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Saul @Saulsrevenge Miami, FL

Owner @OfficiaIDevour | #NFT lover @swampverseNFT #7648 | @ameialuv β™‘

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@TFGmykL yo @orangie manga @adinross @SwampverseNFT
@jollytavious :DI JUST MET @Saulsrevenge !!!!!!
Retweeted by Saul @ctrrlz omw @osakasx @OfficiaIDevour πŸ‘€Thanks for 29k :D @ameialuv @OfficiaIDevour thank you my love only up from here for the both of us :) @1EDEN_ @OfficiaIDevour BRO WHAT @MitcheIl @OfficiaIDevour 😈😈 @TorseFPS @OfficiaIDevour :33 thanks torsethis team has always felt like a family within the Esports and gaming community and I cant wait to see where the fu… an owner of @OfficiaIDevour :D @turntdais ill play fortnite with you daisyAnnouncement at 4 est 😳
Retweeted by Saul @dexasfps look at my replies rn100k likes to have the whole @FNATIC team to go bald 😈
Retweeted by Saul @vinniespoison PASS @ameialuv POGGERSLia carries me sometimes @ameialuv @MitcheIl @kiwiramune jk here u go @ameialuv @MitcheIl @kiwiramune NO I ONLY WANT U @ameialuv @MitcheIl @kiwiramune i gotchu bro @ameialuv @MitcheIl @kiwiramune maybe I WANNA BE CARRIED SOMETIMES BRO AND UR LITTERALLY CAPABLE OF IT BUT WHEN YOU… @ameialuv @MitcheIl @kiwiramune ????????????? @ameialuv @kiwiramune LOLLLLL L @ameialuv @kiwiramune ???????????????? @ameialuv @kiwiramune bro you still drag me into games and then i drop 30 and still lose @slipnft :O
@1EDEN_ crying @slipnft hi slip whats up @ESamojla @santadinkha what the fuck. @ESamojla im being cyber bulliedhey guys wyd @cupkatez feeling melancholy @slipnft @NftGremlins 😩😩 @ObiJai @FarmerApes πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ yo @DanonDL @EthereumHomies THIS ART THO πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @Rohanzyy @QuackSquadNFT πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ @NFT_glee @RamboEdits @Liquid_BTC @MaxSheik_ πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ @topnftgiveaway πŸ‘€ @soIsions @yelotree @HAPEBEASTGANG delete this tweet bro. @yelotree @soIsions @HAPEBEASTGANG can vouch i'm his accountant @yelotree @soIsions @HAPEBEASTGANG assist @JoeBundle lets go! @Evan_hubbardd LOVE Unvm haha @stargqzing no. @vinniehacker @jacobcavern FUCK ME @jacobcavern @vinniehacker assistWe Messaged 100 Fortnite Pro's to Join Devour... WATCH NOW πŸ“Ί: (
Retweeted by Saul @Allenownz @KEEMSTAR tiktoks poor reporting system along with its non intelligent AI makes for a completely unrelia… @Allenownz @KEEMSTAR vouch @Precisepumps @eddyiskongz @SwampverseNFT vouch😈
@BadBabyDinosNFT @slipnft @Yourpop8 EXCITED ASF FOR THIS @olalalalallaoh 😭tudo bem @sauul ameni <3 boobs @jacobcavern LOL @TR4UMATIZ3D its kinda hard n you can lose a lot of money in the process @TR4UMATIZ3D i guess we both benefiting from pictures on the internet @TR4UMATIZ3D i made 6k from jpegs >:) whos rlly winning @Ceice @ThePit_NFT yooo @DerekJoon nutrition and exercise broski @RoboDoggoNFT @MitcheIl @Soligators @Xansmind @SaulNFT πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @AyeeTrain im down 😈 lets get the ol group again @Xansmind good guy xan @turntdais @turntdais no L @orangie @DopeDogsNFTs yo i got one just like that @jimipapifn Ratioed by the bored ape that you don't own
Retweeted by Saul @MitcheIl @jimipapifn assist @wraithvo @ameialuv LOL @ameialuv kids are deadass spamming mommy under girls selfies and asking to get groomed?why’s the val community so down bad recently
Retweeted by Saul @ameialuv BORK @ameialuv @Nighty10k @aysenxo it was to save my life @ameialuv @Nighty10k @aysenxo yo @Nighty10k @aysenxo Saul vouch + he saved me from an asthma attack when i didnt have an inhaler by giving me mouth to mouth 😩 @ameialuv @Xansmind @sash4s vouchlayout matches πŸ’…πŸ»New banner go hard @MitcheIl @MitcheIl eat your ass
@mila210903 a little over a year now :) @tragix_ cock @valhallaio @MitcheIl @KaizenCorpsNFT WOAH THIS IS DOPE @MitcheIl @Xansmind @RESPAWNProducts @OfficiaIDevour one rt and ur done for @twitchjuuq @MitcheIl @RESPAWNProducts @OfficiaIDevour real. @PlxtoVFX @MitcheIl @RESPAWNProducts @OfficiaIDevour vouch @MitcheIl @RESPAWNProducts @OfficiaIDevour bro im tryna get you impressions @MitcheIl @RESPAWNProducts @OfficiaIDevour πŸ‘€ can i get oneThanks for sending out this Respawn 100 @RESPAWNProducts & @OfficiaIDevour Make sure to use code "Devour" for a d…
Retweeted by Sauli miss you all even though the time spent together was brief @teenyyy__ yesLife is a lot more fun with friends, i'm really missing being around these people