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Sarah Archer @Sarcher South Philadelphia, PA

Author of "The Midcentury Kitchen" & “Midcentury Christmas,” 👩🏻‍💻 @ArchDigest, @TheAtlantic, @CraftCouncil, @NewYorker. “Catland” hits shelves in 2020 😺🇯🇵

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@ItsTheBrandi Es correcto.I aspire to the pure, dogged sticktoitiveness of a meal kit delivery service that Wants You Back. @sevensixfive @trekonomics 💯 @WFKARS @zachheltzel A gentleman has assets, Summers. @trekonomics 🙀🙀🙀🤩 @trekonomics Wait why not? @SopanDeb Be careful with those pots and pans. @rachsyme The dad is worse, I think?Evolution of the Lego logo. #FontSunday @DesignMuseum
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @blgtylr @BudrykZack 😹 @BudrykZack Is it Prince Phillip @joshshepperd In this case green = very on brand 💚 @BrendanNyhan I think he’s certain that no one will care - people noticing a lie is irrelevant when you’re at the c… @blgtylr She had an **art pony** @blgtylr ⚡️🛀⚡️ @blgtylr
@Caesar_X 😎Going to Alpaca Yoga tomorrow, AMA.One of my favorite moments in the Maddow interview is when Lev clarifies that not everyone “agreed with the loop,”… @ThatEricAlper @trekonomics Kind of getting there... @McFaul Recommended reading for the post-Cold War, younger folks on Twitter:
Retweeted by Sarah ArcherIn light of potential disruption to tourism at our neighboring Capitol building and grounds, the White House of the…
Retweeted by Sarah ArcherIf climate resilience is going to require WW2-style commitment and sacrifice or more, we’re going to need messaging… Change in the Building Industry Is Desperately Needed. It Can't Happen Without Building Trades 🧰🛠 @LangeAlexandra @besswww 🧡Academic House Hunters: Her: I'm a poet Him: And I'm an assistant professor Our budget is -$57,000 and our mu…
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @clmazin Big “Wrath of Khan” fan art energy here 💫 @AWolfeful 🧡 @blgtylr PRAISE! Prepare thyself. 🎉 @danklyn Yesssssssss @ColdWarScience Our kitten actually loves to recline on the open dishwasher door (presumably because it’s warm) and…, and welcome to my thread 🧵 on the long history of modifying images for political purposes and of state spons…
Retweeted by Sarah ArcherNow and forever: Space Force. else going on? @Sarcher's thoughtful article in the current issue of Americn Craft is worth a read - especially if you like watchi…
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @AdamSerwer We’re headed straight for an “Archivists are the Enemy of the People” tirade, except that he almost cer… @ColdWarScience 💯 @ColdWarScience Same and I’m super weirded out @jamiattenberg 😺Remember when you thought it was “Downtown Abbey” & is that maybe Harry & Meg’s new reality show
Retweeted by Sarah ArcherGood. are in deep trouble. When the US Archivist is willing to tamper with documents to avoid the ire of Presi…
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @JordanUhl Same, but Yang??? @lenikacruz Amazing. @rtraister I disagree with Buttigieg on *a lot.*National Archives exhibit blurs images critical of President Trump - The Washington Post
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And since we know he will not be removed...then what? @JordanUhl Will people go for that though?? Ugh. @AdamSerwer I do that in every election. @AdamSerwer @queue_stack [quietly plays theme from “Ragtime”] @JamesNevius He’s only five years older than me! 🙀🙀🙀 @DearSplenda It’s infuriating.I was hospitalized for approaching perfection etc
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @blgtylr Alors? @BrendanNyhan Always a good sign.Add to thus that reproductive freedom is not a “culture war” issue, it’s a fundamental, non-negotiable human right.… @MikeIsaac @jiatolentino SAME!Attention Jerry hive: I wrote about Cheer💥💣🏆
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @AM_Pines @Remember_Sarah Yes! Spacers. I usually joke about it being the reason my adult film career never took off. @AtrophicP That's totally a keeper!!!! OBELISKS. @AM_Pines @Remember_Sarah That's was the start of it all...😬It's such a decorator move to have obelisks. @Remember_Sarah It started with something called an Expansion Device 😭 @szacharek Oh man, rattling the treat jar... @stevelaredo @WFKARS true; I try to avoid the above, in addition to wearing sunscreen religiously. @archikvetch ooooohhhh @szacharek But, per Land of Desire, it IS an attraction @WFKARS Poor guy. I mean...up to a point. @szacharek Omg, that sounds like a must @WFKARS What could account for Parnas? Hard living? @szacharek Yessssss @LangeAlexandra @colinfanning 😻When you’re a rectangle
@RussellFlinchum WOW on several levels A week from today, I'll be helping @frumpenberg to welcome her beautiful book into the worl…
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @Remember_Sarah That makes the most votes so far for the Museum of Jurassic Technology! 🥇 @heroinebook I'm starting an Excel file!!How perfect is this "contact" art from 📞😺 @colinfanning Oh, I'm an old - I'm ok with people who have been cancelled. That's def. on the list. I think we need more time!In my mind, LA is basically a wonderland of Case Study houses and female designer-craftsmen wearing mid-calf skirts… @Sarcher Museum of Jurassic Technology - simultaneously a postmodern critique of museum authority and a love letter…
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @colinfanning I've never been to LA before, if you can believe it! Those are both must-sees, I think. ( the future) @jilnotjill You're totally an expert!Must-visit cultural attractions in Los Angeles? @trekonomics You did it!At this point, their best plan is to claim they were just playing around with the new Lev Parnas filter on Instagram
Retweeted by Sarah Archerif i don’t die first i’m 100% going to be one of those 90 year old women artists that someone “discovers”
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @CharlesPPierce Must be a coincidence. @elongreen “...go on.”These next few years will be a boon for Russian character actors who speak fluent English and have a “plausible former SSR thug” vibe. @WFKARS And yet you can’t imagine them doing the right thing, can you? @emilynussbaum There’s something very Jeff Gillooly about the whole thing. @AtrophicP Suuuuper stressful.You could always try Fatalism. Won’t work.
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What's edible and way more fun to judge than a grant app? 🎄👉