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Last night Bristol went offf! Myself @JoSoSick @micofcourse and @SBK_UK took the roof off at Asylum Nightclub for…
Retweeted by SBKHis a stand up guy that’s why 🐺💙
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Retweeted by SBKWomen ain’t as perverted as men fam it’s so mad that women will objectify themselves like that 🤨 But it’s their bod… @audioslugs feat @MangaStHilare & @SBK_UK - Tek Dat Live on @FLEXFMUK 101.4 FM / 📻
Retweeted by SBKMaking moves to Bristol tonight to celebrate the birthday of @BrandOC17. Myself @JoSoSick @micofcourse @SBK_UK with…
Retweeted by SBKYou know what I realised having big Afro hair/ a box? The only time you can wear a hat and it looks normal is when… bro 💜 let’s go 🍾
Retweeted by SBKMan gonna link up soon my bruda i catch u down der. @BrandOC17 let’s do this bro 💯💯💯💯
Retweeted by SBKEn route to Bristol for the second time in my career, let’s have a great night @BrandOC17 @micofcourse @JoSoSick is the kinda thing I like to see
Retweeted by SBKYou know how many guys send me beats fam 😂 you gotta have some gold to grab my attentionYo @blacklike_tintz you got tekkerz 🤣 on g you know I believe in you forever ‼️
Retweeted by SBK🦅 @SBK_UK @JmeBBK @Shortybbk BIG!!!
Retweeted by SBKdis is gonna slap HARD
Retweeted by SBKGwan 👏🏿👏🏿
Retweeted by SBKYou're smashing it @SBK_UK 😁👏🏆
Retweeted by SBKNgl SBK is cold 🥶 seen him live few times, most definitely the future of grime ⚜️
Retweeted by SBKFunky dee - Spent
Retweeted by SBKTalk about a #LevelUp 🔥
Retweeted by SBK#AnotherOne @lewiwhite @TommyBUpdates 🙏🏽 B KAY! 🔊
Retweeted by SBKWhen I was 16 and I didn’t have no money to perform at Next Legacy @micofcourse gave me dough for the train and put… @SBK_UK WAIT WAIT.... aint that.......
Retweeted by SBK🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔥🔥🔥 RT @SBK_UK: SBK FT. @JmeBBK & @Shortybbk - Be Careful #DontWatchIt
Retweeted by SBKwtf is this world I care about is bangers
Retweeted by SBK @logan_olm @jetsorjetski @ReallyRazor 😂😂😂 @OfficialJafro @SBK_UK @TRoadz Honestly a Jafro X sbk would be nuts 🔥
Retweeted by SBK @jetsorjetski @logan_olm @ReallyRazor 😩😩😩 @OfficialJafro @TRoadz Love fam it’s trueThey may not see eye to eye but the true princes of this ting are @SBK_UK and @TRoadz ... So young and so much tal…
Retweeted by SBKSBK FT. @JmeBBK & @Shortybbk - Be Careful #DontWatchIt #PrinceOfGrime people laughing about the situation would have acted more moist than this if this happened to them 🤷🏽‍♂️ @SBK_UK @Shortybbk @JmeBBK Levelup ⚡️
Retweeted by SBKNew @TommyBUpdates & @SBK_UK getting spun on @SIRSPYRO show muad!
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@SLSALABEL Mi deya soldiaJHEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by SBKLike this tweet if you want a video for SBK x @TommyBUpdates ‘Who What Where’ 😁The #iluvlive playlist is poppin with new releases! We've added tracks from: @_Azryah @SBK_UK @TommyBUpdates
Retweeted by SBK @iluvlive @_Azryah @TommyBUpdates @ItsBigZuu @jevon_official @LiamBailey @PipMillett @jeromethomasfoe @BlueLabBeats - WHO WHAT WHERE !? Feat: @TommyBUpdates Prod: @lewiwhite STREAM/DOWNLOAD NOW! - Di… my EP with Ten Dixon & secured my new place in East LDN 🔥
@louistrout1 macCan anyone send me fruity loops🔫🔫
Retweeted by SBK @BossRenz_ Stidhhdryruwgkg 😂😂😂This is why the scenes backwards, you got grown arse men touching 30 celebrating a man getting moved to while the y…
Retweeted by SBKI don’t appreciate it g. Me and him warring was a music ting. This is real life @ladyshocker BowEBR Present: Audio Slugs .... Tek Dat 😤😤😤 Featuring @MangaStHilare & @SBK_UK 💥💥💥💥🔊🔊 @audioslugs @ebrecordsuk
Retweeted by SBK @WarzNG @Official_Yizzy @sbk Warz 🤣 @RollaPayback
SPEED PAINT of @Santandave1 at the @BRITs yesterday ✨ 6h28 of painting into 12 seconds! Digital painting done on P…
Retweeted by SBKI genuinely cannot believe people are arguing the NHS policy on homophobes and racists. So you’re saying if you cal…
Retweeted by SBKMan made drugs are for the weak, there’s always an underlying issue and them things there never solve it @GManSlewdem @Realzonline I ain't involved in road life fam. I'ma be in Bow still. I'm a lowkey guy @GManSlewdem WhyBOOP BOOP BOOP
Retweeted by SBKOn the 28th I'm moving to 'east london where the mandem a .........' @SBK_UK One of the best investments in life is that lickle red book 😂
Retweeted by SBK @sharkymajor I’m good now 😂I’ve finally ordered my passport today. I’ve been trying to get into Grime raves for years blood 😂 now no one can chat to meIf we can get this to 12,345 views in 24hours That would be sexy 🔗
Retweeted by SBK40,000 views on my own YouTube channel #BoBo LYKE & SUBSKRIBE 🤣've been trying to show my skills as a producer and I've released bare instrumentals on my YouTube. Check them ou… Pop Smoke.This tune is crazy @SBK_UK @HuskyLoops
Retweeted by SBKBlood me and @SBK_UK EP is crazy u know .... #Boomerang
Retweeted by SBK @SBK_UK @HuskyLoops 👀👀🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by SBKSBK X @MrTenDixon #JointEP coming soon 🔥
S B K X D E E C E E ‼️ @ProcFiskal urge you to have a look at mans Bandcamp this fine Tuesday afternoon: A R Z S H O W E R D O W N ☔️ @WarzNG @WebsterOfficial @WHOSDABOSS_ENT much potential talent must get shut down by this
Retweeted by SBK @WarzNG @JEB1GRIME Wargwarn wid dis yout lol @jay_brooks91 👀👀 @james56554432 My g!As a rich man it is not your job to provide for the poor
I was bullied in school for ‘wanting’ to be a rapper. Now them man are at reading with a nose full of powder & mans… is cold.
Retweeted by SBKThis one sounds vibesy 🥶
Retweeted by SBKListen @izzycofie1 they ain’t ready my brudda 🔥 Beautiful sounds ‼️ X SBK 🦅 @JmeBBK #GrimeGang,000 REAL views on my own channel ☺️ SBK - Working (Official Video) via @YouTube @SBK_UK 🤢🤮
Retweeted by SBK @JmeBBK @TommyBUpdates Love broski @TommyBUpdates @SBK_UK I been visioning this for the longest time, when I close my eyes I see Londis signs, Coz sbk…
Retweeted by SBK @TommyBUpdates @SBK_UK Every time I get to that part of your bar I freestyle. Tunes too sick 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊
Retweeted by SBKI get paid to spit bars, not the other way around. @JackWSawyer Nothing to apologise for mate it’s easily misconstrued.@SBK_UK & @TommyBUpdates come together to revive a comical & illustrious phrase, crafted by Devz many years ago. T…
Retweeted by SBKBig up Once Upon A Grime but it had nothing to do with that Devz tune lol. I forgot that track even existed 😂’t forget I peppered man with 4 dubs 🤷🏽‍♂️ @djoblig @KennyAllstar @youtubemusic Jheez BIG BLIG