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That #ANightmareOnElmStreet girl, cosplayer, and CEO of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. Podcaster at @ElmStreetRadio & @horrorpreneur. @fredheadsdoc coming soon!

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It has been a fucking week so I’m drowning myself in holiday #horror and hot cocoa. @madaaliyah_ Ahahaha savingHere's some B-roll of the Wes Craven interview while the cameraman was changing the angle in the middle of it. As a…
Retweeted by Diandra👻🎃Because no one asked, here are the outtakes of me introducing my Wes Craven interview for Recovery at age 19. Note…
Retweeted by Diandra👻🎃 @LanaTIC_ER @sick__66 My voice and my eyes. @stepharriet23 @darlingstardust And of course I had to take the shadow and make it ✨spooky✨ @stepharriet23 @darlingstardust That’s lovely, Steph. I love art. I love the female form and I love supporting my f… @darlingstardust I was inspired by @stepharriet23! Her shadow posts were so beautiful. @ebonrook_film Hahahaha oh GeorgeGood morning, FredHeads.💋#FreddyKFriday @thehorrorchick Awe❤️ @BloggingBanshee I’m so sorry, Molly. I’ve been feeling the same way. I hope you feel better soon! @skinslip Best advice! 🙌 @darlingstardust @lanasleftshoe @bluebear1516 @nelmichellexo @ameliam0lly @marisadontcry @robinlocksleys @darlingstardust DAS US @darlingstardust @isthatadrienne @kitchencuddles @parrillasburton @lindallini @parrillaswann 🥺💋 @darlingstardust SO MANY @darlingstardust @lanasleftshoe @bluebear1516 @nelmichellexo @ameliam0lly @marisadontcry @robinlocksleys @darlingstardust @earthgirl_ I’m proud of YOU!!!!😘❤️ @kitchencuddles @lanasleftshoe @darlingstardust @isthatadrienne This is the first time in my life I’ve been told I… @Jfcdoomblade 😍😍😍😍 @beingamaguire @lanasleftshoe I thought you were gonna say “Henry.” 😂
our lady of perpetual destruction
Retweeted by Diandra👻🎃 @ZahirXOXO @theheadknight @AshleeTakesNote Yeee 🥰 @theheadknight Fudge. @theheadknight I’d love to but I’d also love to see you collab with @AshleeTakesNote @ZahirXOXO @anasophiamills Cashew!! I totally forgot! Thank you all! @ZahirXOXO hey! What’s the best non-dairy milk for dairy-free hot cocoa? I usually use water but it’s bleh. I thoug… @BootheJonathon Don’t we all? @reginalicksemma AYE THIS IS LIT🔥🔥🔥🔥No joke I thought this was a new take on “A Christmas Carol.” @HorrorGirlProbs @FANGORIA @SamWineman @viviennevomit @andrewscottbell @DeathcemberFilm I’ve seen some itchy lookin… @lofivampire Stop it you’re freaking me out @lofivampire duuuuuude I thought this was 💯 Kevin!! @ZoboWithShotgun HOLY SHIT WHAT @gorycoryhorror I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it! I rarely hear anyone talk about it but I make everyone I know… @gorycoryhorror This is one of my favorite movies of all time! A staple in my life when it came out. I quote it all… @beatsinheat @Michael_magGot OH FRICK NICE @The_Paige_Life @VIPJoshLaRue @The_Paige_Life I didn’t see it :/ @ilprogressivo Bangers! @3WKremer At a con in 2016. I’ve seen them a few times at cons since. @olivergilbert01 I LOOOVE this shot @robsielert It says “No False Metal” on the back! @lyndzielegend 🥰 @HorrorPixi A con in 2016. They’re still around somewhere. @OcCULTureCritic I honestly can’t recall but I’ve seen it a few times at cons. @ZahirXOXO Gosh I HOPE SO ❤️
@BradYike 😍 @rmillsgifs She looks totally nuts here. I love it. @blairbathory @thesuperghoul I wouldn’t mind that. This pandemic weighs heavy but as of late it has been worse... @Your_Majesty___ ❤️ @gorycoryhorror This one is also a favorite: @gorycoryhorror Throwback!!! @thesuperghoul I keep reading that we won’t return to normalcy until Q3/4 of 2021 and it gives me such anxiety. A w…🙏 (Via shegotthepink on Instagram)"Necro Maria" sculpture by @billelis
Retweeted by Diandra👻🎃 @BloggingBanshee This movie was freaking great. @neff_goldblum The best pump up song!!💪💪💪Ever wanted a jersey like the ones from Wes Craven movies??? I make them! And today they’re on sale for only $25!!!
Retweeted by Diandra👻🎃 @thesuperghoul @MissAmaLea @The_Paige_Life 😍 Brittany Hile has this!!RT if your comfort movie is a horror movie.
Retweeted by Diandra👻🎃 @MarcelSantos25 Do you put it down on a surface or a plant? @TommyKomic @SlasherPepper I said one of!This is one of my favorite interviews I’ve ever done. So thankful to @SlasherPepper aka Roger for his time...and mu… @MarcelSantos25 Love love love this thread, Marcel. Saving. @MarcelSantos25 😍 omg. What is this? I love bees and I want to see them thrive. @_destines_child This world needs more Carla. Look at her. Plus her voice. Literally so under appreciated. @thesuperghoul This seems like something you’d do. @domrobb In what sense? @larissa20gb ❤️🥰 @lofivampire ThT is the vibe I strive for!! Thank you ❤️🤘wow 🥺
Retweeted by Diandra👻🎃No false metal!! 🤘🔥 @supremelarson Happy birthday, Sarah❤️❤️❤️ I got you this.
@nikitamearss Your gifs of her are the best.🙌BRILLIANT. Sparks major joy. @HorrorQueenJMC Happy birthday!!!The Nancy trilogy. ✌️ @becklizzy I haven’t seen much of the rest of OUAT TikTok but I really do try to keep the peace. It’s not cool to ship hate. @Michael64064176 @lofivampire No. Not my thing anymore. @lofivampire Christmas Vacation multiple times. The Santa Clause, the Polar Express, SNL’s A Very Gilly Christmas,… @pierogiwitch @lofivampire As if I couldn’t love you any more. This is mine too. @lanasleftshoe YYYYYIIIIZZZ. 😊 @anasophiamills You’re gonna just splash her when there’s all that pool right there?! @lanasleftshoe Idk man. I check all of ze boxes below! 😉them 💕❤️💓
Retweeted by Diandra👻🎃Way to go, Elliot.❤️ would literally @ThisEndsAtProm gooooooosh this Bring It On ep is magnificent. I’m going to reference this so much when I defend the movie. @bjcolangelo BD comment section is always trash. @FANGORIA You are the best for doing this every month.December is here, and what better way to celebrate the weather than by curling up with your favorite horror movie!…
Retweeted by Diandra👻🎃 @ZoboWithShotgun 🖤🙏 @themunnyshot I saw Deron Miller. It was a good show, but I went because my BF loves him. So no, I wouldn’t be cool…“Because i don’t want to” is an extremely valid reason
Retweeted by Diandra👻🎃