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@kefimochi Ikea Kallax! It’s comes in a few different grid sizes so it fits almost any space you want to put it in. @kefimochi Office/piggy room plants: maple, monstera adanosii, sansivera, calathea orbofolia (ft. little faces hopi… @kefimochi Living room plants: various calatheas, monsteras, rubber plants, paperplant, sansiveras, dracaenas, hang… @kefimochi I’ll take some pics of the family when I get home! I’ve gone a bit plant wild in the last few weeks so it’s gotten way bigger 🙈🙈🙈Second secondhand plant baby this week - a 1 metre tall ficus in a nice concrete pot 😍 @jeffbcross @cotufa82 Yeah not only is that thread horrifically transphobic, so is another thread he links about a… @NAJohnson @Tyson_GB @zenalbatross @vexwerewolf
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been.Successful first outing, only busted my ass once on Broadway Market in front of like 100 people, no biggie
New secondhand plant baby 🌱 🥰 @kinduff 😦😰 @tef_ebooks How long have you been doing it for? Do you ride the really tall ones? @kinduff So much!! Can't wait to actually take it outside (with giant knee and wrist pads of course) @tef_ebooks I do find it funny though how some people find the unicycle easier and others find the hoverboard style… @tef_ebooks Yeah the first few mins on it I was rolling back & forth bc your feet are like 'oh shit oh shit oh shit… also connects to your phone and plays music so I figure I’ll just zoom around London blasting this and transcend… is going to make the electric unicycle mafia mad but this is way way WAY more intuitive. I’ve been on it for a… uhhhhh bought a thing 😅 @rustandstardus 👀
@gsnedders @elibelly Not necessarily! I just don’t understand how “they don’t provide loans” is so horrible as it’s… guinea pigs when I try to pat them, feed them, lovingly pick them up for cuddles: OH GOD OH FUCK WHAT NO RUN AWA… @elibelly Sorry if I’m wrong but uhhhhhhh is that article grousing about Monzo being a challenger bank that doesn’t… take away my Gumtree access so I stop trying to stress buy other people's discount houseplants to distract… @NekomimiScience And the dip? Yes. Yes. We have. 🥵🥵🥵 why the notion that MSG is bad for you is a racist hoax and needlessly deprived us of so much deliciousness…
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been.I have found the German memes
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been. @jesslynnrose @jesslynnrose @gurlcode @laurieontech It was the aggressive responses that really killed me, like... man. Come on. Admit you said… @varjmes 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 @kurtkemple I am feeling very similar - there's just general background unease and a feeling of waiting for the oth… @jesslynnrose Ok @bitandbang I had such severe IT band syndrome last week I thought I'd torn a knee ligament again. And it's all bec… @strictmode_ Like some dude was in @/ohhoe’s mentions AFTER she mentioned having debt being like “you should be sav… @strictmode_ It just goes to show that tech bros who look down on others for not having 3 million in savings by 25… @aendrew You too! Mind if I dm a few questions? @tesseralis I found this last night and wasn’t sure whether to show you or not - I hope you are more fulfilled than… having a grand ol insomniac time on the surreal memes reddit last night, here are some of my faves @strictmode_ The fact you'd even consider getting them something is far beyond what I'd usually expect from a house… Tik tok made me cry out of pure happiness he’s so fUCKING HAPPY
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been.The biggest burden against people who doesn't have formal training in computer science is summarized by this tweet.…
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been.
I've given my website a makeover! It's inspired by vaporwave, 16-bit video games and the websites of the early 00s.…
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been. @AroraXD I used to know how to traverse trees but falling out of one just hits different when you aren’t 5 years old and bouncy anymoreIndefinite leave to remain application has been submitted. Nothing to do but wait now. @varjmes Ohhhh I saw the “had a good chat” tweet and thought you’d already viewed it! Not paying attn to timestamps… @varjmes Best of luck James 🤞🤞🤞 It sounds like you’ve pretty much got it, hope you get full confirmation soon 🙌So anyway, happy feral hog day.
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been. @strictmode_'ve always loved, but I've just gone back to create some new palettes and decided to sign… @jordanfish 🥺🥺🥺 @rachelnabors Not sobbing uncontrollably but only because I watched 5 hours of college Jeopardy on Netflix last nig…
Hi friends! We have some amazing devs who finished our spring cohort looking for their first role in London or remo…
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been. @sonniesedge It’s a piggy bjorn! 🥺🥺🥺 Took about 5 weeks to get here from the US but so worth it @EmmaBostian The floors 😻 I am such a melt for parquet flooring @kirafterghy Exciting! When do you think you’ll try and move? @sciuromorpha_ 😍😍😍 @hallnewman She is Mopsa! 🐹✨ Good morning! ✨ is this so funny
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@NikkitaFTW This is so good!!! @kieranmch It’s so fucked that this level of debt was sprung on UK students at all, but especially so quickly.i was advised to pick up a new hobby so i chose embroidery
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been.RT to kill an older millenial instantly
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been. @varjmes Ahh was trying to sympathise as a fellow London renter but I feel I may have been too negative, I’m sorry… @stephaniecodes @simonleggsays ☹️☹️☹️ luv 2 see landlords continue to find new ways to make moving/renting stressful and difficultMind 🤯 Bharatanatyam is the classical dance tradition of southern India (I learned on Wikipedia that it is the old…
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been. @kieranmch I’ve heard good things about Storybook - not used it myself but @erinfoox has given talks/written some a… @varjmes It just means someone with tons more money will be able to overbid and secure it for sure. I’ve never enco… @varjmes It’s even worse than this time last year I think. We’re looking for a new place and they held viewings all…
@kefimochi She protecc She attac But most important, she blocc backFOLKS, HAS GENERATED AN ABSOLUTE WINNER, IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been. @TartanLlama Lmaooo I was like “not a real laugh just a short ‘ha’ laugh ok I will try harder next time 🥺😢”Taking my ADHD meds like again humiliated by feeling better after drinking water
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been.oh my gosh.... oh my gosh
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been.Do u think they rotate the sundials for British summer time @polotek Of all the hills to die on 😑oh to be a watermelon being carried around in a bag designed specifically for you
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@kefimochi Omg 😍🥺🙌
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been. @kefimochi Good luck on your panel! Pls post amazing eyeliner photos 😻 @EmilyGorcenski Mai ich bitte den Kartoffeln haben?Feets they’re reenforcing lockdown rules in northern areas with large Muslim communities in time for Eid celebrations…
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been.hell yeah
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been.This brings me joy
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@ScribblingOn @moynibell @simonvc @dan1elhughes @Rich_McCartney @crablabuk @erincandescent @monzo Lol we’ll see @ellenkorbes @_phzn Who is putting “I do drugs” on their life insurance 👀No man has more fun at the controls than KiNK: that's a fact. Just look at him go!
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been. @elchefe What's your ideal music for heavy lifting? @ScribblingOn Lies, I will survive on iced lattes, cereal, and spite alone @bessbell I want people to realize how serious this is because, as a Black woman, many people expect me to do thing…
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been. @bessbell I also have one named Mike that handles my booking. It's funny because he somehow can negotiate for more…
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been.A friend's male assistant is a fake email account she runs because people called her "difficult" and "impossible" f…
Retweeted by Kate is cake. Always has been. @holtbt My build wasn't exactly the same but it was close enough that I was able to use this as a guide. Good luck and have fun! @holtbt I knew 0 about mech keyboards a few months ago and wanted to build my own. I found this video helpful for v…
@bterlson Already put her away for the night but here she is earlier showing off her chonky cheeks 🥺