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Independent UI/design engineer • won awards • writer, speaker, trainer on all things front-end design • wrote the @codrops CSS reference • team @superfriendlyco

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@waelalhasnawi شكراً يا وائل 🖤🙏🏻Grateful for each and every one of you who's checked in on me and my family and sent good thoughts, prayers, and we… @cesidio We're safe and OK. Thank you for asking. 🙏🏻🖤 @jasoneccles Thank you Jason 🙏🏻 @AmeliasBrain I pray for this exact thing too 🖤🙏🏻🇱🇧🖤 @ericwbailey Thank you Eric 🙏🏻 @digitalcraft I am. Thank you for asking 🙏🏻 @JackVardan You too! @Chris_Perry_61 I'm OK. Thanks for asking, Chris ♥️ It's an explosion in the Port of Beirut as i'm seeing on the ne… @JackVardan *Developer/Engineer Thanks 🤗 @JackVardan 🤗 @m_ott @smashingmag @betterblocker Oh wait I stand corrected. It shows up now! 💪🏻 @m_ott @smashingmag @betterblocker I already have it installed and still not showing up 🧐 @m_ott @smashingmag @betterblocker Uh.. I don't see "content blockers" anywhere in my settings 😯 @smashingmag I use @betterblocker. If you are on iOS, you can also install Firefox Focus (“Firefox Klar” in Germany…
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@smashingmag @codrops @umaar @chriscoyier @css @justinavery @fabriciot @caioab My favorite for years has been… @antonsten @Netlify 🙌🏻I've been using Netlify and in celebration of them welcoming 1 million developers, I found my unique spot! I'm numb… @ScottKellum I might take you up on this offer soon ☺️ @DivZero_ @Mandy_Kerr Not exactly the same but super cool nonetheless 🙌🏻 @dnkrupinski That's what I meant with alt text: alternative content @CS_sean not to be confused with the already-available ch unit though x) @Skyounet We got min and max now with clamp() 🙌🏻 @alicetragedy Thank you so much Laura! <3 You've been exteremly helpful! Now I got some work to do on that PDF!I could really use a #CSS font size unit that’s relative to the container’s width/height — essentially like vw & vh… @flangerhanger @meowlivia_ @CodePen Brilliant work! Well done 😍 @alicetragedy @netmag Thank you! @banaan666 @netmag Thank you! @guillaumemolter @alicetragedy @netmag Thank you! @alicetragedy @netmag Can you recommend a tool, please? @banaan666 @netmag Can you recommend one of those tools? I'm not familiar with this stuff as I've never had to deal… @ahmadalfy @HTMLPolice 😄 @HTMLPolice @mmatuzo Bruce, is that you? 👀😄 @flangerhanger @meowlivia_ @CodePen I maybe treat it similar to other media formats and provide alt text version of the whole interview? So many… friends, I have a PDF version of a print magazine interview from @netmag that I'd like to add to my Web site… Hiding & Styling Checkboxes and Radio Buttons @SaraSoueidan has another really good read about inclusi…
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@mxbck Flex vs Grid That cabin looks amazing btw enjoy it! @heyjoethomas 😂 @Cherif_b Thank you Cherif! same to you and your loved ones 🙏🏻I know those who responded with serious answers have good intentions, so thank you, but FYI this was a dry joke (ap… @SamiADelgado Eww akid mish bemieh 😂 @AndreaBaccolini @equinusocio Lots of people fell for it it's been fun to watch 😂♥️ @simonminter Fred. I like it. @marktnoonan 😂♥️ @laasrinadiaa question!This is the answer. This right here. What are you building? What behavior do you need? They are two great tools at… Twitter can be fun sometimes. 😁😆 @hdv @rachelandrew I love this, too! @SaraSoueidan Love how (I believe) @rachelandrew phrased it: ‘Should I use flexbox or grid? Yes.’
Retweeted by Sara Soueidan @crswll I'm reading the replies and i'm like OMG 😆Flexbox or Grid? 🤔 @matchboxhero10 I often use Grid for single axis and sometimes Flex for wrapping and multiple axes, depending on complexity. @uniondesign Exactly @juanstoppa Tabs are more accessible. As for layout, I use whatever works fot my specific needs and purposes. Grid… @EddyVinckk Same @iltaen They don't exactly have exclusive purposes. Much of what u can do with flex u cando with grid. Some of what…'ve been increasingly feeling like Grid or Flex has become the new Tabs or Spaces.Use whichever one works for what you're trying to achieve. Many smart folks share clever tricks using either Grid a…
@Kimmelpalooza 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 @SaraSoueidan Just an FYI, your website is inherently copyrighted, No real need for the ©. Learn more here:
Retweeted by Sara Soueidan @Kimmelpalooza TIL that u don't even need to add the copyright because once you've created the site it's already yo… @fenavente Thank you ☺️ @fenavente Good to know. 🧐 Thanks for chiming in☺️ @may_jethro @gaetawoo Thanks for the tip 😯 @gaetawoo How? Also, i'm switching from Hugo soon (still early WIP) but still curious.It takes me forever to update the copyright year on my Web site every new year so this is convenient 👀 @JoseQui03835549 @towernter Well said. @JoseQui03835549 @towernter +1 to an overall healthy lifestyle 💪🏻 it's literally transformative. Small details also… @towernter Yoga! Exercise in general :) and lots of time off, preferrably in nature :)This is a really great video, especially if you’ve never see accessibility features in action.
Retweeted by Sara Soueidan @jsonberrry @AdamRackis to that that on a refreshable Braille display, a tab only occupies 1 space where spaces waste 4 of them. Consid…
Retweeted by Sara Soueidan @avimehenwal Thank you, Avi ☺️ @AdamRackis Always happy to hear this 🙌🏻 Thanks Adam — i'm glad it helped 😊SVG is surprisingly hard. There's so many subtle things you need to know, and get right for even simple things, and…
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@scottohara @scottjehl Usually when I discuss the options with my workshop attendees and the pros and cons and each… trailer for season 7 of creative class is now live. this season is @kaleighf, myself and GUESTS (first time we'…
Retweeted by Sara Soueidan @uniondesign @vavroom @mmatuzo Great points 👍🏻👍🏻 @uniondesign @vavroom @mmatuzo Related (though admittedly not exactly the same but close enough for a comparison):… @yatil @heydonworks @mmatuzo ♥️☺️ @heydonworks @yatil @mmatuzo ♥️ @heydonworks @yatil @mmatuzo Neither of you had negative assumptions about the other's opinion; at least that's how… @heydonworks @yatil @mmatuzo @mmatuzo Yes, + what @yatil added in his tweet @vavroom @mmatuzo It depends on the design and information I guess. I've seen job listings that don't fit the description of tabular data. @mmatuzo I'd want to wrap each item an <article>. If I want SRs to announce how many items there are, I'd use a <ul… @conniechiiiwa Thanks Connie ☺️♥️ @iac_249 Thank you Corey ☺️ @toddlibby Thank you Todd ☺️ @adactio Thank you, Jeremy ♥️☺️
@cassiecodes Thank you Cassie ♥️😆 @davatron5000 @jonschmitz_ @saronyitbarek @wesbos @chriscoyier @sarah_edo @MiriSuzanne @MinaMarkham @jensimmons @ricfink @Foozooly1 Shukran Ric! ☺️ @AnnaJMcDougall @AnnaJMcDougall Thank you! Not this year, no. But I'm an introvert so I kinda secretly like that lol 🙈أضحى مبارك وكل عام وأنتم بخير 🌺 @jeromecoupe Yes, mainly that. I also like the simple reading mode (no overwhelming styles). Also less clicks and f…