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#BlackLivesMatter The only thing that's open is NOTHING. Reps: @collectivespkrs, RBEL, Artists First, Mendel Media

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@JahHills Praying 4 u’m in. I’m a shark, I’m a dragon, we’re in a tank, we’re in a den, and I’m investing all my money!!!! minutes later the bed & breakfast cat was kneading my sports bra with these paws so YES I HAVE A SPOUSE NOW. @JahHills You have come along with the strength to carry on and you cast your fears aside and you know you can survive. @JahHills A hero @j_smithcameron 😍🇮🇹 @j_smithcameron Thoroughly did not expect it could ever work for me! I just thought it would be such a jarring cont… @j_smithcameron Thank you my precious blonde part Italian goddess! @magicmikecastle Wow that’s unfortunate because he’s my husband and I was hoping you guys could become poker buddie… @MadelineAnneNYC Yes purple powerful yes!!!!
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Retweeted by Sara Benincasa @Herndy Oh God no I spent hundreds of dollars and my friend did it @Jody_Houser Is it good? I’ve never been there either! I was raised on McDonald’s, Boston market, Burger King, and Taco Bell.But I will say that Carl’s Jr. makes a great iced coffee! And the kids who work there were truly delightful and wea… was very strange. I ingested substances that looked sort of like food but were definitely not actual food. I w… @sydneysmithnyc Thank you honey!So OK, it turns out the onion rings at Carl’s Jr. are good. What a restaurant. The fries are not McDonald’s but rea… @genegeorge @CarlsJr 🙏🙏🙏Sexism casts shadow over Biden's search for a female running mate | US elections 2020 | The Guardian This is so wel… several months of being inside like everybody else I decided to go visit America and I went to Carl’s Jr. for… SAINTLY CROWN!!! @OneFreshPillow Happy birthday!!!!!! @jamesmoran I love them!!! @hillarydixler Thank you!!! Also I am eating at Carl’s Jr. for the first time ever, MAJOR FOOD NEWS!!!! @Carecarebeary Thank you honeyWhen you have opinions
Retweeted by Sara Benincasa @Carecarebeary I know! I think that’s why it feels like a character.And it just keeps getting better... don't forget to watch an all-new episode of @corporate tonight on…
Retweeted by Sara Benincasa @LaurenFlans Thank you mama!YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! favorite thing about this video that @joehospodor just sent me, besides the fact that you can see his reflection… excuse my annoying fascination with having blonde hair for the first time in my 39.75 years of life but I th… Diesel in the role of a lifetime obviously, appreciating the anti-rona rage of a babywoman @AngieWorldOrder Thank you honey!!!!The kid was like “where is your mask?!“ and the mom was like “I just took it off for a minute” and the kid was like… you believe the Axios interview found its way into A CLOSER LOOK?
Retweeted by Sara BenincasaI’m at a rest stop and a tween just OWNED her mother for taking her mask off to go have a stretch. Truly Mom was no… @AprilDownSouth Ooooh thank you! I know that purple really helps a lot with keeping something platinum but I think… @SaraJBenincasa Awww what a top bloke!! 😭❤️ Onya Sar, you’re a bilingual sheila now. (Sar is pronounced Sair. Eve…
Retweeted by Sara Benincasa @chescaleigh Thank you so much! I was really nervous about it, but she used Olaplex to protect the curls and I really like it! @chescaleigh Why HELLO madame ;) @thekjohnston Thank you my golden-haired queen! @OKEdKO HALLO HALLO! @SamMaggs AHAHAH thank you! @TabethaWatching Thank you darling!This tweet is a very sad little poem by a chain-smoking MFA poet who uses a typewriter exclusively and also his nam… @susaneisenberg1 She was one of my inspirations! @Swimmerm0m3 Nope, same thickness as always! @AprilDownSouth Thank you my blonde friend!This took all fucking day, you're goddamn right you get a thread of photos from me, a stranger you followed because…
Retweeted by Sara Benincasa @AlanKelloggs An angel! @jessmcguire @AliciaHannah SEXT @AngeMaryClaire @AliciaHannah Deffo, mate.REDUNDANT French (1872 – 1965), Scottish painter, engraver, illustrator, and designer associated with the Glasgow Schoo…
Retweeted by Sara Benincasa.
Retweeted by Sara BenincasaLesbians are a lot at a wedding!!!! want to cry! Also she's talking about McDonalds, I can translate like five things from Australian to American tha… love her. went Baby Viral and what I take away from the replies is that you like Seth Meyers and you all want to marry… Leslie Abramson reference? In THIS economy? I'm really doing the work here.Wow, just got cease and desist letters from Stevie Nicks, the lady who defended the Menendez brothers AND every mid…
Retweeted by Sara Benincasa @thecrassceiling Thank you for asking! Shea Moisture products are good for everything! @greenwitchsaint @jonkimmel @itsmejillkimmel JONCON. A moment. A movement!
@clr617 Thank you!Praying for every teacher and student who is having to enter a school building and every family to whom they are re…
Retweeted by Sara BenincasaI also call it "THAT SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOWUH" and "AAAAAAAAAH" but in a good way.What day do I get the next episode of my stories on my HBO Max and/or my Amazon Prime? (My stories is "The Michaela… CRINE! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Sara BenincasaI quite enjoyed that movie! THE GOAT CART ALONE WAS A TRIUMPH. marks one year since the death of Toni Morrison, a magnificent storyteller and terrible librarian.
Retweeted by Sara Benincasa"I'll kill your family if you don't stop trying to save my family."
Retweeted by Sara BenincasaIf I ever find someone on a dating app or IRL who claims their favorite lullaby is just Fred Gwynne saying "The gro…👏👏👏
Retweeted by Sara BenincasaFUCK. I hadn't thought of that intersection in months but I fucking hate it. Oh, the cool refreshing wash of rage! is accurate
Retweeted by Sara BenincasaI just read this, sat back, thought, nodded sagely. I truly treated this tweet like I had stumbled upon a very insi… 2nd was “blackout Tuesday”. That was two months ago. So right about now we should be seeing some announcements…
Retweeted by Sara BenincasaJoin @WomenInFilm with women of @LateNightSeth on 8/6 (tomorrow) 3 pm PT for a fun conversation on comedy and their…
Retweeted by Sara BenincasaJurnee recently learned she wasn’t paid the same as her male costar in @WGNAmerica’s ‘Underground,’ despite top bil…
Retweeted by Sara Benincasa @kristenschaaled @Sarahjp81 @LaurenFlans @sethmeyers We would never make a nice young man blush! As very subtle and… can't get enough of @MichelleButeau @megstalter @sarahcpr @ChuckTingle donuts, cognitive behavioral therapy,… for Beirut & Lebanon. 🙏🏼😔❤️
Retweeted by Sara Benincasa @kristinamonllos Truly I thought it'd be impossible for me to do but my friend made it work. @RatedGiana When we are old ladies, we will not want people to risk themselves for our funerals! I bet she'd be the same way.8 years! I'm always late to the party, but I DO show up eventually. @RatedGiana I'm sorry about zizi! Skip it. She'd probably want you to be safe.Wow, just got cease and desist letters from Stevie Nicks, the lady who defended the Menendez brothers AND every mid… @TheJoshMeyers My brother and I also understand the burden of being cursed with Excellent Sibling Genetics. We'll s… forward to never getting booked on the show to promote anything because tbh this thread, while complimentar… @helenaoftroy @GreyDeLisle TRULY when they make eye contact and remember your name it is WILD. Like actually a wild experience.Like these people chose to work in the grossest of industries, the business of show, and suddenly I'M THE ASSHOLE F… I also just say that I always go, "OMG and he's cute IRL right?" and they look at me like I said their actual d… @jonkimmel This is true! Every day there is a gathering...we call it "The Way Of The Jon." What we do is, everyone… @BeCuriousSTEAM @sethmeyers @ChrisGethard Truly no choice but to DOUBLE stan! @kristenschaaled @LaurenFlans I have always heard this praise in particular - really noticing people and bringing t… very good work by Dr. Grant - check it out! @OneFreshPillow Thank you love! I was initially quite shocked even though it is EXACTLY what I asked for. But I think I love it now. @synapticcyanide hahah WHEW I definitely spent a lot of money on not Sun-In today, my friend is a wizard with hair color...and thank you!