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This will be my answer to all double feature questions. than anything, I'm impressed I managed to watch two movies today. Go me. @Karatloz It closed Austin Film Festival @FookThis @Cocophone NO WAYStardust wasn't great, but it's also not Rami Malek with large fake teeth bad.
@FookThis same. i might it"Light, color, and pattern foreshadow deaths, provide clues (along with red herrings), and illuminate the killer’s…
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Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino @amylopan thank you for the stickers with my keychain :)
"An exploration of the Scottish highlands just as much as the struggles of the refugees seeking shelter in the weat…
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino"Donnie is a caring person who is put through a very difficult situation and ends up saving the people he loves at…
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentinodisappointed we didn't go with "spoopy" in the copy guys is very right and very wrong in the first ten minutes. I love it.
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino @ShakExcellence Ok I hope you get it broThe gamers are tweeting about a fridgeStarting today and continuing through the last day of early voting on Friday, six Travis County polling places will…
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino"But what about the souls who are having trouble moving on? Where do they wander? Mattie Do explores that world wit…
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I've just extended my 15% off etsy sale to include bags, too!
Retweeted by Sara SorrentinoSo happy @FilmCred let me write and helped me shape the piece of my dreams on this lil road trip movie I love ❤️
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentinoverified white liberals about to start posting pics of RBG saying “we failed u 💔”
Retweeted by Sara SorrentinoI'm not sorry for the mean things I said about Vin Diesel in the recording. version of doom-scrolling is reporting bots aimlessly into the Twitter support void so I'll talk to you guys lat…🦇🖤🦇 ANNOUNCEMENT 🦇🖤🦇 Our founders, @tyliston and @ryanlarson, are excited to announce that we are raising our cont…
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Art"For a deranged muppet movie, Frank & Zed has more to offer than just the blood geysers and brain devouring." NIGH…
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino"In a society where youth is valued, it’s bold of Coppola to tackle the longing of love we often seek, regardless a…
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentinoyou think you've seen it all and then Michael Cera goes and gets quar mutton chops
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino @sometimes_ant both for me @TheChrisKeeper this is also goodphysaracalmediaONLYsara35mm4ever @MarceloJPico wait this is good @SaraSorrentino CinemAlePhile
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino @sick__66 lmao Our halloween handles should be cringey film twitter handlessome of my mutuals do this I am sure and I am not sorrycinemasarasarafilmcall me moviesaraimaging choosing your first name + "movie" to be your internet identity will I be able to do voice recording tweets where I shriek like a hell demon at any random guy that shows up in my mentions
Retweeted by Sara SorrentinoI started watching kpop videos with little direction and oh no I'm in love with Lisa from blackpink please help @AmieRunk It's at least one of the best "spooky" hip hop videosIf this isn't on your Halloween playlist, you're wrong.
@JustDanWood Seriously? Amazing. Let me add it.Does this happen in Monster House? I feel like it happens in Monster House. to make everyone horny on main at 7:45pm......
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino @adrienne_bc Is that olaf
@007hertzrumble Want a tour? @007hertzrumble Also please take the DIYs you need from near the airport. I need them goneeeee.I am not above begging the PR team.So I missed out on seeing Golden Arm at Austin Film Festival and I really hope it gets another screening because I'… @007hertzrumble Switch fell asleep while I was making film festival selections, as is life. New code is 03KW2 @007hertzrumble No problem!Bratz Kidz: Sleep-Over Adventure (2007) // Us (2019)
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino @007hertzrumble 39BRN @007hertzrumble I've got 117 Lemme get you a island code thingShe never made me watch five people you meet in heaven. I wasn't having it.'Rebecca' (1940, Alfred Hitchcock)
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bae????? #PokemonSwordShield #NintendoSwitch TUNDRA"This symbolism of being trapped, whether it is represented in the way Rowan paces in the bathroom or the gazes she…
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino"It’s the sloppy quality, over-enthusiasm, and end product that seems to be held together by tape that provides an…
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino"Almodóvar, who was heavily influenced by Franju, borrows... while holding a vision which goes much deeper into exp…
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino"This truly beautiful, thematically heavy, narrative rich tale of friendship, wolves, and family is a work of art f…
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino"Tenoch and Julio were drawn to Luisa just as they are drawn to water, to the origin of life, to the ease of existi…
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino @wescravn Did you watch the one I posted in gamecredI'm just here watching animal crossing dream island videos.
Fun fact: we reached peak spookiness as a society in 1933 with this Betty Boop cartoon.
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino @ShakExcellence It'd just be so interesting now.
"Nothing is certain; everything is possible... But there’s solace to be found in that." Chrishaun Baker (…
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentinonew from me for @FilmCred! where did our tropes of malevolent A.I., Androids, Robots, Cyborgs, etc come from? why d…
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentinostarting an oh god Leto is still JOKER support group @darnthatdave I bought it randomly too. I had never heard of Veronica Lake before that. @darnthatdave It's just so good. @tyliston @FilmCred This is how I read your tweet
@DouchebagBatman AND YOU ARE CORRECTavengers assemble to protect our bro from being questioned about his weird ties to a creepy church and such"they said i'm the worst chris because i love jesus! it's not fair!!"so did chris pratt cry on a zoom call with all his marvel bros or whatoh wait jk "$99.85 of $100 per month"We did it! No one give a cent more. @ryanlarson @FilmCred ty ryan! @timothuney i deserve a porch swingWe are $2 away from reaching out second goal on @FilmCred's Patreon. Please fix this. @timothuney i feel adult. i have been thinking about moving to a house out of the city and having a porch swing. @religionofspeed she called taking a dick pic "mental masturbation"Society if the Summer of Dev had happened only dangerous minority is the rich
Retweeted by Sara SorrentinoUGHHHHHH + guest 👻🎵
Retweeted by Sara SorrentinoSomeone add dev's beautiful face in the treesI just got out of Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. I did not like Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri.
Retweeted by Sara Sorrentino @lexy_myranda It's cute in a "oh god something about this is deeply upsetting" sort of wayhave you seen that video of a woman losing her shit in a berlin subway station and wondered what the hell that was…
Retweeted by Sara SorrentinoI forget, and remember, and groan out loud at the fact that I still haven't seen dev as a BEAUTIFUL CELTIC KNIGHT I'M MISERABLE