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@BrotherNaturre @LizethElviraD Fuckin snitches 😂😂😂😂my whole voice was gone smh
Retweeted by thisisme @RealSkipBayless @undisputed This dude all about stats but just somehow they don’t translate into dubs lmfao !If this was @AB84 this would be headline news.... IJS 🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by thisismeU goin to hell bruh 😂😂😂😂😂 you to the boom boom room #RoddyRicch #pemba
He had to charge up for that one 🔋
Retweeted by thisismeHe already knew he was about to slap the sh** outta him
Retweeted by thisisme @RealSkipBayless I mean y’all only do have 6 wins dumbaas 😆 @RealSkipBayless I would love to see that old man !! 👴 @fotoqueen24 Whose ready to do some poddingBron absolutely clowned they all game 😂😂😂 why he throw the warm up at ol boy lol
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Man bitches in hs used to be off Xanax at 8 am😂
Retweeted by thisismeKB’s sunshine feels like a warm shower ! 😎 @fotoqueen24 I got that twenty five hundred for u 😂98% sure bow wow made up the rumor bout Ciara having being a dude lol
Retweeted by thisismeHappy 50th to the great Jay-Z. December 4th, greatest birthday ever.
Retweeted by thisismeThe Cat wanted NO parts in taking a bath 🧼
Retweeted by thisisme @RealSkipBayless Just sat u a clipper fan already damn @haIfgifts @fotoqueen24 @MAL___ @thisisrory @JoeBuddenPod @JoeBuddenFit @parksmusic I’m jaded lol @MAL___ U know the vibes hahahaRelaxxxxxx.
Retweeted by thisismeMichael Vick literally lived the longest yard
Retweeted by thisisme2moro isn’t ...yeah yeah. HAPPY F BDAY to my BRO MR. Skip Bayless! A true friend. A sports guru. A Cowgirls I mean…
Retweeted by thisismeRoddy Rich is a special artist. Don’t ignore that young man please.
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If you won’t do it for me , do it for these dollaz!!Panthers fired Ron Rivera.
Retweeted by thisismeSince when do strippers do WWE Moves in there dances...💀
Retweeted by thisismeShe didn’t even have to do him like that 😯
Retweeted by thisismeLet’s gooooo !!! EP missed we bout cover the spread !!! @SeahawksI could fuxk @NICKIMINAJ if @IAMSAFAREE could ! @thegame
Me accepting life’s a bitch.
Retweeted by thisismeNiggas see Queen & Slim one time 😂🚗💨
Retweeted by thisismeChris Brown thinking it was a dance battle going on in the club but it was shots being fired. 😂😂…
Retweeted by thisismeFinal from Monterrey.
Retweeted by thisismeI spent my four day weekend sick and in pain wth 😩
Retweeted by thisismeJoe Budden vs Drake Fans was certainly a moment.... #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade
Retweeted by thisismeLAS ÁGUILAS WIN!
Retweeted by thisismeVAMOS AMÉRICA!!! got hella robbed lol
@JoeBudden Any dude named the mission goin get they ass beat lolWe are not gonna bypass his break dancing 😂
Retweeted by thisisme @marcuspeters bruh u so trashJames Harden through 3 quarters: 60 PTS 8 AST 3 STL 16-24 FG 20-23 FT Rockets up 54
Retweeted by thisisme#TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade May we never forget this gem...
Retweeted by thisismeWill history repeat itself this year? @brgridiron
Retweeted by thisismeLETS GO RADO !! #ncaa
@nflnetwork @49ers @Ravens @KyleBrandt @gmfb Y is this fag wearing a chargers jerseyNeed my nigga geeked over my ass like this >
Retweeted by thisisme😪🤬 back to the basics 🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by thisismeKyrie showed love to the Celtics players after the game 🙏
Retweeted by thisismeI hope everyone’s thanksgiving is going better than my mother’s
Retweeted by thisismeWhen you got out the mud all it takes is patience .... 🏁
Retweeted by thisismeWhy he jab stepping in his free-throw routine? 😅 (via daniii_s4)
Retweeted by thisismethese random females was playin that fonk today on my shift n I had no choice but to crack em up 😭‼️ Happy thanksgi…
Retweeted by thisismeMy Grandma just made the weakest stuffing I've ever tasted.... she might be washed
Retweeted by thisisme @stormyamaya Obviously
I HATE eating out with people who give waiters a hard time.
Retweeted by thisismeDrove more than an hour 30 to surprise my boyfriend and this was his reaction 😂😂❤️
Retweeted by thisismeSee you soon Riyadh !!
Retweeted by thisismeHappy Thanksgiving!! Thankful for so much in my life! Hope everyone has a great one! #DontForgetTheKetchup
Retweeted by thisismewhy niggas ignore this challenge???
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Jason Garrett, make the damn FG 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by thisismeI blame those 2 turnovers for the Cowboys on Jason Garrett and the Def... Skip Bayless tomorrow
Retweeted by thisismeMy food can’t touch bathroom air
Retweeted by thisismeI guess we will just never solve the mystery of who stole the cookie...🤷‍♂️
Retweeted by thisismeCan you ladies respect our property.. this is out of line 😕😕
Retweeted by thisismeGirls who not getting no attention what you doing right now?
Retweeted by thisismeYou wanna see a dead body?
Retweeted by thisismeI play these corners like I’m @RSherman_25 MF’er ! @LilTunechiMe,that’s who.
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@JoeBudden u a clown 🤡 hahaha “what you mean ?” 😂😂😂Ayeeee I’m in love wit a stripper !!! @RealSkipBayless @undisputed Hopefully around the same time u r @BleacherReport God was tryin take his soulWhat happened here 🤣 (via u/loveshack007)
Retweeted by thisismeI been ready for three years I been denied for three years lolI almost deleted this app...sheesh 🤦🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by thisisme @rizzzy__ @30SecFight Lmfao same !!!
Lakers hit up a Mexican restaurant after beating the Spurs. You know what these fans got Bron to yell 😅 (via…
Retweeted by thisismeBro wtf is ski mask doing????
Retweeted by thisisme @BleacherReport @KHOLMESlive Lol dude that he was about to make playoffs after the trade 💀 @RealSkipBayless @undisputed Cuz he got locked down duh lmfao !!
I fell asleep at 5pm yesterday woke up today at 645 and now I’m sleepy again lolThis is incredible 😲 (via vanja_rolandsgarden/IG)
Retweeted by thisismeJayden Daniels is a freshman
Retweeted by thisismeI thought I raised my kid smarter... #MyFirstParentingMistake
Retweeted by thisismeNo mames tormenta como no vas a estar happy si vas a heredar mucho dinero y tus papas son la kylie y el travieso
Retweeted by thisismeTim Tebow breaks down in tears as he feeds his dog for the last time 😭
Retweeted by thisisme🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️ Gotta Blast
Retweeted by thisismePackers get smacked 37-8 in SF
Retweeted by thisismeI either look like this or look like that😭tweet me your natural & makeup look😂
Retweeted by thisismewhen you drunk at the function and your song comes on
Retweeted by thisisme @RealSkipBayless Yea like u everyday on undisputed lmfao !He accidentally killed his pet frog doing a backflip 😖 RIP Kermit 🐸😭 Am I a bad influence? 😂
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Nobody posting about Disney + anymore. Yall 7 day trial must be over
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Retweeted by thisismeGuys who cook deserve unlimited blow jobs. 😅
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