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@WhiteSox & Wrestling. 1/2 of @WPodWrestling (link below). My cat Logan is more over. Resident Limp Bizkit Enthusiast. Unofficial @snarkbuehrle model.

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Grandal is just trolling everyone now by not swinging and walking right?21 #SoxMath @SiempreElReyes Nice! It’s the Chicago jersey that does it for me. @chrystal_ok I think he’d understand.YERM LIFE! @HuckFromKansas #NeverForgetLogan is a fan of Timmy. @Keelin_Billue Sooooooo (Men)Dick the Knife?This rotation tho... #WhiteSox #ChangeTheGame
Retweeted by Dick the KnifeCarlos Rodón, 2021 (colorized)
Retweeted by Dick the Knife @thebennettk Gotta love that grave shift. @byronblack666 rotation tho... #WhiteSox #ChangeTheGame @Tigresa_de1810 I’m hoping it’s just the shock of getting hit with a damn near 100MPH pitch. I cry like a baby hitt… Fuck this doesn’t look good. 2. I am now in sell everything mode in my fantasy league. @Keelin_Billue This is a tough one. She loves Razor but thinks Moncada is soft.21 #SoxMath
Could it be today!!!!?? 🤔🤔
Retweeted by Dick the KnifeRazor RaMoncada givin em that Razor’s Edge right off the bat! have a mashup for the Rotation....Might wait. @SportsByRick @Carlos_Rodon55 FIIIIIIRRRREEEE!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥See? This is art. This is what I wish I could do. 🔥🔥🔥, man!!!! it be today!!!!?? 🤔🤔 Charlie Blackmon starting to heat up after you traded for him a week ago. can’t stop laughing at this shirt.
Retweeted by Dick the Knife @aliwhitesox You get 10 likes on stuff you think is funny? is dedicated to @SoxUnprotected @Tigresa_de1810.Carlos Rodón, 2021 (colorized) came up with a mashup idea and now I’m fumbling my phone because I need to get this done NOW!Just a couple of legends. nbd @jhoman29 Me, going to the first game. @Tigresa_de1810 @WhiteSox_UK Love em! Happy we stumbled across each other in this hellsite.Back on my only get 5 hours of sleep bullshit. @jhoman29 Kid needs a job. @BenChiTownKid98 @Tigresa_de1810 @colleensullivan @Razzball Montas. @nathan_shiba Where would you display it? 😂I have a lot of creative friends here. I just want to say that you all inspire me and you guys are friggin awesome.…
Retweeted by Dick the Knife @Keelin_Billue @Thatbaseballfan Thanks, Keelin. IdoLOS 🤑🤑🤑 Rated R(odón) Superstar dealing again. @colleensullivan to the White Sox Offense after finally getting to Brad Keller: @colleensullivan
Retweeted by Dick the KnifeI’m not getting my order am I
Retweeted by Dick the KnifeThanks, but he’s my pitcher! #SoxMath @Tigresa_de1810 @colleensullivan @colleensullivan There’s only one way to know if he looks EXACTLY like him. @LodiDodi17 That's what I did, man. Literally just told myself that I was done. I remember having my last Pepsi whi… @Chicagofan76 Since then, I'm down about 13 pounds. I must say though, it's a combination of no pop, no sleep, not…
Thank you, @SavesTuesday From now on I will be introducing "Hacksox" Jim Margalus on the @SoxMachine Podcast. A ma…
Retweeted by Dick the Knife @shankster714 Dick the Model! @SiempreElReyes @chrystal_ok Me too. I go back from time to time to read old stuff. It’s actually where I’m met a few people that I still talk to on here!Might use Twitter like LiveJournal tonight. Apologies in advance if this happens. @SiempreElReyes The lack of Bacardi and Cokes....Struggle. beard was my eyebrows. @kyyle23 Is it the love for Limp Bizkit that always made you wonder what was wrong with me? @HuckFromKansas BECAUSE I NEEDED THE SCENT!!!! I’M SPIRALING! @KindaBleu @BrianChimino The fact that work has an unlimited supply of cans of Coke and Sprite was always hard to resist. Espe… @BrianChimino This is 100% why I’m not having one. I know it’s all downhill. This was really just a choice for me b… haven’t had a pop since January 7th and I just took a sniff of a Pepsi and I feel like I’m about to lose all control. Why did I do that!? @kyyle23 @BrianChimino favorite thing to read before a new series by way of @colleensullivan! @kyyle23 Senior year in 2004....Was questionable.“No one cared who I was until I put on the beard.” @SoxUnprotected You’re the man, dude. Always been nothing but cool and supportive to me, I know you don’t like comp… @SoxUnprotected I might hope you fucking die....But it’s all out of love! @CoveysBurner I should have known when you praised and defended TLJ... @thebennettk I had a Frank Thomas jersey that my mom got me from Venture that I wore the HELL out of. @CoveysBurner Doc: “Jesus, Dick. What has been happening?!” Me: *Shows @CoveysBurner’s tweets.* Doc: @CoveysBurner The level of salt I have reading this.... @KenWo4LiFe It me! @KenWo4LiFe @soxmachine_josh @thebennettk @SoxMachine C’mon, Ken. I did this before. And you didn’t even ask 🤔 @soxmachine_josh @Thatbaseballfan @thebennettk @SoxMachine IRS @soxmachine_josh @thebennettk @SoxMachine 🤔🤔 Gimme a good Jim pic and I’ll see what I can do.White Sox need to friggin play already. Off days are brutal for this place.Driving through EC & the Harbor just gets me in my feels. Driving by blocks where my friends lived, remembering all… @Keelin_Billue image from “The Yermínator” that was tweeted by @whitesox: “Is that ball dead?” “Yermínated.”
Retweeted by Dick the Knife @Keelin_Billue Some of us neeeeeeeeed beards. @KenWo4LiFe What are your .xSTEPs tho? @StressFreehon @jhoman29 Love it. @StressFreehon @jhoman29 BEEN FOLLOWED! @CruxControl forgot I tweeted that Dallas pic before I went to sleep last night 😂. Boy howdy, I know the pain of no beard. @jhoman29 There’s no rule that says you HAVE to follow back. It’s your Twitter. Use it how you want. I’m at the poi… @david_foss Purging needs to be done. I’m here for a fun/good time and don’t need to see negativity or constant quarreling. @jhoman29 I’m not a follow back guy. I generally go to bio, replies and their likes to see the kinda person they ar… a little Twitter feed cleansing last night. Queue up “Feels Good” by Tony! Toni! Toné!“I said ‘step, pause, turn, pause, pivot, step, step!’ Not ‘step, pause, turn, pause, pivot, step, pause’. Oh, shud…
Retweeted by Dick the Knife“No one cared who I was until I put on the beard.”'s time to ask everyone's favorite question for the next round of "Know Your Enemy": Why do you hate the Royals…
Retweeted by Dick the Knife