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Sarah Archer @Sarcher South Philadelphia, PA

Contributing editor @craftcouncil, author of The Midcentury Kitchen & Midcentury Christmas. Catland: the Soft Power of Cat Culture in Japan out 8/11/20! 😺🇯🇵

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If you don't like Rule by Trump Judges, there is just one option: expand the Supreme Court. There is no other way t…
Retweeted by Sarah ArcherWelcome to the Trump Judge world, where pandemics don't justify postponing an election, but do justify abortion ban…
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @AsteadWesley @elongreen What's the bottom line, tho?skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @blgtylr "But Fascism coming to the United States and people having severe haircuts was MINE!"The ⁦@Lett_Arc⁩ online archive is now open to everyone! 🥳 in progress. @alexagwinton Ideally profesh, but skilled amateurs might be good to talk to as well... @Sarcher My partner @jonardern has been experimenting a bit with Kintsugi, I wrote about it here:
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @anabjain @jonardern Ooh! Would love to connect, feel free to DM me your email! 👍Also looking for people who practice kintsugi, the Japanese technique of visibly repairing ceramics with gold! Big…’m looking to interview someone who repairs furniture or metalwork for a story, DMs are open! 🛠🪑this is literally the greatest video, of any kind, i have ever seen.
Retweeted by Sarah ArcherNew Zealand isn't just flattening its coronavirus curve. It's squashing it. - The Washington Post Over 100 beautiful, geometric egg designs from Ukraine. (1968)
Retweeted by Sarah ArcherLines forming just 30 minutes after polls open in Milwaukee, people trying to space. Almost everyone has a mask
Retweeted by Sarah Archerthis is true, and the source shows it brilliantly
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @gtconway3d Good.Get outta here. @mcmansionhell Great fabricsWell part of what we are seeing is parents who are aggressively trained to opportunity hoard struggling to 1) apply…
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @likaluca 😺🧡 @likaluca Purrrr. should get a will but if you are estranged from one of your parents and there are half siblings...get a will.
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @SlavaMalamud Well, hopefully *they’re* doomed and not the rest of us 😳
Let’s be honest. Nothing was funny before this either.
Retweeted by Sarah ArcherOh.
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @juliaioffe I’m assuming a hoped-for hydroxychloroquine fortune? @heroinebook 😨 @looks_last It’s amazing. We were pretty much head over heels from jump. And he’s such a sweetie. @looks_last The thing is, that’s just his face! @carolinetiger 😑“The things I’ve seen...” This isn’t our “Pearl Harbor” moment. That was a surprise, dastardly attack by an enemy nation. This is our…
Retweeted by Sarah ArcherStripes 🇺🇸 #showusyourshelves’s on the Cozy Mystery beat: I put it to you that ⁦@Remember_Sarah⁩ is the Agatha Christie of our time. 🧐 @JordanUhl My understanding is that it *helps,* but isn’t a cure-all. @rfabien @phillypaws @ProjectMEOW Isn’t he?? @frynaomifry 😿 @ProjectMEOW @phillypaws Thank you! These two are doing an amazing job 😺🧡 @annevclark @phillypaws @ProjectMEOW He is VERY concerned! 😺 @lindsaygoldwert @phillypaws @ProjectMEOW Right?? @JackIsSerious @phillypaws @ProjectMEOW Very intense Large Marge energyINTRODUCING: Harvey Bartrum! We adopted this fine fellow last week from @phillypaws and @ProjectMEOW who rescued an… @AtrophicP It’s like... 💯?Quarantine, day 14. Me and my boyfriend spent the whole day setting up an art gallery for our gerbil.
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @mcmansionhell Love!! @blgtylr Also 🍔🍟🥤 @blgtylr And like these huge apartments @carolinetiger Right?If only there was a preexisting entity that could do something like this, some kind of body representing a union of…
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @SlavaMalamud 🎖🎖🎖 @SlavaMalamud Man cannot live by DuoLingo alone, right?
@MollyJongFast 3.5 @Choire @rachsyme @markyarm [eyes] @BCDreyer Majestic Vera Lynn energy @johnedwinmason 😹 @mcmansionhell Do you have a bone folder? Bookmaking hive assemble ✂️ @clmazin Or, you can listen to me recite it from memory in a dramatic reading. Still working on the eyeglasses and sweater. @CaitlinPacific It’s complicated.Read the room, my dudes. @MollyJongFast 🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫Should I research and write about Cold War bomb shelters right now? @rachsyme This is the new vacuuming in pearls😭👑 it.
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @simon_schama Worthy of Forest Hills! 🍞 @emilynussbaum Purr. @NostromoSerg Go on... @MollyJongFast “We have medical. We’re looking at that very strongly.” @JordanUhl LOL @MollyJongFast Understandable. @MoiraDonegan It is. @kenklippenstein @yashar Also they’re not “ours,” so. @chick_in_kiev Literal Twilight Zone episode. Or a Greek myth, if they have to endure painful knee scrapes from sno…, ‘Prepper Nation of the Nordics,’ Isn’t Worried About Masks - The New York Times @Remember_Sarah WOW @mcmansionhell I had one too, about homework for a French class I never went to 😫 @laurenzcollins I’m so sorry, Lauren. 💚It's not pregnancy counseling if the pregnant woman doesn't request it. It's just harassment.
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @sdpowell1 He’s one of my faves.Getting back into cats.
Retweeted by Sarah ArcherI mean. We've spent the last two decades developing technology to help people avoid each other. If this town couldn…
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @trekonomics Moi aussi.the replacement rate in the US is already low due to the lack of paid parental leave, high healthcare and childcare…
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @gtconway3d I think about this...often. @BCDreyer
All Zoom meetings are basically pet show and tell.
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @KLINEola :)This is feeling...relevent again. "Craft is leisure, but it’s terribly efficient: [its] magic trick is that it’s pl… @yourewrongabout @DanaSchwartzzz OHMAIGAAAAAAAAAAI am the god damn plague/Renaissance police and I will be issuing citations anytime I see these takes on the TL. No…
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @KellyAuCoin77 ONE OF US! @jbouie @trekonomics It’s Jerk Store politics, not ideology.America in one tweet
Retweeted by Sarah Archer @michelledean Oh my godIt’s #Caturday, friends. Here to improve matters as only he can is the great Maru, being shampooed. Plot twist: HE… @SlavaMalamud So many posters. @MaraWilson 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤