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John Scalzi @scalzi Bradford, Ohio, USA

I enjoy pie.

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@hexsharpe WAIT WHATI couldn't decide whether to post a picture of Krissy or of Smudge today, so I compromised. @Ozai75 @JayandMarys The shrink wrap is signed.While running errands today I stopped in to @JayandMarys and signed purchased books and also the stock. So everythi… to @sfwa members: you have today and tomorrow to nominate for the Nebula Awards this year, so please choos… a spam email about my Web traffic from "Steven Spielberg, Site Analyst /Digital Marketing". I guess this last y… @jfrostholm @monicabyrne13 If you've never watched "Battlefield Earth," save it for when I can watch it with you. The snark will be AMAZING. @DanWilsonMusic @CorriveauKip I hear that! @monicabyrne13 Here you go. @CorriveauKip I mean, I was a professional critic for years, so I don't particularly agree with that quote. Also, t… @monicabyrne13 WAIT IT GETS BETTER His background singers are the Jordanaires, who were Elvis's backup singers. @monicabyrne13 He does all his own singing too!He's literally disappeared from the world, as far as I can tell. He left teaching to go back to grad school and tha… @ThedumbIdo "She's not talented, she just does the work?" Doing the work is a fucking talent.Also, you know. Fuck that guy.My high school Latin teacher wrote on my grade report: "John's brain is like a skewed halogen automobile lamp. Perf… @monicabyrne13 Val Kilmer is so pretty in this movie. Like, one of the prettiest humans on Earth at that moment in time. @NMamatas
@maxlords (winks)WHAT @Massawyrm Friday Night's Alright For Screaming @wusta @pmbAustin Photoshop.(PS: San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the world.)The paperback edition in question, along with its (very lovely) Dragon Award. In the background, incidentally, a pr… one of life's happy coincidences, just about when this fellow was posting this tweet, UPS delivered my author co… out I did not write a single word in the novel today (so far, anyway), but I *did* figure out how I'm actuall… week's stack of new books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. What here is calling to you? morning, Twitter. I'm off to do the writing thing. Let the gracefully sleeping form of Smudge inform your day…, Krissy. other news, after 20 years of using Photoshop someone finally learned how to use gradients in masking
Look, just buy my books okay @dduane Someone's not caught up on Star Trek's corporate provenance, clearly.Oh, look, a sunset with clouds. How often does that happen?, here is a snippet of immortal prose from today's writing session. today's writing exactly at 5. I did an actual workday! I feel like a grownup!If you've been waiting for the French translation of The Last Emperox, today's the day: launch day! My novella, THE ARMIES OF THOSE I LOVE, is about a girl searching for the truth in a post-post-apo…
Retweeted by John Scalzi @teefnolan Ironically for most of the last year I've walked around barefoot, because I have had nowhere to go. @ffkl_net My wife has a watch she bought for $200 30 years ago which still runs, so I don't think we have to go to… @TinAngel_ YACHTS FOR ELEPHANTSThere was an ad for the lottery where it featured a lottery winner going to the store and thinking "I could totally… @Danielsand I mean, if I could afford a yacht I could afford to travel to it @stareagle My line for that question is "I care too damn much." @roganhamby We narrowly missed buying a horse. We solved that problem by timesharing a horse until our daughter grew out of the horse phase.I mean, this is my problem: I'm crap at spending extravagantly. I look at a $20k watch and I'm, like, it doesn't te…, fun fact: I lived on a boat for an entire summer once, in San Diego, when I was 20. It was great fun, I enjoy… @johnpneedham I mean, Lake Erie @scottlynch78 @blowdart It's like an MLM on the sea! @KurtBusiek That would be selfless of me, true Shame I'm a selfish bastard @thevowel HI ERIC(In reality I have no ambition to own a yacht. It seems to me that when you buy a yacht what you're actually buying… @CptButton note to write complete drivel for next book; also, put down deposit on a yacht) @SilverSparrow04 A good camera and Photoshop. @bravegirl01 I got one.
@joe_hill OH SURE JOE Anyway the Rolling who nowIt's possible but honestly at this point, with a vaccine shot reasonably close on the horizon, I'm just gonna mostl… it turns out both tests I took for COVID came up negative. I had something but it probably wasn't COVID. I may h… problem for me wasn't not being able to write as it was not writing things that held up well. Then starting ear…, there's always DC. So imma save the Beatles. Post sunset clouds. Thank you for your attention. @HamletIsDead If by "problem" you mean "the exact thing the author intended you to do," then yesUpdate: As promised, A GREAT LIDLESS EYE Just got some "Great Lidless Eye" sunset shots, will be up soon.Today's clouds., you know. People have sex in my books from time to time. But generally I don't lavish a lot of narrative atte…'s exclusive novel excerpt. think the longest chapter I've ever written was around 10K words. In the current book I'm writing nearly all the… @SeerSnively Make it up as I go, usually.I mean, I don't know what "hardcore sci-fi" is either, other than, you know, EXPLICIT ALIEN SEXY TIMES, which I'm p… mean, there's a chapter in Redshirts that would fit in a tweet. chapter of the book (to date) written today. Still relatively short. I find shortish chapters work pretty well for what I do. @jillsobule THAT HAIR CURL @twasink That's addressed elsewhere on the site. @pssymnstr1 It's why I did it! @kimballkinnison No literally the answer to your question is thereAnd now, a thing I really should have created a long time ago to point people to when they ask, and now I have, so… year I'll be a Marlins fan because my former dormmate is running them now. Good enough reason for me. @LdyMadness There will be at least one more.
Another chapter down. As you can see, Smudge is immensely excited about this. @stevepuma I grew up in LA but I've spent my share of time in SF.Today over at @scalzi's Whatever, @JulietteWade discusses her new book TRANSGRESSIONS OF POWER and how individual c…
Retweeted by John ScalziRIP Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Plumber was in, didn't see notable damage, sealed some things and tightened others. Quick and easy. It's nice when that happens.I learned very early that a sure way for me to save money on all manner of things is to let someone who actually kn… @wetcasements No. We've had heat and power the whole time. It's just probably, like, old.Today's writing session interrupted by a broken bathroom pipe. Looks minor(ish) but I am not an expert on these thi… @Mal_A_Clypse The likeness is good, tooIt's a little small but yes case it's not clear, I think this is a fine review)THIS IS CALUMNY the trucks pour the currency into the basement vault, and it doubles as insulation over the winter… mean "SpotiHiFi" was right there, Ohio.
@subpress_bill I put them in strategically to crush the hopes of the Oxfordians later. @DavidAlanMack "Crystallize." @thelindsayellis @KevInOhio72 ALL THESE STATES ARE YOURS EXCEPT OHIO ATTEMPT NO LANDINGS HERE