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Armchair sociology does nothing If you're in a city where you can make a difference, make a difference stays undefeated @extinctdaemon Tokenization when it comes to pseudo-leftist ideas has been a reality for a while, it made rereading… @dovcharney2 Congrats on the upgrade only piece of that terrible press conference that was true: there are more of us than them
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐs @MNUnitedAF EMT on the way @CamelCrushGals Days is looking like a really prescient movie about now
@2xMvr Dude I'm the one pulling your tooth out, we just fucked up the anesthetic dose stop tweeting @dkulchar Twue wuv @Bandcloud @suncurves__ Not that murky/controversial imo saying much else about that arts building other than from the Hexagon Bar must have caught the arts building next door. They've put out the fire on the roof of th…’s something my best friend said to me once, "We're not tools of the government or anyone else. Fighting was t…
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@basilionichols these numbers were too good not to post @extinctdaemon Why you shitting in the shower man c'monIlhan Omar-STemporary Auto Zone (TAZ)
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐsIf you want to keep up with the police scanner and current news, some accounts to follow: @CrimeWatchMpls
@sambiinaa I mean duh @caleb_spike @HCP_FM Might have been cell signal jammers, the tweets look like they're from yesterday @tom_sobolik @kiernanlaveaux Same @dovcharney2 SupInspired by this recent post about Boogaloo boys' presence in Minneapolis at the riots yesterday @sudocurse wow you really went with that joke wonder how Chris Poole feels about the legacy of 4chan now that it's demonstrably a radicalization pathwayPDF library on accelerationism, hauntology, dromology, anthropocene, speculative realism, and any other related top…
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐs @terrystuckshop The picture on the right is not of Chauvin but of another white nationalist @1432R__ Vertical integration lolThere is full scale rioting happening right now in Minneapolis. Tear gas, riot police, projectiles. Unconfirmed rep…
2020 miss being a party promoter and club rat in LA even if none of my parties turned a profit, but the one thing in t… @GILA_____ god blesse the juug gnome @Joey2lanes Yee motherfucking hawtfw you get owned by Scott Zacharias @dkulchar
2020 I listen closely enough, I can see the palms swaying over the freeway like disinterested gods and picture us all…, it's impossible for me to hear "I Haven't Been Everywhere But It's On My List," and not feel the ephemeral d… headlines became so grim that everything felt barbarically cruel and stupid and beyond parody.drugs, alcohol, careless errors that became fatal. Institutions that I loved crumbled, entire industries practicall… after that night, the tectonic plates began slipping; things went from "I Know the Devil is Real" to he's k… the years that followed, my friends lost that version of their lives. We text occasionally but it feels more com… course, the political carnage of what would happen the following year loomed, but there was something about that… soon as I hear "I Haven't Been Everywhere But It's On My List," my mind reflexively lowers into a blurry slipstr… @jp_bse "Why yes, I refute feminism on YouTube in my spare time" it's low in the mix, and chopped a bit, but you spot the Trading Places/The Ha Dance sample on Biosphere - Nove… @glorbis Yooooo huge shouts out to Nisennenmondai
@aBarnes94 @JordanUhl Try Bullfrog, Bethesda Bagels, or Goldberg's @Joey2lanes @_RVHEEM_ @HIMANSHU 909 and Jupiter 8...I hope my mans was a raver @HIMANSHU SPB all day @tltrostle Some of these feel like Livity Sound album artmade a mix loosely inspired by the save room music from resident evil 4, serenity, and that feeling of.. you did it…
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@brotherrefresh Vinegar strokes when you're vegan are called nutbase (the other jokes write themselves sorry) @ohsnapknapp @MFHATER @BackwoodzHipHop Sick! Have you listened to Armand Hammer at all? That's Billy Woods and Eluc… @da_drought_3 What size, and yesIt's time for the ventilator It's time for the ventilator It's time for the ventilator It's time for the ventilator @zz_plant My dating life @TRENDREZNOR 3 CDJs, audio interface out of mixer and into laptop->OBS->Twitch @brotherrefresh Actually,,,,,,,,,,,,yeah @brotherrefresh Jesus christ dude @davidgross_man That's so wild that he shouts out Bellflower, too. I remember when they were doing the campus tour…
@davidgross_man Hell yeah's a GoFundMe for the guy who got beat up don't know what they have in the waters in Eau Claire, WI but it shouldn't have this many people on Xanax or whit… @RajiRags Absolutely unreal, thanks for the link lol for Gerd Janson is normie shit @UpliftedDolphin Hard to define that as a win when PC Music never really started from the ground floor if we're doing spicy takes about left-of-center pop-adjacent stuff with star-studded production credits, Charli…, Alex Tizon did the human trafficking mea culpa better Lana del Ray and Jia Tolentino are mids creatives lol
@frozenreeds DJing with 320s is Okay @KELVlN_FILTER @sysadminvb @thinkinchaos_ Lol that's wild, didn't even notice the timestamp @sysadminvb @thinkinchaos_ Yep, it was for their 25th anniversary party. Was a wild night with many familiar faces…
Fuckin A, I'm getting misty and I didn't even know the guy
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐsevery new morsel from A.K. Paul gives me life
@badorchid1 Thank you Elise!! Appreciate you tuning in @thealexbrooks @thealexbrooks are live! Tune in at @extinctdaemon *hears the word broken beat* Hello @extinctdaemon
@waif0000 Bruh what the fuck lol
@RAIHAN_ Why did you Paulstretch Ryoji IkedaIn the late 1960s, students in India were producing electronic music that was as innovative, ground-breaking and ma…
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐsWhat about @sk33mask @aliberger_DR5 Good God sweater game outta control @Bandcloud That DJ Rasoul is such a chuggy little weaponElectro Swing is techno in its rawest form
Retweeted by ɥsɐʞɐɹdɯɐɹ ɥsəʌɹɐs @voguememory This is what Fabric turned into
Myst, Quake II, SimCity (the OG), Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Oregon Trail @glorbis @awesometapes I actually have Brian's old messages from when *I* was asking about tape decks, not sure if… @glorbis Thoughts, @awesometapes?Raps about Orwell and Philip K. Dick be hitting different during 2020 quar’s a simp?
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35 years ago today in 1985 the City of Philadelphia dropped a bomb from a helicopter and destroyed 60+ homes, murde…
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