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Baby....the way Sandy pulled that bus back around the block when Patrick called Texas stupid 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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Retweeted by sarah lugor!i filed today but if u can’t i’d recommend consulting this page day is monday i hope y’all have filed 😭
i think it’s just having to relearn media literacy constantly as technology progresses. it’s doable it just throws me offam i dumb or is it really hard to discern credible and non credible sources these daystoday is not a good dayThis chicken shortage got me losing my mind😭
Retweeted by sarah lugor!does anyone have more pics like this
Retweeted by sarah lugor! @romerospamzzz yeah this has happened multiple times??? i have a pretty high pain tolerance so it’s okay but i was like DAMN @NIGGALlCIOUS no that was a little clever u gotta give it to little cousin going to hell.
Retweeted by sarah lugor!A single mother is working at a local Walmart to support her 4y/o son. When she got home on Saturday morning, she…
Retweeted by sarah lugor! @777evered my cat was breathing like that bc of allergies, once they gave him an allergy shot he was okay!!! actually really enjoy those little debbie powdered donuts @sarahlugor sharing the progress pictures here so people know that it’s mine! this was so fun to draw bc I didn’t d…
Retweeted by sarah lugor!“Nobody wants to work anymore.” Nobody ever wanted to work at all. We wanted to be productive, be creative, be par…
Retweeted by sarah lugor!The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 wasn’t a success. People are out here filling plastic grocery bags with gas. T…
Retweeted by sarah lugor! @ascendsun my pisces sun and sag rising/stellium rebuke thee.came across this gem in yokohama
Retweeted by sarah lugor!this video is a great reminder that anti-Zionism is not and shouldn’t be intertwined with antisemitism and that the…
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Retweeted by sarah lugor!I’m 1000% putting my meat on the net before going to the army lol
Retweeted by sarah lugor!When I was 6, the road to my school was blocked off by IDF tanks, so I had to walk. I had a riffle pointed at me th…
Retweeted by sarah lugor! @celesitial bae it’s gonna see this and beat ur ass in approx 1 hrlike people love to point out that i act like a kid sometimes but when the hell else am i gonna have that chance? i… never really a childhood, so now that i have the agency to do whatever the hell i want i’ve kinda just been indul… laced this song with something u can’t convince me other wise
Retweeted by sarah lugor!bae you ate DOWN on this track @Kehlanithe way i used to obsessively stream this when i first came out and my blender against the world.
Retweeted by sarah lugor!whyd someone on snap ask me if i had lip injections 😐😑😐Nobody ever talks about all the good things you did, all the good traits about you, how you made them feel positive…
Retweeted by sarah lugor!water gently running through a stream: beavers: i have got to stop this
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Israeli settlers in Bat Yam south of Tel Aviv are chanting death to Arabs. Palestinians have been warned to stay ho…
Retweeted by sarah lugor! @devinhaunted @twinkologian i feel like i shouldn’t be reading the oh my lordMy gawd
Retweeted by sarah lugor!Gaza, one of the densest populated areas in the world, has now been under attack for over 24 hours. 28 Palestinians…
Retweeted by sarah lugor!NO ITS A BIT INSANE THIS WAS THE REFERENCE PEOPLE ARE SO TALENTED WHAT @nymatang @Doseofcolors we WILL be purchasingIt’s here!!! My Collection is finally live on @Doseofcolors
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Retweeted by sarah lugor!people are back to making trap remixes of kids songs... humanity is healinghe is suspended rn but :/i censored my feet in that video bc i found a whole page dedicated to my feet/mentions of feet i just found out abouthandy manny has one of the top 3 best kid show title songs @thecrimsonshad1 “as hell” but i’m gonna start saying it fully bc i totally spaced that it stands for something els!! @_Adryanna_13 shine alternative fitness!the toilet paper shortage last march and now this gas “shortage” just proves americans love making up a guy and then getting scared of him
Retweeted by sarah lugor!my friend is obsessed w the wii sports theme song and won’t stop playing it in the car was senior class president (by accident) and no one wanted to kiss me on the rooftop so idk i’m pissedto be fair there were 3 black people and my advisor did not like me 🤔I’m dying at the way this man pronounced LGBTQ
Retweeted by sarah lugor!i was in student council and i didn’t get an anime-esque lovers ploti live in las vegas we do not have rats😐 i wish i was tbh lil makayla has no thoughts just vibes inspired me @8illyyyi don’t like looking at my feet leave me alone 😟 @SafyHallanFarah aerial silks!!!the way my body hurts like shit bc of this silks and pole made my arms like thisi looked really buff dis morning and then this happened i look gay asl @cumandpoop i live in las vegas. aint nothing here but cockroaches and dirt @Niyahgra they put it in their mouth then they spit it outThat song the jellyfish were playing on that spongebob episode.
Retweeted by sarah lugor!if they get in a fenderbender mankind will cease to exist ... absolutely no one at all: ... steve harvey: NOW SEE I’M OLD SCHOOL!!!!!!
Retweeted by sarah lugor!Just had a nice phone call with my dad (emotionally distanced of course)
Retweeted by sarah lugor!“can u order me a smoothie 🥺 wyd 🤔”i need to get my mom a boyfriend because she just be calling me for no reasonIf you took in an animal during the pandemic because you were lonely, you welcomed a new family member. If you retu…
Retweeted by sarah lugor!mini skirts. skirts should be the size of a belt, life’s short; take risks
Retweeted by sarah lugor!i’ve never seen a rat in real life therefore they do not existwhy not have a little crush? it's free and fun and also devastating. like seeing a rat run through a crowded subway car
Retweeted by sarah lugor!i showed sha a song i wrote yesterday and he’s really my biggest fannew moon be like: wakey wakey bitch 👁👁🧚🏽✨🌑
Retweeted by sarah lugor!Adulthood probably the worst hood I’ve ever lived in. Very ghetto here
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F R I D A Y 🤞🏽
Retweeted by sarah lugor! @itskeyon NO YOURE RIGHT @snitchery the way i know this would TEAR UP my stomach good lordNEW HOMOPHOBIA JUST DROPPEDfellas is it gay to have sex w a woman 🤔😕 they’re spittin fr
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Retweeted by sarah lugor!tie dye is a very good print i will never stop wearing itReal life:
Retweeted by sarah lugor!choking*the other day i was joking on my spit and had to cough in public but i held it in to the point of tears bc i didn’t… was too scared to go up really high on the silk thats a next time issueLOOK WHAT I LEARNED TODAY
#SheikhJarrah #SaveSheikhJarrah teams managed to provide medical assistance to around ,215 injured who were evacuated from AlAqsa mosq…
Retweeted by sarah lugor!This morning: Hundreds of Palestinians injured in violent clashes w/ Israeli police inside the Al Aqsa mosque & on…
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