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Journalist. Digital Producer. Presenter. Dog lover. Formerly spotted @RadioTimes @entertainmentIE @dailyedge & more! Views my own (& occasionally my mammy’s 😂)

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❤️ #Strictly #SCD't believe The Simpsons correctly predicted tonight's #Strictly scores 😱 #SCD's styling has been absolutely STUNNING this series. She's just so elegant ❤️ #Strictly #SCD it just me or does it feel like the scoring is a bit all over the shop this year? #Strictly #SCDCraig: ‘Sorry Anton, you’re no longer up here.’ The Pros: #Strictly #SCD Bailey's little heeled shoes are giving me life #Strictly #SCDI love how much @ranvir01 is loving #Strictly #SCD That twirl ❤️ is now a Ranvir and Giovanni stan account #Strictly #SCD time a TV shows cuts live to someone's living room I immediately look around mine and think 'they could never… ❤️ #Strictly #SCD visuals from the #Strictly team for that dance 😍 #scd Mate. What a tango from @JamieLaing_UK & @karen_hauer 🔥 #Strictly #SCD love Clara. She's had a rough two weeks but she absolutely deserves her place in that ballroom. #Strictly #SCDI plan to enter every room like @MOTSI_MABUSE from now on... 👑👑👑 #Strictly #SCD remembered Clara’s jiving to Tina Turner on #Strictly tonight ❤️ @SeanMoncrieff @IrishTimes *to him @SeanMoncrieff @IrishTimes Adopt one. See how they change your life. You’ll understand why we are the way we are! N… @steveoM126 Sorry I mid-spelled your name btw! @Cmdr_Hadfield @Eoin_Dineen @RTELateLateShow Might want to talk to @AdventuresWAD @Cmdr_Hadfield ❤️Too many messages to reply to everyone tonight! This young man needs to get to bed. Time to dream about space - he'…
Retweeted by Sarah Doran @DavidKWfd @AdventuresWAD @RTELateLateShow You must be so proud. Such an inspirational young man. I think it's safe… I missed Adam and John when the player cut out. Safe to say I'm going to bed SOBBING. #LateLateToyShow a NIGHT to be Irish ❤️ This was, by far, THE best toy show that @rte and the @RTELateLateShow have ever produced. It was…
Retweeted by Sarah DoranHERO 🙌 team at RTÉ this year #LateLateToyShow
Retweeted by Sarah DoranGorgeous
Retweeted by Sarah DoranFor me this is what makes the #LateLateToyShow so special. And it’s people like John & Adam that keep it special 🇮🇪
Retweeted by Sarah DoranWhat a man! What a show! Love Tubs ❤️ Love Ireland 🇮🇪 Truly no place like home. to hand it to the team at @RTELateLateShow - that was a wonderful piece of television. Fair play to Ryan for b…'s FACE ❤️ What a time for the player to kick back in! #ToyShow #LateLateToyShow @ascottreid ❤️SOS. RTE Player International does not allow for extra time. 💔 #ToyShow #LateLateToyShow is the duet Ireland needs in 2021. #ToyShow #LateLateToyShow
'Girl of My Dreams' 'Love Is A Horror' Would legit buy this kid's album tbh. #ToyShow #LateLateToyShow look of sheer JOY and complete wonder on Michael's face is just one of the best things I've seen all year ❤️…! THAT REACTION ❤️ Name another country that does something this wonderful for its young people every single… @Tweet_Dec I think I'm gonna have to go for the old catch up if/when it's available.My RTE Player is dead so I'm living for your #ToyShow tweets, Ireland. I'm going to need a play by play #LateLateToyShowThere's so much to be cynical about. So much easy to be tired and frustrated with 2020. But this really is the best of us. #LateLateToyShow
Retweeted by Sarah Doran @Tweet_Dec I've been looped on little Adam talking about Temple Street for near on ten minutes now.Adam's love for his little bunny rabbit is honestly giving me so many FEELINGS ❤️😭 #ToyShow #LateLateToyShow the RTE Player stops sending me on a seemingly never ending loop of Gary Barlow, this could be it for my #ToyShow 2020 💔TFW RTE Player chooses to buffer in the middle of one of the most emotional #ToyShow moments. I feel as though the…, YOU'RE CRYING 😭 #ToyShow #LateLateToyShow Irish raising €2 million in an hour on a website that cant cope during a pandemic is really, really lovely #LateLateToyShow
Retweeted by Sarah Doran'Oh what a coincidence, as if you didn't put all that stuff there...' Someone give Annie a job in telly, please.…'You have to try harder than that when you're on TV.' That SASS 🙌 It's Annie's world and we're all just living in…'My dad got me into all the rock music and my mam sort of got me into Bob Marley and Green Day and The Beatles...'…'Who was the NARRATOR?' So here for Aidan making Ryan give him the specifics. Also, I want his train set. #ToyShow Kenny could never. Work it Ryan. #ToyShow #LateLateToyShow'She looks like me.' Never underestimate how much it means to a child to see themselves in the toys they play with…'Who shot Michael Collins?' 'Does it have Óró Sé Do Bheatha Bhaile?' Foreshadowing for Tubs' next costume change?… need to take a moment to sob over Saoirse's best buddy Slush getting a personalised name tag ❤️ A beautiful li… isn't just the best of Irish children. She's the BEST of Ireland 😭❤️ #ToyShow #LateLateToyShow's an idea. Saoirse for Minister for Health and Sam for Minister for Agriculture. Lads, Ireland would be flyin'…"I killed your pheasant for slippers." "I made your head." Sam is a national treasure and must be protected at all… has a coffee machine and a pheasant. Sam's having NONE of these notions. #ToyShow #LateLateToyShow's #ToyShow exit might just be my favourite #LateLateToyShow exit of all time.'I'M ACTUALLY SIX.' Jayme didn't choose the #ToyShow life. The Toy Show life chose him. What a legend 🙌… is honestly one of the most beautiful little inventions they could have come up with this year. So many wond… is now a Saoirse stan account. #ToyShow #LateLateToyShow only Boris had hired Saoirse to run Track & Trace, all the Irish in the UK might not be so worried about getting… @kellyfincham We got there ❤️Does 'Polly Protestant' keep her toaster in the cupboard on Mars? #ToyShow #LateLateToyShow'T MENTION THE SIMULCAST, RYAN. This is the current #ToyShow feed on many an RTE Player International 😱⬇️…'s a few minutes behind but it's working so it'll do #LateLateToyShow #ToyShowTubs @ 9.35pm: Tubs @ 11.35pm: #ToyShow #LateLateToyShow'm going to guess RTE Player massively underestimated the international demand for the #ToyShow this year? This is… though, lads. It keeps buffering on the weather. #ToyShow dreams being crushed here in London.… for my annual 'RTE PLAYER INTERNATIONAL ISN'T STREAMING PROPERLY FOR ME AND I'M GOING TO MISS THE #TOYSHOW' tw…
I get a ridiculous kick out of successfully identifying famous people doing voiceover work on ads or in TV shows.Don't think you even needed to be a football fan to appreciate the significance of Maradona and his legacy. RIP.Chrissy Teigen and the Duchess of Sussex speaking openly about something that historically has given women so much…
Retweeted by Sarah DoranWhy is the onus ALWAYS on those who suffer to toughen up? Why must commentators search for a reason they may have d… discourse around bullying this past week has been nothing short of despicable. I’ve been there. It mentally des…
Receipts!!! and Chris, though 🔥❤️🔥 Said it when he arrived in the villa last summer and they’d better not be pranking the… @Tweet_Dec We’ve just been discussing this in detail on the WhatsApp group.
At times like these, when there are SO MANY things to watch on d'telly, I really, really, really miss being a TV journalist. @stevenperkins Petition to call it 'What Will The Neighbours Say?'Don’t ignore the signs about feeding deer in @theroyalparks 🦌 One of this trio charged at a dad and daughter feedin… foxy little guy sauntered past us in Bushy Park today 🦊 ⬇️ Johannes had to go 💔 #Strictly #SCD @EmilySturge I don't think it's even a conscious choice to not vote for her in any way. It's just that they become… a lot of respect for Craig's comments re: Maisie, recognising that a 19-year-old girl felt incredibly vulnerab… really feel for Maisie. I don't think the public hate her - they just don't feel compelled to vote for her and th… sad to see my fave in the bottom but on reflection, even though I thoroughly enjoyed his acting, I think he… note - Dianne and Giovanni always deliver when they lead a pro dance IMO. That Halloween witches coven vs Gio…, just need to take a minute to appreciate Dianne Buswell's serious Disney Princess vibes #Strictly #SCD blast from the #DoctorWho past 🤣 To think, I spent the first fortnight of November glued to CNN and forgot… @BeeBabs We hit them last night. Thoroughly enjoyed watching my other half slowly realise who she was.If @DustinOfficial doesn't get another album of duets out of #TheDen revival there's actually something wrong with…
Queen 👑 #Strictly #SCD genuinely wondered if I should be watching that 🔥 🔥 🔥 #Strictly #SCD @Tweet_Dec @ClaudiaWinkle Requires a strongly worded letter of complaint to The Times.Status: DEAD #Strictly #SCD'Straight outta West Brompton' is such an excellent line. Jamie gets my vote for that alone. #Strictly #SCD, reminding us how we slid into people's DMs in the 1990s #Strictly #SCD