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Perfect is a myth.Allow yourself to be human ,make mistakes and grow. Teacher by profession. Sapiosexual . Seeking good vibes .Abusers will be blocked.

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@ViralGada9252 😂 @Spicyndtangy Thank you Sanjoli @bharat_k Yes...The original tweet says , feelings have no leaves on Sunday too I said let them not take leave , let hearts talk. @Battu14 Gujarati @Boeing___747___ Yup V.. Welcome..Have lots of batter and chutney ready.. Its super yummm @neeleshrtrivedi હવે થી રોજ ગુજરાતી માં એક tweet કરવાનું વિચારું છુ.. @Mumbaikar123 જોકે મૌન સમજનારા ઓછા જ મળશે.. અને જે બે હૈયા કીધા વગર એક બીજા ને સમજી શકે , એનાથી મોટી અને આકર્ષક કોઈ વાત નથી.. ઓલ ધ બેસ્ટ @ViralGada9252 👍😂 @Mumbaikar123 ચૂપ ના રહી , કહી દેવું જોઈએ વાતચીત વગર ખબર કેવી રીતે પડે ! @mars_4you 230 likesMasala dosa today in dinner. My family doesn't prefer Sambhar , so it's missing.. Though dosa is crispy and yumm wi… @Niceman53190832 @rohan_9293 I know this well @SensitivityInc 😂😂 @23twitts Yup 😂 @SreeBasu84 😂😂😂 perfect.. Don't be jealous..Make them more jealous @mayur_jungi Women handles...They can't tolerate it. @rohan_9293 Dhundho...Pata chal jaayega.. Khud nahi kar sakte side tweet , for angoor khatte ho jaate hai @rohan_9293 Pata chal jaata hai..Women are more jealous of me here @Makrand35755405 Don't need anyone's certificate...I am better off . @rohan_9293 People getting jealous for the tweets and the engagement that follows on my tweets..Now that's the real fun. I see jealousy behind the scenes for my bolder words on Twitter.. Am enjoying the burnt smell of hidden jealousy. @Abhi972 True..Kya ukhad lenge.. Jalne walo ko aur jalao is my rule.😉 Nice dp btw @Seher_shine Dhamki for few of them.😉 @sujansingh9 😂😂😂😂 @SreeBasu84 🤗😊 @KulwantJanjue Thank you @SreeBasu84 this is for people like you who got hurt ..Had tweeted in morning. @TSaffronist @sujansingh9 Ji mei tagged hun .. Obviously padhungi. @JainMm Not for you ! ☺️I tweet my thoughts here and if you make any comment pointing at my personal life , you will never be spared and wi… @sushant_devaki You surely gonna get blocked now... Making personal comments is highly undesirable..Off ! @sushant_devaki Don't take everything seriously.. Twitter is meant for sharing thoughts , nothing more . @Goan_curry @Bharti37486207 Haha...That's good intention @SreeBasu84 It's everyone's story here.. More or less every second person here might have got attached to someone and ended up being hurt. @anshuvishad @Bharti37486207 It is not a goal , it's hormones that take over after emotional connection happens. @Bharti37486207 Eventually everyone will jump into bed..Or atleast will desire to jump.રજા લેવી પણ નથી . હૈયા બોલે , આપડે ચૂપ રહેવું !
Retweeted by €xpressions @Goan_curry Thank you Harshad @shairon_indic Whatever you think is right is true for you . @naimishdesai22 Thank you naimish @Abhi972 😂😂Younger men want to date older women because they are hot , experienced and fuck better. 😉રજા લેવી પણ નથી . હૈયા બોલે , આપડે ચૂપ રહેવું ! @PMvasavada 👌👌💕Can you imagine a love so gentle and honest that it fundamentally changes a person’s nature for the better? Can y…
Retweeted by €xpressions @HimanshuRaval17 HeheLately, I have realised that @Twitter is the best dating site because here you fell in love with the person and not…
Retweeted by €xpressionsHusband wife both die in a Car crash. Husband becomes Bhoot. Wife becomes Chudail. They both meet after some time…
Retweeted by €xpressions @SociologyIsArt These are sight words..We never write first letter capital.. @Abhi972 Lower middle class 😂 @Aravindhachille 😊😊❤️❤️ @peetalaswarnakm YesSorry but my entry will be official as to what i write in my classroom for my kids #HandWritingTwitter all have atleast one person in our life whose presence makes us strong , happy n their absence makes us weak helpless #justsaying
Retweeted by €xpressions @OmkarSamant7 I welcome my kids this way too..When they have done something extraordinary ,whole class claps for th… @bharat_k @lalalal_13 😊 @HimanshuRaval17 Wah Himanshu @dkriti @Imnishant811 😂 @lalalal_13 Haha..Never thought..Am reading all comments to get an idea , what a date can be like.😂 @SensitivityInc 😇💕💕💕💕 @chandanas @ProfMKay Sochne mei kya jaata hai..Lage rahiye 😂😂👍👍 @ReaIKimJongUn Mere tweet pe 450 plus likes aaye hai.. ab sudhar jao tum lawyer..😂😂😂 @chandanas @ProfMKay Lovely @eyesurgeon9 😂😂👍 @eyesurgeon9 You took me seriously 😂?? @ReaIKimJongUn Wow..Best reply lawyer..👌👌👌💕 @eyesurgeon9 Find a pretty lady's handle on Twitter , follow her , get noticed , get hooked..😂 @PMvasavada 😂😂online j chhu ..etle @ProfMKay You seem to be sorted..Very clear idea ! Wow @desi_thug1 All commenting here are experts ..😂 @PMvasavada 😂🙊 @desi_thug1 So many are replying here..Read the comments , you will get the tips. @Boeing___747___ And if there is a distance ? And you just meeting first time for a date then ? @HimanshuRaval17 🤣🤣 @PMvasavada Chaale..😂👍 @Seher_shine Sahi mei 😂😂😂😂😂 @Seher_shine 🔥🤣🤣 @rohan_9293 Aww @vishkumve Ok @Boeing___747___ 😊👌 @Seher_shine Wow @1213brij I too love beaches.💕 @anilkumar189198 Awesome @ProfMKay 😇 awesome ❤️ @dkriti Best life..I swear..😂 @monocularshark 👍What's your idea of a perfect date with him /her ? @Seher_shine @Onik_Rana Majnu.. @SincereDesire @A_blue_birdie 😂😂😂😂😂 @its_ap1 Fir bhi no chhutti at work..😂तुम्हारी खुशियों के ठिकाने बहुत होंगे.... हमारी बेचैनियों की वजह सिर्फ तुम हो !!
Retweeted by €xpressionsDon't crave someone for sex , crave them for emotional support. Sex will follow.
Retweeted by €xpressions @BenTen42092782 Agree @Jyotirmayee_M Not difficult either.. We become blind to reality and get carried away for momentary happiness.How many RTs if you want me to make a biopic on India’s most inspiring man and a true leader of youth - APJ Kalam?
Retweeted by €xpressions @khannaa 😉 @peetalaswarnakm ThanksIn pleasing others for the greed of love , attention and intimacy , see that you don't lose yourself and your self… @NishantVerma444 Not possible...We can't be good enough for everyone..People will still blame.