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Scientist: Interests are science & technology, development, agriculture, & climate change; also interested in dance, music, art, politics.

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Colloquium Series on Sustainable Farming. The first one will be Sunday, 5 July at 4 PM.
Retweeted by sbyravanThis is an accurate and colourful book for children on the #coronavirus #COVID pandemic. Two medical students decid… Grove raised questions about empire and ecology that are relevant today via @IndianExpress
@rsidd120 But that is if one used methyl group addition as an indicator for age. Maybe one should use a diff parameter for dogs. @rsidd120 It simply means epigenetic changes take place at different rates in different species.
Our #webinar is going live soon! The session begins today, 02 July 2020 at 6:30 pm IST. Register here if you haven…
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@boseindrajit You mean you are going to be on vacation?
Seeking animal neighbor stories! Have you known a wild animal well? Watched them closely, even had a relationship?…
Retweeted by sbyravanA fleet of whaling boats launched as soon as the repeal took effect. When whalers returned with the corpses of two…
Retweeted by sbyravan @Ashi_IndiaToday @APPOLICE100 A case vide Crime No 362/2020 u/s 354, 355 and 324 IPC was booked on 27.06.2020. The…
Retweeted by sbyravanIt is 36o C in Siberia. @radhikasan Was it lifted?Thanks to @sbyravan for presenting such good article in @TheHinduComment -Transforming Education. Madam,You hav…
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Retweeted by sbyravanExcited to flag off a webinar series with this amazing duo, @sbyravan & @iatetweet on July 2, 6:30 pm (IST). So muc…
Retweeted by sbyravan.@DHSgov continues to topple ancient saguaro cactuses for #BorderWall construction at Organ Pipe. An arm on this gi…
Retweeted by sbyravanAn EIA for a project inside a sanctuary declares there will be “no impact” on wildlife during construction “as ther…
Retweeted by sbyravanMore than a five fold jump in demand for MGNREGA in 9 districts. Series on Sustainable Farming. The first one will be Sunday, 5 July at 4 PM.
As permafrost thaws, it unleashes a host of problems.
@smeedha No one here is wearing a maskSpoke to Jayaprakash Muliyil on the Indian COVID-19 situation for @NatureNews . His answer to my question on why In…
Retweeted by sbyravan#Climatechange has continued to figure as a key risk for businesses as its impact permeates through society at vari…
Retweeted by sbyravanExcellent pictorial story of #coronavirus arrival &spread in the US. Similar patterns in India likely. At every cru…
Just as subaltern narratives are being included in history, we need to have ecological narratives in history, econo…
Retweeted by sbyravan60 years of the discovery of the DNA - Myths and truths being broken by Sujatha Byravan -
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I think asking for people’s mobile number for a webinar is a bit much. Why would you need that? And full address wi… @ritumbra @Aakar__Patel @Aakar__Patel Sorry, but I don’t think it is food. It’s misogyny and this would be the subcontinent, not just Indians.Where is this country headed ??? And we thought the pandemic would make humanity reflect and unite.The hate brigade…
Retweeted by sbyravan @Shubawrite Second law and relativityCongratulations. This is an amazing innovation. The yield increases range from 50% to 200% , and costs are reduced…
Retweeted by sbyravanWe are happy to release "Varshaya Varshaya"- a concert by Ranjani Gayatri @ranjanigayatri performed exclusively for…
Retweeted by sbyravan @sbyravan @TheHinduComment Very well articulated, wonderful read, thanks
Retweeted by sbyravanMy piece in today's @TheHinduComment If we want long-lasting and transformational changes to connect sustainably w…
Human destruction of certain habitats and ecosystems has led to diseases such as HIV, Ebola, Lyme disease and now C… theory implies that forests from the Russian taiga to the Amazon rainforest don’t just grow where the weather i… controversial Russian theory claims forests don’t just make rain—they make wind
Words like green, sustainable, 'net-zero', 'environmentally friendly', 'organic', 'climate-neutral' and 'fossil-fre… I think that smart and open minded fathers can learn a lot from their daughter about how they should chang… is an interesting way to pose questions for a democracy or constitution class. #CivilRights and…"In the midst of the great famine of 1876-78, Viceroy Lord Lytton organised a grand Imperial Assemblage in Delhi —…
Retweeted by sbyravan“Let that nigger die.” My encounters with the police..., penetrating interview of Ashley J. Tellis from Carnegie by Srinath Raghavan on the #ChinaIndiaFaceoff
Wind, rain and the forests that make them happen.
@IIED @SaleemulHuq @Fatima_Denton @AchalaC @andynortondev @ICCCAD @UNUINRA @GGGIPacific @gggi_hq @EandUjournal Regi… discussion by an informed group. Recording of the event "People and the Planet: The Future of Developme… we are facing is not just a failure of globalization but also a breakdown of a civilization and its visions of… is tested, replicated and verified. If the system does not work, it does not mean, that science is not work…
Kirk R. Smith, who made #India his second #home , was instrumental in driving policy initiatives to combat indoor…
Retweeted by sbyravanWas watching bits of the old Amar Akbar Anthony today &remembered enjoying it (however mediocre it was) in the 70s… condolences to the 20 young armymen who sacrificed their lives in Ghalwan so we can be safe. We stand with their families in grief..
Retweeted by sbyravanFacial recognition technology is racist.
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Whether the repeat of the #ChennaiLockDown in from the 19th will help is anyone's guess.But the fact that many peop… @PriyankaPulla The Nature article I saw did not indicate that Dex role was based on a RCT. Is that the case?By denying & refusing to remedy governance problems of coal use & allowing rogue coal power plants to bypass washer…
Retweeted by sbyravanIt is not an RCT, only an observational study and seems to help some patients whose condition is severe.
The cuckoo has one of the longest migrations of any bird
Let us bring this business down! “A white couple (CEO+1) call the police on me, a person of color, for stenciling a…
Retweeted by sbyravan @nehaa_sinha I see them all the time on my morning cycle ride through campus @ShubaRaghavan @neutranino @the_hindu Lungs damaged by severe air pollution would make it worse, I suspect
Fighting COVID with red tape you,Thank you,Thank you! Finally, an article that gets into the problem with the full picture of #COVID19 in… don’t think we should ridicule these believers. If and when they and their family members are infected, they shou… interesting podcast from ⁦@NPR⁩ on playing favourites. It asks a philosophical question &then discusses why lo… numbers as stated seem better in Karnataka. I don't believe any numbers! I don't know where the samples are…
2020 Supporting people suffering due to #Amphan See Mukti's activities @DDS_SANGHAMS @VPSecretariat @PMOIndia @TelanganaCMO Congratulations to all the people behind this success. Amazing… levels are down in #TamilNadu #COVID19 even as positive rate is up. Makes no sense if states want to be tra…
Home grown orchids Sun Pharma, Ordain Pharma and AMCO batteries move out, unless the larger ecological network of Vedanthangal…
Retweeted by sbyravan @9brandon There might be. I just don’t know. There are so many battles to be fought here that some are just lostCOVID Infections will go up here @pacindia of violence against #Dalits do not make it to mainstream media houses until people on social media expres…
Retweeted by sbyravan @agusmartire Indians would like more cars!How to destroy a wetland, bit by bit making the process legal at every step. "In its application for environmental…
@9brandon This is pretty amazing and sadThis is very interesting and of course something that many of us have been suspecting. India has terrible air pollu… India’s Covid-19 death rate higher than Italy’s? via @htTweets @a_vansi Thank you for this detailed long tweet. I found it v useful and I hope cities everywhere pay attention.Smaller spending for the police can still be good or better for police services than large sums where can I order a good pizza and have it delivered in Chennai #lockdown ? Something as good as the Tuscanas… @rsidd120 Interesting story. Looks like in some patients viral particles in the nose and throat r few and most are… @rsidd120 Oh my, these nuances are so confusingA light drizzle over Chennai this morning, taking some of the heat away..
Say it like it is! Genetic variation does not come in neatly colored packages. For example, the genes that influenc… racist idea that vulnerability is intrinsic to blackness comes from politicians, scientists, physicians, and ot… Math | Short Film that is funny and spirited seems endless and new symptoms arise after weeks.’s wrong with this picture from Marina yesterday? Hardly any masks are on here? The front page however simply s…
It is impossible to say surely what is native and what is alien, what is borrowed out of love and what has been imp… of the numbers we see mean anything. Does not require an epidemiology degree. Someone with a basic statistics… everyone who shows up being tested or just those who are elderly? Why are you giving us any numbers at all, none… are all these numbers in the news on how many are positive. Just tell us who are you testing? Which area do t… is now 4 months into the Corona Virus pandemic in India. I have been quite patient. I am not expecting easy, an… @kkuruganti @sirajnoida We need a full analysis with agriculture being repurposed with multiple crops in the same f…
@ranjanigayatri I am not in Facebook, but if your concert can be watched on YouTube, that would be good. @somyasethuraman You will get used to it. You can keep in open at the bottom if there is no one around you. Wearing…