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Sarah Buckley @Sarahgbeee Vancouver, British Columbia

From Dublin 🇮🇪, living in Canada🇨🇦, working as a makeup artist in film. LIVING THE DREAM. My blood type is caffeinated.

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I get asked often how much I’d charge for makeup on a photo shoot or headshots If you are paying for it, nada. Noth… @BrentSpiner That’s easy for him to say..... 🤔
2020!!! Oh wait.... like a childWe all need a Falkor“What IS the nothing?” “It is the emptiness that’s left” TruthIt’s the big strong hands scene If this isn’t your dad what isWhen in grief, the nothing is real, it’s huge and it is poweful. But do not get lost in it. We see you and we are s… hell, this film is perfectRUN ATREYU RUN“The Sphinx’s eyes stay closed until someone who does not feel his own worth tries to pass by” Words to remember.…“We don’t care whether to or not we care” I feel this sometimesOk. I ugly cried,. I’m still here“You have to try You have to care” Excuse me while I scream silentlyPlease help, they are in the Swamp of Sadness. We know what happens. I’m not strong enough for thisThis film is too pure for the world. Please show your children/spouse/self The Neverending Story. You’re heart needs itWHY AM I WATCHING THIS?? Twenty minutes in and Rock dude is talking about “once there was a lake and then there wa…’s a deep sadness to this film. The nothing that is left when grieving is real.1980s Dad Breakfast: Orange juice with a raw egg, blended. 1980s Dads, how are you still alive?Next film is also 80s but it’s an iconic one. We’ve all watched it. It came out one year after I was born. It’s 198… might be an indication I’ve had enough wine, but I must sacrifice to Dionysus some how.....Did I just casually ask Stephen Fry to re-write the Iliad? Yes. Yes I did.I love ancient stories! I thoroughly recommend Mythos by @stephenfry & Heroes. Cant wait for his third book... Oh… “What if courage and imagination were to become everyday mortal qualities?” What would become of us? Zeus: “… Kraken is probably thinking “why am I eating this tiny Andromeda... she small snack” And thus Andromeda was th… he released the f*ck out of that Norse Kraken*I made raspberry rhubarb pie today. Just took it out of the oven. Another press pause momentWhen people try to talk to me before I’ve had coffee It’s 1980s special effects stop motion Medusa’s time to shineAny time I see Charon in films, I always smile thinking of how Orpheus charmed him by singing him a song about how… before some y’oll come at me, no Medusa was never thought of as an actual Titan. Neither was ZeusFun fact: there are no Titans in clash of the Titans. And a lot of the Greek stuff that this film is based on is wr… real life owl loves Susan Fleetwood. Of this I’m sure. God, I love when animals genuinely love you. ‘Scuse me… is my screen right now so I can do kitchen stuff. He looks pissed that he has to wait while I get more wine an… watching films, I am an absolute abuser of the pause button. In case any of you are wondering why this film is… to piss of a God: -Declare yourself better than the God. -have someone else declare you better than the God. -B… continuity was a mere suggestion in the 80sMakeup tip: warm browns make blue eyes pop. @SlaylerJ I dunno. I dress pretty awful....Who sends a vulture and a cage to pick a girl’s unconscious up? I mean really, send her a damn Uber at leastWho would lose their minds if they saw real life Pegasus and got to ride him through the air. love stop motion. Full stop. Motion. a man ever stroked my face and said “Andromeda.....I have found my destiny” I would air high five the shit out of him.People in the Ancient Greek era are super casual. A shield starts speaking and Persius is like “sorry speak up, tha… love that Ammon has an excessive amount of cats.Buddy is throwing himself up and down on bare back horse by the horses mane and I can’t climb into a shuttle withou… you think of Zeus, it’s awl Larry Olivier or nothing. Definitely don’t think he’d enjoy knowing an Irish girl… is so important to create the mood in films. The opening music titles are an odd choice as it sounds like it’… think more films should be started off with Human sacrifice
I’m really only watching this because of the owl) (I’m 5 years old)Fireplace is on, soup is simmering, wine in hand, let’s movie!! (Have to start early due to only one day off) Toda… today’s Nope is brought to you by The Weather Network. In Fahrenheit and Celsius. gentle reminder of this gentle reminder hate having showers when it’s coldCongratulations to the @bcndp for winning your election! Just goes to show that the majority voted early, voted by…! now it’s martini time. may have been a six day week, but today was genuinely the best day I’ve had on set ever! I LOVE these days. I…
Saturdaaaaaeeee don’t know who made this but it is hecka accurate. York!!! I miss you!!! Do your thing!!! “Got my Covid test done” Mellenial: “did the young guy do it?” Zoomer: “no no, I got the older guy. Like, h… miss theatre.
Nope used to work for a woman who was racist. I don’t work for her any more. Because she’s racist. That’s how this should work.Matt Gaetz is trash “least racist” man Called Mexicans rapists Banned Muslims from entering the country Boastfully refers to Covid… hope over fear. Vote @jimmychooamy BC just skipped autumn. And you know how prepared BC is for winter... Weather report: it will snow n…’m sorry you never felt love from your father, John. @jimmychooamy Where the heck is “autumn”?? @jimmychooamy Bullshit weather.Pardon my French, but je déteste cette merde.
I voted by the way!! I didn’t get a sticker though. They were out of stickers. So I demanded my ballot back and se… my strange neighbor masterbating in his garden. You know, Wednesday. #EastVan
If you live in one of these states, today’s your last day to register to vote. - Alabama - California - Maine - Mi…
Retweeted by Sarah BuckleyA 14 year old girl complemented me on my outfit. This is huge, guys. I’m fashion teenagers still put posters up in their rooms?
Jeffrey Toobin showing his dinky on zoom because the thought no one could see him as he was on mute is just comedy gold Thank you2020: Australia on fire Pandemic Lockdown Murder Hornets California on Fire Oregon on Fire Mothpocalypse Hurricane…! Today is your LAST day to register to vote. If you still need to register and would like an absentee…
Retweeted by Sarah BuckleyI think I love this film for the cat and Moon RiverThis is just too much 😂 please buy me a sterling silver telephone dialer at $6.75 including federal tax from Tiffanys And a dial telephone. ThanksI know this role is iconic for Audrey Hepburn, but Capote wanted Marilyn Monroe to play the role of Holly Golightly… loved Patricia Neal best in A Face in the CrowdI don’t know if crackerjack or twinkies are available in Canada, I’ve never looked. To me they will always be a myt… fact: There some things from America that never crossed the Atlantic. Case 1: don’t know what a Twinkie is Cas… laughing/crying woman is absolutely iconicI’ve always wanted a really long cigarette holder“Is she or isn’t she?”The book is waaaaaaay darker. As it generally isCan you kiss your elbow? Go on tryFORYou may notice that Hollywood has a preference for orange cats. That’s because (fir some magic reason) orange cats… those little dangly ear plugs Mickey Rooney He looked back at this performance and ooooooooooofed his own self.I’ve never understood the fascination with jewelry. Sparkly things never attracted meTonight I’m going to watch, as it’s been a few years, Breakfast at Tiffany’s I think I’m missing New York...