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i needed more love than what was available to me

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@Jehwauhn And they just not gettin it, especially his follow up tweet about the nigga being seen jogging just weeks earlier. 😆Please, somebody, photoshop this Drake meme onto that man’s shadow in the background @Deus_Ex_Human SERVE. @BlkHippieBiker @MISTER40cal Why you wanna touch my heart like this?! MUCH LOVE, BOO. @BlkHippieBiker 💕💕💕Ain’t a runner. She’s no track star. She gon run away if there ain’t carbs many people think the drugs came first, when the poverty, the unemployment, the houselessness, the overpolicing,…
Retweeted by ijuswishthingswouldgetbettaI’ll never leave you @food, Compassion parents really got me out here working for a living. No trust fund or nothing.
Retweeted by ijuswishthingswouldgetbetta @fancytomboy Like...did they even get permission? The cows have been extremely accommodating and kind to not buck… don’t like rich people telling me shitI hope my ancestors turn the channel and tune into someone else’s life when I’m losing my battle with depressionPsalm took this pic while still on the clock at his Milk Man job @_CoolStoryCori_ Respect. this lady on naked & afraid shit herself & then dunked her ass in a small pond & then when they came back the…
Retweeted by ijuswishthingswouldgetbetta @_CoolStoryCori_ Why you still on it?
Retweeted by ijuswishthingswouldgetbetta @BeezHunny Especially when homemade guacamole takes literally 5 mins to make. Also seems like a shit stain waiting to happenSometimes I laugh and think, “I’m in my 40s and my parents are in their 50s. Lil’ nasty asses” @DanTresOmi What would make you think that? @ohjasminee Sorry, my love. I’d flip and reverse it for you if I could first find a way to do so for myself @ohjasminee Oh, you know that bitch too? @DanTresOmi What was your assumption?Ok, Kid CottageCore @KidCudi 👗 #snl @DanTresOmi the mutha.Imagine living 24/7 with a bitch you want and neeeeed to elevate, but she refuses to take the first step because he… one life’s sin is that I don’t believe in myselfMan, it’s been over a month since my oral surgery and my face hasn’t lost all its swelling yet so I’m trying to be… @Katchin05 bish: WUT. U FINE. @mia_sade Oh naw. Me and my babies would be in the Witness Protection Program.... I like my version better. Lemme call his mama and the burf certificate-correction folks. Me: “Hoe, we gon cha… I thought the nigga’s name was “Reggae John Page” this whole time. @_CoolStoryCori_ @ohjasminee Oh no. I want him back in @ohjasminee That incident was so fucking unnecessary and ridiculous. I’m glad to see him thriving and I wish the ab… @DanTresOmi I’m doin mah besss @DanTresOmi All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us!California opening everything back up cuz what we not gon do is sacrifice another Spring & Summer’s wurf of tourism… @CeeNCrumpets Put some respect on World Wildlife Fund’s name😭 @DanTresOmi @owldara112 If I looked like that, you think I’d be sittin here on a Saturday night in my drawls, eating cottage ch… unironically explained the jig
Retweeted by ijuswishthingswouldgetbetta @owldara112 @Court8311 Polite AF, even while only thing true about that photo is my bra showing 🥴 and the fact that I had on 2 different colors of Sephora Cream Lip StainThe filter lied so well. The filter should go into politics @KevOnStage I’ve seen your name on here for yeeeaaarrrrsss. Never really knew much about you, though. But when I…🗣YOU NAAAAME IT...even though I don’t spend money on 5 of these things...👹 @BlastLaCash Girl, yes. And they were all deeeeeeply impacted @Mr1738 You said you are NOT. That could mean at the moment. You didn’t say, “I’ve NEVER been.” @sobersaIad That’s why I hardly ever. It’s too much. I can’t imagine people with kids. I’d be a wreck tryna ensur… @Mr1738 You could mean not currently... @ebonirm You’re such a go-getter. Can I be like you when I grow up? @ebonirm Thass love ❤️This is so sweet I can’t! Look at those little tails!
Retweeted by ijuswishthingswouldgetbettaThere are SO many new emojis. Bitch, when did we get 🤌🏽🦾🦿🫀🧑🏼‍🦰🧑🏽‍🎤👰🏽‍♂️🥷🏽🙆🏾🧏🏽‍♀️💇🏽👩🏽‍🦽🧑🏽‍🦼🪡🩲🪱🦓🦬🦮🦩🧆🫓🦪🧃🧋🩰🪘🪗🦽🛻🪙🪜🪦🪆🤎🛗?!… @GrandiddyChris Enjoy! 🎈🎉🥳🎉🎈 @GrandiddyChris 🏆 It was just your birthday, right? @JustMiaJA I know. A wretch like me. I came back to so many messages. I’m not worthy 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @BlastLaCash But I put myself back on soft foods because my jaw is still getting really achy hours after I finish c… @BlastLaCash Autocorrect had the cottage cheese on some @THAT_MEAN_BITCH Yup. I’m a non-muthackin factor so I ruffles no 🪶🪶🪶My rationale was this ain’t shit but a time-waster anyway. I ’ve been on here regularly, welllllll over a decade, a… locked me outta my acct for 5 fuckn days. In 13 yrs I’d never been locked out, suspended, NUTHIN. I real… @BlastLaCash Wth is shy cottage cheese?🛋🥺🙏🏽 @thejournalista met exactly 30 years ago, in July of this year. I was at a new school. She was welcoming of me from the GATE.… & the bestie just clocked out of a 7-hour Facetime shift. After 30 years of friendship, I’m so grateful we stil…
@_CoolStoryCori_ 😭he was in the prime of his life and the vaccy took him out man i can’t believe it
Retweeted by ijuswishthingswouldgetbetta @_CoolStoryCori_ (Why am I privy to all this? I’m 41) @_CoolStoryCori_ It was rumored Taina got w/Herbo while he was still w/Ari. There was tension from Ari’s side rece… @rarebre3d I learned about her child via her saying the same shit to get the heat off her back during her LAST scandalWhy is her M.O. always “People have been threatening my son” 😴 She pulled that same card back when she scammed that… @smorgasbordgie Saw you on my explore page on ig @MaybeMorque ilikeallofthese @_CoolStoryCori_ Water, after only wanting to send you off to slumberland hydrated: @CeeNCrumpets @HUMonTHESE Yes. I thought it was beautifully shot with equally beautiful people starring in it. I usually don’t l… was born against my will #sixwordstory #6words #writingcommunity @BlastLaCash I haven’t watched Belly since it came out. But that lil clip? I dun watched 832679145833 times @ariola0 Buss down, Gawkiana @CeeNCrumpets With. My. Eyes. Closed.With all due respect...I been lookin for this clip all day😭✊🏽 @CeeNCrumpets Jar. Jar. sleep, right? i wanted to be stopped, dropped, shut down so I could open up shop @que_teena U c itPriiince? Thass Kenan Thompson screen recorded for the first time today 🥺👵🏽 @MoreAndAgain Grow up and be white.Nes. @sobersaIad FUCK NO 😤 @sobersaIad Thats what everybody keeps saying. And i used TF outta that thing. I highkey wish it would still work.…