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sam @SC1_Sam Steven and Greg's graves

don't take anything i say seriously... unless it's about cartoons. then i mean business

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aint this the same person who — nvm
Retweeted by samcan someone please shrink kid steven down to a microscopic size so he can talk things out with the coronavirus
Retweeted by samI think we can all agree that Spinel in Homeworld Bound
Retweeted by sam @JoshuaPotash i feel like there's a pun to be made heregod minecraft keeps getting more and more rad hate this edit but have this ig
Retweeted by samtravel time! idk where he is, but he fixed the branch he took as a souvenir, the little criminal.…
Retweeted by sam @milkie_mochi i ain't got no idea2cool4u
Retweeted by sam @dontouchperi @yume_no_morii @STEVENSTRUGGLE i agree thank youWho else has ever bought an expensive stuff but tell your mum a lower price just so you stay alive?😂
Retweeted by sam @peterquartzgc what lol
Retweeted by sam @AwestruckVox @backup_cn2 suf is over now we all setit has recently come to my attention that the kids will in fact be ready again @the_fluid_anpac never tweeting again screw this @the_fluid_anpac oh my god shit @wyrmii the parrot is stupidthe kids will never be ready again @miilkieway @heatherIrace I think you missed the point entirely.MOM LIVED IN HIDING BY THE NAME OF ROSE*daydreams about being outside*
Retweeted by samDEATH BATTLE! Quagmire Toilet VS Inkling Girl
Retweeted by samwearing glasses in the age of quarantine 🌫🥵
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Retweeted by sam @dontouchperi no it's not liar @SU_Druzie it's the afternoon brook i shall sleep now’ve reached the 2nd stage of grief; anger
Retweeted by sam @dontouchperi cannot afford losing those @dontouchperi ok i am sorryI've completed the mutal 60 times with you shut up before I break your knees
Retweeted by samyou hoe @stevenscorrupt what @dontouchperi @stevenscorrupt wait is that the one with the lizard picture @dontouchperi @stevenscorrupt ok will do kris @dontouchperi th- thank you for compweting da mutual i am a big fan 🥺👉👈 @dontouchperi @stevenscorrupt wait @dontouchperi @stevenscorrupt the fuck is that @dontouchperi @stevenscorrupt hey that wasn't very nice 😥 @SayoriDepressd @dontouchperi @stevenscorrupt i am here to suffer @stevenscorrupt @SC1_Sam SAM SHUT UP CHALLENGE
Retweeted by samDeviantart please,
Retweeted by sam @stevenscorrupt that is wrong sorry @yume_no_morii ok moridon't ouch peri? nah don touch peri @yume_no_morii 😔✌️ @yume_no_morii @SU_Druzie huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @yume_no_morii @SU_Druzie huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @yume_no_morii @tulipolsen_ @SU_Druzie huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @yume_no_morii @SU_Druzie huh @SU_Druzie
Retweeted by sam @SU_Druzie @yume_no_morii huh @yume_no_morii @SU_Druzie huh @yume_no_morii idk lolI think you have dandruff. Chicken is good but no need for the 12th ingredient. 7/10 #RateMyKFC
Retweeted by sam @dontouchperi wait nvm @dontouchperi why would you want an amethyst flagthat was in the past 😔 when people have their story replies off fuck u think u a celebrity I got sumn to say
Retweeted by sam @wyvef hi so tired i am samperidot is rad i wholeheartedly agree in peace. @wyvef no it was literally just a joke @wyvef This is not okay Devin. I was trying to sleep, and now I am terrified... what disgusting outdated interior design.BREAKING NEWS: Bald Martin tests positive for COVID-19
Retweeted by sam @wyvef absolutely terrified. how will i ever cope? @wyvef nahh takin the piss 😭😭💀Garnet is a fusion moment shit what now?? fired up a drone and took this shot of LA today
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Retweeted by sam @lgbtcatradora good holy shit or bad holy shitdamn bro it's kevin time every living being on the planet STAR IS NOT A LICENSED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL
Retweeted by sam @SC1_Sam Imagine being criticized for creating something that lives and grows beyond your original vision.
Retweeted by samwait steven universe ended??stevinel shippers: lol steven won’t really end up with connie he’ll end up with spinel me after “the future” aired:
Retweeted by sammichaela has no more amethyst to voice so she became her not over it @NickelsGoodyeah what is it bro