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@MavetyStreet nah he was just trying to cheer me upthis is my avatar on slack, which makes everything worse. @believekarolina fuck piss shit @dcbigjohn THEY WERE MINE FIRST, I’M NOT GIVING HIM THE RACCOONS. THEY WOULD *HATE* TUCKER.did i accidentally write this in a company-wide slack instead of texting it to my friend? did i delete it or just l… @dcbigjohn please don’t ruin the good animal for me, okay????hey what if i feel bad forever lolYEAH I GET IT, HE HAS NICE HAIR, I’M CRYING OVER HEREi’m not sure why i thought it was a good idea to call my dad last night while sobbing somewhat hysterically about l… @AGoldmund alex i hate you so much. i defended your for years and then you pull SHIT LIKE THIS. UNACCEPTABLE.oh god RELEASE MY LUBSSSS WHAT FUCKING SHIT is MERCURY DOING TODAY
@slouisepetersen yes.Just remembered that when my niece was two or three she couldn’t pronounce “Poirot” but it was somehow her favourit… trying to enjoy anything in 2020
Retweeted by Scaachii texted this to her mom. she’s thrilled, of course.i dunno, i just think that if my friend has a baby and the baby has been here for like, six whole days, the least s… best advice i got for this is: set a timer on your phone for 15 minutes, read, and then allow yourself to scrol… don’t say audiobooks, that’ll just give me more time to stare at my phone!!!!!before the pandemic ™ i read a book. week and now i can’t get through half a page before looking at my phone or sta…’s up with these prolific journalists and writers not reading the letter or researching the names on the letter… @skeatings i will NOT @standwkashmir every time indian nationalists say this i sincerely wonder if they’ve ever met a kashmiri woman. @jduffyrice OHH oh yes well. we all have crosses to bear. @jduffyrice is it bad? what did i do!!!!anyway. check in on your kids.It’s easy to think that debate is just words. But it’s not. The same way a good book can make you feel better, an o… have promised my niece, who is on the cusp of adulthood now, that the world would be kinder to her as a trans wom… the cancel culture letter writers and signatories seem to forget is that their “open dialogue and debate” have…'ve worked very hard to not think about joossie s1gnool ever, ever at all. but, my niece came out in her late teen…
@aleksnotalex GARBHAGEInsider is hiring a weekend politics reporter! It's a full-time position--you'd work Saturdays and Sundays, plus th…
Retweeted by ScaachiIf this happens to be you or if you know about some folks you think I should talk to for this please hit me up (rya…
Retweeted by Scaachi @dcbigjohn john! @JaneLytv this was the only good office dog. i’m going on the record as such. @scottdeveau @apukwa scott, leave scott alone @Zhirji28 @BuzzFeedNews @theferocity ruh roh @xoxogossipgita tick tock bitch! @dcbigjohn not one of them is without an insult, true. @gbrumfiel absolutely not, what am i, a sassy mom??ps Rakhi is August 3rd, if you live far from your idiot brother, like i do, better get on that bandhan tip right quickI have accepted I will not be around for pretty much anyone’s birthday for the next year so I just spent $70 on fucking greeting cardsi really need to get off tiktok @scottdeveau i run hot!!!!!wrong, it is actually my apartment when my husband says “let’s just turn off the AC and open the windows” said, i do think quibi should give me money to make something for them. so, let me know! @anassakata_aine well you and i are garbage people. but we aren’t really in the majority here.i don’t know why i’m mad about this but if you need me, i will be rewatching season 9 of intervention. NO I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT WHY.also, getting mad at the name “quibi” is stupid. what do you think hulu or netflix stands for?? nothing matters exc… isn’t to say their programming is bad — most of it would exist just fine as short Netflix content or Adult Swi… @BeeBabs he is sincerely dead to me for this“it’s dumb that i have to watch it on my phone” no it’s not there’s an entire generation after us idiots who *only*… would’ve worked if they bet on the right horse. gen z will watch a 47 minute video about shane dawson being r… white liberal calling a black attorney “the worst kind of white lawyer” is a top ten “who wants to break it to th…
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We all believe that the racist NYPD would have potentially killed Christian Cooper had they shown up in time. And y…
Retweeted by Scaachithe real test of our commitment to dismantling the criminal justice system comes when we have to decide what we sho…
Retweeted by Scaachisuch a cogent, smart thread that reminds us (me!) that we can’t rely on a racist judicial system for this kind of p… @mekosoff i accidentally bought five 11 x 14 instead of 5 x 7 SOOOOOO @jduffyrice perception is reality!!!! @jduffyrice is he?I'm hiring a part-time, based anywhere (in the U.S.) research reporter to work on my team at @propublica! This pers…
Retweeted by Scaachiread my big tiktok piece you COWARD @elamin88 oh you do??? THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING. @elamin88 oh that’s funny i don’t care @imbobswaget ouuuUUUU I LOVE THIS SALT KYapparently @elamin88 deigned to return to his literal fucking job today so here’s a treat @sarayasin @elamin88 who @berneets i’m just a baby @elamin88 it never will. it literally never will. @elamin88 (i don’t like to toot my own horn but this is really some of my best work.) @elamin88 have you considered taking a few of your key experiences and turning them into the collection of essays y…
@_srishtee what is UP with brown moms and these nails, did i draw “i don’t want to be an engineer” on them, jesus CHRIST.i showed these to my mom and she just frowned and said, “No.” a group of my coworkers and I wore these shirts in protest of the Whole Foods sending TMs home for wearing BL…
Retweeted by Scaachii done did it’ve seen it about six times, no need to say a single word to me about this fil-um.hum aapke hain koun is THREE HOURS LONG. THREE HOURS!!!!! the epitome of the but-you-did-this-for-what memei have to do my nails today, what should i do to my nailsi know i have asked for normalcy but i didn’t mean the normalcy of me being hungover on a sunday and spending an ho… @believekarolina i have a thing that day @believekarolina jesus christ. @imbobswaget it depends on the provider but they are giving the test for free in new york, regardless of insurance.
@kiarakent VAOWW @almasnapped what the fuckthe update on my mom is i told her about a little gold ring i got for cheap from a sample sale and her response, so… anyone like an update on my momu know when u do a yoga thing and it’s going fine and then the LADY DOES THE SPLITS WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH T… a Black character into a show — without changing the storyline or providing cultural specificity — is not…
Retweeted by Scaachi @Scaachi wrote about NickVideos and what’s going on in conservative teen TikTok
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A long weekend read for you, all about the Republican teens of TikTok, and how at least one of them has turned on T… @sarayasin cat @ivadixit my therapist told me i have to start being nicer to myself but i’ll show her his tweet next week @ivadixit I AM DOING MY BEST
We will miss Rachel’s sharp editing so much. I will miss how fiercely she fought for her colleagues. Whoever gets h…
@elcush hm never heard of it @veggiegirlrose california @JasmineBager some of them are 18, i imagine they did the renting and their parents are similarly not worried about the virus.A Black Transgender Woman Was Killed On The Last Day Of Pride
Retweeted by ScaachiWhat happens when the Republican teens of TikTok can’t defend the president anymore? Just more videos, turns out: am cat sitting another cat and all i want is for my cat and this other cat to kiss on the mouth, is that so much to ask for