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RLB-for-Leader @savvy1405 England, United Kingdom

I hate NO-ONE. But I do HATE what tory Britain has become. War, Famine, Death, Austerity, Greed, Racism, Homelessness, PM's will be ignored!

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@breeallegretti @MikeBatt01 @helenhatessmear @skwawkbox It means that an ultra left is passionate about the NHS, wants to see the h… @savvy1405 @MattHancock My daughter works for them as well and they're all shit scared their going to lose their jo…
Retweeted by RLB-for-Leader @shysteee2018 UNTOLD STORY! EXPOSED! The True Scale & Size of Tory Debt 2010-2019 This is the story that exposes once…
Retweeted by RLB-for-Leader @RoyalFamily @Save_R_Culture @SkyNews well you'll be first on list to get thrown out the door, and good riddance.
@MattHancock God, when are you going to wake up? start telling the truth? My daughter works for the NHS and all her… @Monty_Dodge @JulietB270880 @nadinebh_ What did the MSM, the likes of the BBC and rest of the bias shites say about… @MrDominicBuxton Talking bollocks again, are you Dominic, trying to stir up the old lie about anti-Semitism? Go do… @suziegeewizz @campbell582000 Didn't hitler want to create a "Master Race"? Just think about that for a while and… @geol_uk @SocialistVoice Yep no good crying after the milk has been spilt, her and the likes condemned us all. All…
@tinakalinen @ian_ibbotson @FightingGran @UKDemockery @LuckyHeronSay @AnydaySocialist @treezsteele @wilde @dawnsmith07 @pocketrocket49 @blackyellowbrd @AnydaySocialist @a_yousaf1 @RedWoman1552 @loveisbrilliant @FFSKarz @DiaDiGiovanni @JohnEdwards33 @vamroses @HippieKillerBoB @blunted_james @JamesEFoster @irisstylosa @chessmartinez @kadymcdermottx @rambo82ave @TheSun The Sun is nothing but a hate rag, people that read that shit paper needs to st…
@docrussjackson @joane_cleminson Every time I hear his voice with all lies my stomach starts churning. 4000 busses,… @carmel_prescott I did, deleted it 🧐
@suefew @acgrayling Yeah, that's all they think about, their own pockets, the rest of us can just drop and die. @acgrayling Philosopher? Not very wise words. @williamnhutton I see the Lid-Dems are still trying to blame the Labour for a car-crash GE. Let's not forget Swinso…
@PeterGarbacz @campbell582000 @AaronBastani @novaramedia @RichardBurgon Said it like a > BOSS< well said Richard. @DawnButlerBrent @redflag3rd Aye, without a doubt. @wesstreeting @Keir_Starmer @lisanandy @EmilyThornberry Where's the mention of RLB? oh wait, she's not a tory lite. @VictorK43995989 @RedWoman1552 @hitsground @peter4buckley @PeterSharpley3 @BRUMSTOKIE @welshgoldigger
@TheMendozaWoman I can'5t see the old woman and I'm 69 lol
Envrionment Minister Theresa Villiers: Don’t let HS2 destroy ancient woodlands! - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange
@allisonpearson He was cleared because he was a stooge for the elite, if he got found guilty he would have grassed…
@Marshall5Sharon For sure, goes without saying.Happy #SocialistSunday @SariellaHerself ✊🌹❤️💕 L50 @sabuniray @samgtto3000 @salbags60 @sarah_davies67
Retweeted by RLB-for-LeaderList 5 🌹 @sallymi90818978 @PIGTROUGH10 @michaelseignot @sallymi90818978 @savvy1405 @CoolJayne @Christi64914989
Retweeted by RLB-for-Leader @dawnsmith07 @sallymi90818978 @PIGTROUGH10 @michaelseignot @CoolJayne @Christi64914989 @Chrissy1b @angelaissa66 @TheProleStar @campbell582000 I hope they do go, then we can have a proper Labour Party, not a light tory one. @tinakalinen @AnydaySocialist @leftwingedduck @Apollon101 @laureleccles @Corbynator2_0 @a_nitak @Bradley_9844
Retweeted by RLB-for-Leader @tinakalinen @AnydaySocialist @leftwingedduck @Apollon101 @laureleccles @Corbynator2_0 @a_nitak @Bradley_9844 @TheMendozaWoman @Marksid I love Bernie, he's a straight talker, for the many not the few. I Hope the people of Ame… @FreddieBailey96 So many KB warriors about, why don't you lot come and knock on my door? Fucking arseholes. Keep it…
@lisanandy Toby Young, Classically a Gammon. @IanAustin1965 @sarah_davies67 @SamBell43371625 Spouting shite again? @sandra_thanks @tjohnson419 @FLOTUS He's the instigator of bullying.
UK Government: Grant UK citizens living in Europe the same Healthcare rights after Brexit. via @change_es @redmatt14 @VictorK43995989 @rozzleberry @roverschick @dawnsmith07 @shanners67 @KateVasey @barryoleary77 @lizzy7770 @SariellaHerself @Robby5211 @RobShaitan @robertadam19 @Rosa_Red_ @rose_marie @RoyB71084885 @rozzleberry @Rudis_66 @SariellaHerself @Robby5211 @RobShaitan @robertadam19 @Rosa_Red_ @rose_marie @RoyB71084885
Retweeted by RLB-for-Leader @Damian_Barr Does that mean that everyone else should pay the BBC to keep you entertained? People can cancel Netfli… @brexitblog_info Diddums, he didn't like to hear the truth.
@derekjames150 Boris can't join two pieces of paper together if he had a gallon of super blue, never the country. @dana_lytics @JamesCleverly @BorisJohnson More lies from tory supporters. Just like the paid guy on ITV. Do you lot… @JamesCleverly @BorisJohnson If I told you I would get a life-time ban from twitter. @DiaDiGiovanni @KKrowe9 @illi4141 @tynewrc @tisy47 @Jayrgoodall @buddy_hell @carolesmail56 @CrazieLilDaizie
oh FFS anyone else watching ITV with the Boris and that guy pretending. So much bull-shit. @AcesWalling @BBCPolitics @sheilascoular Fully Agree, what's a tobacco and pharma activist doing in UK putting her nose into our affairs? @EnglishmanAdam The question would have been better like, "If them four were drowning who would you save" All. Name one. Go for a meal. @LeftWingKim Weldon, Bernie, now to get into WH and kick that racist Trump out on his fat arse.
@RespectIsVital Good Luck, Comrade, hope all has gone well.
@expressionessd1 Our children? @charliekirk11 And you're a liar with false accusations. Idiot. @SariellaHerself @robertadam19 @Rosa_Red_ @rose_marie @RoyB71084885 @rozzleberry @Rudis_66 @RustyMark4 @dawnsmith07 @red_black_cat You're not the only one, I've said the same thing a few times. You only have to look at last 4 GE's,… @laffterman Same here, I think Rebecca and Richard will mate a formidable team.
#SocialistSunday @mellors_karen @barryoleary77 @garywilson2013 @IamSWaGodKing @robjeffecology @irisstylosa
Retweeted by RLB-for-Leader#SocialistSunday #SocialistAnyDay #poem 'Hoodied Bridget' @DameLozza @ToryFibs @FightingGran @stevewhiteraven
Retweeted by RLB-for-Leader @KevinHIpoet1967 @DameLozza @ToryFibs @FightingGran @stevewhiteraven @AnEndisNye2 @wirralphil1 @TheFabledAesop 🌹❤️🌹 @SenJustice4 @redsarah99 @SteveSammut2 @is_antoinette @StarSparkle_UK @BRUMSTOKIE
Retweeted by RLB-for-Leader @DanielJHannan Come back in 12 months time and tell us then. One day FFS, even a starving man can last 3 weeks befo… @tinakalinen @SenJustice4 @redsarah99 @SteveSammut2 @is_antoinette @StarSparkle_UK @BRUMSTOKIE @TrashMcNish @SocialistVoice So the prime-minister can call out Muslims, Jews, black etc and still be a prime-minister, yet a ne…
To all my followers . Mary is a true socialist ! Just a lovely person . For some unknown reason her account was del…
Retweeted by RLB-for-Leader @stupidb17214117 @carmel_prescott @Norma_Daiquiri @AudreyAurus1 @larymary60 @ElloVera3 @jameshirst91 @SpillerOfTea If this lot talking on this video had a brain between them they'll be dangerous. What load of parrots, not a fucking clue. @MrDominicBuxton Jo Swinson is the one that got us where we are now with her cuddling to Johnson and making sure th…
@barryoleary77 @fardos @juliefair @blunted_james @faybijou @maureen12485368 @Mrs_FlangeE @oneoflokis @flicked46✊🌹 #TwitterFamily 🌹✊ Amazing members of my Twitter Family @fardos @juliefair @blunted_james @faybijou
Retweeted by RLB-for-Leader @barryoleary77 @fardos @juliefair @blunted_james @faybijou @maureen12485368 @Mrs_FlangeE @oneoflokis @flicked46 @BorisJohnson I rather stick sharp needles in my eye. @squeezyjohn Farage is like a boil on ones arse that you can't get rid off.
@duncanpoundcake Good, let's hope she gets done for it and make an example of her. Bullies are nothing but scared little shits. @AlanT2601 @10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson Always one isn't there. Goodbye. @AlanT2601 Who ask YOU? @PaulJoh88854449 @10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson You should lay off that wine. @AlanT2601 @10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson Not my PM, you can forget that one. @marmitemarmz wow that poor child, when he's old enough and this brexit has gone to shit, he'll be the one on the r…
@penkymax hahahaha, MY PM, FFS what's that idiot been on? @KP24 @BorisJohnson You can piss off as well, and take the liar with you. @upsadaizy I hope he wins and hope she keeps up to her big mouth and piss off. @AlanPor66053474 @MarieAnnUK hahaha, that statement has scarred my imagination, I'll be having nightmares tonight 🧐🤣🤣🤣 @AlanPor66053474 What a load of idiots, singing and shouting with glee when they've just lost their high wage jobs. Fucking Morons. @StevenW69808657 @A_Kelly43 I know to turn this around, by getting rid of her and the likes for a start. @campbellclaret You don't half talk rubbish Alastair, you and your cronies new damn well that if JC changed to supp… @SkyNews What else did you lot expect from a lying tory? Well you pushed hard for a brexit, enjoy it and stop moaning."So the Government is not responsible for poverty?" Pitiful Patel: "Well it's not, because it's all parts of socie…
Retweeted by RLB-for-Leader @docrussjackson Patel a spawn of the devil, what the hell is she doing sat there in front, she should be thrown out…
@nharmertaylor Proud of you admitting it, this is the 21st century not the 18th. @Dave_hampton @aliceblue21 And now I'm an arrogant fool? Tell you what, you're just an asshole that thinks you know… @Dave_hampton @aliceblue21 How is it a lie? All you have to do is search the net, it's all there. Or are you one o… @Dave_hampton @aliceblue21 Oh I know my facts, and the fact is, "You are wrong" admit it. Been voting for 5 decades… @Dave_hampton @Tig58124417 @aliceblue21