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Director on "Little Ellen” at WB. Prev- Loud House, Bunsen is a Beast, Fairly OddParents, and WordGirl. she/her

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@SandraDRivas .....wut is that green rubber ducky supposed to be? I’ve been staring at it for like 10 minutes..... 🙃 @aprilynacunanan Lolololol 🤣🤣🤣 @aprilynacunanan god..... (also just checked the guild discord and I’ll have to upload my photo there too! LOL) @aprilynacunanan The cost to ship your box is probably at least three times more than the contents worth.... what haaaaappppened?!!! @aprilynacunanan No paper in mine! A fan?! Joke glasses?! The insanity and range of these boxes.... am going to try this!
@hiamymai LOL i love this @jigglykat 😎👍 @jigglykat Oooohhhh putting this on!!!!
@x_Wolfsteak_x @DerrickMalikJo lol RIP storyboarders
Separated during a military raid in their village in 1982, two sisters find their way back to each other while reli…
Retweeted by Sarah J - #BLACKLIVESMATTER @alex_picar Jessie had her toe pulled! And Ani saw the figure knocked off from Taylor's desk. Place was DEF haunted
@oatmealspet 😍😍😍😍😍✨🌟✨ @aimeekitty This one! It doesn't have an apple key so I have to map my shortcuts to use ALT instead. Not sure if th… @Dwooman_art Before the new building was built, it was the one leased out behind 7-Eleven and SubKing. Rumor was be… @Dwooman_art Several of my coworkers had ghost experiences at the old Nick "condos." One girl had her toe pulled un… @sarahviselart @Dwooman_art @britneythoreson Wait, was this with @yesmaaike or is this ANOTHER ghost story? @carlydraws @DannyAraya Same as ☝️. Smaller pad makes it easier to adjust and move to however I'm leaning/sitting.
@sarahcosico Thank you!!! 🥰Tired after photo shoot. mom crocheted Rutabaga an RBG collar and it’s perfect. @lexsalsberg @jonathan_katz Yay!!!! So glad it’s up for watching! Congrats again on all the success with it! ✨✌️✨Check out Alex’s fantastic short! (I pitched in just a lil!) Funny cartoony stuff!
@itscalramsey @SprinkleM0nster L O L
@ArtsyPabster 🙃🙃🙃 also this by Greg Daniels- @oatmealspet Also wanna toss out black silver fox familiar?! If I can get away with two possible prompts @Hug_bees Cartoon character skew liberal apaaaarently?! Haha @oatmealspet Gender female! @AshGMonstrology I know I thought the health insurance kicked in right away but you have to have so many hours duri… @AshGMonstrology It usually takes about 6 months to build up the required 400 hrs (I think?) before you’re eligible…
@PIX3LP3T ahhhHahhhHhaaaa @B_Hay 😬😬😬🙃
@Evergreena Haha omg @38___sr @itscalramsey (;一_一)i miss making dumb gifs for tumblr. I think it’s time to go back. @Brian_and_Beard oh it was still very much the adam sandler movie I expected!!! but everyone was so meeeeeaaaann-sp… @dangninny2 i mean danny... that's a PREEEEEETTY low bar.... 🤣 I'll have to get the rewrite rift track from you @jigglykat it was a RASH decision by me only considered cuz June Squibb is a VA in our show and I wanted to see her… @ZehraFazal how terrible it was. put it back in the 90s so we can move on and forget about it.cant stop thinking about hubie @birdyhoodie If you're storyboarding (and using SBPro) I would def go bigger. Canvas drawing area gets pretty small… @Hug_bees Ohhhh NNOOOOOOO!!!! Lol 😂 @Hug_bees I've found a hidden talent in recording scratch for our child actors and the team NOT being able to tell…
2020 a mini vacation this past weekend and got to see big ol trees and relax next to a river. I feel rejuvenated an…
@DailyNickNews Yep! Amazing animation team over at @JamFilledStudio turns out episodes I think in about 6 months? @foxville_art Congrats!!! So happy for you! You look amazing and so happy! ✨❤️ @mexopolis @melbethc ✨🌟👏💪💪💪👏🌟✨ @loud_sister I’ll have to go digging on my external hard drive! I thiiiink I grabbed the storyboards? Will try and… the Loud House wiki - "Band Together" (airing Friday) is my final episode I storyboarded. Insane to think I was… @ashlynanstee 😍😍😍pls vote 💙💙💙
Retweeted by Sarah J - #BLACKLIVESMATTER
@AGuyWhoDraws so much time wasted trying to find BG that isn't distracting but also interesting/good enough to want…'ve teamed up with independent studios @OddBot , @SixPointHarness , @TitmouseInc ,Renegade Animation, and…
Retweeted by Sarah J - #BLACKLIVESMATTERHi #PortfolioDay, I’m an Indigenous #StoryboardArtist who focuses on interpersonal relationships and characterizati…
Retweeted by Sarah J - #BLACKLIVESMATTERGirls Night Out #LuciferSeason5 #lucifer
Retweeted by Sarah J - #BLACKLIVESMATTER @jigglykat @LuciferNetflix i don't even watch but I LOVE THIS @SammieCrowley @NickAnimation wowowow... that was my first halloween at Nick. My original end date was before Hallo… @mollfrylock @SammieCrowley @NickAnimation I carved the TMNT one!Follow and check out Ram's work! I reviewed his storyboard portfolio back in June and he has blown me away how fast… is one of the most unwaveringly kind, skilled, and helpful artists I’ve met here. I asked a question about SBP…
Retweeted by Sarah J - #BLACKLIVESMATTER @ColeRoxann Yeah, the tiny deadlines and time constraints keeps me from procrastinating! Boarding, I would drag my… @ColeRoxann Same! It's keeps me on track! @ColeRoxann WOOOO!!!! Congrats!!!
@Hug_bees LOL 😂 @Hug_bees omg did ppl really not get the humor of the posts?! well, it's twitter... of course... 🙃🙃🙃Just a refresher if you haven't seen Ariel's handy dandy guide! Some of the responsibilities revisionists can have. @BrandonHoang_ Omg neighbors set off their car alarms all along our block and of course fireworks. Was very confuse… @PaperBoxHouse So sorry to hear about this lingering problem! Sending healthy vibes your way and hope you feel better soon! 💜 @faith_schaffer I can’t wait to see it finished!!! Already looks amazing and so many great details! @ColouredBraids Looove it!!! @SpaceTerrier oh!!! My heart!!! @amalialevari 😨😨😨 eeks!!!! Feel better soon and protect that noggin! @allisonsmithart
@JennerallyJenn cat ghost and @LALIFF are partnering to give five Afro-Latino creators one-on-one mentorship and a $20,000 production…
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@MrJeffTrammell AMAAAAZING!!! ✨🌟👏👏👏🌟✨ @jigglykat OMG I was woooondering what that noise was....😉 @LaserSinger Yes!!! Happy birthday!!!🎉🎂🎉 @jigglykat they got your number!!! @itscalramsey LOL booonnuusssBy far my least favorite type of halloween decorations are “people being murdered” ones. Much prefer the decoration… @BrandonHoang_ 🥰🥰🥰 @SammieCrowley Thhaaaaank you!!! Can’t wait for the show!Couldn't resist a #ghostsona!!! #TheGhostAndMollyMcGee @dangninny2 ugh my dentist is always trying to get me to straighten my one crooked tooth and I REFUSE.
Remember back in march when the keyword was "sheltering at home?" Don't forget it's not just working from home or s… @SammieCrowley FFFFFFF Sammmmie!!! It looks amazing!!!
"When we don't say anything, we're just letting it continue." - @Barbie
Retweeted by Sarah J - #BLACKLIVESMATTER @arythusa 2014 - I applied on the Nickelodeon career website (with no contacts) to a "General Storyboard" job posti… vote 💙💙💙
@jenniferskelly but in all seriousness, yall make my job easy and everyone is wonderful and we're all making amazing cakes! @jenniferskelly LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣 No, that's when the recipe is missing ingredients! 😜ANYWAYS i made cupcakes a couple days ago and misread the ingredients and only put in half the amount of liquid i w… the cake is extra crumbly and needs more frosting or maybe the client wanted vanilla instead of chocolate… like Directing cuz it's like finishing a cake. Ya got this super tasty cake (storyboard) and I add the frosting,…
@sofiaealexander @banannerbread I'd say go after "villain" if the guy is blinded by rage by their actions or by bei…