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"The writing life is not an easy one & it’s further complicated by the seeming need to be credentialed in order to…
Retweeted by Satya DashHello, this weekend should be dedicated to reading the wonderful new issue by @TheHellebore!🌺
Retweeted by Satya DashDastaan Live, an Indian art-rock collective has adapted Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem, Philistini Bachhon Ke Liye for thei…
Retweeted by Satya Dash"My fear is like a hen. It wanders. " -@janechuffman in @Gulf_Coast
Here’s the link — @akifkichloo Thank you Akif for reading 💞Most upheavels are ploys to be normal again. -- @satya043
Retweeted by Satya Dash“i sketch my own outline against the sharp white backdrop of this hallway color in the lines bold graffiti of being… @secondhandsins @AghaShaahidAli @TheHellebore @DNicholeAndrews Thank you so much, Tuhin!♥️This issue is a real knock out 💙 congrats to all the contributors, and to @DNicholeAndrews for such a special work…
Retweeted by Satya DashMere milne waale by #FaizAhmedFaiz #Faiz
Retweeted by Satya Dash @princebush @TheHellebore Thank you for reading, Prince ! 💜Sharing my second poem ‘Silt’ from the new issue of @TheHellebore You can read it here.
Here’s the link for the poem in the new issue— by the words of the immortal @AghaShaahidAli , I had written an elegy for Kashmir after the Pulwama bombing i…“the story of the gears that shift inside all of the flowers, push their petals out to receive the sun.” —…'t miss the latest drop, #MindofFur. #MindofFur explores the farthest corners of our mind, how individuals cope…
Retweeted by Satya Dash @satya043 'what does love have to do with grace'
Retweeted by Satya Dash @secondhandsins Ahh, everything and nothing....Thrilled to have one of my poems up in the latest issue of The Hellebore! EIC @DNicholeAndrews is a dream to work…
Retweeted by Satya Dash @JasonDRamsey @ParenthesesArt Thank you for writing this!♥️If I could eat these lines, I would. Ahhh.
Issue Three, #MindofFur, is here! Read the issue, live on @TheHellebore. The poetry, creative nonfiction, and ficti…
Retweeted by Satya Dash @mitesh0410 Lol, never seen this letter before!Wow. ♥️
I would have watched 3.25 hours of this over Titanic.
Retweeted by Satya Dash @abugoddess @uarkpress Congratulations Jessica! 🌺 @Meghasood16 Absolutely:))& there are days you come across a quote early in the morning you had read once long before and failed to understan…🤩😭 Three is on its way! View the announcement for a preview of the artwork and title release: #MindofFur! More d…
Retweeted by Satya Dash“To shock you My namesake tree To drop all its leaves In the center of spring Remind me what I gain by being here… you to @BostonAccentLit for publishing my poem “What I Was Wearing.” This was part of my senior year poetry…
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@mitesh0410 Michael Slater’s reaction sums it up!Omg, why haven’t we seen more pictures like this? the title! At so many levels, minds are made of furs that shift texture through time. @satya043 - you are a prolific poet and am always learning about poetry from you
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@saiacharya Thank you so much for the warmth , Sai! Means a lot🌺 @sadiehinkel @BostonAccentLit My honor as well! 💞💫Check out Issue 17 of @BostonAccentLit. Sarah has put together another incredible issue. #Poetry #CNF #Fiction
Retweeted by Satya Dash @BostonAccentLit Link here for a beautiful issue :"instead of drawing a bath of bergamot and grapefruit, I will squeeze the bottle of 3 - in - 1 into our townhou… @susanlleary @FLPress Congratulations Susan, this is wonderful news ! :D @thedwmckinney @BostonAccentLit Fantastic piece! Thoroughly enjoyed it <3I have two new poems out today! Lots of love to @BostonAccentLit for giving these a home! ♥️…
Also congratulations @premsylvester !💫😊Thrilled to receive my first nomination ever! ♥️ Grateful to @ParenthesesArt and @SnehaSKanta for such warmth!🌟 I talk to a non poet friend about poems, we invariably discuss high school poetry and how it made poetry an el…
ughhhhhhh hate craft talks i have nothing to say except THERE IS NO MAGIC WRITING IS HARD AND I HATE IT BUT U JUST…
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Ravish, you make me cry ❤️
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Thank you, Paris Review! What a pleasant surprise to see this. I married that man and we've been together for over…
Retweeted by Satya Dash“The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power…
Retweeted by Satya Dash😂“She is twin-born with primal mysteries, and drinks of life at Time's forgotten source.” ― Sarojini Naidu
Incredible Vievee Francis in FOREST PRIMEVAL courtesy of ⁦@TriQuarterlyMag⁩ #septwomenpoets
Retweeted by Satya Dash @secondhandsins @NifMuhammad I’m in love with the helicopter image !Truly the most delicious dessert #chenapoda #odiadessert...this will beat the mysore pak anyday @ARanganathan72 ..
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Been always fascinated by the dexterity of the comma. How it quickens, stops, sleeps, gathers breath, then outruns… @aliner Thank you♥️, I love your poems! :DFrom Keetje Kuipers new book
Retweeted by Satya Dash @aliner Thank you for this, Alina🌺✨Today I went closer and closer to the tree in the courtyard until I heard the leaves speak and instruct in the lang… a day spouting gray, this is offering silent steely light. 💫 “why, the patient asks the doctor, does everything… today. on Glass! #PoetsResist presents "The depressed person isn’t allowed to ask questions" by Satya Dash (…
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I’ve said it before on here, but it’s worth repeating: 100% of my submissions to journals & presses are motivated b…
Retweeted by Satya DashJust been ripped apart, heartshreds and all. What a poem from the timeless Louise Glück! that say "no regrets" are so fucking stupid. How can you not mourn the other lives you never had?
Retweeted by Satya DashI haven’t been sleeping—instead I’ve been reading through @glass_poetry’s #PoetsResist project. I love the kind of…
Retweeted by Satya DashFrom @satya043’s “The Depressed Person Isn’t Allowed to Ask Questions”: “hey I don’t think you know/the way you s…
Retweeted by Satya Dash @la_ilianarocha Thank you for reading and sharing. ♥️Assurance collapses naturally as if each word were a dozen rare birds flown away.…♥️🔥💜 angel is terrible. —Rainer Maria Rilkewho is to say then what it meant — ⁦@MillerOberman⁩, from “The Unstill Ones”
Retweeted by Satya Dash“*Tell me something that has changed in you* / I’m affected to the unrounded edges in me / from nature’s bounty or…
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@Meghasood16 @glass_poetry Thank you so much! I’m touched by that detail♥️♥️The great @kwamethethird is guest editing @glass_poetry's #PoetsResist series this month!
Retweeted by Satya Dash @Meghasood16 @glass_poetry Thank you for reading and sharing Megha! 🌺Look out for beautiful words of @satya043 talking about the social stigma around mental illness up at @glass_poetry
Retweeted by Satya DashHave a new poem on the vagaries of depression out in the world today @glass_poetry 💜 My gratitude to editor…“Love of language and a sense of gratitude would be two ingredients in the recipe for making a poet.” —Billy Collins
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Sikh MP takes on Boris Johnson for fueling Islamiphobia. Powerful. Mist watch. #BorisJohnson
Retweeted by Satya DashIn years when people ask what separated Smith from most others, it’s probably worth just showing them this ...
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Oh this is so ridiculously good! ♥️ to say this very gently: some childhood books may have been super comforting to you personally and associated…
Retweeted by Satya DashTrees communicate despair to other trees when threatened, which cause other trees to send out toxins to protect th…
Retweeted by Satya Dashno poet ever went harder than bilbo baggins saying he felt like butter scraped over too much bread
Retweeted by Satya DashThe kiss itself is immortal. It travels from lip to lip, century to century, from age to age. Men and women garner…
“When the fabric is ragged, hope lights a candle in the shadowlands, stitches up what has been torn.”…
@SnehaSKanta @thepuritan This is stunning, Sneha! 🌟🌸🌟Loved it. @trepidarium02 @AAKnopf First line be so killer.."Let me: marrow, let me not Know exquisite things— Reveal your form, illusion Stay" —…
Retweeted by Satya Dash @trepidarium02 @AAKnopf Wow, magnificent! @RosebudBenOni When you slash that preposition/article we are entering the promise & possibility of the fresh month, a good time to once again mention that these th…
Retweeted by Satya DashSome advice Stanley Plumly gave me in an email a couple of years ago: “Stay deep within yourself and stay alone the…
Retweeted by Satya DashGood Lord.