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YESSss ✨✨✨ would just like to thank everyone who doesnt do anything intentionally hurtful today
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕This could be us
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕bro shut up i’m trying to remember what i was just thinking about 2 seconds ago
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕 @blvvdbath probs not but i feel like if i showed her she’d probably love how much sailor moon i repost 😹 @misslaurariot i’m so sorry. 😔 @lexxibacca ew WHATi asked to be matched with a furby and.. 😹💕 casually having a conversation with me my brain:
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕Without downloading any new pictures, where are you at mentally? @keeksx7 can confirm @LightAsiiDJ ow< 3
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕 @StripperFurby PLSIts only life.
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕its what air signs are-- dramatic
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕hate playing make believe with little kids. u shoot them with a laser and theyre like "actually i went back in time…
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕 @wvtch_x ily2loooookit how cute my best friend is the mood to move to a different state & ghost everyone i’ve ever known lol
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕 @keeksx7 ugh makes me sick @keeksx7 one min he’s acting in a successful Netflix series on top of the world, next he is AWOL 😹 bro just don’t f… @kidastronavt this is my religion 💕✨🌸
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕PSA: You do not have to forgive your abusers to heal or move on. You can find that forgiveness and grace for yourse…
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕 @keeksx7 AHHHHHundrid persentyes, i would like to drive this heart shaped car.
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕Hi I'm a Christian conservative who believes in angels and talking snakes but I need to see more data on climate change
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕Y’all ever think about how she’s so hot everyone just hated her for no reason.
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕 @keeksx7 me too. :/if you think it’s cool and fun to have boobs... well you’re right, but also this happens often and there’s no expla… share this. stop dming me I can't read
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕"if u want" no nvm
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕Ketamine every weekend but cow’s milk is where you draw the line????
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕i want her
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕
@kotamew i have such an unhealthy obsession with macaulay and any of the culkin brothers really... he is so unbothered i love himthis has big @wvtch_x energy @MindOfAcripple listen don’t mention my name i don’t want to be guilty by association over a 1/2 & 1/2 murder 😹😹😹
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕 @keeksx7 i know. why isn’t there just a happy healthy inbetween. the ones that are radically against masks/the ones…’t believe i’m looking at cute masks as a part of my everyday fashion
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕 @keeksx7 how do i send this to certain ppl without, ya know, sending it to them 🧐 @MindOfAcripple omg LOL. i wish 😭 you’re a doll, thank you 🥺treating me like an angel is my love language
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕What I want to be for Halloween:
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕 @sweeteag ily 💕
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕You know how you can tell that your vote is important and will matter in this election? Because Trump and the Repu…
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕 @jjcharlesworth_ @TripleB1102 i’m sorry, but no. the blame & anger is severely misplaced here. why are we portrayin… amazing and intelligent young Americans are begging for her help, begging for change and she responds with “W… @tarotmommyy that was so hard to watch oh my god... she knew that older girl was 100% right that’s why she shut dow… some respect on their names
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕why is she me,
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕i imagine this is why all SIX of your siblings despise you so much that they agreed to be in a political ad endorsi… @kidastronavt @lazyeyez can also confirm it is worth the watch ✨marine 🐠🐟
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕imagine getting so rich and successful that you forgot what it’s like to be a middle class working person @Jordania253 don’t be stingy! let him lick your little hole 💕 @kidastronavt LOL, i knowwww. i’m only teasing beeb 💕 @kidastronavt we had a convo about being impatient/patient yesterday 😜insomnia drawing #373847338 (probably) @lfarrell1025 it’s gross and super bizarre @Jordania253 it’s absolutely not let’s be honest with ourselvestr*mp doesn’t know who slipknot is Lmaooo what a fucking loser how embarrassing
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕 @kotamew i just started the UK one 😹😹😹 @kidastronavt hey... wait a dang minute... 🤔can someone explain to me what motivates someone to be this obnoxious...? it’s not funny. i wanna crawl out of my s…’s hard being a hiiii girl sometimes 😔
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕Vote early Drink water Eat vegetables Stan tiddies
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕If you're into old bitches with carpal tunnel hmu
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕Anxiety is like
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕i have nothing interesting to say i just rly love sparkles & felt cute 🥺💕✨🎀🌸 @elliexknight the determination!!! way stronger than me i didn’t make it past ep 2 😹walk-up polls are opening in the next few days if you need to register/get a replacement ballot OR drop off your ma… someone remembers little details about me
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕 @elliexknight thiiiis - tbh i cannot get behind most of the SUPER slow-moving, mostly anti-climactic “horror” serie… will not answer your dms here or there. I will not answer your DMs anywhere!
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕my brain: don’t do it you stupid bitch me after doing the exact thing that i said i wasn’t going to do:
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕WAIT.... @tomsegura has SUCH A CUTE BUTT WHAT THE HECKgod i KNEWWWWW bert was gonna cry i knew it 😹😹😹😹When you bought 500 balloons for your best bud but your friend doesn't appreciate it. #2BearLive
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕halloween isn’t orange anymore it’s actually pink now
Retweeted by macy jo 🌸✨💕 @hambamjam he’s such a sweet normal bean i’m 🥺🥺🥺 it’s so goodTHEY ARE VIDEO CALLING OWEN GRAY RIGHT NOW I AM LOSING IT @krolan1 i cant believe how coherent he is on 20 mg, vodka and wine @TripleB1102 I JUST SAID THE SAME!!! hard to admit as a simp for the main mommies but this is SOOO entertaining @gmann6448 GOOD LORD, tell god hi when you see him tonightalso same @superhottakeguy don’t be stingy cole DO IT ✨ @superhottakeguy yes but also you should just jump in now just sayin @superhottakeguy what r ya DOIN COLE?!?? 2 bears 1 cave live, toms taken 20 mg of edibles, they’re both drunk and a…“is this fat joe?” -@bertkreischer 2020omfg tom is gonna be on his ass and i cannot waitholy shit is bert about to cry he’s so upset about tom not smelling his own ass-finger @keeksx7 i have to follow suit or i will actually die tonightMAKE IT 5was that 3 or 4 drinks for bert continually saying sword incorrectly omg @keeksx7 goals
@lacroixboy_ i asked how he found me/how he knows we live near each other and this bitch LEFT ME ON READ