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Sarra Sedghi @SarraSedghi Birmingham, AL

Assistant editor and de facto ice cream correspondent @my_recipes. 90% of my jokes don't land. she/her 💌

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You ever think about how conversation hearts are just heart-shaped tums
@grayhchapman i feel like it's the cult hand soap aroma
@waltlilly oh my god i thought this was a jokesome of you haven't used kewpie mayo and it shows
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghi @degrassinocontx how could you forget the best part @RobertJimison Something along the lines of he’s lost all capacity to respect whatsoeverAlfie got bad grades today
have y'all seen that episode of the office where dwight gets the ending of lord of the rings wrongEasy tips for "humanizing" the "hot" topic of immigration: read the news, where real stories get told daily, or, ev…
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghido you think people will learn that bona fide is two words this yeari feel like peanuts have never tried harderIsn’t this the baby from men in black wonder how all the people I’ve laid curses on are doing
@Tomtheoptimist 20, I just feel like a lot of them are gimmesis there a name for the grease that gets used at every fish fry because if not i wanna call it forever greaseis this a joke @helloannieblack @seamoosi it's available now so it has to bei love school of rock i have to say about krystal filing for bankruptcy is don't cross memy unpopular opinion is that tokyo banana kit kats are the best kit kats
@Tomtheoptimist THANK YOUY’all ever think about how there either had to be a third Pines sibling or that Stan is a grandpa and not a grunkleHow do I convince people to visit me in AlabamaAlfie had his first play date yesterday
Why did nobody tell me there were German Shepherds in Knives Out
hello twitter i am desperate how do i get my 87-pound beast to care about anything that isn't tennis balls @lanikaps @dvsch @TheLazySusan but i WILL say that if you wanna do any in-the-perimeter food halls, Krog Street Mar… @lanikaps @dvsch gonna page @TheLazySusan and also say anything on buford highway
i love that story that's like "this secret ingredient isn't cream or cheese" and then it's cream cheeseChunky
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghii just feel like i'm being haunted by Big Peanuthow do i get people to stop pitching me about peanut butterHoarders is calling itself America’s original decluttering sensation and it’s not like they’re wrong
damn that baby is cool as hell. just vibing
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghias someone who grew up under joint custody, this hits hard @egdowns thank you thank you!!!! @egdowns off the beaten path for sure and somewhere i can get good noodles. my boyfriend, who is from small town al… @nathanisariot thank! @nathanisariot truthfully, that's not enough! @RobertJimison duhI'm going to New York from the 29th to 2nd what should I eati can sit here at my desk and laugh about bukkake noodles being called bukkake noodles if i want to @ellen_a_johnson there should also be one for grey's anatomy and rilo kileyokay but do all the iran experts on twitter know this
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@grmartin it sure looked that way in rugrats @grmartin literally every time you go somewhere i assume it's to a theme parki've had this on my mind for months so i'm just gonna spill, why hasn't anyone talked about how the main characters…*Smash Mouth voice* well the e-mails start coming and they don't stop coming
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiHow much do y’all wanna bet they’ll have Popeyes at the White House this year @waltlilly I wish there was a whole movie of them watching Snow White
Who benefits from vitriol between the Sanders and Warren camps?
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghiwhy would i ever want to do this @Grant_Blank_ but why corn dogs and why louisianawhy is LSU associated with corn dogs?the richest man on earth is donating roughly the same amount as three women raised in 12 hours selling nudes on twi…
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I just don’t have the capacity today
Why don’t we appreciate this hole emoji more 🕳
She explore
i already know making this will be the highlight of next week found a way to get excited about reading can't help but feel that the grimes baby will be the evil corporate overlord we have to take down in the futuregood morning, time to cringe
Grimes has announced via nude photo that she is giving birth to pickle rick
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiIf you’re making fun of this you deserve a hemorrhoidin case y'all didn't believe me's not pronounced EYE-RAN or EYE-RAQ fyi
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiThis motherfucker started a war because he got impeached.
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiAnd the kids are probably going to get severely bullied tomorrow. Teachers need to step up tomorrow. God knows they…
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiLiterally been dreading this day my entire life nbd!!!!!!
God damn it @pscottrussell but literally the first thing i asked after the movie ended!somebody in hoover, alabama is selling a princess diana beanie baby for $7,500📰 The @nytimes is looking to speak to Iranians inside #Iran about how recent events are impacting them. If you're…
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiIf you’re fighting back the urge to snap just do it. Highly recommendIranian women deserve so more than your sexist before and after photos. Keep those imperialistic, chauvinistic and…
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghi"To be Iranian-American is to be reminded, constantly, of imminent war, of the circumstances of your arrival, of yo…
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i really wanted to stay quiet but i can't. this weekend was really hard, and worrying about your family's safety re… should check on your iranian friendsI am having a hard time dealing with this!!!!!!!!
URGENT: we are hearing credible reports of detentions at US borders, both of Iranian Americans and permanent reside…
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiMy grandparents had Costco hot dogs for dinnerThis is what we were all scared of
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I’m so tired of feeling guilty for existing. I’m tired of being told that what I am is inherently wrong. I’m tired… is a dumb void but I’ve never hated a meme as much as theseOne call that’s all some good news
Everyone making memes out of this can go fuck themselves
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiAmericans tweeting about being scared about war as if the other wars raged in the Middle East have endangered them…
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiI have been dreading this day my entire life“world war three” isn’t about to start and americans aren’t all gonna die or something. iranians are going to die.…
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghiplease don't treat American warmaking like an abstract debate or a cleverness contest -- you can absolutely cultiva…
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiDonald, you really fucked up now Wars is fine and the best part is the worm
okay whites it's on you to remove caroline from the discourse this yearJust ironed a shirt new year new me for real2020 in Cancer: This is a time for sweetness. You will thankfully have a table set for many and everyone will show…
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🤷‍♀️ was the year I took on a huge task that was naruto