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@sanviiiiiiiii kitty ! @SpacceVAL she is 🥲 @maifatnutz terrible @maifatnutz ????????????? delete @7lilay yep that’s usex is a very intimate and sacred act. remember ur body is a temple and u shouldn’t be sharing it with anyone who plays Valorant.
Retweeted by sal #hr @maifatnutz no u not @btookess ong @wraithvo deactivateLILY IN DA HAT?! @maifatnutz bumpin da yodel kid n shit @maifatnutz !????? @qshaVAL same. @maiphatnutz well technically i’ll drive this year but still @maiphatnutz cant relate @maifatnutz gn @maifatnutz we the same @maifatnutz cattatoulie @maifatnutz u lookin mad stupid rn jit @maifatnutz iut @Ino_VAL yo @Tehnoob8 @seshiriaa_ jus not what my reply was ab at all but cool ig @Soryuiii fire @seshiriaa_ all ab mentalI WANNA SLAM MY HEAD AGAINST THE WALL 👍+♻️ :D
Retweeted by sal #hr @veltqt @notrxchel @dogbackp6ck LMFAOO @veltqt @notrxchel @dogbackp6ck bro @hhaleylol i’m good i’m grinding osu rn @hhaleylol hey hru @hhaleylol hidarkness VALORANT montage LIKE N RT
Retweeted by sal #hr @iffeeval @kayvalorant LMFAOO ofc @iffeeval @kayvalorant so fire
@rebounddddd talk to me what’s wrong bro @iffeeval @kayvalorant this is so firemade u look
Retweeted by sal #hr @Ino_VAL hey ino @karxoo let’s play cup pong!NOT DONE
Retweeted by sal #hrjust 1v1d a kid and he turned on his hacks mid 1v1 and said his valorant crashed, level 15 account only playing unrateds LMFAOOO @maifatnutz doin ur mom @maifatnutz i need that specifically for ur momdont trust nobody named chris cus if chris crossed apple sauce watchu think he gon do to you 🤧🤧
Retweeted by sal #hr @maifatnutz bare minimum 🗿 @maifatnutz mid knife @BlitzPoint_ it’s okOn February 14th I’m gonna spread as much hate and negativity as I possibly can
Retweeted by sal #hr @maifatnutz we the same @181RAYS ly bro bro @1aidn @syIv1a @1EDEN_ 😭😭😭 @noxufps @prepoqt @strawhatsade cold @prepoqt @strawhatsade 🙏Mfs buy a single NFT and base their whole personality around it
Retweeted by sal #hr @veltqt @adorbse fire @1aidn gn aiden sleep well brotha @181RAYS HAPPY BDAY RAYS ILY BRO @veltqt @maifatnutz ?? @1wiiree HBD U GETTIN OLD MY BOY @senaachu i accepted u mf shut up "gangmebr" @senaachu i havent been on my priv in a min bro calm down @senaachu Ok @senaachu the sky @senaachu r u done or wsp @willuzy ILY @Ev3ly6 poggers!! @willuzy im in love w u @1aidn im blushing @774saturn ong she ismid knives ace for the tl @maifatnutz @veltqt ????? ritz r fye jit @veltqt @maifatnutz i’m one or ur one @veltqt @maifatnutz ??? @maifatnutz @veltqt yk the ones in the peanut butter sandwich ones i would be those @veltqt @maifatnutz fire w soup @veltqt @1EDEN_ all good r u starting it rn @veltqt @1EDEN_ yea fuck it @veltqt @1EDEN_ my dick IS. @veltqt @1EDEN_ no, fuck ME @veltqt @1EDEN_ but ur first switch will be @veltqt we need to have a talk about your expectations. @veltqt MID???? MIIIDDDD???!!?!?!! @veltqt @1EDEN_ send me a clip of u switching to it for the first time 💀💀 @veltqt @1EDEN_ i can fucking tell @veltqt @1EDEN_ not low low but like .4 800 or .3 800 are like optimal for u @veltqt @1EDEN_ yes
streaming! @veltqt @1EDEN_ TALK @veltqt @1EDEN_ V @adorbse @1EDEN_ @veltqt LMFAOOO LIKE ???? @1EDEN_ @veltqt until they whiff bc they don’t take their time @veltqt @1EDEN_ u also play on like .5 1600 shit is out of this world @1EDEN_ @veltqt bc u good at the game ???? @1EDEN_ @veltqt that’s what makes it good @veltqt @1EDEN_ velt ur aim is fucking disgusting what are u talking ab @chlofps CHLOE MEDIA CHLOE MEDIA @zekeiVAL @team_parallel v @maifatnutz it’s 6 pm @maifatnutz V @_novaVAL havent gotten one in so long bro @maifatnutz no