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Independent senior UI/design engineer • speaks, writes, tweets on all things front-end design • wrote the @codrops CSS reference • @superfriendlyco ⛺️

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This is such a good case study of how the @smashingmag team improved the performance of CSS properties are only active under certain conditions, e.g., the clip property only applies to absolutely po…
Retweeted by Sara Soueidan @deanleigh @cassiecodes Yup. You don't even need the namespace in the context of an HTML5 documentJamstack is about building web applications in the same style as mobile applications: the UI is compiled, and then…
Retweeted by Sara Soueidan @AmJustSam @WellPaidGeek @theAcadian2 @WellPaidGeek Not all companies are choosing React though, as the latest surveys showed. And Vue is ve… @lbineau @avneet_paul @WellPaidGeek I never had them open 😆 @erikkroes Totally @erikkroes Both: The website and how it's doing in terms of semantics? XD @TutulDevs @WellPaidGeek Ha. The "you need X. Let me teach you how to X" approach. I don't know him so I can't say… @avneet_paul @WellPaidGeek I've also got absolutely nothing *against* React. @avneet_paul @WellPaidGeek This isn't to say that it's either React or Vue. It could be another framework or no fra… @_deprogram_ @FreddieCarthy @WellPaidGeek @avneet_paul @WellPaidGeek I think it depends on where you look and that depends on the path you want to take. I pe… @WellPaidGeek Why? Assuming a framework is indeed necessary, why not Vue or another framework? Genuinely curious. @adnankussair When is it expected to come out? @sketch_stif @funwithforms Typically, yes ☺️ @habazzi @dan_abramov Ba3den b2ellak leh 😃 @indextwo I admit I didn't 🥺 @BrainfmApp 💕 You've got a great product that helps me and many others and deserves to be recommended.
The text input. It can do so much more than accept a random piece of text. Simple and minimal yet packed with poten… @funwithforms The humble text input. It can do so much more than accept a random piece of text. Simple and minimal… @WigglyKoala @BrainfmApp It's that good!! I'm glad you found the post helpful 🤗Spent the last two hours listening to @BrainfmApp thanks to reading @SaraSoueidan’s blog post about things that hel…
Retweeted by Sara Soueidan @rileymacisaac @cassiecodes @heydonworks @piccalilli_ Thanks Riley! 🙏🏻 @Agathe_BADIA @TaelurAlexis @catalinmpit @AnnaJMcDougall @nickbulljs @heydonworks @partytimeHXLNT @farai_uxguy @nachoiacovino Thank you 💕 @erikkroes @dan_abramov ...somebody stole Dan's iPod? 😆My girlfriend animated her 2021 mood and honestly? Same.
Retweeted by Sara Soueidan @theaaronschmit @cassiecodes The Yoga part is so me todayCurrently really appreciating @dan_abramov because reasons. @richardtibs @cassiecodes It's a framework for writing CSS that seems to have been made to avoid CSS. Sorry I could… @richardtibs @cassiecodes Tl; dr is that Cassie and I were expressing opinions about Tailwind that don't align with… @voxpelli @cassiecodes 💕 It's still relevant. And it needs to always stay so. @cassiecodes ♥️ @cassiecodes I'm sorry you're going through this. I learned a few years ago to be very specific about wording on my… @HugoGiraudel 🧐 I don't know 20+ npm packages. What am I missing? @erikkroes Was the interviewer Lebanese? 🤔Director of a school I declined a job at told me that I'd regret doing so. To date, I believe that was one of the b… @MiriSuzanne You've been prolific! Incredible work 👏🏻 @jaredcwhite Only if it takes 7 minutes to install @CustomsLeb good morning! Is someone still managing this account? @grantholle_ Exactly! See? Easy peasy.You can only React your way around this. Duh!
@ScopicEngineer @dequesystems My favorite promo video so far 😆 looking forward to your talk 😊 @souhail_kaoussi @BendaiaS @saminacodes Same to you 🤗 @souhail_kaoussi @BendaiaS @saminacodes You shouldn't feel bad ☺️ We all started somewhere and are all still learni… @mikeybinns Those aren't entirely accessible to be used in place of accordions @callmevlad @evaferreira92 @webflow This is so good 🥰A good collection of native HTML and CSS replacements to otherwise common JavaScript-implemented features/behavior: @bharat_kumar @Sephora 🙏🏻🌺Really enjoyed this case study of how the design team @Sephora redesigned their mobile app based on user research &… @avneet_paul @cassiecodes @belisar @mimismash @reybango @SilvestriCodes Can we please end this conversation? I thi… @MiriSuzanne absolutely 👌🏻
@belisar @mimismash @reybango @SilvestriCodes @cassiecodes Thank you. We all wasted some good energy over this toda… @belisar @mimismash @reybango @SilvestriCodes @cassiecodes 🙏🏻 I'm not offended by disagreements at all. I'm not alw… @MiriSuzanne I feel like it makes sense for both ID and scope to have the same specificity so the one that comes la… @belisar @reybango @SilvestriCodes @cassiecodes I wasn't being hostile at all. I have my opinion towards Tailwind b… @belisar @mimismash @reybango @SilvestriCodes @cassiecodes I never had a "how dare you have an opinion that is not… @warsh33p That's well said 👍🏻 @equinusocio 😂🤣 @MikeCarbone This was a lovely read. Thank you for writing this. @equinusocio And so peaceful 💕 @cassiecodes @A11yDevGuide @fabiofranchino I recommend start by following these if you haven't already: @LeonieWatson @scottohara @fabiofranchino I've been thinking about this a lot lately: compiling a list of resources. I don't have much at the… @nice2meatu @petervangrieken This brightened my timeline! Thanks for tagging me <33 Also: literally brightened my… @2co_p I really like that ^^ @SleeplessByte @jessejafa @TimSeverien @cassiecodes I understand. I got the same impressions. Had they said "we wer… @fabiofranchino Yes! That would definitely help everyone else weigh their project requirements against those of the… @MoritzGiessmann Marketing sites work just fine. They're actuallt even better at this sometimes.Imagine how much more peaceful this space would be if every framework author included an important note in their do… @reybango @SilvestriCodes @belisar @cassiecodes And I appreciate you, Rey 🌺 I hope we get a chance to grab another… @taraw @SilvestriCodes @belisar @cassiecodes 🌺♥️ @SilvestriCodes @cassiecodes Oh no that's not what I meant.. I appreciate your support 🙏🏻 it's quite nice seeing your tweet in my mentions 🌺 @HugoGiraudel @felajs Sadly. Also, typo in my previous tweet 😅 @HugoGiraudel YOU said let's gooo! 😂🤣 @HugoGiraudel @felajs It's mind-boggling that you have to explicitly say that you're not anti- something just becau… @SilvestriCodes @belisar @cassiecodes I appreciate you, Jonathan 💕 He's entitled to have an opinion. And he doesn'… @TheJase @Amys_Kapers @cassiecodes I'll make them 201 if I have to 💕My hot take is that one specific framework did not “solve CSS” and that you just sucked at it to begin with.
Retweeted by Sara Soueidan @HugoGiraudel 😂🤣 @HugoGiraudel I want to retweet this but am not sure i'm ready for all the @'s. Are you? @Amys_Kapers @deanleigh @cassiecodes @Amys_Kapers @cassiecodes Thank you Amy ❤ TBH sometimes I miss my early Twitter days when I had less than 200 follo… @cassiecodes @belisar ♥️♥️ It took a lot of time but I came to peace with the fact that I don't owe anyone an expl… @belisar @cassiecodes When I like or dislike a framework it's typically for sensible, logical, real-life applicatio… @belisar @cassiecodes I'm not in the business of convincing anyone why I like or dislike a framework. So I'm not go… @m_ott Is this an actual Web site? :o @TimSeverien @cassiecodes Same. @cassiecodes I just saw a tweet by someone saying Tailwind "solves" the "fact" that "writing CSS sucks" and I'm try… @gotofritz @viki53 @malchata I'll leave this to the author to respond to. 🤷‍♀️ But if you know Jeremy at all, you'd not be calling it that. @ausi @malchata @adactio I understand what you mean. But i can't answer the question. @malchata might x) @gotofritz @viki53 @malchata @adactio OMG did you even read the text? @adactio didn't write it. And the author has…“It may seem like a bold suggestion that we as web developers can choose the wrong tools for the job because we ten… @antonsten @nizamilputra @cassiecodes @taylordunham_ @m_ott @beep Haha yes we did :D that doesn't happen with many… @cassiecodes Yes so much! 💕 @heyjonyee @cassiecodes @taylordunham_ @antonsten @m_ott @beep Prayer times do enforce a good discipline that I am grateful for ☺️ @heyjonyee @danmall @chriscoyier @cdevroe @photomatt @swissmiss @b0rk @adactio @mantonsblog @adesignwoman @nizamilputra @cassiecodes @taylordunham_ @antonsten @m_ott @beep At least 4 hours