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MSF Sauxy @Sauxy Brooklyn, NY

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that’s what i’m saying 😂😂😂 @afresh679 @MisfitsGG LMFAOOO @MisfitsGG @Sauxy
Retweeted by MSF Sauxy @MisfitsGG Florida AKA Gta IRLBruh #MisfitsAcademy
Retweeted by MSF Sauxy @vohlii people kinda no one wants to speak out when if your opinion isn’t the one they like cancel culture gets called @PaperclipXCII @Clawquals he can’t hype up his homie????you guys like my haircut @vohlii i’m hacked @vohlii @HayMartinn hey @sabpie_ @kaiwtff WTF???? @LiquefyFN nah fuck that @LiquefyFN bro.....fortnite tire update just hit IRL 💀 stream 3/365 like for a stream @FNBRUnreleased @ClixHimself how is this any different from when twitch bans a person with no explanation or reason… @IPaymarsh @ClixHimself you bro was moonwalking on his back broBRO GOT ON A REAL LIFE BACKBLING LMFAOOOOOO @IPaymarsh @ClixHimself he’s not the only one getting his code snatched for doing nothing wrong so many others too… @ClixHimself so many people getting their codes shut down right before payday without doing anything wrong is that not just stealing???? @ClixHimself epic games legit is just shutting down peoples codes so they don’t have to pay and all the… day for crypto huh @ExempWyd @Rykuwyd @code_abe betfollowing everyone who follows @code_abe
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following everyone who follows @code_abeok I look a little bit too much like lil nas x right here @FaZeSway guys don’t worry he’s british#MSFWIN @CplittFN @FletchyFN @LonzPonz @FletchyFN @CplittFN the drip is seriously unmatched @sabpie_ ong I wanted to punch my fucking screen shit made me so mad @code_abe @skyloszn @volleybih @ExempWyd @cherryfpss not till tonight @ExempWyd @skyloszn niggas can’t handle the heat gotta stay out the kitchen @skyloszn @volleybih @code_abe @ExempWyd @cherryfpss this you? @code_abe @skyloszn @ExempWyd @cherryfpss kid is blacklisted 😂😂😂Lil Nas Y @DappyHayz i’m playing in a valorant tourney this weekend are you proud of me @DappyHayz stfu your tweets suck boom roasted @ExempWyd @madebyhikaru night stream todayI have awoken @OfficialShrill @kaiwtff 😫 @yoxics intermittent fasting, calorie deficit, and daily workout with like 15 min cardio @Sceptic @kaiwtff video has no business being this funny @Sceptic i need you back i been lazyI’ve lost 20 pounds in a month wtf @AliforBLM bro you def getting stuck you’re like 4’5 @Mongraal bro you do not know how to read 😂😂😂and now we wait
@yoxics @vohlii did I do it right yoxic @vohlii could be us @fakeifys hey sexy @vohlii crazy how that works cause I need a summer girlfriend @GlowziFN fly me out sexy @PackAPuncherYT BET @sparebowbtw big ass state for no reason @sparebowbtw i’m in delray @FaZeBizzle @itsKursed bro this is a 3d image bizzle.....I wanna do IRL basketball content or my second channel against other people in the fortnite com kinda like how 2k c… @Fn1Hita @KeenySZN @ZitoFN_ @kaiwtff sure @DappyHayz play with me @KeenySZN @ZitoFN_ @kaiwtff i’m in delray @GlowziFN @ZitoFN_ LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ZitoFN_ my dad left me on seen 18 years ago @ZitoFN_ try 3 days rookie numbers @ZitoFN_ @kaiwtff come to florida rn pls @khoshy @yeorge @wyaKiller @kaiwtff facts take it from me kai got a little dump in the truckshould I stream tonight @madebyhikaru @ilytetra @StormAtlasFn 1 fps for 10 minutes, 10 minutes x 60 seconds = 472 fps per hour meaning i ha… @ilytetra @StormAtlasFn bro my stream had more fps than your switch @StormAtlasFn why he looking at me like that 😳Hey @Sauxy here is your pic
Retweeted by MSF Sauxyirl stream with kai😳@kaiwtff @Mongraal and what about it...all my dub watchers unite rq @La1em fr nothing better than seeing your people do good especially when you see them grind @brenmonet no...and that’s the issueImagine how different your life would be if you were just born in a different stateDaily Stream 2/365 @suprxmerr bro???1 like for a stream @FleaYT wait wtf @FleaYT ᗡ=8I have awoken @code_abe @KeenySZN 😳 @igdropz “OMGG😂😂😂” 😐 @KeenySZN @Hantao bro ong it gets hot for everythingMario Judah should’ve been on miss the rage
@Chromsy do it then no balls @KeenySZN if that’s actually him bro 💀looking for a content manager who can make great content vids out of my streams...just want to be able to stream al… @cxltures @stfnh @Stabz @arfuh 😂😂😂 @fakeifys am I famous @PackAPuncherYT @ASUS_ROG common Pack W @stfnh @Stabz @arfuh feel you bro