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mommy sage ✨ @saruwuv On a off angle wall somewhere

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@_Od26 average od WI literally can’t stop listening to this song 😭 #valorant
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨Jake went to the cinema without me so it’s time for me to channel my inner boaster & try and win some games + pre…
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @surelynotrobin pls this looks so good on him hello riot can u give him an all black outfit ??? IM ON MY KNEES BEGGING RIOT PLEASE @freckxi thank u kindly, much appreciatedi miss old valorant
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨Day 1 cosplay! #AnimeExpo2022
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨She's a 10 but she disappear from social media time to time because people drain her energy.
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @XSET valorant like every day sigh @freckxi i accept the said crounching and uncrouching @xomoonemi awwww we’ll miss u too !! have a nice trip and take care 💖 @StrelitziaVA RIGHT ??? CHAMBER SUPREMACY @theyenvyyjess yeah right ?? like yeah like, right ? @GorgoKnight @GhostGaming can i join ? i do be ghosting people if that’s the requirements @theyenvyyjess so like chamber right ? and like he’s hot and like.. yeah ? ya feel me ?hear me out. idea of drawing him in all black attire was pretty interesting so I gave it a try 😄 #VALORANT #VALORANTfanart
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨Evil Cypher be like :
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @DanielLuckyDan3 @JoshiAliAndres BAHAHHAHAHHAHA @susanyou65 @JoshiAliAndres HAHAHAH NOT THE BOT ANSWERINGwhen in doubt just W key @alink0chan @n0tandreaaa
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @JoshiAliAndres that's really tough, whoever hacked ur socials i hope they have their pillow warm on both sides for… live playing in japan servers twitch. tv/notandreaaa
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @AK_valorant yes absolutely, ty !!I also made a Youtube channel ! will be posting more content there as well as on my tik tok, maybe even content spe… @AK_valorant a mcflurry pls ty, toppings of ur choiceThis has got to be one of the most entertaining mods of all time
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨Our GC run is over, but the @ManILoveFwogs comms videos are forever
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨Had a great time at the party tonight, seeing so many of my online friends and idols in real life really feels like…
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @Average_Jonas looking good ! glad u were able to have fun :> @luvxpoison the sore boobs and the « signal » as i like to call it, i feel a sting of pain a few minutes/hours before it drops downbased off of this thumbnail from over a year ago, time flies :D
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨i wanna compete in VCT’s again ! but at the same time just finding a team and joining it and going back to the scri… @Junafour @_Od26 juna and od flirting on the TL.. done ! what a nice bingo today @sash4s @BazziVAL can vouch @OfficialAproto oh i dont eat meat can i get some tofu ?
@konojpn BAHAHHAHA I THINK URE LOST @konojpn ofc ofc im basically a nerd on this game @konojpn ofccccNo way people are still locking in Reyna @TNAVegod i’m all 3 hi 😎 @jakesnky1 @adlanniizar @Tiffae that won’t solve anythingif you are up numbers, play passive. if you are down numbers, play aggressive
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @theyenvyyjess @L0stAlex ok what are u waiting for then @flexinja @ethoz love the drip 😎 @L0stAlex @theyenvyyjesssleepy tired sleeping kitten cat head falling fighting sleep dozing off
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨Time by @pinkfloyd
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @rikoruaa @adlanniizar @Tiffae they don't understand that most people will give up playing when getting yelled at,… @rikoruaa @adlanniizar @Tiffae exactly this is not how competing worksPOSTING A NEW TIK TOK SOON I HOPE Y'ALL ARE READY @seshiriaa_ @GhostGaming OMGGG CONGRATSSSWelcome our newest Valorant creator to Ghost Gaming, @seshiriaa_! #GoingGhost
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨Joined @GhostGaming 💜👻
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @adlanniizar @Tiffae competitive games should remain in a positive spirit no matter what, and all i see is negativi… @theyenvyyjess CAN WE KISS ?? URE TOO PRETTY @Tiffae yeah people take ranked way too seriously and are super sweaty, kinda hate the state of the game these days :((Technoblade Memorial in the Hypixel Main Lobby @ 81, 61, -172. Write something in the book, please.
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨1v4 Situation? Death beam facing Earth? Fate of the universe is upon us? Just call @n0tandreaaa to clutch up for yo…
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨Words cannot describe how we, the entire Hypixel Team, are feeling today. Technoblade will always be remembered as…
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨i'm currently speechless, i don't think i've had such a high viewer count in a while ! super thankul to… FRIDAY! warming up then playing ranked 💫
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨btw guys im live !! soing some spike rush then ranked maybe later :> IS SO COOL 👌Riot
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨How botlane's going to be every game after the Blitzcrank buffs
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨RIP technoblade, really heart shattering news today :( my condolences to his family and fans 💖
jenniiival ace rt rt rt rt rt
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @suhniiee btw thanks for carrying me to radiant, rlly appreciate ithe said he liked christmas lights so yk what i had to do
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨MY NEW DISCORD IS OUT OK GO YES MHM JOIN (its linked below)
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @surelynotrobin @linnibu flash as in league of legends ny friendHey @gmail @Google recently someone hacked my personal email changing my back up codes, recovery account, and pho…
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨it’s the constant knife inspect, jumping around everywhere, spamming switch weapons, scribbling the walls with ur k… @whisperwaterwas not when my paypal is showing negative numbersI don't know who needs to hear this but stop thinking about it and just buy those skins that you want.
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @Luminosity with what money is the real question @linnibu WDYM D ITS NOT OK @Jollztv « the metal part in mid »There’s only 3 call outs for pearl. A, B and mid. The rest is up for my team to decipher
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @ItsOnlyJed my paypal says no unfortunately 🫠cute calm black cat big eyes dilated pupils in bath tub water being bathed cleaned washed terraria day music theme…
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @_routers yo i can carry u to radiant trust @Maziixox it looks fun at first but it just gets frustrating at some point 😭😭😭my store is really testing my patience here huh 🫠🫠🫠 @keaIani uwu
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨I'm kinda nasty with the Headhunter 😬
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @springlx2 but.. fire :(highlight of my career, I officially peaked @ProdCM_
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @springlx2 but it makes fire @mars_mood everyday, without fail, until u say u don’t like it anymore or like a new thing lmao @EastJett i have my ways
@escapistfool istg this could be my fave account solely for the comments @escapistfool @overrrrit_ @melanie_mhs yeah we’re the best 😎Okay don't mind the ripped wallpaper, but it's there and it's pretty 😍
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @YinsuCollins what is wrong with people omg 😭😭😭It’s super nice to run into people that support Jake and I in queue sometimes but there’s always weirdos who react…
Retweeted by mommy sage ✨ @FaZeMew HI HI HI