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Steve Browne @sbrownehr West Chester, Ohio

Strategic HR professional, proud OU Bobcat, lover of all Rock music and confessed HR Radical !! Author of the best-seller "HR on Purpose !!"

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@wattsnextMegan I'd recommend #TheChadandCheeseShow, #Workology, #SecureTheSeat, #CrazyandtheKings, #LeadingInColor
Retweeted by Steve BrowneEpisode 💯 comes out THIS WEEK so get yourself ready with our celebration episode 99!! #HRSocialHour @Jon_Thurmond
Retweeted by Steve BrowneChanging the Way We Think about Meaningful Work #Work #books #career @lruettimann
Retweeted by Steve BrowneThis is great @JoyAndLife !! #HR make sure you know Gurprriet. He’s a great resource. #GlobalHR #SHRM #CIPD
Retweeted by Steve Browne @wattsnextMegan I enjoy listening to @HRSocialHour @TalentMagnetI @LetsFixWork and Impact Makers #HRPodcasts #HR #HRCommunityStudies show that being kind to others makes us happier.
Retweeted by Steve BrowneLove this personal, thoughtful and insightful post from @WildFigSolns !! #HR #Wellbeing #SHRM #CIPD #HRCommunity @SimonHeath1 We can eliminate the phrase by just seeing people as humans and not as a line item on a budget. @jfew_76 @geekswhodrink @genevaalehouse Unleash the knowledge Jeremy !! me launch this? 🚀 #recruiters and #HR pros: I'm on a mission to help *One Million People* Land #Better #Jobs i…
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#MLKDay2020 #MondayMotivation
Retweeted by Steve BrowneThe trending hashtag #StupidQuestionsForIntroverts on Twitter is one of the best things I've seen in a long time. T…
Retweeted by Steve BrowneI’m starting a full-time job tomorrow. It’s back to the daily grind ...
Retweeted by Steve Browne“Darkness cannot drive out darkness Only light can do that Hate cannot drive out hate Only love can do that” - D…
Retweeted by Steve Browne @SimonHeath1 @starwars That’s a doodle ?? Goodness my friend. It’s brilliant !!Should you be a Social Influencer or a Business Leader? Or Both? featuring @jbalive
Retweeted by Steve BrowneMy commute was enriched listening to the @HRSocialHour Where Are They Now? Part 1 episode featuring @_strclaire the day celebrating a Team Member’s 15th Anniversary !! Great way to kick off the work week !!… @AndrewJacobsLnD Never. Happens. This is the tune in my head every day. #fact #HR #HRCommunity - the lessons of the past shape the discussion of our future. #MLKDay #HR #HRCommunity #SHRM #HRRising
Retweeted by Steve BrowneI'm at Miami Heights Larosa’s in Cincinnati, OH a note of encouragement. Know that you are always connected to great folks across the planet !! As an #HR pro,… @SHRM Model the behavior you expect from others, and hold others accountable when they exhibit unacceptable behavio…
Retweeted by Steve BrowneClaire rocks! This blog post reminds me that no matter how difficult the past, our future is what we make it. 2020…
Retweeted by Steve BrowneRT @AlliPolin: NEW! What's Your Leadership Definition? #HRCommunity #HealthcareHR #hr
Retweeted by Steve Browne“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”- Martin Luther King Jr…
Retweeted by Steve BrowneHi I'm looking for four more opinions for a blog post > What do you predict to change in HR over the next decade? P…
Retweeted by Steve BrowneThe #HRSocialHour chat returns next Sunday 1/26 at 7 PM ET with special co-host & sponsor @Centennialinc. Last week…
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I'm at Fifth Third Arena | Myrl H Shoemaker Center - @gobearcats in Cincinnati, OH just earned the 'Land of the Free (Level 33)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Winter Wonderland' badge on @untappd! Sunday, #HRSocialHour is excited to welcome @Centennialinc as the sponsor for the 1/26 #TwitterChat. We'll tal…
Retweeted by Steve Browne @MJCarty Typing my friend. Endless typing . . . with an end in sight !! for worship on a brisk, chilly day !! (@ 4 Corners Community Church in West Chester Township, OH) you tweet ask yourself if you are Being Kind? - #BeKind to others - #BeKind to yourself If your tweet attack…
Retweeted by Steve Browne @MJCarty Morning my friend !! Chilly day here. Finally getting a dose of winter. @MarkHendyHR You tweet about #HR ?? @hhodsden @kkruse @hhodsden @kkruse I use Tweetdeck to set up the hashtags or accounts I follow. Have you tried that before? @wyndall93 He has a great part in the movie Inside Llewyn Davis !! Movie about folk music. up, if you didn't have anything nice to say, the courteous thing to do was to keep quiet. Miss those days.…
Retweeted by Steve Browne @WalshonMergers There is. I didn't mean to infer that turnover isn't costly. We've just chosen to do our best to be…
Hey everybody! I’m hosting the January edition of the famous .@CarnivalofHR and I need your links. Kindly send m…
Retweeted by Steve Browne @jfew_76 @MegaConstrux @Jon_Thurmond have you seen this ?? It’s fantastic !! Make sure you connect with Jeremy. He’… would love some @HRSocialHour gear !! All about the swag my friend !! #HR #HRCommunity #SHRM #HRSocialHour @sbrownehr @BethDillonHRPro @Samia_Khan2709 @lena_nguyen @LouisLessig @christinevbw @CharmianeGarza
Retweeted by Steve BrowneHappy Saturday #HRCommunity! Escaping the cold in the cozy @republiccafe #HRCoffeeShot
Retweeted by Steve Browne @WalshonMergers Hi David !! - We have been measuring retention instead of turnover. The reason for this is that if… @NRobertsHR Looks like you're having a wonderful recharging time my friend !! #HRCommunity @RichardMorrisHR @ohiogirlkate Richard - great advice !! I think you can practice #HR AND be integrated across sect… response has been solid for #HRCommunity so far !! I'm starting to see other's use it in their tweets. Very coo… @HRCommunities Where can I find your loud #HR podcast? @ohiogirlkate Kate - let’s chat. Glad to help if I can. #HRCommunity @Jon_Thurmond @KevinWGrossman @RafaDavies @Dean_Stahl @mjcbama @saladpants @RushFamTourneys @dbookbinder @HRguyGreg pleased to announce Ill be speaking at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce HR Conference in May!! #HR #HRSocialHour
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I just earned the 'Paint the Town Red (Level 5)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Lager Jack (Level 6)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Brewery Pioneer (Level 18)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Bar Explorer (Level 21)' badge on @untappd!'m at @SmokeyBonesBar & Fire Grill in West Chester, OH @JeffPally jealous of the #StateLineCrew gathering !! Race a glass for me. #HRCommunity #HR #HRRising @BarbBuckner If you're in the area in February, we could grab some pizza !! I know a place . . . @Jeff_Ignite @familyhrguru @ChristoLovett @oconnelldeclan @NatalieEllisHR @FBanishoeib @Gary_Cookson in my #HRCommunity @JwestbrookHR @honesthruk @HRDHeidi @JFRegister @neenjames @JonPetz @SHRMNicole @SylvieDahl @JohnSumser @animal I'll see your 70's gold and raise you one !! Featuring Gerry Rafferty - Stealers Wh… @sbrownehr @SelenaGovier @HRinspired @BonniToronto @TeneoConsulting @sharlyn_lauby @PubDonna @DeborahHerman @rucsb
Retweeted by Steve BrowneFolks in my #HRCommunity !! @NicoleDessain @media2knight @SusanMMeacham @FirstPositionLC @Ganesh_Sabari @ParitasBiz in my #HRCommunity !! @charming_jb @mhelmanHR @chrisnicholsT2i @SteimleHR @PatLund @TrishaZulic @KaranRhodes reach out and help Mollie !! She's a fab human and I'm geeked that she's getting back into the space. Reach out… in my #HRCommunity !! @EmmaBrowes @KarinEvolve @ebonyajohnson @KatFierleHR @gene_hobbs @futureofhiring in my #HRCommunity !! @mjpierce8 @annbares @JamieRAbbott @brilliantink @tracybspeaks @BreannePH @HR2CEO in my #HRCommunity !! @kkruse @LetThereBeHR1 @RogersHRConsult @KRodgersHR @Dragon734 @mathew0175 beat. Easy to dance to. Great idea @sbrownehr. Hello #HRCommunity! #SHRM #hr #worktrends
Retweeted by Steve BrowneHave you registered for our free webinar, "Creating a #MentalHealth Strategy for 2020" yet? Join the 200+ #HR, Tal…
Retweeted by Steve BrowneOkay #HRCommunity that you should give you a "few" new folks to connect. Remember if you're connected to me - it's… here are a bunch of great #HR hashtags to #FF as well !! (hang with this) #HRSocialHour #HRHour #SHRM in my #HRCommunity @SiobhanHRSheri @bartellpeter @E1B210 @Prunell_Talent @_kavi @aashishsingh @MKohlHR in my #HRCommunity !! @Shuv76 @shweta_hr @sahana2802 @winninghr @AkronChadwick @WhitakerJoyce @WF_Institute in my #HRCommunity !! @Benefits_CFO @SabrinaLBaker @therealHRnerd @ProHRNerd @amitpatelHR @RussMK in my #HRCommunity !! @BethDillonHRPro @Samia_Khan2709 @lena_nguyen @LouisLessig @christinevbw in my #HRCommunity !! @Adam_learning @recruitingSHEro @rachel27_HR @Adam_Karpiak @TheCraigKaye @thistweety in my #HRCommunity !! @Abiud @AbidAli8200655 @sagastaki @lotusbuckner @kinetixhr @hr_smp @HR_STU @damonadee in my #HRCommunity !! @hr_tea @InterviewLady @ksating @JoWeech @Victorio_M @ResumeCrusade @chipweatherbee @oconnelldeclan would love if you'd consider following back !! Cheers !! @Jeff_Ignite @SimonHeath1 Lava lamps. I mean, c’mon !! Peaceful, flowing orbs of color = unadulterated joy !! (These are some of… in my #HRCommunity !! @JoannemcdD @BruceWaller @SeanBrownHRTech @jbbreier @KerryNoone @Jeff_Ignite #HR folks in the States, Canada, Australia, Africa, jump in on this and share something joyful with… in my #HRCommunity @bryanwempen @brocedwards @PlainTalkingHR @BismillahMomand @CharmianeGarza @Gary_Cookson in my #HRCommunity !! @JantzAimee @janewatsonHR @SarahMaytum @SHRMSarah @LinJonas @_the_lbb @davecastel in my #HRCommunity !! @tgweeded @TessaBrownHR @tedbauer2003 @RealSeanatello @GreenChileAdict @the_workplacedr in my #HRCommunity !! @cecilehcm @celly_app @dbookbinder @CeciliaClark923 @Paula4Harvey @PancakeHR in my #HRCommunity !! @SHRMErin @wattsnextBen @Sel_Watts @PeerThru @mcquadetx @NanCT74 @LilianPhung in my #HRCommunity @PodcastHr @HRTact @HRSocialHour @HR_Hour @GemmaTothSCP @MikeShawLD @BurnhamLandD in my #HRCommunity !! @Gautamxl99 @NevilleGaunt @IanPBuckingham @KingfisherCoach @GreginHR @HRGalEllen in my #HRCommunity !! @KevinHRHubbard @lisamsterling @Serenity_Lisa @HRswitchon @jamienmyers @christie_engler in my #HRCommunity !! @garryturner0 @kevin_monroe @MJVacanti @ForanSteve @mywyio @molliebentley @ohiogirlkate in my #HRCommunity !! @SelenaGovier @HRinspired @BonniToronto @TeneoConsulting @sharlyn_lauby @PubDonna @tallpaul75 @SimonHeath1 Being a fellow tall human Paul, I am geeked to connect my friend !! #FF