has been if I can do it, if I'm good enough to do it. It wasn't if I was a girl or not.''…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerIt wouldn’t be a celebration without @SarahFuller_27 👏 We celebrate you for setting the standard for years to come…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerMy 3 year old daughter’s favorite game to play right now is “Sarah”. Normally football in the house would be a no,…
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@ThompsonTay @SoccerGrlProbs Really cool artwork!!! @soah44 @espnW You got me crying rn that’s so awesomeGirls in football. That’s right! We are so inspired by Sarah Fuller and Samantha Gordon for leading the charge. Wo…
Retweeted by Sarah Fuller𝑻𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒌 𝒚𝒐𝒖. As we approach a new year, we reflect on a season we'll never forget filled with memories that will las…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerNo lists, no rankings, no brackets. Just us celebrating women, from all sports, and the amazing moments they gave…
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Mavs lead by 50 points on the Clippers at the half. That's the biggest halftime deficit in an NBA game during the…
Retweeted by Sarah FullerAll these guys in my comments are like Uncle Rico... @tobinswift Lol I made one the next day 😂My thoughts while running 😂 @VerneFUNquist @leightonlary9 This made me feel a lot better about all the crap comments 😂 thank you for sharing
*BIG* GAINS ALERT: The 2021 Isobel Cup Semifinals and Final will air exclusively on @nbcsports network and the 1st…
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No. 7 in our countdown of our Top 10 videos of 2020: @VandyFootball's @SarahFuller_27 makes history as the first wo…
Retweeted by Sarah Fuller @JerriGreenFor83 @PatrickGreen60 @VandyFootball So cool!! Merry Christmas to y’all!!Merry Christmas Y’all