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Retweeted by Diandra, Elm Street PhD~ katharine isabelle in horror ~
Retweeted by Diandra, Elm Street PhDthe three branches of the government
Retweeted by Diandra, Elm Street PhD @SuperGirl3175 THANK YOU AMENWAY TO GO, QUEEN Z 👏 👏 👏 YOU!! ❤️💚❤️
@HallowBreena @lofi_dood ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘😭😭😭😭😭We used to be a country. A proper country. @beautylivingded Also dope album and song @beautylivingded WOOOO welcome welcome @Jooliasez Oh it me @BrooksaJoshua GREAT CHOICE @idkgravity Dude you’re incredible. People are missing out. @videocoven YES! I looove them. Always had a helluva time with glue because I’m impatient and messy. But, these are… @CooperSBeckett NO! But I’m gonna get it!I feel like I tweet this every time I watch the movie but this creature still terrifies me opening of Krampus is 🔥🔥🔥 @VanDollar15 @The_Paige_Life ABSOLUTELY. People who don’t have no idea @GeeksSinks That would be fun!! @Z0MBKLR In general @RTLombardi Even me?Bah Humbug! Brad and Fiona Dourif.
Retweeted by Diandra, Elm Street PhD @AdmiralBeamish I can understand that @2Blue2Beetle How so? @AdmiralBeamish Please expand!And finally… #horrorslashpoll would you rather play in a horror film? #horrorslashpollWhich one do you like more? #horrorslashpollIs Die Hard a Christmas movie?? #horrorslashpollIt has been a hot minute but we’re prepping for this week’s episode of @thehorrorslash! 5 polls. Starting with… Wh…
@the_bro_captain Santa isn’t real. Me: @RepThomasMassie Tell me you’re insecure without telling me you’re insecure. @_AmandaWyss They all look exactly like anyone might assume they’d look.NEW VIDEO! I had a bit of an oops this week which delayed our plans. But, take a look at most of the setup for our…
Retweeted by Diandra, Elm Street PhD @Fadingarcader Haha all is good! I’m just being dramatic again.#SCREAM (2022) Character Posters 🔪
Retweeted by Diandra, Elm Street PhDWhen you think about it… we’re all limited editions.
Retweeted by Diandra, Elm Street PhD @NLAHamilton Literally wtfWhy tf are all the nays from dudes with less than 100 followersMidwinter
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@AndrewWoo70 Disfigure? Bedazzle is more like it. @xmynameisjonasx Walmart 😅 @Fadingarcader Thanks! This is why I think I might just stick with magnetic.I contemplated getting a septum piercing but I didn’t know if it’s something that I really wanted so I opted for a… stuart "stu" macher from scream!!
Retweeted by Diandra, Elm Street PhDKhloe, my girl, you know what you have to do! What a blast! Thank you to everyone who joined the #ThisGamesCalledMurder Twitter Watch Along Party with… murder. Then: Fiji. Priorities. #ThisGamesCalledMurderI guess you could say #ThisGamesCalledMurder is mind blowing!! @HorrorQueers Damn this is accurateLet’s all take a moment to appreciate the crazy majesty of Ron Perlman as Mr. Wallendorf. #ThisGamesCalledMurder @dimerip2004 Here!! it is EXACTLY what it looks like. Boy, I hope you get what’s coming for you now. Death by red shoe!!! 👠 #ThisGamesCalledMurder#ThisGamesCalledMurder is Birds of Prey meets A Clockwork Orange.1000000% yes! #ThisGamesCalledMurder influencers ride around in baby doll head chariots. Everyone knows that. #ThisGamesCalledMurderFruit loops on her head, pajamas, and red stilettos...been there...mentally. #ThisGamesCalledMurderSoooooo this movie is full of girl power...and I'm not talking just rocking red's rocking red heels, get… do I join this kickbutt girl gang? #ThisGamesCalledMurderI'm getting a little Birds of Prey aesthetics from this movie -- the lighting, scenery, costumes, characters. Loves… @Peacelovechai Right?!This whole premise is reminding me why they’re called “stilettos.” 👠 #ThisGamesCalledMurderNow I want chicken fried steak... #ThisGamesCalledMurderOf course this score is by @bearmccreary!!! #ThisGamesCalledMurderEXCUSE ME that opening made me feel powerful! And my gosh…what a commanding presence from @perlmutations.… Twitter Watch Party for @CrankedUpFilms #ThisGamesCalledMurder is starting soon!! 👠 Join @BDisgusting, myself,… GETTING LOADED TONIGHT… …on hot cocoa.1 hour til the Twitter Watch Party for @CrankedUpFilms #ThisGamesCalledMurder!👠 "A modern, dark-humored tale of gr…
@HorrorGuerrero @peacockTV @BDisgusting @FreddyInSpace @DEADLINE Congrats, Gigi!!!! I’ll definitely be watching! @thehorrorslash Drunk monkeys is right up my alley @thehorrorslash It holds a special place in my heart @lofi_dood stans being like “omg I want to hold his hand <3” meanwhile it’s a 6ft man with superhuman strength and an…
Retweeted by Diandra, Elm Street PhD @thehorrorslash @JTheGhoul @ScreamMovies I HOPE ITS STUWOW! This box is to die for!!😍👠🔪 Thank you @BDisgusting and @CrankedUpFilms. I am so excited for tonight’s watch p…'Studio 666' - Horror Movie Starring the Foo Fighters (@FooFighters) Slays With a First-Look Teaser Trailer! [Video]
Retweeted by Diandra, Elm Street PhDThe Halloweenies and @SassySledgehmmr discuss one of the more painful deaths in SCREAM 4. Stream the full episode n…
Retweeted by Diandra, Elm Street PhDJoin me this Friday evening for a special Twitter Watch Party of the new thriller #ThisGamesCalledMurder!…
Retweeted by Diandra, Elm Street PhD @halloweengal @kreepazoidkelly @BDisgusting @CrankedUpFilms Heck yes Danielle!!!!Who wants to join me TONIGHT for a super cool watch party of the new thriller #thisgamescalledmurder @BDisgusting
Retweeted by Diandra, Elm Street PhD @BloggingBanshee @BDisgusting So READY @GoblinKingJosh @BDisgusting @CrankedUpFilms Yooooo me TOO!TONIGHT @ 8pm EST/5pm PST. Murder. Mayhem. Clout. Join me for a #ThisGamesCalledMurder Twitter Watch Along Party!… wanna!! Tonight we join @BDisgusting to watch @CrankedUpFilms' #ThisGamesCalledMurder, a dark and wickedly funny… @KindaFullNelson @ScreamMovies And that would make it more interesting. Maybe he’s done with this stuff. Maybe she is.Hmmm 🤔 these new @ScreamMovies posters!! I don’t want to jump ahead of myself but the poses with the mask are very… @MsLolaRaexo About time!!!Tomorrow!!! Let’s go!❤️@FredHeadsDoc💚
@lyndzielegend Christmas Carol?I wanna know…what is something you’ve done that your family, friends, bosses, etc. didn’t think you could do? Brag to me! @TheGonz57 @the_bro_captain would be HONORED😍 all of those asking, yes, the car is fine
Retweeted by Diandra, Elm Street PhD @Fadingarcader @the_bro_captain Haha I hope it leaves a scar too! Adds to my villain aesthetic. @HallowBreena Hahaha thank you!