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KW🇰🇼/26yo/girl🌸 program: paint tool sai tablet: mobile studio pro 🚫do not repost/edit/copy my work without my permission!🚫

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Cuz also idiot me forgot her usb cable at home 🤡🤡More on that, even when i tried to draw something- its just so bad i couldn’t draw anything they looked terrible orzAnd i cant mess up my sleep here cuz its a moths nightmare at night-Commisions might be on pause cuz i might wait until i get back to my country in September its really hard to work h…
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百絵羅衣 納棺師スキン 「形のあるものは腐っていく。あなたへの愛は死ぬまで変わらない。」
Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸I might try one of these on my ocs!!!😳😳 when i cAN DRAW @R2Pichu LMAO i gave up i never received mine LOL so i had to but another one from trusted websitesSo i bought mine from this instagram account better this scam, i see it everywhere.. i never received mine since 2019- and no one bother to reply to the emails…
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@ITZNONAH و انا طول عمري علبالي بمحافظة ازمير💀💀They said what caused the fire is not from nature (?) but they said some ppl did it on purpose ?? Idk the reasons- @ITZNONAH لحظة اصلاً توني ادري ان ايدن محافظة— @ITZNONAH ايدن كوشداسي 🤡🤡Pray For Turkey. More than dozen of forests are burnt there and nearly 10 cities are affected by fire. Ya Allah Sav…
Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸Im close to Izmir, it takes around 30 minutes to kusadasi, these are the cities that are in danger hope everyone is safe thoOk so when we arrived to turkey- the driver was like, be careful there are a lot of fire around some cities- why di… @NekomancerVT Hello! They are $250 ( $290 for detailed characters)!I tried to draw today a bit but i couldn’t do anything ;___; I’m used to my desk better sobs
Oh my god i forgot the usb that connects my terabyte drive to my tablet— IT HAS ALL MY WORK 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️… @yukibunns Your chibis are so cute omgg🥺🥺🥺💖💖💖💖💖🌸🌸🌸Waiting for the flight rn- one hr left- Sighs i’ll try to enjoy this trip with my family as much as i can and tr… flight will be at 10am Family: wAKES UP AT 5 AM TO GO TO THE AIRPORT AT 6 AM!! 💀💀
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Sketch for @Romanyan01 💕✨
Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸 @StephyDee89 Oh hell nah—!!!!🥶🥶🥶 They are cute from far away but not when they are close to me LOL @SkeiOracle Same same!!! YwY;;; @StephyDee89 They are** @StephyDee89 LOL TRUE!! hey are both terrifying tho💀 @Learner_Fox_ I cant even walk on grass without having my shoes on imagine stepping on a bug— 👁💧👄💧👁 So laying down… remember when i was just trying to relax and get some air at my balcony while all of a sudden a huge wasp appeare… nature to its people its not for mE It looks amazing in photos but no ty not in real life with bugs in different shapes and sizes-The suffering i have there every night with huge moths like its a freaking bIRD no pls nO IM AT PEACE HERE WHY SHOULD I GOO SOBSSSI still didn’t prepare my stuff for the flight- oof i really don’t want to go… This is a big waste of time, energy… people ask me if I have a larger "the old days" prints size. and I relisted the new version😳, you can check i…
Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸Drew @sasuchi95 ‘s OC for practice 😊 #digitalart #DigitalArtist #twitch #emotes #customart #sasuchi #chibi
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Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸 @alotteclover No sorry all slots are taken :”D
Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸First time being at a restaurant by myself sobs i wanted my fam with me but everyone is busy🥲🥲I just want to hang with yall 😭 #Vtuber #MEMES
Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸 @AikoHibiki Hell ye sssI ate so much pasta that i cant even breathe gdi i kept doing this to myself GXKSXBHere is the final result! 🎆 #yoimiya #GenshinImpact #原神
Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸Going to turkey in two days sobs- imma eat as much pasta as i can i’ll miss my own pasta so much😭😭😭 will come back in september orz
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Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸I don’t know why people laugh at Sakura standing up to the 3 sound ninjas when she was able to hold them off long e…
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LMFOAIDD I FKED UP GDIAnother artist vs art :”)😚Imitate Princess Ariel🧜‍♀️~
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Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸 @Chibitant_ffs Haha yeah i know turkey is cool and the people are nice!!! I go there every summer its just that i d… artist the art继续找找感觉
Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸 @Pembiklimon Mt auntie is in turkery/kusadasi rn and shes telling him whats going on, she said that everything is f… @Pembiklimon Nothing can stop my dad oh well-So there’s no escape from turkey trip this year too huh… o(-( killmeMA BOY IS HERE FINALLY @KazamaMitsunari @onmyojiarenaJP OH MY GOD—!!! 😳😳😳😳 Me speechless 😭😭😭i need youko skin ty #onmyoji
Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸陰陽師公式より、空相面霊気 テーマソング「空相」 3分ぐらいあります。一部のみペタペタ。フルで聴きたい方は下記アドレスを参照ください↓
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for paint tool sai2 users, i added my watertool settings for sai2 with my digital sketchbook!
Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸So i FINALLY made my watertool on CSP!! if you want to download it heres the link!
Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸One slot left!! @KCab08 Its not about the character its about the artwork itself. Its traced line by line.Says the one who traces art to go sell it afterwards without dropping due credit to the hardworking artist nor givi…
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2 slots left! @itsashree 🙈🙈❤️❤️❤️❤️انا وصلت مرحلة السلام الداخلي لدرجة عادي ما اخذ حقي بس عشان ارتاح من المشاكل و صداع الراس لا مو ضعف ...بس مالي خلق اتمشكل مع احد
Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸opening my bust up commissions! if you are interested here's the link
おや、マシュマロのヒナが元気に孵化したようですねぇ 📷
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Retweeted by Sasu 🌸Vtuber artist🌸 @Varies_16 Ooh yeah i remember i heard about it then i cried to my mom wanting her to buy it for me but sadly we di… @8owties GOOD MEMORIES 😭😭😭 @8owties HAHA SAMEE!!! @KoigoesB Same LOL my cousins used to have that bratz rock angels movie on dvd with more bratz episodes shdjd and i…