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2x founder, building @discohq_, @CodeNewbies (acquired). I wore a t-shirt to my wedding. Developer. Podcaster. Ethiopian. Host #CommandLinePod • She/her.

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One Small Ask - Wear A Mask
Retweeted by SaronI am voting early and in person. What’s your voting plan?
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"When I’m sometimes asked when will there be enough [women on the supreme court]? And I say ‘When there are nine.’…
Retweeted by SaronI know the popular analysis is going to be “we’re screwed,” and I *feel you.* But nah. RBG didn’t go out like tha…
Retweeted by SaronMay Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing light a fire in the hearts of progressives and all who care deeply about human ri…
Retweeted by SaronThere are no wordsThere is no compromise. No concession. Nothing conciliatory, and nothing negotiated. Do not give one inch, fight li…
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🚨🗣🚨 If you haven't grabbed your #HackAndLearn Demo Day tickets you want to do so now! @saronyitbarek will be a part…
Retweeted by Saron @RandallKanna It's so cool @techgirl1908 @browniepoints Tell me Angie
It’s a special episode of #DevNews this week! We were joined by all 3 hosts: @joshpuetz, @vaidehijoshi, &…
Retweeted by SaronThanks so much for having me Aderson!
@shanselman Lookin good! @Elisabete @DoojaQ @johnhess Yes, I have my list! @MichaelAbraha7 Aw, I love thatJust sent out a whole bunch of rejection letters. Always hurts my heart, especially after getting to know some really awesome people 😔 @thejonanshow 😂😂😂 I don't get it either. But to each their own!Very interesting! Much more balanced than I was expecting feel like people commit to being active on and are comfortable with only one social media platform. Like I'm very… is so cool! Very interesting 🤔 @Shpigford Check out @thestorygraph for the best book recs you'll ever find
“It’s okay if the type of engineer that I am is different than most other people.” - @sophiebits YES 👏🏿 IT 👏🏿 IS…
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Mixing the second course for @discohq_ and it's so good I wanna cry 😭😭😭 @aphoenix lol exactly @EspreeDevora lol I'd rather they just ask for what they want. The insincere flattery is weakA message that starts with "We love what you're doing" with no other mention of what I'm actually doing is code for… @ashleymcnamara So beautiful ❤️ @RickHunter7 Oh for sure! It's totally in my best interest to know how much you make. But I don't think it's a fair… put a baking pan of water in my bathroom and it cleared out the smokey smell in ~3 hours, 2020 hacks
Retweeted by Saron @RickHunter7 I'm not I understand the situation you're describing. Whenever I hire, we almost always have a budget…
@saronyitbarek As a matter of fact, in quite a few states... it's now not only not okay... but ILLEGAL!
Retweeted by SaronNo @snidelyhazel Yea, I tried to take a three-month sabbatical and it didn't go well. I think I last about a month 😂 @tbschmidt1 DamnAbout to record the second course, should be done mixing it tonight. Gonna be released to all our wonderful listene…
Retweeted by SaronI gave up on trying to look nice before Zoom calls. Take me as I am -- sweats, bare faced, and bun up @shannon_crabill @discohq_ Yikes, that's unfortunate. It's not something I personally look at. There are soooo many… @pocketfullofme Same @raggylugthumps That's so cool! @beerSpillPhil @discohq_ Of course! @tcburning Ok, so it's not too late for us?? @davidbrunelle Damn @Namroc89 @discohq_ Of course, happy to help! @beerSpillPhil @discohq_ By "take home" I mean there's usually a short take home assignment like a small coding cha… @jonamichahammo @CodeNewbies lol I'll take it! @Namroc89 @discohq_ Then I look for evidence of them being a team player, collaborative, good communication skills,… @Namroc89 @discohq_ Then I see if maybe they've worked in the same industry/field that we're in. Having industry kn… @Namroc89 @discohq_ This totally depends from company to company, so take my answer with a grain of salt, but when…'m currently in the process of hiring a producer for @discohq_ so I've got hiring on the brain. I've reviewed hund… @christianjuth Good idea! @DPritchett So true @DPritchett Yup, definitely have to allocate your time and efforts accordingly. There are a few jobs I've gone all… @CaseCaramel Same. I love working @DPritchett I don't get it. Does that mean you'd only put in as much time on an application as the time a company s… @marcdel I never require them, but I still get them. If it's gonna be a copy and paste, I'd rather just not get it 🤷🏾‍♀️ @mijustin @TransistorFM Then you like your job and would keep working!Just so you know, when you copy and paste the same cover letter and use it for every company, it's really obvious 😬… have a suspicion that if most of you had a choice to work or not, you'd pick not, even if the work was something… @johnthad You're right, who am I kidding 😂When you log off of Twitter on your phone just to log on to Twitter on your laptop @jonamichahammo @CodeNewbies Awww thanks Jonathan! Glad the advice was helpful!I can’t tell if things were never this bad or if I just started paying attention
@anildash @EricaJoy SameI feel a special YouTube video coming on. Recording now, please subscribe
Retweeted by SaronFinished the script for the second @discohq_ course on machine learning! And now it's time for sleep 😴🌙 @aidanfeldman OMG THANK YOU YESSSSS!!! And you have to wait for people to reply and sometimes it takes a hours... S… @laurieontech Sounds delicious
@LaurenAhmani Yes! It's so important!I had my first black female professor today, and it wasn't even a D&I class! She was phenomenal. So much energy, so… @joshpuetz YessssssToday's ep. of the #DevNews podcast covers: - Microsoft’s Deepfake Verifier Tool - Google’s Business Application Pl…
Retweeted by SaronDid some good work today! Had tons of productive meetings, some podcast recordings, and had a nice long chunk of un… @PiousGeek I think it's related, but not quite the same. @jeromesnail @L422Y I respect that! @arachnocapital2 Interesting! @davidcolbyatx Same, those are my takeaways too :) @arachnocapital2 That's fair! @matiasbaldanza Nice! @Douglas_Mason What is this "sleep" you speak of? Just kidding, that's mornings are for! 🤗 @davidcrespo Oh no! I get thatThe great thing about working with friends in different time zones is that when you're working during the day, you'… lot of responses I'm seeing in the comments say that this question is brave and takes moxy, which is interesting… @kyleshevlin omg yes @carrickdb @L422Y You're right, that's not the right way to put it. When I mean is that questions don't have to be… @curiouskind1 @trevorpage1287 Still interviewing candidates, but they definitely got points for how they responded to my hesitations! @jt7d @gareth_leake_ Oh that's interesting! @JorisGriffioen @L422Y Yup, I totally get that. But as an interviewer, I'm always taken aback by people not wanting… @AnneOgborn Very true! @albilaga lol I would stick to just the main interviewer. But it's a tricky scenario! @TerrenceLJones1 @anjuan That's great Terrence! @trevorpage1287 I was honest, the person addressed my concerns head on with examples of why I shouldn't be concerne… @trevorpage1287 Yup, received it today! That's what prompted the tweet :) @AnneOgborn Ooo haven’t heard that one before. Good one @MaryKMcKenzie Also, the questions don’t have to come at the end! Having them through out is great too :) @toomuchpete Like I said, happy to disagree ❤️ @jeremy_j_ackso Ooo, good strategy!