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Sawyer Lovett @sawyerlovett Philadelphia, PA

Average trans guy writer trying to be as kind as possible every day. #pitchwars mentee ‘19, rep: @andreaagency Black Lives Matter. He/they

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@hcolbyy @OrcaSpender Oooo, I would join this Bartlett train!
@amyignatow @haleshannon That’s a good one! @amyignatow Which book?!
@1cdaigle @mattgodfrey @AdagioTeas Right? So delicious and thoughtful!I have been Going Through It at work, and @mattgodfrey mailed me this really cute and delicious tea sampler because… @jennycavallero Mine might be to eat more pizza next year @LiviDol Congrats! The world needs more of your work floating around in it! @amyignatow And we in the #2 camp are grateful. are watching #GBBO @thewalkaways: “oh whatever, Prue. I have a hard time believing the New York Jews aren’t ma…
Dear New York, Please come back to our stores. Sales remain down over 50% and we need you to keep this bookselling…
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@VictorManibo @MovingImageNYC Congrats, Victor!Amy is just the best at writing books and raising humans. you came out to your family and they didn’t show you all the love in their hearts, I’m your mom now. I love you…
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@TheKateDylan Co-signed.Dr. Fauci to @NBCNews on Trump campaign using him in a campaign ad: "They did this without my permission and my co…
Retweeted by Sawyer LovettShhhhhhhh!!! 🤫 They aint out yet. But they are coming soon. If you know, you know. 10/17/2020
Retweeted by Sawyer Lovett @theBGrass Right? I can’t wait to wear this.
We are currently assessing the situation on the ground from Hurricane Delta to determine the best path(s) available…
Retweeted by Sawyer LovettToday is #PeriodActionDay! I am giving away 100 The Moon Within - First Moon Kits to Latinx and Black youth. These…
Retweeted by Sawyer Lovett @jennycavallero Burger Queen, you are royalty now.
Lindsey Graham doesn’t want to get tested for Covid-19, because think of what the contact tracing on THAT would rev…
Retweeted by Sawyer Lovett @thinkinunicorns I am starting Hannibal rn because it’s about the level of spooky I can handle. 🤷🏻‍♂️
rhetoric like this just resulted in 13 arrests for a a plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer
Retweeted by Sawyer LovettCongratulations to @kamalaharris for a masterful debate performance. She swatted away the lies with ease. Join…
Retweeted by Sawyer Lovett @rudeftm Philly here - been stocking up gradually on TP/ groceries/dog food for the last month or so, trying to do… posit that Trump isn’t able to debate Biden because he isn’t well enough to. Either he’s still extremely sick fro… ABT Earthlingz will meet Sunday, 10/11 from 3 pm to 5 pm. #afrofuturisticblerdtingz #afrofuturism
Retweeted by Sawyer Lovett @got7shallwin Of course. Thanks for asking, and for being a well informed reader!The needle Kamala threaded tonight as a black woman needs to be acknowledged. How we're perceived is based on a sho…
Retweeted by Sawyer LovettPitch in $5 to help this campaign fly.
Retweeted by Sawyer LovettI hope you’re smarter than your host. women, when you're at work tomorrow, in Zoom meetings, whatever, don't be a Susan Page: Step in if dudes are…
Retweeted by Sawyer Lovett @karenrile Ryan immediately tried to make one.I hope the ghost of RBG strikes Pence hard. Her name has no place in his frothing, poisoned maw. @kellyekell When I tel you my wife RACED to make one and it was already taken.Oh my god it is stuck to his hair spray. #BidenHarris2020 this moderator thanks Pence one more time for his boorish behavior I am just...
Retweeted by Sawyer LovettPence is so full of shit he is literally attracting flies now. #VicePresidentialDebate2020 #fuckthegop @farrinj My wife is a teacher and that teacher voice is a super power. She also just called Pence “the narc who r… fucking Christ
Retweeted by Sawyer LovettEvery Mike Pence description of Donald Trump is fan fiction.
Retweeted by Sawyer Lovett @lauriemuchnick I can hear you shouting in PA. And yeah, same.OH MY GOD CUT HIS FUCKING MIC. AND STOP THANKING PENCE WHEN HE IGNORES YOUR RULES.
Retweeted by Sawyer LovettThis. Exactly this.“What is the US’s relationship with China?” Pence: Here’s a hot slice of racism and xenophobia, in case you bitch…“Do you believe in climate change, Pence?” “Well, not really.” I assume this is because it’s not covered in the… looking Pence in the eyes the whole time and Pence staring straight ahead because Mother will give him a spa…
Retweeted by Sawyer LovettPence talking about Obama like Harris is responsible says two things: He doesn’t realize how many people Obamacar… Let's move on... PENCE: I'd like to go back, actually... MODERATOR: I really think we should move forwar…
Retweeted by Sawyer Lovett @QueSaraiSera He looks weirdly plastic? My wife just said like a wax statue which is real. That Ken doll hair.Covid strategy: Biden/Harris: Contact tracing, free vaccine, masks. Trump/Pence: Thoughts and Prayers, business as usual. #VPDebateMamala’s side-eye tho. @randyribay I relate to Steven because when I have deep feeling, my bellybutton also glows.
We are finally watching Steven Universe and Inhave so many questions about Onion. @Shekels_Library I also saw that and just groaned. 🙄
Hmm - quick mini giveaway! I'll give out a couple of Muslim-authored books to Muslim readers! Like this post and re…
Retweeted by Sawyer LovettMeanwhile, local bookstores are struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic. Buy from your indie bookstore now…
Retweeted by Sawyer Lovett @thinkinunicorns I did not connect this to your previous tweet and while I stand by it, I hope the right people are shook. @thinkinunicorns This, exactly and forever. @thinkinunicorns I cant wait. @got7shallwin To be fair though, I got the impression that this was mostly written for teen girls, which is more th… @got7shallwin And overall, I found the romance to be a little toothless: the big climactic moment between Simon and… @got7shallwin In my opinion: it is a book about gay boys written by a straight cis woman. One of the characters is… @HexPositive At 15, whenever someone said “bless you” after she sneezed, my best friend would instantly reply “hail Satan.” @amyignatow I hope it does too. Dropping it off helped me feel slightly less like flailing my arms in angst. @_jbfitz This is one of my favorite tiktok people!Unexpected joy: @goldywrites ‘s ARC on Netgalley. In bed, reading on my day off with the dog. @CJ_the_Writer I really agree with that.Without much exaggeration, Claudia Conway is giving us the most reliable information coming out of the White House.…
@frumpenberg Oh goodness, this is the sweetest. Congrats to both of you!I was just talking to someone about medium and message. This is both, elevated and important. #MeganTheeStallion hope someone posts the whole clip tomorrow, but these stills and that audio. I’m going to remember that forever.… Thee Stallion (a survivor of gun violence) just delivered the most powerful musical performance I’ve ever see… and prayers to all the late night and SNL writers.
Retweeted by Sawyer LovettI keep refreshing the news because as controversial as twitter seems to find it, I celebrate the death of cold-eyed… @caitlinrenegade Jesus dude, I just saw this. What the fuck?This was from 10 months ago. Jane Curtain is a witch, don’t mess with her.
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Would you have been like, “No wishing poor Adolf harm” if Hitler had contracted a deadly virus due to his own arrogant flouting of science?
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@AthenaDDixon Of course. Thanks for all@your words and everything you do for the Philly lit community.One of the best things about 2020. I’m taking my time with this book. I hope you will too. @adam_steele Same, actually. I haven’t done a full rewatch but I def go back to season 7 for my favesI hope the President is ok. Michelle, Malia & Sasha too. #TrumpHasCovid
Retweeted by Sawyer LovettTo everyone who entered #PitchWars 2020, congratulations! I know how hard it is to put your work and yourself out t…
Retweeted by Sawyer Lovett @adam_steele How have we never talked about Buffy? I didn’t realize you were a fan!#IAmNonbinary and my YA debut about Dean, a closeted trans boy cast as Romeo in the school play, comes out in *coun…
Retweeted by Sawyer Lovett @thinkinunicorns Love you x1000. 🥰
My dogs eyebrows are growing back in and I love them. @jennylhowe I hope they’re half as delighted as I am. @jennycavallero All tricks, no treats. 🎃Satellite voting offices are now open where you can register, request a ballot, fill it in, and drop it off all in…
Retweeted by Sawyer Lovett @erinentrada @lcatebecker And Silver Bullet! @Rae_Oestreich 🤣 @karenrile Thanks, Karen! @TheKateDylan Aaahhhh thanks! @spacegirlkate Because I have the most beautiful, talented, and hilarious friends? Yes, that’s correct. 🥰🥰🥰 @ShinyAndrea Andrea! Thank you! @hughblackthorne Thanks, Hugh! @FlorenceMigga Yay, both of us! @AndreaAgency Thank you, Andrea! @daffodilly Aw, thanks, Anita!