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Sarra Sedghi @SarraSedghi Birmingham, AL

Assistant editor and de facto ice cream correspondent @my_recipes. american/iranian hybrid. 90% of my jokes don't land. she/her 💌

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@pscottrussell As someone who was forced to watch a ton of Iranian movies as a kid, I kind of agreeI’ve got muscle knots from my shoulder to my butt and I’m hating my left side just like TodorokiI know it’s Bad For The Plants but I love my new buddy @andrejgallant @AvidBookshop I miss Pablo ceviche"why my back hurt so bad bro?"
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiBand names that are way better than suing: Lady Antibodies Lady Antz (1998) Lady Anteater Lady Antipasto
@grmartin @noodle_packets maybe they're confused with the inside of epcot, which took you to california @LahuLobo that is the question for the ages. also this bothers me so much because no lady, you did not discover a n… @LahuLobo the whites will never stop @pscottrussell It’s this guy, ATL! Now may be a good time to revisit this smart and helpful @ajc guide from @RozRBentley and @RicWatkins😷
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiIf Kiss Me Thru the Phone had come out during Coronavirus it would’ve been the #1 song in the history of music
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiSedghi 2020: are you tired? think Mark just wants our work emails y’allDo we trust Mark or nah anybody else with an immigrant parent not allowed to go to the lake
@CZaneH Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ @CZaneH but i agree too it's like STOP HURTING YOURSELF BABY @CZaneH i wrote about this, kind of is the best little debbie snack @becagrimm call it ghost's stories?
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghi @jameskhansen may i ask where this was publishedmost recent selfie and meme are an impeccable match @RobertJimison and obviously it's not like "oh no my birthday isn't going to be good" and much more like "how can w… @RobertJimison I was about to tag you but didn't want to bear the bad newsmy birthday is exactly two weeks after july 4th and all i can think is that's gonna be the height of the epidemic here @beenerdish have you seen this but I was also definitely depressed then
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghiyears ago my dad was blasting persian music in the car while kind of drowsy and then the song slowed down and he ju…'s your top recipe typo, mine is "garlic gloves" @garyhe ads on point to ”Attack” Caterpie. Retweet to “Love and Cherish” Caterpie.
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghi @becagrimm if you are interested in crying at the beach i must recommend the stationery shopYou know what.... I got the time. A thread of trans/non-binary sci-fi/fantasy authors you can and should support instead of JKR.
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiA tribute to those we lost to the Degrassi Black Hole. Half of you were forgettable, and the other half we wish we…
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghi @waltlilly Paging @LahuLobogoofy is running for president
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghi @helloannieblack He has to be broke right, first the church and now this? @degrassinocontx FOR EMERGENCIESThem: don’t overthink it Me:
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghi @degrassinocontx Didn’t she spend like $1000 on her mom’s credit card for this
@LahuLobo WHY DO THEY KEEP SAYING THEY’RE THE BESTOkay I’m gonna say it, these people don’t seem like very good bounty hunters
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiThank you brother
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiI love piggly wiggly so much my god @grmartin This is the best one
@becagrimm @dopegirlszine @clar_elizabethlike if you have never seen an italian slander peanut butter it's quite the spectaclei think my favorite thing about the rest of the world is how much non-americans hate peanut butterThe single most important moment in anime history.
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiI did perfect one skill under quarantine even if it was just turning dog poop bags into wristlets @degrassinocontx You’re gonna post “well at least I’m not running because I got dumped” rightIt came! And he read the first page aloud in a Zuko voice 😭❤️Mastheads
2020 @erin_clyburn was today years old when I found out Chef Boyardee was a real person and he was an American heroHELLO! I don't normally work like this, but in light of everything happening these days, I'm trying a new thing.…
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghime waking up literally every single day of 2020
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghirelaxing
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghiworking from home has taught me way too much about my dog
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiI am SO HAPPY to share this piece by the incredibly talented @MeherM! Give it a read and also one of these books: back online after taking a few days off Blake did it first'm not saying Guy Fieri should be the editor of @latimesfood, but he is technically more qualified for the job than Peter Meehan
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghi
@margareteby SAMMICH COOKIES @grayhchapman What are you gonna do when a baby and not multiples of snacks comes out @NathanKerce Pairing suggestion @TrudeauRoss DREAM COME TRUE
isn’t it ironic they can breathe in this but not this
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiI mean he triedI vented to my dad about systemic racism in food media and he just suggested that I write something about how unhealthy white food is @sarahparvini The mehmooni we need right now @mxthemme Happy!There is only one constant in my gas station picks and it’s aspartame life is truly a blessing amen.
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiI don’t do sports or make things or participate in culture I just taste different yogurtsYesterday I found some yogurt I hadn’t tried and bought it to test and that’s how I realized that my hobby is yogurt @degrassinocontx Zou bisou bisou 😘
@suhhseal It’s a Cook Out now @suhhseal Did y’all have a Mansours? Because I definitely vomited at Mansours. @suhhseal I do I think I vomited there onceHere’s the problem with the “blame the protesters” COVID excuse: if that were the cause here, we’d see equivalent s…
Retweeted by Sarra SedghiPretty interesting that aspic, a word that usually doesn’t make crossword puzzles, was in two nyt crosswords this week
@erin_clyburn This is exactly what happened my toast was bad my tummy is sad @LiaPicard I only bought them because I thought they were big-ass super fatty avocados! I don’t even know what to c… accidentally bought low-fat avocados and they’re so terrible @bettinamak I love that everyone knew it was food wars
@snarkyspice @newmarkjschool Congrats!!!!GIVEAWAY To enter : follow & retweet 2winners ends 28/06 all beaches full of items, NMT and bells #dodocode #ACNH
Retweeted by Sarra Sedghi @OliviaNeath I have a brown piano bench! @oliviahinds @wh3atw1tch ❤️❤️❤️I feel a little silly being so shy about this but will somebody please be my friend on animal crossingAn American hero