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Perfect is a myth. Allow yourself to be human , make mistakes and grow. Seeking good vibes. My words will touch you at right place ❤️🔥.. pardon me !☺️

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Women posting pics of cleavage appear cool to men ? Honestly pls ! @Mumbaikar123 😊 @BangduJailer Yeah 👍True ❤️❤️💞💞 @BangduJailer Pehle aap , pehle aap mei gaadi chhut jaegi.😂😂 @iGreenGod Ok 😊Why men get offended so easily when a woman complains about something? They take the entire blame on themselves, which isn't right. @andylectablyme Absolutely true @BangduJailer You both need to talk it out @BangduJailer May be she is missing you too @sweetsoul_117 True for me as well.. @BangduJailer Did you tell her ? @BangduJailer Which experience !??When a man stops persuing the woman he likes , means he isn't interested in her now.You can choose not to interact with them but you cannot stop missing them.There will be people who love the idea of you, but lack the maturity to handle the reality of you...
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@kbhikbhi26 😜 @kbhikbhi26 Bas maja ma...Tu kem chhe ? @kbhikbhi26 😂😂😂👌Physical intimacy seals the bond of emotional intimacy !Love means someone at the back of your mind , no matter how busy or distracted you are !Don't be so available that people take you for granted. But also don't be so unavailable that they give up on you.
Retweeted by Expressions !!!Your fingers interlaced with mine is a touch worth holding on to
Retweeted by Expressions !!!Love can exist without marriage and marriage can exist without love. Make peace with both.
Retweeted by Expressions !!!You know what’s sexy, being upfront and honest with someone.
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The best feeling in the world is knowing your presence and absence both means something to someone !!
Retweeted by Expressions !!!Being in your arms, releases me.
Retweeted by Expressions !!! @lisha230792 😂😂😂 @BangduJailer Lag ja gale,k fir ye hasin raat ho na ho , shaayad fir iss janam mei , mulakat ho na ho @lisha230792 However good it is made ,I don't like it @lisha230792 Thank you ,🤗 @lisha230792 Vada paav.. Everyone just devours it and goes fida on it except me. @sapnamadan NoTrue. Reach out to her before it's too late. @BhagyashreeH2h 😂😂A woman can love you to death and never talk to you ever again . Understand that. #FromTheHeartOfaWoman
Retweeted by Expressions !!! @BhagyashreeH2h Very deep rooted 😂😂 @BhagyashreeH2h True..Hardest part is removing someone from your heart. @BangduJailer Such a cute babyIf they need you temporarily, ignore them permanently..
Retweeted by Expressions !!! @BangduJailer Lol @brij2222 😀 sacchu kidhu neकुछ रिश्तो को मज़बूत करते करते , इंसान खुद ही कमज़ोर पड जाता है .... @YSawarthia007 Typing error hai...thanks @BangduJailer 😂😂 dozens of people followed me and 6 unfollowed me...That's the only thing they have in their profile..Unfollowed***Some people never tweet anything. They just come here to check who followed and unfollwed them.. Bas ussi ki ginti rakhne aate hai idhar. @BangduJailer And so that person stops interacting one fine day... @Mugdha71214719 @3366bb If you are more desperate n clingy , he won't like it. Want him , but don't need him.You won’t find me where you left me. I don’t wait around.
Retweeted by Expressions !!!No one is yours at the end of the day except your family !
Retweeted by Expressions !!! @BangduJailer Hmm @rohit_a09 Yes..A strong one @BangduJailer No one listens.. Everyone just judges and assumes !People will come back to you when they realise no one gave them a damn except you !Apparently when you treat people the way they treated you, they get offended. Weird, isn’t it?
Retweeted by Expressions !!! @Velvetyvirgo @Tripathikirti21 @arunbothra @swatikhatri_ But why did he post such a msg at first place that everyone panicked?Sometimes we need to talk it out and we fear no one will understand us.
Retweeted by Expressions !!!Find someone who doesn't fill you with doubt
Retweeted by Expressions !!! @3366bb This is true..His need for you should be more than your need for him
You can't change people, but you can choose to not interact with them. Do that.
Retweeted by Expressions !!!we hide more sadness than we show
Retweeted by Expressions !!!No one is yours at the end of the day except your family !Sometimes we need to talk it out and we fear no one will understand us. @BangduJailer 😂 @BangduJailer Vo so gai.. jawab kahaan se degiSometimes it’s ok if you need to disconnect yourself from the world and enjoy your own company.
Retweeted by Expressions !!!Just because they stop telling you how they feel, doesn’t mean they’ve stopped feeling, maybe they just noticed you stopped listening.
Retweeted by Expressions !!! @ImtiazShariff5 @smipree @realshailimore @sujatachandran @on_a_tangent_ @ThinkDivya @YourSomeone11 @Sonia177sweet… @urbanXpunjabi Tweets that don't impress me .True 😭😍😍 @YSawarthia007 Typical woman..I can relate to her. @orbitop OopsI just miss you and that makes me sad.
Retweeted by Expressions !!!In my head, i miss the moments, Those i have imagined, might happen When we meet.
Retweeted by Expressions !!!What's one habit in your partner /spouse ,that annoys you ?Normalise being sad and not wanting to talk about it with anyone.
Retweeted by Expressions !!! @BangduJailer 🤣🤣 @BangduJailer Sperms , not eggs ,😂😂😂 @BangduJailer 😂😂😂😂You might fail at your words and promises , so Commit less , deliver more ! @YSawarthia007 Very true..Commit less , deliver more.. @its_ap1 @brij2222 🤣🤣 🙈🙈aadat se majboor @SassyShweta_ Don't stay in the relationship that doesn't serve you mentally and emotionally
Retweeted by Expressions !!!ever have one of those days where more than anything, you need that person’s hug?
Retweeted by Expressions !!! @YSawarthia007 @brij2222 Majhak aap bhi samjjha kijiye 😜 he is my good friend..I can tell him. @brij2222 @Gboard HahaIf they have eyes for others, I will quickly and quietly remove myself from their line of vision.
Retweeted by Expressions !!! @brij2222 5 baar spelling likho material ki..😜😂😂😂😂 @YSawarthia007 @brij2222 I can't stand spelling mistakes..My blood boils..😜😂😂😂😂 @brij2222 👩‍🏫👩‍🏫जब तुम नहीं समझे, तब मैंने खुद को कितना समझाया ये तुम कभी नहीं समझोगे ।
Retweeted by Expressions !!! @brij2222 Material*When a man smokes it damages his lung. When a woman smokes it damages her character. I don't know if women have no…
Retweeted by Expressions !!! @SrBachchan Sir , you can let go off few things. @priyathedentico Yes...Yes..yes @maulik7773 Mask to pehro !! 😀😀❤️❤️ @DGPATEL29 😂😂😂