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@TroyAikman I am pleased to see some apologizing toward the aim of respecting the country. I was upset about the in…
The Left keeps repeating this idiotic arg: “Ha! Ha! If you’re an originalist, you can’t amend the Constitution.” N…
Retweeted by SatiristPodBiden is taking more time off to “prep for the debate” than Trump took off when he had COVID. So there’s that.
Retweeted by SatiristPod @Doctrine_Man Nah, we complain that the credit machine on the snack machines are always offline.... @Dateline_DC Have to say you beat Jim on that one, but we shall never tell him. @Dateline_DC I loved your “attack ad” on the Jets, or the guy that sounded just like you from the Dark Money group!Around 10,000 ducks are sent to eat insects in a rice paddy after harvest in Thailand
Retweeted by SatiristPodHealth Experts Now Recommend Maximizing Social Distance By Attending A Biden Rally
Retweeted by SatiristPod @Ironcapt @NakedAndNapping 🤚once even forgot to duck and earned the enemy marksmanship badge!
@broadcastmike 100% has to be a PAO.Twitter Censors R2-D2 For Sharing Hacked Death Star Plans
Retweeted by SatiristPodCelebrating 10 years of the #3MartiniLunch today! @JimGeraghty and I discuss the Dems' SCOTUS extortion plan and Go…
Retweeted by SatiristPod @Dateline_DC @jimgeraghty Thank you for keeping this up for 10 years now, it is my favorite podcast. I did not even… 10 years of the #3MartiniLunch w/ @JimGeraghty today. Time flies when you're having fun! Here's to many…
Retweeted by SatiristPodNYT oped author on Farrakhan says Jews have ‘become white,’ have no standing on ‘oppression.’ It’s truly amazing w…
Retweeted by SatiristPod @LadyLNorth @kirstiealley Sunflowers too!
Retweeted by SatiristPodBETWEEN TWO SCORPIONS, a new thriller called "powerful, real, and relevant" by @MarkGreaneyBook, "taut, vivid, and…
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@SatiristPod Copy and paste but change what the bunny is holding (\_/) ( •_•) / >🌊
Retweeted by SatiristPod @morganisawizard @LPNational @RickyForSenate It is an unimpressive opening statement. If he nails it later, great.… @morganisawizard @LPNational @RickyForSenate That is a lot of inference from a comment about a 2 minute clip. Your… @MaxHydeInPlace @morganisawizard @LPNational @RickyForSenate I agree Cotton should have attended the debate. Again,… @morganisawizard @LPNational @RickyForSenate The two minute clip was unimpressive for sure. That is not an endorsem… @morganisawizard @LPNational @RickyForSenate That does not make his speech any better. @morganisawizard @LPNational @RickyForSenate I mean if you like 2 minute slow speeches with no real substance and j…
Copy and paste but change what the bunny is holding (\_/) ( •_•) / >🇺🇸 @kjmcinnis1 Very unclear of your hesitancy to at least attempt to quantify nations contributions that are benefitin… @kjmcinnis1 Often our benefit is the ability to stations troops, equipment, and stocks forward to bear even more of… @kjmcinnis1 Perhaps. Though it is impossible to ignore that the US bears the burden of defense of free nations, more than any other. @kjmcinnis1 Metrics are often to simplistic but one thing they do is encourage action. That which gets measured get… @kjmcinnis1 What is your proposed benchmark? @noahsmom7 Quite frankly, murdering babies in utero is wrong no matter what people said in the past. @JayCaruso It is only allowed to be nice (ok smug), when you win as Dem. Unacceptable to treat your colleagues as h… @BillKristol Great in depth story telling. How long did it take you to make this up?Biden being a decent guy is one of the most persistent myths in U.S. politics. Spend ten minutes studying how he tr…
Retweeted by SatiristPod @tomselliott @JoeBiden Yes, we need a social worker on a call with a knife wielding man with a mental disorder. Is…
Musta been a grey belt
Retweeted by SatiristPod“Damn it delete delete delete delete delete how do I delete this damn thing”
Retweeted by SatiristPod @SNAFU_SGT Lol that would put me nearly in the negative numbers of followers. @DanaPerino I had someone contending that in a war with China, if we win the information war, we will win. Went as…
Would be a shame if this went viral.
Retweeted by SatiristPodTanks are awesome. Anyone that says the era of the tank is over, I will let me fight on the battlefield where the e…
@CNNPolitics She also speaks but could fairly judges a case on free speech.Powerful: LeBron James Pulls Over To Lecture Homeless Man On His White Privilege
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@lyndseyfifield The critique I saw that made me ill, was that she treated her adopted black kids differently than h…$200,000 down the drain. Shoulda taken underwater basket weaving. Six! Years! LOL.
Retweeted by SatiristPod @Dateline_DC your vacation time is already impacting Jim. Please hurry home! (Enjoy your week off first, Jim can ta… @ElieNYC It is weird that she would treat all her kids gifts as unique to them, and love them all unconditionally. Clearly a bigot. @heckyessica It is weird that she would treat all her kids gifts as unique to them, and love them all unconditionally."Columbus Day is bad, and it would be better if Europeans had never reached the Western hemisphere!" they tweeted f…
Retweeted by SatiristPod @SecArmy Same as Amazon Prime Days?!?! @SNAFU_SGT Yeah I give this story less than 1% or even being true. You read that the church even claims the box is…’s go to a live shot of the crowd watching the Lakers close out the NBA Finals in Xinjiang! #NBA
Retweeted by SatiristPodChris Christie, a 58-year-old who eats 376 meatballs a day, has recovered quickly from COVID. This is after POTUS…
Retweeted by SatiristPod @JonahDispatch This is so funny. Dogs are amazing.
Liberals misunderstanding simple concepts in one tweet.
Retweeted by SatiristPod @morganisawizard Hmm I am a server admin for my Discord and this sounds like a GREAT idea! @Doctrine_Man Everyday I spend on Joint Staff, the more I feel this cartoon. @JonahDispatch If you want to be really tricky, write in Trump! @lyndseyfifield Only 17 year olds in fear of their life are a real threat to our Republic!
This is what the northern lights look like from inside a U-2 spy plane at 70,000ft. Incredible photos by Ross Franq…
Retweeted by SatiristPod @thehill (1983): Packing the Supreme Court is boneheaded BIDEN (2005): Packing the Supreme Court is corrupt BIDEN (2…
Retweeted by SatiristPod @GeorgeWept At least they were hand painted... @InezFeltscher I will eat outside when forced to by gun point and even then under protest. @InezFeltscher I HATE eating outside. Happy to have you out there though to free up more seating for my family and me. @bruhoho @RichLowry That is grammar, again vocabulary is your Kryptonite. Also that was clearly a typo, but keep being you. @bruhoho @RichLowry Vocabulary is clearly your Kryptonite. @bruhoho @RichLowry He clearly does or he would not be afraid to answer the question. Also, Rich said norms. Differ… @bruhoho @RichLowry If you feel that way, then Joe should just say that.You can’t be the candidate of norms and refuse to say whether or not you are going to undertake a truly radical att…
Retweeted by SatiristPod @Mother_of_Tanks that Yank in the middle of the bottom right picture is my brother! @SNAFU_SGT Hmm maybe because I am in MD but I have received exactly zero campaign texts. @BiasedGirl Hillary has no idea about anything related to Warfighting. Why do we care WTH she has to say? @GeorgeWept These people are insane. I looked at the comments expecting to see the Tweet mocked, nope...
INBOX: This is what you have to believe if you think this was “hacked”
Retweeted by SatiristPod @ColumbiaBugle @nedryun If I Tweeted, coming to a bookstore near you! Preorder now!Let’s debunk the myth of “failed negotiations.” The truth? Pelosi and House Dems believe “nothing is better than so…
Retweeted by SatiristPod @O3hasbeen Ok I was wrong, I was B234. Maybe I should have hung in a bit longer? @O3hasbeen I went by there yesterday, had ticket B235, they were on B214 at the time. Gave up 2.5 hours later when they were on B216...Your Thursday #3MartiniLunch! Today, @JimGeraghty and I discuss Pence's strong performance, the media excuses for K…
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@mgstrat BTW started play squash again within the last week. Rusty as hell but still have some of the old shots.I didn't go to work because a cat fell on my head and then a dog with shoes tried to do me justice.
Retweeted by SatiristPodNBA to leave BLM, social justice messaging 'off the floor' next season, says Commissioner Adam Silver | Fox News… @BiasedGirl I used to love the Weekly Standard and this one man destroyed it forever.Why tf is Kamala’s husband wearing a mask to hug his wife?!? 😂😂😂😂🤦‍♀️ #VPDebate
Retweeted by SatiristPodThat was fantastic.
Retweeted by SatiristPodPence: I"m pro-life and I don't apologize for it. #VPDebate
Retweeted by SatiristPodDon’t believe your lying eyes.
Retweeted by SatiristPodTrump should let Pence sub for him in the next presidential debate
Retweeted by SatiristPod @lyndseyfifield The moderator is overtly hostile to the VP for sure. Every question and follow up has been from a “Left” perspective too.Every question so far has come from the Left. What a surprise.
Retweeted by SatiristPodWhat happened to the 10 minutes a topic? Seems we are jumping through these without resolution of stances or hittin… @Ironcapt Not tracking any additional COVID cases on the Joint Staff? Yes Senior officials are doing more via SVTCs… find the questions driven by the most recent headlines very boring. Let's get into the weeds.
Retweeted by SatiristPodMy 22 yr old son watching the VP debate, “who’s that guy?” The importance of the VP driven home....
@AnnaIBurke I have had people cry in my office. Does that count?
@AH64guntech @NotTiredOfWinn3 @USArmy @WestPoint_USMA Now not seeing people by their “color” is a bad thing? This is getting utterly insane.Your Tuesday #3MartiniLunch! Today, @JimGeraghty and I discuss the mental unraveling of Jennifer Rubin, the revelat…
Retweeted by SatiristPodMG Jeffery Broadwater and CSM Thomas Kenny congratulate the #FirstTeam on achieving the highest retention rate in t…
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