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@unormal +1 I use CloudFormation a lot and despite all of its suckyness I still prefer using it compared to manuall… Micro Sub nailed me so well I audibly exclaimed. cider donuts are the best donuts in the universecleansing tl
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @catacalypto Yes I can't reasonably expect people not to be curious of how the book tastes. Maybe we'll find that the ink tastes of squid... @catacalypto Closing the book is the most satisfying to me for this reason. I'm not sure about eating the book tho.…
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @SIBROfficial The Miami Dale and the Boston Flowers are tied with 4 wins and--------capitalism: if you don’t like how your job treats you you can just get a new one me: ok i want a new job capitali…
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@ciaraturnerart It’s okay! Stuff happens. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. @thecaryatid You’re welcome! I should also stress that this is just my interpretation of the Mills and the cards. D… @thecaryatid If it doesn’t work out we try to practice acceptance and patience with our fate. For this reason The W… @thecaryatid Another good card that fits both the fanbase and the Mills themselves is Temperance. We are a middle o… @thecaryatid I am not good at tarot but I like it. A few different cards would fit the Mills. If you want a card th…’m always saying this NEWS: New @Blaseball Patreon Tier with new rewards!
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @ThePatanoiac I would prefer to close the book too because I like the symmetry but also to me the Forbidden Book ha… @thegameband I am so excited to see where blaseball goes next and I’m glad you are continuing siestas! They benefit… of the most amazingly savage interviews you'll ever watch. She has no chill whatsoever. It's like watching some…
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @AP Even mainstream media outlets here in Bolivia that have obediently supported the coup regime are admitting that…
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @corpserevivers I hope so! And maybe they'll all "exit" into the same time period in the material plane because tim… @corpserevivers this would be so sad ;( although I'm glad they're still together even if they forgot the people the…, that's new
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @SIBROfficial Blaseball is a hyperbolic time chamber of software projects. It can be used to simulate millions of y… assume Spotify does know what radio is but it's also very brash to pretend they don't so that they can use exciti… please just go to therapy and figure out why you are obsessed with finding common ground with absolutely e…
and if everyone thinks this truly is equality, don’t forget that systems with unequal starting positions but equal…
Retweeted by Babalon GoretexNancy Pelosi as cop cars, a thread:
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @blaseball HEY THANKS FOR MAKING IT EASY FOR EVERYONE TO VOTE IT SURE IS NICE TO HAVE A FUNCTIONING ELECTORAL SYSTEM @Tambalaya 😭 @unormal The woman who lived in the shoe was a tax dodge?!
Retweeted by Babalon GoretexIt’s tempting to use the analogy of rats fleeing a sinking ship to describe the growing number of Republican electe…
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @ScaryGaryAK Right?? @austin_walker @ScaryGaryAK @nymillenials YESSS!!PODS vs Crabs: PODS vs Hall Stars: If you appreciate Reblase: - M…
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @blaseball I'm in a really good mood so I'll trust that this is a good thing!!!!I am enthralled.If you enjoy Blaseball, especially tonight, why not throw some bucks their way?? They deserve it! They also have a… all of the current Patrons asking if there’s more ways to support us – thank you. Any help is appreciated.
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @joel_a_clark @hotskippy @thefatalst thank you 😭it was so exciting and perfect and I was so happy to see Dom AND Sc… @thegameband @blaseball thank you for tonight 😭 @thefatalst YES! IT WAS AMAZING! Thank you!!! It flowed so well. Text is best! I couldn't take my eyes away except… @legobutts *exhales*what
Retweeted by Babalon GoretexYear Zero by Nine Inch Nails is a really good soundtrack to this Blaseball boss fight.oh my god Scrap Murphy 😭 @legobutts oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiii @ThePatanoiac underneath @ThePatanoiac don't worry we have Sun 2what
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @joel_a_clark are you allowed to say "uh"! @catacalypto blaseball: heck your expectations @SIBROfficial WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT
@inurashii I didn't know that name :O searching that on Google Images and I'm in heaven, hope your pickles turn out great! @inurashii those cucumbers look amazing for pickles omg“Eat the landlords” graffiti on the front door of Brooklyn Housing Court
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @pattyfox_mills Noodles is a great answer! We definitely have plenty of research & development to do on portabalizi… what's up with your brain @pattyfox_mills If you could turn any elaborate meal into an on-the-go version, what would it be?THSIMADE MESOSDUHAPPY
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @blaseball 🥺dream job
Retweeted by Babalon GoretexLittle roll achievment!
Retweeted by Babalon GoretexFor some reason I love looking through comparison tablesGO BACK TO DEAD TILLMAN AAAAAAAHow I wished a Bag of Tricks worked. #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @heyjenbartel I only unfollow people if they are saying harmful or hateful stuff. I don't curate my follow list ver… @catacalypto so back to this, I had never looked at Tillman's stats but wow. Hope we can grab some home runs so we… @catacalypto WE WILL NIP AT THE ANKLES OF CHAMPIONS WITHOUT REST OR ANY SENSE OF DECORUM @xoxogossipgita truly a worthy halloween movie @catacalypto Damn already assuming the Mills are gonna get swept so fast it feels like next game? @xoxogossipgita oh my fucking godhow can y’all tweet this shit with all the violence happening at mi’kma’ki, wet’suwet’en, sekwépemc, algonquin terr…
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex얼굴 만화그림체로 바꿔주는 어플을 강아지에게 써봄
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @nymillenials PROUD OF THE MILLS WE REFUSE TO BE PREDICTED @mbarnett wow really infinitejestlike
Retweeted by Babalon Goretexyou ever get so high your body feels like it might peel apart like a clementine in a fast relief as all of the pres… @mbarnett ooh yeeeaAAah that sounds greatyou ever be so high that your pristine self free of anxiety and self-hatred rises out of the muck of your subconsci… keep human warm
Retweeted by Babalon GoretexEST of E V E R Y T H I N G @BiancaBelairWWE #SmackDown
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @Arkestar wow I need that print, also some more plants. lovely composition @polotek "hey everyone, review this "suck the far right's dick" directive and refer to it if anybody in the media comes calling"
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex"excuse me sweet angel"
Retweeted by Babalon GoretexDon’t forget to add alt text to your memes.
Retweeted by Babalon GoretexHonestly, "There were no politics in Mr. Rogers' neighborhood" has got to be some of the most privileged & willfull…
Retweeted by Babalon GoretexIf white people had to acknowledge that Mr. Rogers' "niceness" & love for us "just as we are" was in fact deeply po…
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Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @mcclure111 waffle fries are the best so it's an easy choice
@Echo It’s too expensive but damn if it doesn’t get results. Typing feel is really nice and I appreciate being able…[deep inhale] okay so it's a horror exploration game about a dog who is visiting a haunted museum after hours but i…
Retweeted by Babalon GoretexTHIS MAN @RearAdmChoco I also thought "gift card" before group chat.
Retweeted by Babalon Goretex @normalcatpics the happy family