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Scientist: interests are science & technology, development, agriculture, & climate change; also interested in dance, music, art & politics.

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@CSEINDIA CSE to receive the India Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development tomorrow in New Delhi. Gr8…
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanIndia also needs to invest in its rural spaces for improvements in jobs, the agriculture sector and food security. am privileged to have known the activists of Kalpavriksh for more than three decades. Animated by service and sac…
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanRBI’s concerns were summarily and swiftly dismissed by Hasmukh Adhia, who was then revenue secretary, in a single s… well written analysis of the proposed Seeds Bill 2019 by @Sridhar67
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Surprising good news! They made a plaintive appeal for business and governments to deal more decisively with the ch… review in today’s @TheHinduMag of Nature Conservation and the New Economy
Sharing a personal journey of activism on environment, and involvement in Narmada anti-dam movement: Ashish Kothari…
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanVegans are like atheists. As long as they are not trying to convert anyone, no one really cares. May be that's the…
I challenge Delhiites to challenge MP @GautamGambhir to tell Delhiites why he preferred Cricket over a Urban Develo…
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanWhat an amazing story. Hespent 2,269 days held by Australia’s offshore processing regime.
Absolutely. No paradigms or frameworks in any economics class. Only truths! would have to look at #religions to find anything like it. To this day, #economics is taught not as a story of…
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanMomentum is really building.....great work to all who made this happen @billmckibben #FossilFreeEIB
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanInterviews of some people who spoke at the conference. line is- move away from those who do not support you. my! Beautiful Venice! @SaleemulHuq @dailystarnews As climate change impacts get worse, there will be less and less support from insurance… live in a time of extraordinary elite generosity, it is true. We also live in a time of extraordinary elite hoa…
Retweeted by Sujatha Byravan @GhoshArunabha @tanushree_g @ndtv I have seen many talking male heads with 6-8 people. Could you include one woman please?!!The U.S. and the Organization of American States played a key role in Evo Morales’ ouster, writes @vijayprashad abo…
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@Ram_Guha The air pollution in South Infisn cities is bad too. The scale may not always be the same as Delhi, but c… Barkha, By all means address the Delhi CM, but address the CMs of UP, Punjab, and Haryana too. And, above al…
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Our audio work “Mining the Deep" featuring frontline testimonies from Duke of York Islanders (Papua New Guinea) who…
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanThis is a tragedy for all those, like Guha and Nilekani, and the country’s kaleidoscope of minorities, who understa… of Madhav Gadgil. "People have to realise that there will be no policy level initiatives in the direction…
T. N. Seshan single-handedly empowered the Election Commission of India , went too far at times and had to be reine…
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanProud to hear my sister Chitrangada speak at @BlrLitFest about how we are losing the battle against climate change.…
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanAlways out front - astute insight from @MichaelEMann in @guardian: The battle between climate change deniers and th…
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#IndiaAirQuality #OpenFires are back on #2019Nov10
Retweeted by Sujatha Byravan when will we reach 1.5? The debate. @JMauskar @NickCowern @SaleemulHuq Yes, let us get to 1.5 with the conditions for NDC implementation met by rich countries.
#WhatstheDifference between #AirQuality & #AirQualityIndex While basic #AirPollution terms, these 2 represent 2 ve…
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Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanThis is a historic day for the Hindu Rashtra, a narrow political vision built on hate, false history, and the use o…
Retweeted by Sujatha Byravan @NickCowern @SaleemulHuq I know we need net zero in 10 years but getting there in this time would mean embracing do… Apple Crumb Crostata comes out really well Video by @bittman Mark Bittman😮 does Warren Buffett think about the tax? In the past he has been supportive. the United Nations Climate Conference, COP25, drawing near, it is time for foundations to rethink how they inv… article. Wish some of the talking heads from Delhi on TV channels could have spoken so clearly on justice…
Ex-Brazilian President @LulaOficial was released from prison Friday after a supreme court ruling on defendants' rig…
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanNot just visible, larger than life. Thanks for leadership!
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanOn the anniversary of the #CampFire it's worth noting that California insurers have dropped coverage for nearly 350…
Retweeted by Sujatha Byravan @veenas_water There are several different ways of doing farming that is without chemicals.Sarah, it would also be good to see the flow of air currents. Chennai has been very smoggy, largely due to Delhi ai… @subu_caps #DelhiAirQuality #AirQualityForecasts from #2019Nov06 with modeled #SourceApportionment
Retweeted by Sujatha Byravan @sbyravan @WRI @WRIIndia Several strong statements by WRI in the last few days Sujatha. Please do see the pinned tw…
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My Comment in today's @the_hindu It is tempting to assume that these are impossible goals to set for India, but t… push from #CycloneMaha in the west and #CycloneBulbul in the east will lead to a compressed buildup of #emissions
Retweeted by Sujatha Byravan @JMauskar They are in today’s article.The typical American also burns roughly twice as much as the average person in Europe or in Japan, and 10 times as… country hosts the highest number of refugees globally?
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanUS is the biggest carbon polluter in history one word on US responsibility as the biggest historic #GHG emitter in the world. pulling out of #ParisClimateAccord is the wrong thing to do.
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Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanDumped fishing gear is biggest plastic polluter in ocean, finds report
Retweeted by Sujatha Byravan @nazmaaman Life is messy.Why not? I have friends who have done this? 3 of @SJES_Rome Jubilee focused on how we can better care for our common home. @sunitanar reminds us that the p…
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanJean Su, energy director the Center for Bio Diversity’s Climate Law Institute, said: “America is the number one his… article from today's @the_hindu Turning border regions into fortress worlds will also not be justified, both in… #climate finance hit a record high of $612bn (£476bn) in 2017 but fell back 11% to $546bn in 2018. Less pub… 3rd Map for #30DayMapChallenge shows village boundaries in Tamil Nadu Thought of adding colours to local bodies…
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanThe @WRI should put out a statement formally disagreeing with the Trump Administration on the US withdrawal from th… @UCSUSA should put out a statement formally disagreeing with the Trump Administration on the US withdrawal fro… border regions into fortress worlds is not justified, both in practical and& ethical terms. What is require… women who don't colour their hair. Happening to me now in public! It matters to see a woman who possesses p…
Well said. And when is Chennai getting more monitoring stations? props to @emorwee who is crushing it on holding @twitter accountable for its BS policy to allow fossil fuel co…
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanThe concept of Zero-Based Natural Farming had to be further fine-tuned by taking a landscape approach - @ICRAF Depu…
Retweeted by Sujatha Byravan @BBCEarth Don’t the leaves need sunlight to fix carbon? Oh, so beautifully written. We need more of these snippets of eye-opening history. @scroll_in @srinivasanravi I know someone who’s still drives one of these.“I work in the environmental movement. I don’t care if you recycle.”“The world’s people face “untold suffering due to the climate crisis” unless there are major transformations to glo…
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What do you think of the models showing that Delhi air is reaching Chennai and causing #airpollution here?… the state of #changeclimate in the US, it should be made into an election issue by @BernieSanders and the… Friday afternoon I’ve been traveling east through the beautiful southern states in the USA to get to the east…
Retweeted by Sujatha ByravanWhat about Dalit women who are not allowed to own land. See this: Dalit woman from Bihar faked her death to protec… Dalit woman from Bihar faked her death to protect her land - The Hindu @sunrisemvmt @urbanthoughts11 @avelezig Fix it.Newspapers ought to write about #ClimateChange as they covered the freedom movement or the #worldwar. @the_hindu @BernieSanders #GreenNewDeal proposes that the US provide $200 billion to the UN’s @theGCF a program that helps poo…
According to a UN report, 14 out of 15 of the world’s most polluted cities are in India. question. Where is our enforcement? Need to move beyond politics. This is bad, really bad
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"We will not stay quiet on the #ClimateCrisis " This declaration by the @guardian is great and I wish newspapers in…
Investors in big oil are not just wrecking the planet, they're also losing money. Here's the WSJ today: "Energy has…
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This study by colleagues from Climate Central shocks even me, as I was not aware of this problem. It’s not about hi…
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@GhoshAmitav It is the end of the world as we know it.
Developing more towns - Key to climate resilience @dailystarnews
Retweeted by Sujatha Byravan @nit_set @MilanV I agree. With regard to crying wolf and images etc., Hansen often speaks of the damage from "scientific reticence"Dhaka in 2050 the magnification on this map shows the extent of annual flood levels by 2050 in India. #SLR