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“The logic of phrenology works to encode the past into the present — to make old injustices impossible to overcome.”
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐs @dkulchar Still cry to this not even gonna lie @_hera_ thank u Sara, appreciate the support/encouragement 💞 @RAIHAN_ @BigGlitch1 @drmathys_ @bebebinch Oh fuck I'm sorry, I should know better It was too big for Twitter so I put it i… @nottheactors Thanks for the tip, I'll look into it @BigGlitch1 @drmathys_ @bebebinch Not trying to take away from the discussion here, I think it's dope, but also I wonder how mental health is day to day but can be beautiful in its chaos Then I remember just last Mon… tonight I'm gonna get a decent night's sleep Also me, 3857573838 chiropractic adjustment videos later: fuk @bebebinch @noz Agreed, but to me it just seemed like he was trying to marshal together a lot of wildly different m… @bebebinch Also, to paraphrase @noz, Kraftwerk and Drexciya were conceptronica in their own times, situating this a… @bebebinch
M|A|R|R|S - Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance) (Remix) @cascadianrhythm Congrats on this! Will def cop digis once my next paycheck hitsEvery now and then I'm reminded that someone from my hometown and alma mater made the "I'm Shmacked" brand and is proud of it @glorbis @lexciya_ hbd!!
@nyquilsunset Luke.
This new Boreal Massive (Pessimist x Loop Faction) tho (cc @rxdazn) 👀♾😳🆒️ is Emo Night for 00's kids, right? Carles must be rolling over in his grave, no debt, single, just bought a car and a gun. wyd?
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐsGreat thread @voguememory I feel like I'm watching a remake of the Malkovich puppet scenedidn't think it was possible, but "conceptronica" may be even worse than "sampledelic"
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐs @tragicbios @dkulchar I'll have to think more and get back to you @tragicbios @dkulchar Not sure if it satisfies (there's a webcomic that referenced a project I was gonna send you,… @tragicbios @dkulchar This is actually Brainfeeder lol @tragicbios @dkulchar The beat still knocks but it's all over the place
@zz_plant Congrats @MichaelDowding_ @alextheomusic @DJ_YungSingh @alextheomusic @lochrxven2k @aya_yco @dkulchar He continued posting after this lol
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐs @Sneakyness Don't send a geologist to do a mountaineer's job thenFor reference:'s when I see these undercooked hypertexts roping artists into their thesis in a really scattershod/unfocused way… Simon Reynolds p4k piece about 2010s conceptual electronic music is good and connects a lot of dots for a list…
@RAIHAN_ i didn't know carl craig ghost produced @UpliftedDolphin (most ambitious crossover event meme) @hdt_hugh Will the real user-deleted please stand up @schizoanalytic Big McKenzie Wark energy @UpliftedDolphin Eventually you run out of broken beat tracks to play on the auxLife updates: Bill Maher walked (and tripped and fell) so Hassan Minhaj could fly Big Mouth is better than I expe…
@zz_plant "Siri play me the American Psycho morning ritual video, but focus grouped for the crunchy granola crowd" @gabeastralplane I'm reading this quote in the full paragraph it's in, and I get your point re. the #discourse, but… @StubblesMcGee I think it creates, the people in question were already predisposed to attach material success/presu…
@RAIHAN_ Alexa this is so sad play Footcr- I mean clawcrabMissed the Stereolab show to DJ in my garage and got a noise complaint Tfw the cops were like "your music was pret… @RAIHAN_ Don't kinkshame me Raihan @laurenspankford I'm collating from a few sources but Laurent Fintoni did a good featured piece in FACT back in '15… happened with Prefuse 73 at Warp pisses me off to go from A&Ring Flying Lotus and Battles (not to mention dud…
@dotMudge Love u MudgyAre these 35 million people sociopaths wtf @zz_plant fucking shit the beat in teejayx6’s “clever” samples belgian new beat i’m geeking tf out
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐs @rxdazn Well well well
@mrblaq @heckadecimal I'm into suspension @_hi1234567890 Sounds hot I'm in @brotherrefresh @botazlabestia lol @errrlaab @elysiumalps Big mood
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐs @botazlabestia wow @DesiderataDC @grenier lmaoGonna play this as an interlude during my next all grime set
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐsphrasing @ibasedkai Lmao @davidgross_man Mhm @RAIHAN_ 🖤 @RAIHAN_ Incontrovertibly I grow up I wanna be as cool as @RAIHAN_
2019 @rxdazn Jam & Spoon - Stella @telefontelaviv @nottheactors We were talking about a Stereolab show coming up this week in Minneapolis, lol! But d… @nottheactors @telefontelaviv Kicking myself for not having gotten tickets earlier for that show @XanjaBass yeaIf you're not listening to the new @telefontelaviv you're fucking up
@b_ck_tt To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand connor @zz_plant Coming up on 7 years single and at this point, it's dope to know who has my interests at heart and who wo… weekend was fun, probably my best crowd + set combo
TOPY and Genesis P-Orridge's knowing adoption of cult iconography...quickly slid from satiric emulation to full emb…
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Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐs @mbootyspoon I'm catching up on Succession first @baharkhadem To Be Fair, You Have To Have A Very High IQ To Understand Objekt. The Sound Design Is Extremely Subtle…
Real DIY hours who up
@AyeshaASiddiqi this is gonna get coward's ratio'd but yea*hannibal buress voice* gristles be throbbin
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐs @AdamSinger Meet Chella too karen
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐs @Hodgebristol @RinseFrance @LaMachineParis Some bread and cheese and fine white wine Designer chic is a matter of t… @too_much_love @nsig_ I see youHer (2013) dir. Spike Jonze
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐs, u misunderstood. Not jalapeno poppers, jalapeno POPPERS
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐsmy world changed when my sister text me from Dimensions to tell me that 'Pull Up' is 'Pull Up' backwards
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