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Go and vote you little twat 🗳
Retweeted by SarahWho are you voting for. #GE2019 #ElectionDayREMINDER: If you don’t vote tomorrow, you abrogate any right to moan about anything the next government does. So VOTE.
Retweeted by SarahYou've hidden from a @GMB interview for 2.5yrs.
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Right place for a bottle-job.
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Oh, it’s happening. 😏
Retweeted by SarahTrain guy hits achiement City
Retweeted by Sarahuhhhh you’re a fuckin weird ass
Retweeted by SarahVote for him an you will never have a chance to succeed in business
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BACK TO THE DAY JOB! My stand up tour starts in March and thanks to all this dancing, it’s almost sold out! Com…
Retweeted by SarahThis would actively make me vote Tory.
Retweeted by SarahCan we just take a minute to celebrate the fact that a professional dancer who has been trying to teach me to dance…
Retweeted by SarahGuys, it’s been absolutely epic! I can’t thank you all enough for the support you’ve given me @bbcstrictly Massi…
Retweeted by SarahWe’re aware of a video circulating on social media. We take allegations and instances of racism very seriously and…
Retweeted by SarahImagine being this much of a racist, thick Neanderthal, and thinking you’d get away with it? We can see you doing y…
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Just want to say, whatever happens this weekend, support on here has been incredible. In any moments of exhaustion…
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YESSSSSSSS! he’s out #ImACeleb! I have no words to this stupidity.
Retweeted by SarahRT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to WIN a Russell Wilson Pop! #Funko #FunkoPop #giveaway #Seahawks #MNF
Retweeted by Sarah @davemacladd Florence flange
@UmarKamani A sleepyhead cot for my new grandson #prettylittlewishesI am Steve. I am.
Retweeted by SarahYou wanted Boris jailed for lying about the NHS bus claim.. yet now you have the gall to lecture me about not being…
Retweeted by SarahMorning all. Thanks so much for all the nice messages flooding in. Can’t believe I’ve made it to the semi finals!…
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Just watched The Irishman. Not nearly as long or grim as people are making out. In fact it was quite funny in parts…
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The guy with the whale tusk is a Polish chef named Luckasz. Worth noting this for the next time someone says, ‘we’v…
Retweeted by SarahJames and Ian are right miserable assholes #imacelebFuck off James 🙄 #imacelebIT’S WORKING AGAIN! GO GO GO!
Retweeted by SarahOnline vote isn’t working apparently?! It’s only 15p a pop to call - 6225203 Give us a few!
Retweeted by SarahIT’S QUARTER FINAL SHOW DAY! @bbcstrictly 🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼
Retweeted by Sarah @bmstores @CocaCola #BMCoke🥤 #COMPETITION TIME 🥤 We're giving away £100 worth of B&M vouchers to ONE lucky winner, courtesy of @CocaCola! Fo…
Retweeted by SarahWere you as ‘very troubled’ by the fact he’d just murdered two people & was wearing a suicide vest that nobody coul…
Retweeted by SarahHow many? Who are they? What exactly did they do? What evidence is there that they have been de-radicalised?
Retweeted by SarahWhen we came to do that Nick and I were workshopping my last line to make it funnier... Clive was not mentioned at…
Retweeted by SarahFFS. This is an absolute disgrace. How many more terrorists like him have been let out early, or are about to be?
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Martin and shirl cashing in there 😂 #ImACeleb
I didn't get muddled, @MattHancock - you lied... and you're continuing to lie. 'Retained' nurses are not 'more nurs…
Retweeted by SarahIs this the same maths you use to boast ‘We’re going to hire 20,000 more police officers!’ when you’re the ones who…
Retweeted by SarahHi @HackneyAbbott - could you give @MattHancock a Maths lesson? He's struggling.
Retweeted by SarahOh get over yourself..
Retweeted by SarahOh look who sneaked onto @GMB the moment I wasn't there... you gutless little wastrel @MattHancock. Grow a pair.
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Goes to make crumpets with butter 🤤 #ImACelebRT if you’re as happy as me that James and Ian didn’t get many stars ⭐️ Great trial to watch and it was very funn…
Retweeted by SarahJames: that’s the power of corrie mate Me: No James i… Guy is on the pitch
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🤖 #BlackFriday #COMPETITION TIME! 🤖 We're keeping the #BlackFridayMegaWeek excitement going by giving away this FA…
Retweeted by Sarah*EXCITING NEWS!!* Really happy to announce I’ve joined the team at Virgin Radio UK. You can now hear me on VIRGIN…
Retweeted by SarahWhen your nan offers you a biscuit and you say you're not hungry. #ImACeleb
Retweeted by Sarah @JakeQuickenden He annoys me so much. Think this is the first year in a while there’s been a bit of beef in camp 🥊😂 @JakeQuickenden What do you think of James @JakeQuickendenHere he is!! Top man, top gig! 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by SarahOh someone shut James up 🙄 he always didn’t mean too #ImACelebShow 10 ready for you down under. Join in with our bridge link why dontcha? #ImACeleb
Retweeted by Sarah @antanddec your worse than my kids 😂😂 @imacelebrity #ImACeleb
Please dethrone James he’s a cock #ImACeleb @ComedyCairns to feel old? This is what Roxette look like now.
Retweeted by SarahCan’t stand James #ImACeleb! Thanks for all of your lovely comments on here. Still can’t believe we’re into the quarter final! What…
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Haha! Wondered if anyone would spot the call back! D #ImACeleb
Retweeted by SarahI’m normally a great judge of character I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel Jacqueline is acting the whole ti…
Retweeted by Sarah @antanddec There was no way anyone on this earth could have completed James & Roman's trial in 90secs! Be fair & fe…
Retweeted by SarahIs that bells we hear in the distance? 🤫🔔 Tonight’s the night… Tweet us your pics when you spot the official start…
Retweeted by SarahMy Name is Justin i have a disability and all i want for Christmas this year is to get millions of chirstmas wish…
Retweeted by SarahHere it is again for those who can’t find it
Retweeted by SarahChris danced a Pasadoble tonight. On live television. . . No biggy. 🤷🏼‍♀️😬😳🤣 . . Who is this man?!? 🤣🕺🏼 Fantast…
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Well... I can’t believe what just happened!! Please please still vote as you can change everything! Landline- 09…
Retweeted by SarahMy friend @IAmChrisRamsey . . You never cease to amaze me. . Thank you 🙏🏼
Retweeted by SarahMeeting Christchurch residents at Lincoln Farmers’ Market, The Prince of Wales adds his signature to a young man’s…
Retweeted by SarahI’ll definitely watch this.
Retweeted by SarahYou won't believe what Clive gets up to when he's not in Erinsborough! #Neighbours #Shlive #Webisodes
Retweeted by SarahTrain guy on the street
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I’ll tell my kids this was grandad
Retweeted by SarahJust seen Rkid I mean Kevin Keegan I mean Rkid on the beats thing with Zane Lowe fucking hell he needs to chilli…
Retweeted by Sarah @leegogglebox @C4Gogglebox No!!! Haha had our Christmas nic naks out since 5th November 😂 tree is up with lights on… concerning the British public right now... #HolidaysAreComing 🎅 █ █ █ █…
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Congrats - on the pregnancy.
Retweeted by SarahRight, but I still can't be a Penguin?
Retweeted by SarahWouldn't it be fantastic if somehow this video was smuggled into the jungle for Adele to watch... @AdeleRoberts
Retweeted by SarahSound on and enjoy!
Retweeted by SarahFuck off .. I’ve raised and saved more animals than you could imagine...licensed wildlife rescuer? .. lol.. million…
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Christmas Robbers are out ... Off Tarbuck Road ... be careful.... this is a friend of mines house last night - obvi…
Retweeted by Sarah @QDStores @aimhuxley#GIVEAWAY time! For a chance to #win this huge toy bundle all you have to do is FOLLOW our page RETWEET this tweet…
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🥳COMPETITION TIME! WEEK 8🥳 For your chance to WIN our final MEGA Catalogue launch giveaway! LIKE, FOLLOW & RT with…
Retweeted by Sarah @piersmorgan @BBCBreakfast @GMB I fall asleep watching @BBCBreakfast very dull and boring presenters need a 🚀 up their bumWith a kind of deep regret that I’m still incapable of processing, I have to confirm that Ma Vegas, Patricia, passe…
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Lorraine had a few words for Jennifer Arcuri...👀 @lorraine | #GMB
Retweeted by SarahDo you have the guts to come on @GMB tomorrow @joswinson? Given you've been shut out of tonight's debate, we'll giv…
Retweeted by SarahUPDATE: So we're just 3.5 weeks away from a General Election and neither @Conservatives nor @UKLabour will provide…
Retweeted by SarahOh yeah? Well our dads are bigger than your dad. Grow up you big wally! 😂
Retweeted by SarahOur 2019 Christmas ad is here! Join us in getting #ReindeerReady
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SMA’S!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by SarahWell... you all did it again!! Thank you SO MUCH for voting! Me and @karen_hauer are over the moon! Onto week…
Retweeted by Sarah @The_JamesJordan @IAmChrisRamsey will get through he’s mint and likeable plus he has the support of us #sma ersWell... what did you think of that? Holy moly! Don’t forget to vote at 20:20 guys! 6225203 from a mobile (15p)…
Retweeted by SarahWas this filmed in a Wetherspoons with all the furniture removed?
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They've only gone and whodunnit again... Join @JohnnyVegasReal @Sianygibby and the rest of our cast for #DialM for…
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