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Indigenous People's Day isn't just about "honoring" us. It's intrinsically anticolonial. We might more accurately…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBackY'all understand Indigenous people exist on every continent right. I mean I don't really care who you tag in or link, this is just fact.
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBackRemember, if your city still does Columbus Day it's 100% legal to take something without paying it you say you discovered it
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBack @twitchyspoonie @1devilishgrin EXACTLY! Anti-blackness gets EVERYWHERE.Happy Indigenous Peoples Day. We have always been here. We are still here. We will always be here.I should really play this card more 💡 @1devilishgrin IMO we need different language to talk abt Indigenous ppl as a group globally, including displaced p… @1devilishgrin I've seen some language creep towards "Indigenous = indigenous to the Americas", which makes it a bi… great great grandma was a full blood Italian princess and I don’t care if you wanna change Columbus Day to indig…
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Really don’t seem to see people in the LGBTQIA+ community talking about intersex rights or intersex issues or etc,…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBack @ArnallLabrador 1700 is when white people think the world and time as a concept started lol
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food insecurity rly affects my mental health & i have to wait for my bank to mail me bank statements to send to gfm…
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I'm Christian and I cosign this. @ArnallLabrador Fantastic cast chemistry on Lower Decks, and A+ jokes. @emmatsalageek @NR_Lines That is awful on so many levels.
Quite on-brand for 2020 adults who try to love and accept themselves, even when it's hard and uncomfortable and it feels like the…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBackTimeline blessing add Elaine and Hazel..
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBack @NR_Lines That makes the appropriation of Jewish holidays like Sukkot...even grosser and weirder.Half-male, half-female songbird, discovered this week. This rose-breasted grosbeak has a rare genetic condition ca…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBack @NR_Lines Oh wow, that WOULD make sense from that PoV... BIG YIKES. @jadefromtwit That pout! 👄Black women really don't get called "shrill" or "bitchy." We're aggressive, angry and treated as if we're subhuman.…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBackLouder for the people who apparently missed the message! Boyle has an idea -
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBack @NR_Lines @emmatsalageek I can't even square the weird fetishistic fascination with Judaism with supersessionism ei… @spicy_chiken Wow, what a treat to see! @MarinaBrownAjah @alxredacted @makokaazo Yes, especially since there's been lots of imitation and cross-pollination… @alxredacted @MarinaBrownAjah @makokaazo I've never seen a platypus in person, but I am willing to accept proof tha… @ClH2OArs What is wrong with some people? @makokaazo @PontiusPyrite Yeah, I read it as a wholesome bros-mentoring-bros thing and that's the kind of content I like @kzcothestallion Nicely done!
New life goal: @raccorns Maybe pop a couple more cloves in, just to be safe 😉🧄 @lara_luna__ So dapper! @dgstillme @ChelseyMooner Same, we didn't have one until I was in high school bc our TV was ancient, so I was deput… @Joyhenderson78 Settler logic at its finest. Insisting on wheeled vehicles even when they're wildly inefficient fo… of fruit and vegetable prices in the Arctic
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being native is more than just claiming it when it benefits u btw lmao
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBackA hurricane literally just sucked up another hurricane to make a giant hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico and it’s hea…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBackYou're not doomscrolling, you're hopequesting. You need those tiny pieces of joy from seeing friends and strangers…
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@ANeonGreenCity @ghostwulfa Yeah but the immediate association with "Thatcher" is Margaret Thatcher, so.... 🤢🤢🤢 @DeondreSmiles Congratulations! @antalalakam I'm so sorry you're dealing with all of one: white ppl: my family BURIED this....they HATED HAVING a teeny peepee size amount of ~native blood~....SO TH…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBack @CrabCrisp @Native_Orchid Or as my mom put it yesterday, "when are Trump and his minions NOT lying or doing somethi… @carolannjaneee I usually go for the "team costume" w/ my dog instead of matching-- last year I was a Hawkins Lab w… isn’t about race. So the privileged settlers says. #nspoli My cousins boat was torched last night.
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBackOur gofundme me is this and it tells more details. Please share
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Make no mistake, Joyce Echaquan was murdered by racists allowed in the medical field. Name them. Name the people th…
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@nech_pacheco @IndigenousAI I am 100% with both of you, and also not entirely sure I believe the announcement. On o… @Glenlyon17 I am genuinely suspicious that this is BS especially since it got Trump’s taxes out of the headlines.
@bonermaven @raccorns I sometimes think the left has an issue with accepting genuine personal growth that goes beyo… hate that after that Biden/Trump debate in addition to RBG passing, Folks are STILL catering to Yt feelings. Mean…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBack @1LewisDodgson @makokaazo Which given that you state you’re not a gay man, and also seem really out of the loop on… @1LewisDodgson @makokaazo Since Stonewall. Also y’know a lot of things that’s are considered indispensable to queer… @carolannjaneee My mood for the past year
End the pretence. Westminster is an English parliament, with English laws only for the English, by the English. The…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBack @DennisChars @makokaazo During a very dark time in my life I worked at Amazon Kindle, and I can confirm from a cust… @kaylapop_ Your smile! @ArchiveThoughts @Haganista Sure, settler colonialism may have originated in Europe, but white Americans continued… @ArchiveThoughts @Haganista FINALLY: the biggest problem with this take is that it's a responsibility dodge. The US… @ArchiveThoughts @Haganista Whereas the causes of settlers coming to the Americas is more complex and except for th… @ArchiveThoughts @Haganista To be clear, I am very much in support of economic reparations by specific countries to… @ArchiveThoughts @Haganista There's this underlying idea that white Americans are entitled to some sort of pan-Euro… @ArchiveThoughts @Haganista Second, the fact that Europeans are (generally) white in the global social construct w… @ArchiveThoughts @Haganista It's ahistorical to act like there's a 1:1:1 relationship between settlers coming to th… @ArchiveThoughts @Haganista I have several issues with this take. First, only some countries actively encouraged p… #OrangeShirtDay, I'm honouring all residential school survivors, including many members of my family. My late…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBack @SmallNeechie Like, it boggles my mind that people think that folks are just... homeless for funsies... WTF @SmallNeechie This was my outfit today for work in honour of my mother and relatives that attended the Resi…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBackThere's privilege in saying you want to move to another country from the U.S. No, actually it's very anti-Native to…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBack @WordsandGuitar @Jeggit You might want to check out the book The Cult of Trump... disturbing, but potentially good advice for reach…
@Shrinki2 Also just bc you haven't experienced racism in a particular way doesn't mean other ppls experiences aren'… @Shrinki2 News flash, people of any race can act like assholes and perpetrate racist crap, even against their/our o… display of the Northern Lights right now from Nairn. @BBCHighlands @VisitScotland @aurorawatchuk
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBackWhere was the Women’s March for Breonna Taylor?
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBackNothing says "my goal is to draw attention to Trump's racism" like talking over Native ppl and telling them about w… @TheStuffOfMemes My mom did this with me as a kid-- she told me about commonly banned books so OF COURSE I went rushing off to read them 😆Will have new face masks up on my Etsy tonight at 6:00 PM PST this new batch all have nose wires for all my friends…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBack @thepbg What an adorable baby!Can we stop associating all houseless folks as also being jobless? Many pay taxes, many have part-time or full-time…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBack @molach95 A heartwarming story of the 19th century commercial whaling industry bringing people together, or something like that.Thank you - Gracias 🙏🏽 #LatinGRAMMY @LatinGRAMMYs #alternativa
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBack @MaM_Bravos @Pandabbadon Did you seriously accuse a Native person of being ignorant about anti-Indigenous racism an… Wayuu folks who were born before Wayuu territory became part of Venezuela get a cactus 🌵 The ggg-grandparents w… Italian flag actually represents Ladin people; my grandma fully assimilated into Scottishness for Reasons, so m… 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Grandparents: P:🇻🇪🇨🇦 M:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇹 G.Gparents: P:🇻🇪🌵🇨🇦🇨🇦 M:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇹🇮🇹 G.G. Gparents: P: 🇨🇮… @andrew_bogg Hope the kid is somewhere safe where he can live his best life far away from these assholes.While I’m aware that mixed people (no one, really) didn’t pick their parents, they are responsible for how they nav…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBack @itsoorbilly @michtymike Anti-inflamatory as well as delicious, I recommend making them into jam.
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBackHey you (white and non Black people) who have been resurged with political interest and fire! Please hold on TIGHT…
Retweeted by S.B. #LandBack @thatfirefox_ @rikkipoynter I did not say that all parents who adopt across racial lines are doing this, but some d…
@rikkipoynter Plus the whole thing where white people adopt children of color as some sort of weird savior thing to… day marks a hale twalmont fae oor verra first meetin in Glesca. Fit a year it’s been fir Scots. Affa excited ta…
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