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@Rhymestyle Your meat @CJames1602 Shang smacks him tho even tho they went to stalemate @TheGodzillaDude @OmegaWingedZero @Clinodakt @WilLove10 What a loser @maroyasha Wins*** @maroyasha Ask your dad about them fighting and who he thinks wind @OmegaWingedZero @Clinodakt @TheGodzillaDude @WilLove10 Still wondering what he said I didn’t see itFor the record this is in terms of character, comics etc @DragonriderWeeb New Omni bus @TheGodzillaDude @WilLove10 What he sayShang Chi > Iron Fist @mu93nOne It’s a movie @kinzukee Moon KnightFor clarification by series I meant don’t sleep on the comics This is a movie in the tweet @TheAmazinTurtle It is a movieOn stream, I spoke about Shang-Chi and why I am so excited for this series. If you like martial arts, do NOT sleep… will see it first btw 👀 👉 @ SavinTheBees interesting guesses here.. Y’all find out in a few weeks 😈 @King_Of_Frantz1 Streamed my entire playthrough of it Loved itFinally booked for another tattoo session Might add to my current Jojo tat but this new tat is from another series, one of my favorites 👀 @E1JZ1197 Yessir @Scharly_Sensei OuiDamn people are watching tf outta last nights stream VOD It’s en route to being in my top 5 most viewed lol Feels… @TheSupernoon 90s, Mortal Kombat on sega genesislol big deal, I have water in my fridge. @AndrethaKnight They gonna think he’s Tory Lanez @El_Bor1 Makes sense @kingbehn He’s an actor.Looks better than I expected. Looks great. But, He looks like he’s 5’3” tho lol I still think it’s too soon for Re… FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS GREAT @jaisen_brown Then you’re ignorant and probably should focus on that instead of assuming what you know little of. @jaisen_brown You know my sleep schedule?Fuck. I’m still alive.My stream titles are unrivaled Unmatched how frustrating it was, I was having a great ass time😭😭😭 @corybellFGC I’d somehow destroy thatI need an indestructible PS4 controller lmao someone invent that so I can give you my money pleaseDawg I was going so hard doing so good in DOOM ETERNAL looking like I knew what I was doing I make one mistake and… you @PaladinAmber for the raid/host You’re one of the most supportive people and we haven’t even met yet I appreciate uI’m there cracked out dodging, headshotting and WHILE INTERACTING READING THE CHAT AND THIS DUDE KEPT WRITING PARAG… I had an easier time facing 2 Marauders lmao NGL fucking blood pressure is through the roof rn lmao like I didn’t get angry or rage but fuck that DOOM level was… stream is fucking packed right now and intense with so much people watching lolLMFAOOOOO SEAHAWKS SHOULDVE RAN THE BALL @SavinTheBees You’re number #1
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We all lose @Zenrotwo Ended strong for unfortunate reasonsReigen is the strongest human Not even I can defeat him’d smack tf outta Steve and catch the chair one shots the MCU and Goku No chair @Zenrotwo 3 Worst series you’ve ever wasted time tryingSteve Wilkos: *breathes* Audience: @jmn_19 💀💀💀STEEEEEEEVE @Frankie_lake J LoTheir anger and tears keeps me feeling young and adds years to my lifespan don’t really understand why people be getting pressed when @SavinTheBees makes fun of their favorite sports team.…
Retweeted by Plathanos 🐝🇩🇴 #HIVESZN @OshuSupreme W. @alfredobofa It’s spicyLMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO getting smacked Buccs are smackin Amen. @MrEatYaAss Learn German next then you can fully conquer Belgium @MrEatYaAss What was your native language, Arabic? @MrEatYaAss It’s how I learned English, just TV and musicSTREAM LATER TODAY YESSSSSS SIRRRR @MrEatYaAss @The_Backup_Ant_ @OshuSupreme @MrEatYaAss @OshuSupreme @OshuSupreme @MrEatYaAss KEITA @MrEatYaAss @OshuSupreme @OshuSupreme @MrEatYaAss LMFAOOOOOSEE YOU NEXT WEEK STEELERS #RavensFlockBrowns vs Bengals was fire Steelers vs Titans was fire Falcons still poop And we still got games to goNEVER MIND LMAOOO, TitansARE THE TITANS DOING IT????Whew Jets almost got their first win of the season CANT HAVE THAT 💀Don’t even need to say anything about the CowboysDamn Steelers looking strongFuck. I’m still alive.Whenever big L comes on I think about all the great music you recommend to us @SavinTheBees
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Retweeted by Plathanos 🐝🇩🇴 #HIVESZN @SavinTheBees Double checked with Google translate, yeah you're right!
Retweeted by Plathanos 🐝🇩🇴 #HIVESZN👀 @SteelSeries ?? @EugeneGlukh It’s ok I’m Russian tooThis means code HIVE BLYATSomeone’s gotta do it ✊️ @JrPhilgene That’s fair homie @TheGodzillaDude I canI’m the type to always preach to watch things for yourself if you’re curious and formulate your own opinion but fel…